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       41 action games starting with H
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1. House of Lost Souls - action - 668 plays
House of Lost Souls
Link: Play
Your hero is in a strange house with ghosts. Try to get out from the house. You can walk through the doors. Avoid all ghosts or you will loose your life. Move with arrow keys & A to run quicker.

Size: 2864110 Bytes

2. Hungry Cylinder - action - 739 plays
Hungry Cylinder
Link: Play
This is a strange creature in a cylinder and it is so hungry that you will be able to pass the level only after eating all the burgers. When there are no burgers, you can open the door to the next level.

Size: 1321706 Bytes

3. Hardest Mario - action - 1182 plays
Hardest Mario
Link: Play
The most sophisticated version of the Mario series with a plumber in the title role.

Size: 2779142 Bytes

4. Hover Bot - action - 900 plays
Hover Bot
Link: Play
Collect small yellow circles with your robot earning volts points.

Size: 2261954 Bytes

5. Hyperrr Cat - action - 556 plays
Hyperrr Cat
Link: Play
Blast the mice with your pistol!

Size: 87925 Bytes

6. Hit The Looser - action - 605 plays
Hit The Looser
Link: Play
Hit the white ball around and try to hurt the orange ball

Size: 362594 Bytes

7. Hungry Hungry Mario - action - 716 plays
Hungry Hungry Mario
Link: Play
Guide Hungry Hungry Mario around eating all the coloured dots in the quickest time possible, jumping

Size: 37876 Bytes

8. Hostile Skies - action - 689 plays
Hostile Skies
Link: Play
You are a pilot in World War I. It is your job to defeat Falkenhayn's attacking fighters and land sa

Size: 418083 Bytes

9. Hovercraft - action - 665 plays
Link: Play
This is a challenging ball game, in which you have to guide the spinning thingy through the levels t

Size: 1162451 Bytes

10. Heli Attack 1 - action - 686 plays
Heli Attack 1
Link: Play
The original Heli Attack where it all started.

Size: 67732 Bytes

11. Heli Attack 2 - action - 1162 plays
Heli Attack 2
Link: Play
Attack the Heli a 2nd time.

Size: 524835 Bytes

12. Heli Attack 3 - action - 1424 plays
Heli Attack 3
Link: Play
Destroy all enemy units to progress through snow, jungle, canyon lands and lab levels.

Size: 1684738 Bytes

13. Hellbound - action - 663 plays
Link: Play
Land on the hell demons while not falling to the bottom.

Size: 1196142 Bytes

14. Heavy Metal Girl - action - 623 plays
Heavy Metal Girl
Link: Play
Blow away the enemies with the sounds from your guitar.

Size: 4035770 Bytes

15. Head Space - action - 695 plays
Head Space
Link: Play
Shoot the dripping water. Water bad, shooting good.

Size: 2002569 Bytes

16. Homeland Defense - action - 533 plays
Homeland Defense
Link: Play
Destroy the falling bombs before they hit your base.

Size: 74466 Bytes

17. Hyro Tanks - action - 622 plays
Hyro Tanks
Link: Play
Move around the grid and kill the other tank in this one-on-one tank war game.

Size: 160427 Bytes

18. Happy Pill - action - 659 plays
Happy Pill
Link: Play
Why should only doctors get to spread the joy.

Size: 211264 Bytes

19. Happy & Smile - action - 730 plays
Happy & Smile
Link: Play
A action packed side scrolling, shooting game.

Size: 3721369 Bytes

20. Hobbit Rampage - action - 695 plays
Hobbit Rampage
Link: Play
A side scrolling game where you collect coins and kill spiders, wasps, warthogs, and more.

Size: 1696713 Bytes

21. HoverBot - action - 649 plays
Link: Play
A sidescrolling action game with you as a robot collecting volts and progressing through the levels.

Size: 2259287 Bytes

22. HoverBot 2 - action - 560 plays
HoverBot 2
Link: Play
A sidescrolling game very similar to the first one where you collect volts.

Size: 2959576 Bytes

23. Home Sweet Halogen - action - 742 plays
Home Sweet Halogen
Link: Play
Collect lightbulbs as fast as possible in this unique looking game.

Size: 3713630 Bytes

24. Helena - action - 643 plays
Link: Play
Shoot those that are already dead trying to keep you dead. Multiple levels.

Size: 1123013 Bytes

25. Happy Heks - action - 645 plays
Happy Heks
Link: Play
A sidescrolling action, adventure with a witch looking for ingredients for her potion.

Size: 295169 Bytes

Horror Scape The Adventures of Marty
Link: Play
The short legged Marty must take down the zombies that he encounters in this sidescroller.

Size: 2816933 Bytes

27. Heli Force - action - 667 plays
Heli Force
Link: Play
Shoot the incoming enemy drones from your helicopter.

Size: 715319 Bytes

28. Hot Lz - action - 738 plays
Hot Lz
Link: Play
Shoot the enemy soldiers and watch out for the mines they lay on the ground.

Size: 2180372 Bytes

29. Harry The Hamster 2 - action - 676 plays
Harry The Hamster 2
Link: Play
Travel through the tubes and make your way through them on your hamster adventure.

Size: 1191733 Bytes

30. Happy Cyclopsland - action - 725 plays
Happy Cyclopsland
Link: Play
Single or 2 player game of shooting all the innocent people on the ground with guns, and missles.

Size: 1762107 Bytes

31. Harvest! - action - 642 plays
Link: Play
Grab the spheres that appear. The more you grab, the more space monsters appear and try to eat you.

Size: 631070 Bytes

32. Hover Bot Arena - action - 737 plays
Hover Bot Arena
Link: Play
Different game modes make this action game intense with shooting multiple targets all attacking you!

Size: 1054124 Bytes

33. Hero Tank - action - 793 plays
Hero Tank
Link: Play
Blow away all the enemies and grab powerups whenever possible. Don't hit enemies with your tank.

Size: 448314 Bytes

34. Holy War: Invasion - action - 736 plays
Holy War: Invasion
Link: Play
A top-down action shooter where you blow away enemies, towers, vehicles, fences, and buildings. Cool

Size: 1636758 Bytes

35. Hopper 2 - action - 812 plays
Hopper 2
Link: Play
Hop on the platforms and jump over enemies. Keep hopping and hope you stay alive.

Size: 379992 Bytes

36. High Risk Rescue - action - 819 plays
High Risk Rescue
Link: Play
Continue moving upward in the game as you switch from boy to flying dragon to pass objects.

Size: 1170258 Bytes

37. Hitachi - action - 688 plays
Link: Play
You're a hard drive in a platform game. Collect folders, but don't crash!

Size: 1727596 Bytes

38. Hewkii - action - 729 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the falling spheres and don't let them touch your cool looking robotic lego guy.

Size: 1723802 Bytes

39. HeliStorm - action - 739 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the other helicopters on the map that oppose your greatness. Watch out for their gunfire.

Size: 1770387 Bytes

40. HeliStorm 2 - action - 851 plays
HeliStorm 2
Link: Play
Helistorm returns quickly with a sequel of helicopter flying and blowing away enemy aircrafts.

Size: 2307967 Bytes

41. Heli Strike - action - 921 plays
Heli Strike
Link: Play
Fly your chopper and blow away enemy vehicles and bases in this top-down shooter. Fire missiles!

Size: 1846628 Bytes

       41 action games starting with H
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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