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       18 action games starting with O
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1. Only Seven Days - action - 1681 plays
Only Seven Days
Link: Play
Vehicle based shooter game where you prevent enemy forces carrying a virulent cargo from reaching your borders to release its deadly contents upon the population. Fight to survive for 7 days straight! Use your Nouse to steer your armoured tank, Space bar key to visit the shop to buy upgrades and P to pause the game. Collect cash or medical kits to repair your tank during the battle with opposing forces.

Size: 5198386 Bytes

2. One Button Arthur - action - 743 plays
One Button Arthur
Link: Play
Must pass all obstacles using a single mouse button and hero can expect real treasures.

Size: 4039354 Bytes

3. One vs Many - action - 841 plays
One vs Many
Link: Play
Kill the enemies, put mines, collect blue balls to restore weapon energy and gain experience. Aim with mouse, WASD to move, hold left mouse button to shoot. Double click left mouse button to drop mine.

Size: 4211149 Bytes

4. Oozing forever - action - 748 plays
Oozing forever
Link: Play
You will control a small extraterrestrial body that can not live without the green sludge around. Move and jump with your mouse. Very dynamic game with its exciting system development.

Size: 4319749 Bytes

5. Orange & Black - action - 587 plays
Orange & Black
Link: Play
A bunch of Halloween games combind all into one.

Size: 3458204 Bytes

6. Operation Maus - action - 660 plays
Operation Maus
Link: Play
Shoot down soldiers, throw grenades to destroy tanks and avoid mines and bombers.

Size: 1133711 Bytes

7. Outer Space - action - 535 plays
Outer Space
Link: Play
Use thrusters to navigate the probe around asteroids and back to the space shuttle.

Size: 768751 Bytes

8. Omega Squadron V Eclipse - action - 596 plays
Omega Squadron V Eclipse
Link: Play
As an elite space fighter confront the evil omega squadron and protect the earth space station.

Size: 4871918 Bytes

9. One Mans Doomsday - action - 633 plays
One Mans Doomsday
Link: Play
Sidescrolling action with rolling, gunning, tanks and 6 levels of 100s of enemies.

Size: 1850042 Bytes

10. Operation Flashpoint - action - 685 plays
Operation Flashpoint
Link: Play
You are a large mech, jumping on your enemies. In later levels you can change into a jet.

Size: 351873 Bytes

11. Open Space - action - 572 plays
Open Space
Link: Play
Simple graphics, but good gameplay in this topdown action shooter.

Size: 155505 Bytes

12. Osiris - action - 687 plays
Link: Play
A tomb raiding sidescrolling action game with shooting, rolling and monster shooting.

Size: 2832302 Bytes

13. Overkill: Apache - action - 807 plays
Overkill: Apache
Link: Play
An awesome sidescrolling shooting game that feels extremely like a Metal Slug game. A must play!

Size: 1094541 Bytes

14. One Mans Doomsday 2 - action - 694 plays
One Mans Doomsday 2
Link: Play
You're a stickman and are running around shooting all the attacking enemies. Jump into tanks for ext

Size: 2631035 Bytes

15. Osiris II - action - 576 plays
Osiris II
Link: Play
A sidescrolling tomb raiding adventure game with multiple weapons, and levers to flip.

Size: 4355141 Bytes

16. Outpost Dedlaw - action - 703 plays
Outpost Dedlaw
Link: Play
Fly your spaceship and shoot down all the incoming ships. Dodge them or shoot them, but don't crash.

Size: 1385836 Bytes

17. Operation Thunder - action - 700 plays
Operation Thunder
Link: Play
A top-down action shooter. Creative with decent gameplay.

Size: 658018 Bytes

18. Orc Hunter - action - 619 plays
Orc Hunter
Link: Play
Slidescrolling Orc slicing. Cut the orcs open and watch them bleed. Careful, more are coming for you

Size: 653802 Bytes

       18 action games starting with O
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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