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       35 action games starting with E
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1. Escape From Melakka - action - 1066 plays
Escape From Melakka
Link: Play
You are a wizard and you awake in a dungeon. You can’t remember anything, but your body feels like you had a drink too much or have been teleported… or maybe both. Use your WASD or Arrow keys to move and your Mouse to aim and shoot. Even if you don’t know what has exactly happened, try to find clues, solve puzzles, use your wizards power, shoot enemies and escape from Melakka. Use your Space bar key to see your character screen, statistics and your achievements. Press P key to buy upgrades of your health, speed or fire rate.

Size: 2516950 Bytes

2. Enhanced - action - 1327 plays
Link: Play
This is a story about enhanced soldiers confrontation. Help genetically engineered soldier rescue the city with innocent civilians. Take control over enhanced soldier and lead her through 21 game level, wiping out all enemies on your way in the sci-fi run & gun platformer. You can make 18 upgrades to unlock new abilities and earn 24 achievements. Use A and D key for movement, W key for jump or double jump. Mouse to aim and fire, while switching weapons with number keys 1,2,3,4. When you learn super human abilities by spending skill experience points use S key to dash, E key for shield, Q for stealth movements and C key to create event horizon. Press Space bar for calling hurricane drones. To pause the game, press Escape key or P key and U key for showing upgrades window.

Size: 22400224 Bytes

3. Experimental Shooter 2 - action - 1209 plays
Experimental Shooter 2
Link: Play
Shoot all the white balls in each level while following the specific rules of each room. Read the title of each level for a hint on how to go about beating the level. Fire on moving bubble targets as they fly around the screen. Try to hit all the bubbles before your time is up. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move, R key to restart if you become stuck. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot. Try to be cautious, as the later levels and specific rules are more difficult to complete.

Size: 7139749 Bytes

4. Epic Charlie - action - 4066 plays
Epic Charlie
Link: Play
Master teacher was murdered. Charlie has 15 days to prove the innocence, otherwise he will be closed for good. Help him to find the murderer and protect the village which is in great danger. Collect all diamonds for you strength, Move with arrows, Jump and climb with S, Shoot with D.

Size: 5756781 Bytes

5. Elite Forces - Clones - action - 834 plays
Elite Forces - Clones
Link: Play
Your objective is to capture all of your opponent's barracks by overwhelming them with your troops. You are the blue color, and your opponents are the red colors. Each barrack can move 50% of its troops at a time. Your barracks will keep cloning more troops for you to use. Larger barracks produce troops faster. Send troops out to capture other barracks so that you can produce even more! Grey barracks are neutral and will not attack. You can also select multiple barracks by dragging or by CTRL key.

Size: 2214557 Bytes

6. Eco Battler - action - 751 plays
Eco Battler
Link: Play
If the game does not start, click 1cm below the logo when the cursor changes to the hand. You are far, far into the future and it is the age of space development. Mankind has recently gained the ability of interstellar travel. People travel through galaxy dreaming about millions. Fly through the galaxy, shoot your enemy and collect bonuses.

Size: 5322545 Bytes

7. Explomaniac - action - 1301 plays
Link: Play
Thousands of zombies are walking in your town. Nobody survived. You should leave the town, find the source of walking dead in the suburbs and eliminate it. Try to demolish obstacles when there is no way around them. Use WASD to control your move. Aim and fire using mouse. Change weapon with Q or 123.

Size: 1806839 Bytes

8. Escaping Paris - action - 699 plays
Escaping Paris
Link: Play
Sneak passed guards views, grab the prison keys and unlock doors and attempt to escape.

Size: 2462031 Bytes

Excite Bike Trouble on the Tracks
Link: Play
The objective of this game is to kill as many people as you can whilst your in a motorbike race. You

Size: 396020 Bytes

10. Earth Rock Hunter - action - 656 plays
Earth Rock Hunter
Link: Play
Race through space, collecting chunks of the recently exploded planet earth as you try to make yours

Size: 1019706 Bytes

11. Etherena Beta - action - 688 plays
Etherena Beta
Link: Play
Fight the computer or fight multiplayer with 1 keyboard.

Size: 2181706 Bytes

12. Excitable Padawan - action - 933 plays
Excitable Padawan
Link: Play
Use your lightsaber to combat the evil forces.

Size: 214148 Bytes

13. Egg Run - action - 652 plays
Egg Run
Link: Play
Launch the egg to grab the stick to complete levels.

Size: 518857 Bytes

14. Elemental Game - action - 653 plays
Elemental Game
Link: Play
A side scrolling, coin collecting action game.

Size: 791199 Bytes

15. El Emigrante - action - 919 plays
El Emigrante
Link: Play
Avoid the police for as long as you possible can!

Size: 49328 Bytes

16. Energon Within - action - 626 plays
Energon Within
Link: Play
Your under attack. Protect the mine as long as you can. If the decepticons steal the energon, its al

Size: 651856 Bytes

17. Elephant Boner Assault - action - 757 plays
Elephant Boner Assault
Link: Play
In this game you go bump into people.

Size: 581504 Bytes

18. eBall - action - 611 plays
Link: Play
Gather all stars to get to the next level.

Size: 482458 Bytes

19. Easter Bunny - action - 605 plays
Easter Bunny
Link: Play
Guide the bunny through various regions, collect all the colorful eggs and try to reach the end!

Size: 64983 Bytes

20. Endless Tournament - action - 628 plays
Endless Tournament
Link: Play
A 2 player ONLY game with a top-down view where you shoot your opponent.

Size: 66755 Bytes

21. Entrainement Gardiens - action - 676 plays
Entrainement Gardiens
Link: Play
You're Harry Potter, keep the ball from going into any one of the 3 goals.

Size: 415520 Bytes

22. Eskiv - action - 742 plays
Link: Play
Grab as many squares as possible. Everytime you grab a square another enemy ball appears.

Size: 7668 Bytes

23. End of Nightmares - action - 635 plays
End of Nightmares
Link: Play
A sidescrolling, robot fighting game.

Size: 3937221 Bytes

24. Elysium Man - action - 895 plays
Elysium Man
Link: Play
Stickmen fight it out in this side scrolling fighting, action game.

Size: 3818302 Bytes

25. Escape from HellTowers - action - 828 plays
Escape from HellTowers
Link: Play
An amazing sidescrolling action shooter with really great graphics.

Size: 1557678 Bytes

26. Electric Dreams - action - 890 plays
Electric Dreams
Link: Play
Grab the energy and devices as fast as possible before the time runs out.

Size: 299982 Bytes

27. Eminem Mania - action - 757 plays
Eminem Mania
Link: Play
Grab all the records, then make your way to the doors while avoiding the camera men.

Size: 201183 Bytes

28. Escape The Paparazzi - action - 589 plays
Escape The Paparazzi
Link: Play
Run away from the paparazzi and collect stars while doing it.

Size: 1266175 Bytes

29. ECO Battler - action - 632 plays
ECO Battler
Link: Play
A sidescrolling side viewing action shooter. Shoot the flying robots and more.

Size: 5322589 Bytes

30. Enkai - action - 730 plays
Link: Play
Spaceship shooting at its finest. Includes multiple power-ups and all sorts of enemies to destroy.

Size: 3691023 Bytes

31. Eggy Easter - action - 687 plays
Eggy Easter
Link: Play
Despite being an Easter themed game, this is a well created action sidescroller. Check it out.

Size: 2922446 Bytes

32. Edward - action - 800 plays
Link: Play
Awesome sidescroller with great graphics. Innovative gameplay, be patient for the 10MB game to load.

Size: 10354157 Bytes

33. Evil Nights - action - 682 plays
Evil Nights
Link: Play
Shoot the flying demons with your spells. Protect the village!

Size: 6717788 Bytes

34. ECO Battler Part 2 - action - 677 plays
ECO Battler Part 2
Link: Play
ECO Battler returns in part 2 of this sidescrolling spaceship shooter. Grab the pickups.

Size: 6942007 Bytes

35. Elemental Game - action - 805 plays
Elemental Game
Link: Play
Collect as many coins as possible per level. You may need to redo the level if you haven't collected enough. Use the Arrow keys to move around.

Size: 791.2 KB

       35 action games starting with E
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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