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       128 action games starting with T
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1. Tequila Zombies 2 - action - 4041 plays
Tequila Zombies 2
Link: Play
Zombies crosses your way once again. Kill all the zombies and drink all the tequila in this marvelous sequel. Now “con gusano”! Starring Miguel Tequila and a new glorious female character Jacqueline Madeira! Grab your weapons and take on the zombies as they attack from both sides. Do your best to survive until the end because you are the last hope in the battle for mankind! Move, Jump with Arrow keys or W/A/D. Aim and Shoot with mouse. Pick up weapons, health kits and drinks with Down arrow or S key. Use Superpower with Space bar key or Ctrl.

Size: 13431859 Bytes

Time Travel Research Facility 2
Link: Play
Improved platformer where you can rewind and slow down time to uncover a sinister conspiracy. You are Daniel, a researcher at the Time Travel Research Facility where you study both time manipulation and dimensional transfer. But one day the extradimensional creatures kept in cages break free and wreak havoc on the entire facility. As Daniel tries to escape from the labs full of danger, he learns that the breakout was caused by more than negligence or coincidence. Treason may be found at the highest levels. In this platformer game, you rewind time to get to inaccessible places, avoid death or synchronize sentinels. You slow down time to avoid long trap corridors, outmaneuver extradimensionals and avoid projectiles. You can also pick up time grenades to send your foes into the future. This way, you can bypass them entirely or at least move yourself into advantageous position in the meantime. Arrow keys) for movement. Hold A key or Shift to rewind time, hhold S key or Ctrl to slow down time. Press Space to throw time grenade (if you have any). Press R key to restart level. You gain 1000 points whenever you enter a level. You gain 1 point whenever you kill an enemy. You lose 10 points whenever you are “near death”. You lose 30 points whenever you restart the level.

Size: 1799595 Bytes

The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3
Link: Play
Jump, bounce, climb, and duck. Go forth and be fancy in this sequel to the ever-awesome Fancy Pants Adventures. In World 3 there are even more challenges and surprises ahead. Will you collect all the squiggles and reach the end? Press S to jump, Up to enter doors. Left and right move, down to slide, duck and roll. A to swing your pencil, once you find it later in the game. Press Space to pause. Left and right to check other levels from there. Click on pants to change your pants color. Use your mouse for system options.

Size: 17410959 Bytes

4. Tank 2012 - action - 1977 plays
Tank 2012
Link: Play
The battle of the tanks is on again! Will you survive? Your objective is clear, destroy all who stand in your way, complete your missions, save the planet, make money, and be number one! Game includes the fully demolishable environments as well as the effects when tanks and planes explode and crash. Tank 2012 also features a variety of weapons and secondary weapons along with passive abilities and special powers to make the various missions that much cooler. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move. Click Left mouse button to fire. Press Q or E or Right mouse button to switch weapons. Press Spacebar or F key to make special strike.

Size: 8821187 Bytes

5. The Paint Gunner - action - 1172 plays
The Paint Gunner
Link: Play
The Paint Gunner is a unique platformer that arms you with a paint gun. Your co-workers are trapped in a room and it's your job to rescue to them. Fill up your gun at the paint station and use it to overcome obstacles and reach the exit. Orange paint will allow you to slide on surfaces and green paint will allow you to bounce really high. Your score is based on the the amount of paint you use and how long it takes you to reach the exit. WASD or Arrows to move, W or Space to jump, Mouse to aim, and Left mouse click to shoot paint. Switch paint type with 1,2 and 3 number keys. E to interact with doors and buttons.

Size: 6705439 Bytes

6. The Adventures Of Pudde - action - 1014 plays
The Adventures Of Pudde
Link: Play
A simple platforming game, where you move the character through 13 levels. Be fast, and end up in the highscore panel! Music and developed by Schau. Use Left and Right arrow keys. Jump with Up or Space key.

Size: 2157303 Bytes

The Pretender – Part Three
Link: Play
Use your magical powers to guide spirits in this unique puzzle game! The objective is to guide the spirits to the portals at the end of each level. To do this, you must take advantage of the unique elemental powers you acquire at different parts of the level. For example, if you touch the rock elemental, you turn into a brute golem that can knock down stone walls! If you touch the air elemental, you can float on water and fly on air streams! Use Arrow keys to move. Take all the lost souls in a level to the exit. Only one soul can follow you at a time. Elemental Fonts transform the magician and give him new abilities. Black fonts restore the magician to his original form. Press Space bar to use your powers and skip speech bubbles.

Size: 9837913 Bytes

8. The Parking Lot - action - 639 plays
The Parking Lot
Link: Play
Perhaps one of the first of its kind, parking game. Basically, what's difficult to park the car? As practice shows, and personal experience, is not all there and easy.

Size: 691382 Bytes

9. Toxie Radd 3D - action - 783 plays
Toxie Radd 3D
Link: Play
Toxie Radd 3D is the third episode of the Toxie Radd saga and marks the jump from top-down to a full 3D first person shooter! It’s the story of Joe, an ex-inmate used as a specimen for a mad experiment. His right arm was removed and replaced with a gatling gun. He managed to escape the prison while it was under attack by zombies in episode 1. Then he teamed up with a mysterious doctor, and he followed the trail to an abandoned factory where (after he “dealt with” a giant brain monster, Joe style) he found evidence that all this mayhem started in Central city in episode 2. Now Joe’s on his way, following an underground route that will lead him to the heart of the city. However, things are never as easy as they appear... Joe will move automatically on a predetermined path. Use the mouse to aim, and click the left mouse button to shoot. You can keep the mouse button pressed for sustained fire. Mouse to Aim and fire, Spacebar to Bash enemies in melee range with the gatling gun, Left/Right Arrow (or A/D) to Strafe left and right to dodge enemy projectiles, Escape or 'P' to Pause the game.

Size: 13204361 Bytes

The Adventure of Super Mario Castle
Link: Play
Mario reached the final stage of its mission to save the princess. He has already made it to the castle, but last tests are even more difficult. Choose the location on the map, use Left/Right arrow to walk, Up arrow or Space to jump and Down arrow to squat.

Size: 2970745 Bytes

11. Take Seedling Home - action - 1013 plays
Take Seedling Home
Link: Play
Get the key with a little chicken To jump simply press the arrow up key. Down arrow to bark when you want to interact with the environment. Space or Enter for next level. Blue box with a plus on it makes the leash longer, minus box makes it shorter. You can pick up a fly-cap but you have limited fuel.

Size: 696235 Bytes

12. The Raven - action - 741 plays
The Raven
Link: Play
The main character named Raven is in the dungeon and has to save his friend, a scientist who tries to give all sorts of clues to find out where he is. On your path of the hero you meet robots with sensors, catching every move so you need to be careful.

Size: 2674672 Bytes

13. The Cursed Beneath - action - 1773 plays
The Cursed Beneath
Link: Play
Your friends are dead... and so you alone must defeat the darkness. To advance, clear the area of all enemies. W,S,A,D or arrow keys to move. Mouse to shoot, mouse wheel to change weapons. R to reload.

Size: 2432054 Bytes

14. The Illusionist's Dream - action - 1423 plays
The Illusionist's Dream
Link: Play
The great magician has lost a loved one and a taste for life. But once he had a dream. Where he can turn into animals with A, or back to the human form with S. Find the key and way back from the sleep.

Size: 3380904 Bytes

15. Tank Destroyer - action - 2176 plays
Tank Destroyer
Link: Play
Manage your tank, fire enemies, collect power-ups. Addictive gameplay and beautiful graphics. Arrows or WASD to move. Mouse to aim, left button to shoot. ESC or R to enter shop. Space to place the mine. F to launch rocket.

Size: 2231104 Bytes

16. Thirty - action - 1219 plays
Link: Play
Citizens of the world tremble as Dr. Dreadful prepares to unleash his Zombimbo Ray upon them. You only have thirty minutes to save the world. Game is controled by arrows on the keyboard.

Size: 2107309 Bytes

17. Trojan Hero - action - 968 plays
Trojan Hero
Link: Play
Trojan make your way through Barbarian's Land, killing as many enemies as you can. Crouch to Collect items bottles to become healthier and gold to become richer. How to play: Arrows - move. A - Attack. D - Defend.

Size: 642889 Bytes

18. The Savior - action - 892 plays
The Savior
Link: Play
Attack the thief to obtain a random stone you could use to upgrade your weapon. To upgrade your weapon you must collect all required stones. You will get experience by performing a successful attack. Move with arrows, attack with J, run with K, SPACE for menu, L for limit break. Limit break is available for an upgraded weapon and each weapon has a different limit break.

Size: 1015645 Bytes

19. The Robots Way - action - 623 plays
The Robots Way
Link: Play
Travel to different worlds and fight with mutants and other evil robots.

Size: 3862234 Bytes

20. The Unfair Platformer - action - 3261 plays
The Unfair Platformer
Link: Play
This is - a very unusual game. Unpredictable. In this game - crazy amount of traps, which are impossible to detect until you enter into them. Traps can be anywhere, they can be anything.

Size: 774943 Bytes

21. The mind bender - action - 685 plays
The mind bender
Link: Play
Use your telekinetic energy to get over all obstacles. Controls: arrows and mouse.

Size: 842037 Bytes

22. The Ghost - action - 615 plays
The Ghost
Link: Play
Walk through the mountains, shoot down skeletons and use melee attacks against ghosts.

Size: 471345 Bytes

23. The SkullKid - action - 1091 plays
The SkullKid
Link: Play
Fun, Easy, Bloody and Gory. Good Luck

Size: 718523 Bytes

24. The Way of The Stick - action - 582 plays
The Way of The Stick
Link: Play
A Stick version of The Matrix!

Size: 87827 Bytes

25. Tomb Digger - action - 613 plays
Tomb Digger
Link: Play
Guide the guy who looks oddly like Bob The Builder around, nicking the jewels and smashing open the

Size: 731100 Bytes

26. TurboTank - action - 673 plays
Link: Play
Drive around the world in this tank, killing all the enemies and blowing the huge red robot monsters

Size: 619024 Bytes

27. Tank Wars - action - 811 plays
Tank Wars
Link: Play
Take out the other tank in this turn-based tank shooting game. Measure the velocity, direction and w

Size: 57853 Bytes

28. The Transporter - action - 610 plays
The Transporter
Link: Play
Neat car game based on the film with the same title. Dodge oncoming traffic and.. goats.

Size: 537719 Bytes

The Bear's Snowy Adventures
Link: Play
Snowy the bear has a very difficult task. He must defeat all the strange monsters and return to the

Size: 1058005 Bytes

30. Tip and Run - action - 541 plays
Tip and Run
Link: Play
Get the aliens-in-a-jar into the hole then go through it as quickly as possible before the aliens-no

Size: 439744 Bytes

31. The Pharaoh's Tomb - action - 773 plays
The Pharaoh's Tomb
Link: Play
Go round the tomb and get all the money and tools!

Size: 393236 Bytes

32. Tunnel 2 - action - 517 plays
Tunnel 2
Link: Play
This is another version of the popular helicopter game, but this time you have weapons! Take out the

Size: 338026 Bytes

33. Turnaus - action - 563 plays
Link: Play
Your objective is to get into your opponent's castle by hitting him with your sword and smashing his

Size: 1539601 Bytes

34. Traps, Mines And A Sheep - action - 541 plays
Traps, Mines And A Sheep
Link: Play
Navigate a sheep through a dangerous land filled with traps and mines, and try to get as far as poss

Size: 1942197 Bytes

35. The Adventures Blob Bob - action - 566 plays
The Adventures Blob Bob
Link: Play
A little grey character on an adventure.

Size: 2522604 Bytes

The Adventures of Buttlock
Link: Play
Slash the enemies and figure out how to defeat the bosses.

Size: 3797570 Bytes

37. Terrain Chapter 1 - action - 484 plays
Terrain Chapter 1
Link: Play
A game / interactive flash video.

Size: 2564292 Bytes

38. Terrain Chapter 2 - action - 562 plays
Terrain Chapter 2
Link: Play
The 2nd part of Terrain. Make sure to play chapter 1 first.

Size: 7307446 Bytes

39. Terrain Chapter 3 - action - 605 plays
Terrain Chapter 3
Link: Play
Chapter 3 in this well done series. Contains scene probably not safe for work later on.

Size: 4276942 Bytes

40. The Incredibles - action - 604 plays
The Incredibles
Link: Play
Ice surf above the city on the roof tops trying to stay alive.

Size: 313138 Bytes

41. The Adventures of Bibo 2 - action - 640 plays
The Adventures of Bibo 2
Link: Play
You are a shooting monkey shooting other monkeys.

Size: 599157 Bytes

42. Take To The Streets - action - 663 plays
Take To The Streets
Link: Play
A Streets of Rage like side scrolling game.

Size: 4907483 Bytes

43. Teddy Goes Swimming - action - 617 plays
Teddy Goes Swimming
Link: Play
Swim and grab as much gold as possible. Teddy is a greedy lil' bear.

Size: 334593 Bytes

44. Thing Thing 2 - action - 1133 plays
Thing Thing 2
Link: Play
Shoot the enemies and grab key cards as your enemies explode in blood baths.

Size: 1914464 Bytes

45. The Viking - action - 461 plays
The Viking
Link: Play
Slay the knights and steal their money without dying.

Size: 314523 Bytes

46. The Great Escape - action - 555 plays
The Great Escape
Link: Play
You're a cow escaping from a farm in this action game.

Size: 2216649 Bytes

47. The Fancy Pants Adventure - action - 1564 plays
The Fancy Pants Adventure
Link: Play
A very cool action game with fun running up wall gameplay.

Size: 1719219 Bytes

48. The Good Ghost - action - 496 plays
The Good Ghost
Link: Play
Explore the world as a good ghost.

Size: 800608 Bytes

49. Thing Thing Arena - action - 1005 plays
Thing Thing Arena
Link: Play
Pick your battles and try to stay alive.

Size: 4726223 Bytes

50. The Claque Beignet - action - 476 plays
The Claque Beignet
Link: Play
Your an alien with sensitive hearing. Singers can cause your death. Use your clauq beignet machine t

Size: 244679 Bytes

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