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       15 logic games starting with Z
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1. Zombie Crypt 3 - logic - 1138 plays
Zombie Crypt 3
Link: Play
Navigate Gerald and Ronald through various crypts in the 3rd part of this bloody puzzle platformer. Help two brothers through various situations and survive against army in the underground dungeons. Press WASD and Arrow keys to control each Gerald and Ronald. Press Down arrow key to activate switches and Space bar key to continue. Try to reach the exit, beware of monsters with green acid. Try to dodge, jump and avoid many different traps in the dungeon.

Size: 1560596 Bytes

Zombies vs Penguins 2 – Arctic Armaggedon
Link: Play
The Penguins are back to get rid of Mayan Zombies and prevent the foretold Arctic Armageddon! Help the Penguins prevent the Arctic Armageddon by shooting all the Mayan zombies. Mouse to aim click to shoot. You have limited ammo, so use them wisely.

Size: 4032253 Bytes

3. Zombie Resurrection - logic - 909 plays
Zombie Resurrection
Link: Play
Help the Zombies reach the safe house to infect the humans! Help spread the virulent infection in the run down town by getting the walking dead to traipse into homes occupied by the living. Use your Mouse to pickup bouncy springs from the tool bar menu to place in front of each dead man walking to get him to the destination. Hit the fast forward button to speed things up a notch and press the resurrect button when your ready. Some items only work when the zombies are moving.

Size: 6254309 Bytes

4. Zomboz - logic - 886 plays
Link: Play
Use the planet's gravity to kill all zombies! Use the gravitational pull of the planets to wrap bullets around the level and hit zombies that aren't in your line of site. Solve puzzles and try to complete all 30 levels of this fun physics-based shooting puzzle game. Game is quite similar to the fairly newly released Angry Birds Space in which you must use gravity fields to take out your enemies, but the original Zomboz came out before Angry Birds. Refresh the game if play button is hidden. Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Press R to restart level.

Size: 4289531 Bytes

5. Zipzip: Secret Dimension - logic - 797 plays
Zipzip: Secret Dimension
Link: Play
You're a circular little character in this platform game. What is the cost of being special? Forgotten and deemed a witch and prophet, survive and save your followers from the enemy. Modify the extra dimension and solve puzzles. Discover your magic ability and see how it changes your world. Music by: Talha Kaya. Arrow keys or WASD to move and mouse click and drag on green shapes to rotate them to be used as platforms or to otherwise influence your surroundings. Try to make your way to the door at the end of each level, and press R if you get stuck, Right click to mute music.

Size: 4586374 Bytes

6. Zombie Boom - logic - 1163 plays
Zombie Boom
Link: Play
Blast the zombies and save the innocent people in Zombie Boom. Click and place the bomb and try to kill all zombies in the level. Each level has specific amount of bombs to destroy all zombies. Bomb cannot be set on the grate. Try not to kill wonderful man or a lady. Try to complete all 25 levels of zombie carnage in this physics based puzzle game.

Size: 6944787 Bytes

7. Zombie Task Force - logic - 1412 plays
Zombie Task Force
Link: Play
You are used to kill zombies at every opportunity? But this time you should bring them to teleport in one piece. Get the Zombies to the transporter. Drag the play area to have a look around. Click the Arrow keys and then click the Zombies to change their directions. Click the Rocket button and then click the Zombies to use Rocket Jetpacks. Use the Stop hand button to freeze a Zombie for 5 seconds. Avoid the Spikey blocks. Click the Bomb button to attach a bomb to a Zombie. Crates can be destroyed by bombs!

Size: 3634678 Bytes

8. Zombie Physics - logic - 1291 plays
Zombie Physics
Link: Play
Game where you have to use a bombs and destroy the zombies. You have to kill all zombies on the level. Click on the box and choose direction of power. If needed set the box or bomb timer on. To push the block click the start button.

Size: 3003047 Bytes

9. Zombie, Go home 2 - logic - 1235 plays
Zombie, Go home 2
Link: Play
Your goal is to guide the hero to the exit without leaving the screen. Collect as many brains as possible to gain the best score! When you move your hero with arrows or WSAD he will keep moving until hits an obstacle. Also, you need to avoid the pits. Later you will meet the ghosts, so analyze the field before moving. Teleports may help you a lot!

Size: 2766300 Bytes

10. Zoo Keeper - logic - 794 plays
Zoo Keeper
Link: Play
Like Bejeweled with timer. Can get hard.

Size: 219341 Bytes

11. Znax - logic - 729 plays
Link: Play
Click four tiles of the same color in a rectangle shape to remove them for points.

Size: 145459 Bytes

12. Zero Matter - logic - 545 plays
Zero Matter
Link: Play
Fly in your ship shoot at the opponent and destroy his ship to win.

Size: 662043 Bytes

13. Zombie Defence XT - logic - 803 plays
Zombie Defence XT
Link: Play
Aim your castle cannon and blow away the zombies before they reach your castle.

Size: 2002423 Bytes

14. Zodiac Tower - logic - 699 plays
Zodiac Tower
Link: Play
Only remove the same types of blocks and they have to be in specific shapes or you cant. Cool!

Size: 1084406 Bytes

15. Zombie Inglor - logic - 825 plays
Zombie Inglor
Link: Play
Figure out how to escape the room, grab items and defend yourself.

Size: 10107196 Bytes

       15 logic games starting with Z
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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