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       27 logic games starting with K
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1. Koutack - logic - 801 plays
Link: Play
Try to stack all the coloured tiles into one huge pile. A minimalist mind-bending puzzle game. This version contains 30 levels with each one increasing in difficulty. Use your Mouse to click in a space adjacent to each tile to make them collate into one. Stack all the pieces into a single stack. To earn an extra bonus try to squish the star with your stacked tiles.

Size: 1100844 Bytes

2. Kolorz - logic - 1586 plays
Link: Play
Switch color and use your brain to find your way through 20 colorful mazes. Collect as many stars as possible to increase your score and unlock new achievements. Use the Arrow keys to move around. Collect blocks that have your color. Use diamonds to change your color back. You can push black blocks. Collect as many stars as possible to increase your score and unlock new achievements.

Size: 1792228 Bytes

3. Killer Escape - logic - 2031 plays
Killer Escape
Link: Play
Killer Escape is a point & click escape adventure set in a cold dark cell where a mysterious serial killer is holding you! Find a way out of the locked jail before your psychotic tormentor returns to finish the job. You must escape from this cell, simple as that! Use your Mouse to scour the small cell room to look for valuable clues or items to allow you to flee before he returns. Warning, avoid if you are easily frightened.

Size: 9751548 Bytes

4. Keep The Balance - logic - 1275 plays
Keep The Balance
Link: Play
Stack all sorts of pencil shaded objects on top of one another without letting them fall off the screen. Use your Mouse to pick up a circle, cross or square from above the dotted line and place it on the platform. Press A and D key to rotate shapes. Use all the shapes to pass the level. Try to complete each level in record time, contains 18 logic based levels.

Size: 880802 Bytes

5. Katy Perry Rescue - logic - 1856 plays
Katy Perry Rescue
Link: Play
The famous singer Katy Perry has been kidnapped by an evil mummy. Use your detective skills to help Cody Jones track down and find the kidnapped super pop star from the clutches of an ancient rotting mummy. Use your Mouse to carefully examine each room to look for possible clues on where the Pharaoh has taken her. As an added incentive to save her, pretend the zombie Pharaoh is an unfunny Russell Brand.

Size: 4288326 Bytes

6. Kveendolnitza - logic - 1378 plays
Link: Play
Many centuries ago the ancients ruled time and space. Before they left they hid all their knowledge in the legendary Kveendolnitza. No one knows what it is or where it is, but many are looking for it. One of them is Triton. Maybe you can find it together? Find the treasure in the ruins of an ancient city of the future. A point and click adventure of finding keys & clicking on doors & creatures in the twisty building. Use mouse to explore the fantasy world.

Size: 4685254 Bytes

7. Killbot - logic - 1523 plays
Link: Play
Killbot! is one of the most unique flash games. You're an ultramodern psychic killbot escaping from a corporate lab. Use your Robot telekinesis abilities in order to escape the lab. There are items just laying around which are susceptible to physics and your mind! So you can click an item and then swing it around, make it float, etc. This is useful as you can move items, press levers, all sorts of puzzle devices! On top of this you can use your telekinesis powers to grab clothes to disguise yourself for security clearances and such. A, D key to move, W to jump, Mouse to lift items with your psychic beam, Space to freeze items in place and Shift to look around. Please refresh the page if your game is freezed on the start.

Size: 2947175 Bytes

8. Kick Out Green Pigs - logic - 1957 plays
Kick Out Green Pigs
Link: Play
In the physics based puzzle game your goal is to get all the green pig blocks off the screen in each level. Use the red angry bird blocks to amplify or minify so the green blocks fall of the screen. Black bird blocks are removable, but you don't have to remove them all, just try to collect all the stars in each level. Click Left mouse button on a block to interact. Spacebar to switch the minify and amplify buttons.

Size: 3248685 Bytes

9. Koffii Checkers - logic - 641 plays
Koffii Checkers
Link: Play
Rake up your cells to win this age old game of interception! Use your mouse to control the game.

Size: 220153 Bytes

10. Kick the Block - logic - 1361 plays
Kick the Block
Link: Play
Cut wooden objects in right time to kick out the red blocks outside of the screen. Do not let the green blocks fall down! Note that the number of cuts is limited. Use your mouse to play.

Size: 1393623 Bytes

King Defender (Defender of the Crown)
Link: Play
Build a magnificent fortress that will protect the king from stones or crazy dragons, save them when enemies are attacking. Protect the crown!

Size: 4691020 Bytes

12. Kinetikz - logic - 690 plays
Link: Play
In this game you must use small balls to drive the ball at the place marked with an asterisk.

Size: 2766130 Bytes

13. Kerixep - logic - 917 plays
Link: Play
You have a hand in a green cage, carefully move the cursor on all cells, to paint them red. You must make all blocks red.

Size: 1595015 Bytes

14. Kax 2003 - logic - 801 plays
Kax 2003
Link: Play
This is another excellent puzzle game that is sure to keep you entertained for ages. Simply get the

Size: 1605318 Bytes

15. Krassair - logic - 852 plays
Link: Play
Flying a plane is easy, but can you land it?

Size: 113509 Bytes

16. Katamari - logic - 798 plays
Link: Play
Collect small things onto your guys and move up to larger objects.

Size: 698335 Bytes

17. Kawa - logic - 1042 plays
Link: Play
A puzzle game where you click the sides of the box you're in.

Size: 1437619 Bytes

18. Klax 3D - logic - 712 plays
Klax 3D
Link: Play
Can you follow the rules and grab the most points possible?

Size: 81822 Bytes

19. Klotsik - logic - 776 plays
Link: Play
Click groups of balls, you can click one ball but rows rise faster.

Size: 16038 Bytes

20. Krdzd - logic - 780 plays
Link: Play
Your in a prison cell. Try to escape and then to survive.

Size: 736989 Bytes

21. Kakuro Champion - logic - 614 plays
Kakuro Champion
Link: Play
Good with numbers? Why not play a little number game similar to Sudoku.

Size: 1149700 Bytes

22. Knut - logic - 687 plays
Link: Play
Give directions to the penguin on which way to go to complete each level.

Size: 445151 Bytes

23. Khrome - logic - 813 plays
Link: Play
Send your chrome ball flying to grab the stars. If you miss it on your first pass it gets very hard.

Size: 3715378 Bytes

24. Konnectors - logic - 674 plays
Link: Play
Make a road for the van to get to the house. Maps are randomly generated for a continuous challenge.

Size: 747931 Bytes

25. Kirby Puzzle Adventure - logic - 592 plays
Kirby Puzzle Adventure
Link: Play
Kirby is traveling one direction. Place the arrows to change his path to complete each level.

Size: 605843 Bytes

26. Kim Possible Rufus Recall - logic - 683 plays
Kim Possible Rufus Recall
Link: Play
Match the pieces quickly as they're rising and keep them from touching the top.

Size: 293162 Bytes

Kim Possible Super Villain Face Off
Link: Play
A game similar to Bubble Bobble. Fire the balls next to other balls with the same enemy face on them

Size: 223756 Bytes

       27 logic games starting with K
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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