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       30 skill games starting with K
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1. Kadaffi Land - skill - 958 plays
Kadaffi Land
Link: Play
Aren’t we all glad Gaddafi was found? It was not a matter of whether the Libyan rebels found him, it was a matter of when. Gadaffi is trying to escape the rebel army to Tripoli. Survive for as long as possible, shoot your way through the gaddafi land and try to survive your enemies attack and other dangerous obstacles. Collect medicine boxes on your way and find out how long you can escape from those pesky rebels. Try to defeat your opponents, use Arrow keys to move and jump, Space bar key for shooting.

Size: 1146780 Bytes

2. Knightmare Tower - skill - 2112 plays
Knightmare Tower
Link: Play
Knightmare Tower is a fun arcade launch game. An evil residing at the top of the Knightmare Tower has kidnapped the 10 King's daughters. The King asks you, the brave knight, to save them. Launch yourself up the Knightmare Tower to fight off the monsters and rescue the 10 beautiful princesses! Slicing up enemies makes you bounce upwards, thus move up the Knightmare Tower, and earn gold. You should be quick, as the lava rises from below and, if you touch the lava, you will die instantly and should restart your ascending from the very beginning. However, after you die, you will be able to visit the shop and spend your money on different upgrades, like armory, accessories, and potions that will allow you to ascend higher. In Knightmare Tower you can control your character with either the Mouse or the keyboard. Use Down arrow to launch. Move Left/Right arrow keys and dash monsters with Down arrow key. You can optionally use Mouse for movement and Left Mouse button click for dash.

Size: 6946145 Bytes

3. Kiong - skill - 606 plays
Link: Play
Different version of the pac-man. Little ghost loves fruit, especially bananas. We have to eat all bananas and avoid all of the monsters. Or you can eat blue ink and you will be a danger for them.

Size: 96232 Bytes

4. Kiss Johnny Depp - skill - 703 plays
Kiss Johnny Depp
Link: Play
This game is sure to enjoy all the fan of Johnny Depp! Click on the plane for kissing, kissing adds the lives! Click on the ballons and don't be caught by paparazzi. Click on the paparazzi to get rid of them. You lose one life when timer comes to the end.

Size: 646010 Bytes

5. King Pong - skill - 951 plays
King Pong
Link: Play
Kong has caputred a girl and wants to play with her. Throw her to the other Kong on the right. Then he will throw her back to you. Mouse to launch and up and down arrow or W/S to move. Don't let the girl die.

Size: 320847 Bytes

6. Keep your pig! - skill - 765 plays
Keep your pig!
Link: Play
Try not to drop your pigs, they should remain on the ice. To start click on button on the bottom left side.

Size: 280382 Bytes

7. Killem Pingu - skill - 830 plays
Killem Pingu
Link: Play
Greenpeace is angry: somewhere in the Antarctic, hunting season opens for penguins. Your task is hitting as many birds as possible in one minute.

Size: 78011 Bytes

8. Kick Ups 2.0 - skill - 1031 plays
Kick Ups 2.0
Link: Play
Click the bal to "kick it up". Touch the ball with your mouse to kick it up. You can play longest streak, time trial or without time limit.

Size: 828134 Bytes

9. Kakato Otoshi - skill - 704 plays
Kakato Otoshi
Link: Play
Hit the "bricks" on their center or the woman will become off balance.

Size: 323409 Bytes

10. Kill Kenny - skill - 1016 plays
Kill Kenny
Link: Play
Dodge the knives and stay alive as long as possible.

Size: 162047 Bytes

11. Koala Lander - skill - 580 plays
Koala Lander
Link: Play
Dodge the floating lobsters. No really.

Size: 278646 Bytes

12. Killer Sprouts - skill - 890 plays
Killer Sprouts
Link: Play
Squish the sprouts before they hop in your mouth.

Size: 342215 Bytes

13. Kid Canyon's Cunning Stunt - skill - 909 plays
Kid Canyon's Cunning Stunt
Link: Play
Drive your motorcycle over a canyon. Watch out for objects though.

Size: 575008 Bytes

14. Kirby Minigame - skill - 627 plays
Kirby Minigame
Link: Play
Catch the eggs, but not the bombs.

Size: 147937 Bytes

K.T.'s Impossi Bubble Adventures
Link: Play
Collect the coins and above the floating bombs.

Size: 1160314 Bytes

16. Kaboom - skill - 609 plays
Link: Play
Bounce the letters and bombs as they're thrown out the window.

Size: 76661 Bytes

17. King of Buttons - skill - 640 plays
King of Buttons
Link: Play
Push the button as fast as possible. Different game modes.

Size: 444968 Bytes

18. Kookin' Kidz - skill - 614 plays
Kookin' Kidz
Link: Play
Grab the pesky kids and drop them into your boiling vat of goo.

Size: 85586 Bytes

19. Kamikaze Fighter - skill - 969 plays
Kamikaze Fighter
Link: Play
Keep flying, don't run out of gas. Reach enemy boss.

Size: 488203 Bytes

20. Keep Ups 2 - skill - 663 plays
Keep Ups 2
Link: Play
Keep the soccer ball up in the air for as long as possible by clicking it.

Size: 286153 Bytes

21. Keep Ups - skill - 608 plays
Keep Ups
Link: Play
Bounce the ping pong ball on the table tennis paddle and don't let it fall off.

Size: 15610 Bytes

22. King of Buttons 2 - skill - 726 plays
King of Buttons 2
Link: Play
With different game modes your button objective differs with each. Skill required.

Size: 1994123 Bytes

23. King of Buttons 3 - skill - 729 plays
King of Buttons 3
Link: Play
More button pushing games that test your skills.

Size: 3918234 Bytes

24. Kill Luigi - skill - 879 plays
Kill Luigi
Link: Play
Chase Luigi, jump over turtle shells, grab the shrooms to gain on him. Reach him for the next level.

Size: 4154303 Bytes

25. Knights of Rock - skill - 763 plays
Knights of Rock
Link: Play
DDR like game of pushing the keys as they pass a certain spot. Watch as the animation plays.

Size: 1493390 Bytes

26. Kitty Jump - skill - 557 plays
Kitty Jump
Link: Play
Use your skill in using the right angle and power to land on the next rock.

Size: 1293755 Bytes

27. Keytar Hero - skill - 1008 plays
Keytar Hero
Link: Play
Hold your keyboard funky and press the buttons like you're playing a guitar.

Size: 4277324 Bytes

28. Kingdom of Rock - skill - 618 plays
Kingdom of Rock
Link: Play
Push the arrow keys as the sliding arrows are over the stationary arrows. Keep your health up!

Size: 548155 Bytes

29. Kablooey Flew Throughy - skill - 629 plays
Kablooey Flew Throughy
Link: Play
Fly through the cave as you grab the gems while avoiding bombs and other dangers.

Size: 571559 Bytes

30. Keepy Ups - skill - 703 plays
Keepy Ups
Link: Play
Keepy Ups - Keep the ball in the air for as long as possible, try not to drop it

Size: 207705 Bytes

       30 skill games starting with K
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