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       45 skill games starting with H
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1. Hammy The Flying Squirrel - skill - 737 plays
Hammy The Flying Squirrel
Link: Play
Hammy is totally a flying squirrel, but the rest of the forest don't believe her for some reason. They must be delusional. Tonight there's a party on top of the tallest tree - Hammy should have no problem flying up there as she is totally a flying squirrel. Tap Space bar key to build up your speed. Up Arrow key to Jump. And then use Space bar key to flap your "wings" and fly while collecting nuts.

Size: 6220410 Bytes

2. Hopagon - skill - 807 plays
Link: Play
Hopagon is a challenging one button platformer. It features multiple worlds, each adding new mechanics such as platforms, jump pads, jump tokens, and more. The game also includes a permadeath hardcore mode with leaderboards for players who have completed the main game. One button based action game where you help the little yellow smiley block escape from the giant red block world by jumping over them as he heads towards the exit portal. Press W, Z, Up Arrow key, Space bar key or Left Mouse button click to vault over obstacles. Warning, once you touch a enemy you'll disintegrate into tiny atomic molecules. Pause with Escape or P key, M key to Toggle Mute.

Size: 2682616 Bytes

3. Highway Traffic - skill - 635 plays
Highway Traffic
Link: Play
Ever been irritated by cops in a traffic jam? In this game, you get to find out how hard it could be to control traffic. Make sure that things stay civil and no blocks occur by guiding traffic properly. Highway Traffic is a traffic control game with exciting levels to complete. Click on red signal to stop vehicle and green to move. Each level is assigned with the target. Clear the target in three chances. Avoid traffic jam and clear the ambulance as soon as possible to win the game.

Size: 1065532 Bytes

4. Human Evolution - skill - 1188 plays
Human Evolution
Link: Play
Human evolution in few minutes. Game shows how we, as humans, came to evolve from the single cell organisms of millions upon millions of years ago and aims at educating you of this with a runner/distance flash game. The incredible story of our evolution from ape ancestors spans 6 million years or more. Start finding out how it all happened with this beginner's guide. Use your Mouse, Space, or Up key to jump and collect DNA fragments to upgrade your jump or speed posibilities.

Size: 2157454 Bytes

5. How to Make a Game - skill - 884 plays
How to Make a Game
Link: Play
How to make a game? How hard can it be? Start with a stick figure, and a line to walk on. Then follow the game directions. Doublejumps, razor saws, bottomless pits, movable boxes, switches, flipped controls and changes to physics. Use the WAD or Arrow keys to move. Sometimes you might also need the S key or your Mouse :) Just follow the in game clues to make your way through.

Size: 1494582 Bytes

6. Homer’s Donut Run - skill - 1041 plays
Homer’s Donut Run
Link: Play
Homer Simpson needs your help on another crazy adventure in the Simpson family car. Homer is out of donuts and he needs to explore Springfield to find them all! Drive around the forests & treacherous parts of town and get as many donuts as possible! Use arrow keys to steer your car. Press space bar to jump. Collect the bonus donuts and other objects along the way. Use the balance skill to save your car when it is turned over. Avoid falling into the cliff. You lose the game if you wreck your car. Less time you use, more points you get.

Size: 9585629 Bytes

7. Hollywood Parking - skill - 773 plays
Hollywood Parking
Link: Play
Your task is to find the parking space and to park. Try to park the expensive car so that the car is not damaged. As the famous people trust you with their luxurious toy and will be very upset if there are dents or scratches on their car. Skirt around the obstacles and other prestigious cars.

Size: 3582203 Bytes

8. Happy Builder - skill - 1084 plays
Happy Builder
Link: Play
You are in the 'Builder of the Year' competition and you need to show you are the best builder. Start out with simple constructions before moving onto more complex monuments and houses to show that you can build anything. Use your crane to collect the items and build them up in the correct order. Try to complete all the building map. To play use in-game help manual and your mouse to control the crane. Just take the specific block and put it on the ground as shown.

Size: 5674770 Bytes

9. Hot Bikes - skill - 1519 plays
Hot Bikes
Link: Play
Help the girl to drive her motorcycle along the obstacles. Score points to upgrade your bike. You can upgrade your engine, tires, exhaust, suspension or brakes. Use arrow keys to control the bike.

Size: 2643473 Bytes

10. Heavenly Machine - skill - 580 plays
Heavenly Machine
Link: Play
Remake of bubbles. Our beautiful rainbows are under attack by king devils of Gray Order. They are already at the doors of the Heavenly Factory! Good thing the mighty Heavenly Machine can deal with them. Who is skilled enough to counter the attack? Are you up to the task? It's easy and fun - just pop the colour balls to release the rainbow energy. The more you pop - the better our rainbows get! Pop the balls from under the tiny devils to make them fall and get more points!

Size: 433329 Bytes

Hole in the Wall - Twisted Figures
Link: Play
Twist and turn each player's body to match the hole in the wall, otherwise you will fall to the pool of water. Click the small yellow circles to change pose. Use powerups cards to use Bomb, Freeze or Pose special powers. In bonus levels, try to memorize several poses.

Size: 1306218 Bytes

12. Hardcore Bike - skill - 1299 plays
Hardcore Bike
Link: Play
The roar of the engine, bike with chrome parts, a series of obstacles and unique aroma of freedom - what can be better! Conquer all obstacles and reach the finish line alive!

Size: 2603820 Bytes

13. Hand Grenade Hacky Sack - skill - 1434 plays
Hand Grenade Hacky Sack
Link: Play
Play with the hacky sack. Hold down mouse button and move the mouse around to move your legs and hit the ball. A/D to walk left/right, W to jump. Combine moves and tricks for extra points.

Size: 1258426 Bytes

Hidden Numbers - Madagascar
Link: Play
Using a magnifying glass, look at the pictures with favorite cartoon characters of "Madagascar". Search for numbers from 1 to 20.

Size: 897589 Bytes

15. Hidden Objects Snow White - skill - 1662 plays
Hidden Objects Snow White
Link: Play
Colorful painting from Disney about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Look at the pictures and try to find all the items listed below.

Size: 771871 Bytes

16. Hen Coops - skill - 969 plays
Hen Coops
Link: Play
Cock of the local chicken coop decided to earn some money. Try to guess where is the egg.

Size: 4330358 Bytes

Hidden objects in Gibson House
Link: Play
Find out the below displayed objects, which are hidden on the screen. Find them as fast as possible to get better score.

Size: 1825541 Bytes

18. Hardboiled! - skill - 2898 plays
Link: Play
Blitz game in which you have to do variety of jobs until time runs out. You have 5 mins and 7 lives to complete 45 levels of increasing difficulty. Follow the brief instruction. You can use up to 3 skips if you are having trouble, but they are worth 100pts each.

Size: 771051 Bytes

19. Happy Santa - skill - 733 plays
Happy Santa
Link: Play
Help Santa spread happines this Christmas by delivering gifts to children. Gifts must be shared to all children on the street and in the chimneys of houses to make their houses light up with happiness. Use the arrow keys to fly above the houses. Press space bar to throw gifts.

Size: 3249631 Bytes

20. Hidden numbers Tarzan - skill - 1130 plays
Hidden numbers Tarzan
Link: Play
Examine your observing skill by finding the listed numbers 1-20 which are in different forms. Avoid clicking unnecessarily, as otherwise your score will get reduced.

Size: 1333207 Bytes

21. Hanna in Choppa - skill - 1545 plays
Hanna in Choppa
Link: Play
Fly a helicopter with real physics to the level flag with your mouse and arrow keys.

Size: 1059825 Bytes

22. HK Cafe - skill - 855 plays
HK Cafe
Link: Play
Cook the food to order as fast as possible in this restraunt simulation game.

Size: 610497 Bytes

23. Hot Water - skill - 584 plays
Hot Water
Link: Play
The classic game where you have to build a route of pipes from the liquid to the drain as quick as possible.

Size: 126927 Bytes

24. Hop A Lot Hobbit - skill - 623 plays
Hop A Lot Hobbit
Link: Play
You must get the evil ring back to where it was forged by jumping over various obstacles.

Size: 867739 Bytes

25. Hungry Bob - skill - 565 plays
Hungry Bob
Link: Play
Click on Bob power him up and make him jump for healthy foods strawberries and drinks avoid junkfood.

Size: 328565 Bytes

26. Hacky The Raccoon - skill - 781 plays
Hacky The Raccoon
Link: Play
Keep the raccoon in the air by continuing to hit it.

Size: 2594022 Bytes

27. Homers Beer Run - skill - 676 plays
Homers Beer Run
Link: Play
Catch the kegs of Duff beer, but watch out for fire ones.

Size: 530079 Bytes

28. Hungry Hippaul - skill - 633 plays
Hungry Hippaul
Link: Play
Swim around as a Hippo and collect food but avoid the logs coming down the river.

Size: 134589 Bytes

29. Hungry Space - skill - 562 plays
Hungry Space
Link: Play
Eat the other smaller space fish to get bigger.

Size: 173597 Bytes

30. Heliumigel - skill - 578 plays
Link: Play
Bounce into other creatures to pop their bubbles.

Size: 606059 Bytes

31. Holy Cow - skill - 530 plays
Holy Cow
Link: Play
Drop the playing card symbols onto the people with the same sign.

Size: 257926 Bytes

32. Hungry Space 2 - skill - 567 plays
Hungry Space 2
Link: Play
Eat space fish smaller than you. Live for as long as possible.

Size: 1168842 Bytes

33. Havoc Mountain - skill - 566 plays
Havoc Mountain
Link: Play
The snowball is rolling down the hill. Dodge the obstacles until you grow large enough.

Size: 516021 Bytes

34. Harry Hamster 3 - skill - 619 plays
Harry Hamster 3
Link: Play
Roll around in your hamster ball and complete your objectives in this 3Dish world.

Size: 1394097 Bytes

35. Homerun - skill - 773 plays
Link: Play
Balance the drunk guy and walk as far as possible.

Size: 265967 Bytes

36. Horsey Racing - skill - 596 plays
Horsey Racing
Link: Play
Click to jump, double click to double jump. Barriers start coming faster and faster.

Size: 644944 Bytes

37. Higher and Higher - skill - 578 plays
Higher and Higher
Link: Play
Multiple game modes of platform jumping. You will need skill.

Size: 1852907 Bytes

38. Halloween Hoodlums - skill - 594 plays
Halloween Hoodlums
Link: Play
Drop bombs on those pesky trick or treaters.

Size: 649231 Bytes

39. Hanging Around - skill - 763 plays
Hanging Around
Link: Play
Grapple the cave roof and keep swinging without falling onto the spikes.

Size: 263294 Bytes

40. Hearts - skill - 500 plays
Link: Play
As hearts fall, shoot them by adjusting your aim and power. Try to hit every heart possible.

Size: 3606760 Bytes

41. Hurry Bird - skill - 529 plays
Hurry Bird
Link: Play
Keep the bird flying without hitting the sides. Keyboard controlled instead of mouse makes it harder

Size: 758727 Bytes

Harry Potter Moodys Magical Eye
Link: Play
Dodge the spiders and Moody's eye, while grabbing pointing giving items at the same time.

Size: 1061663 Bytes

Harry Potter The Whomping Willow
Link: Play
Dodge the whomping willow for as long as possible. Don't let it clobber you.

Size: 381622 Bytes

44. Hover - skill - 606 plays
Link: Play
Click and hold onto the circles with a grapple as your hovercraft picks up goodies. Don't miss!

Size: 21144 Bytes

45. How To Drown Kittens - skill - 707 plays
How To Drown Kittens
Link: Play
Launch the kitten down the water well. Grab the stars and keep the kitten sinking further down.

Size: 1194170 Bytes

       45 skill games starting with H
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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