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1. Nuke Train - shoot - 1482 plays
Nuke Train
Link: Play
A shooter/tower defense hybrid built around action packed combat and tactical upgrading. Post apocalyptic based defense game where you use the weapons systems mounted on each carriage to destroy artificial intelligence robots as they try to annihilate you. Press your Z or X keys to move left or right (or use the arrow keys), Mouse to aim and fire your gauss cannon or machine guns at targets and Space bar key to detonate a high yield nuclear bomb. At the end of each wave upgrade your locomotive by purchasing new carriages or bolt on weapons.

Size: 4987164 Bytes

Notebook Wars 3 – Unleashed
Link: Play
Begin a one man campaign to save the city from enemy aircraft bombers by pitting your fighter plane against the best they have to offer in aerial dogfights. 20 new levels, hard mode and speed of the game is improved so you will have a lot of challenges. Use your Mouse to fly the plane or press WASD keys to control the jet, K to shoot your machine gun and E to drop a high yield bomb. You can use auto shooting with F key. Collect coins from fallen pilots to upgrade your fighter's weapons in the hanger.

Size: 3754568 Bytes

3. Nasty Sniper - shoot - 1657 plays
Nasty Sniper
Link: Play
You are a nasty sniper! You sneak up on your prey and take them out from miles away. They wouldn't know what hit them. Finish off all the targets in order to beat the game. Become an expert sniper! Guide the deadly female assassin as she lines up sanctioned targets in the crosshairs of her long range rifle scope. After each mission briefing use your Mouse to aim and shoot your currently equipped weapon, Z or X keys to zoom in or out. Try not to hit any civilians or police officers going to spend their day activities.

Size: 8955993 Bytes

4. Nuclear Gun - shoot - 2224 plays
Nuclear Gun
Link: Play
Use your big Nuclear Gun to shoot down waves of enemies. The yellow and orange slightly cartoony robotic units with the upgrade system. Suffered at the hands of an invading extraterrestrial army use the latest advances in scientific discovery to unleash a devastating arsenal upon them. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot your cannon at the incoming space tanks. Upgrade your weapon when you've earned enough cash to buy powerful add-ons at the research centre. Watch out for homing missiles and incoming waves of airborne fighter jets.

Size: 6615667 Bytes

5. Nerdy Nom Nom - shoot - 1026 plays
Nerdy Nom Nom
Link: Play
All around the world, Fat Nerds are embarking on the ultimate question: to reach burger heaven in the magical world of Nom Nom land. Shoot them out of a cannon and collect all the burgers to win a level. Enjoy a wide variety of classic puzzle mechanics in this unique mix of Angry Birds and Ragdoll Cannon, featuring carts, destructible boxes, poisonous burgers, and different cannons and nerds. Go through more than 30 levels, meet new challenges and solve physical problems on your way! Try to use as less nerds as possible on each level to get better result. Collect all burgers on the level except nasty.

Size: 4907933 Bytes

6. No More Aliens - shoot - 769 plays
No More Aliens
Link: Play
In the year 2044 the aliens are here to destroy earth. Only Magnus Bullet can save us now… In this game you can equip and combine 4 weapons at the same time! Move around, dodge bullets and use heavy weaponry to attack the aliens. Collect the alien gems and upgrade your gear to survive as long as you can. Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot. Arrows keys to move, Space to activate slow motion, S for an instant drop.

Size: 6843911 Bytes

7. Nutty Boom - shoot - 682 plays
Nutty Boom
Link: Play
Cause explosions to move the squirrel. Don't run out of bombs before he reaches the exit. Click to strategically place your bombs and get this little squirrel through each obstacle. Try to collect all the acorns for bonus points! Click and hold left mouse to grow a bomb, release to explode! You can move your bomb when it is activated.

Size: 6721033 Bytes

8. Navy Glory - shoot - 747 plays
Navy Glory
Link: Play
You must destroy the enemy before being destroyed. You have 3 weapons on the ship. Press space bar or A,S,D to switch them. Left click mouse to shoot. Buy power-ups which helps you surviving and press 1,2,3 to use them.

Size: 6111528 Bytes

9. Naked Melee - shoot - 642 plays
Naked Melee
Link: Play
Click as fast as you can and generate your army of men to destroy the evil black soldiers.

Size: 659072 Bytes

10. Noname Shooter - shoot - 557 plays
Noname Shooter
Link: Play
Aim and shoot at the bad guys that appear.

Size: 368615 Bytes

11. Net Terminator - shoot - 747 plays
Net Terminator
Link: Play
A 3D flash shooter similar to the Gunny Bunny series, but not as good.

Size: 5022779 Bytes

12. Nun Gunner - shoot - 681 plays
Nun Gunner
Link: Play
Blast the Nuns out of the sky as they invade your home world with their mother ship.

Size: 531236 Bytes

13. Newtons Revenge - shoot - 646 plays
Newtons Revenge
Link: Play
Shoot the apples.

Size: 326631 Bytes

14. Nemo's Revenge - shoot - 562 plays
Nemo's Revenge
Link: Play
Shoot the deadly fish before they can attack you.

Size: 1604688 Bytes

15. New York Defender - shoot - 681 plays
New York Defender
Link: Play
May offend some. Shoot down airplanes heading for the World Trade Center.

Size: 143299 Bytes

16. Naval Gun - shoot - 594 plays
Naval Gun
Link: Play
Fire missiles and blow up the enemy submarines and planes.

Size: 356398 Bytes

17. Naval Strike - shoot - 579 plays
Naval Strike
Link: Play
Fly in your airplane and shoot enemy planes and drop torpedos at boats. Hard to aim.

Size: 640617 Bytes

18. Non African Safari - shoot - 602 plays
Non African Safari
Link: Play
Shoot the forest creatures as they rush you. Use gun sights.

Size: 195787 Bytes

19. Nobuyuki Forces 2 - shoot - 570 plays
Nobuyuki Forces 2
Link: Play
Pop out and shoot the bad guys then hide again.

Size: 349862 Bytes

20. Nobuyuki Forces 3 - shoot - 574 plays
Nobuyuki Forces 3
Link: Play
Pop out and shoot the bad guys, then hide again. (7 MB)

Size: 7337346 Bytes

21. Nimian Flyer Legends - shoot - 604 plays
Nimian Flyer Legends
Link: Play
Blow fire at the other dragons.

Size: 2060468 Bytes

22. Normandy Landing - shoot - 693 plays
Normandy Landing
Link: Play
Shoot the incoming airplanes and don't let them get pass you.

Size: 1217906 Bytes

23. Nightstrike - shoot - 683 plays
Link: Play
Shoot down helicopters and blow away enemy soldiers in this awesome looking flash game.

Size: 5709534 Bytes

24. Nazi Assault - shoot - 1155 plays
Nazi Assault
Link: Play
You're in the Nazi base! Shoot their flags and those dirty Nazis.

Size: 1130595 Bytes

25. Nazi Defender 2 - shoot - 1119 plays
Nazi Defender 2
Link: Play
Blow away the nazis that are trying to attack your base. Don't let them attack!

Size: 478938 Bytes

26. Never Surrender - shoot - 579 plays
Never Surrender
Link: Play
You're a stationary turret in space. Fire at all the incoming enemies and stay alive.

Size: 1073485 Bytes

27. Noodle - shoot - 614 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the ghosts while driving on your moped.

Size: 533704 Bytes

28. No Comment - shoot - 583 plays
No Comment
Link: Play
Throw pies at the attacking reporters. Don't let them interview at all costs.

Size: 3998686 Bytes

29. Nuclear Eagle - shoot - 806 plays
Nuclear Eagle
Link: Play

Size: 1690.7 KB

       29 shoot games starting with N
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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