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       25 logic games starting with N
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1. Ninja Land - logic - 1943 plays
Ninja Land
Link: Play
Our hero and his lovely princess lived happily in their castle, until one day vicious ninjas kidnapped her. Join a miraculous journey to save her from her kidnappers. Rescue captured princess bride from bad kidnappers. Challenge and fight each area by using objects near your surroundings which will help you. Use your Mouse to choose your action as quickly as possible before the enemy finds you.

Size: 9002385 Bytes

2. Neon Ball - logic - 1751 plays
Neon Ball
Link: Play
Complete a series of tests by the Energy National Resources and find out whether you are able to join Neon City. Ricochet your ball from walls as you attach to lasers. Grab stars, avoid bombs & reach the exit. Press Arrow keys to move the blue ball bouncing from the walls while collecting all the green stars. Then hit the exit portal. Finish the level as quickly as possible to beat high scores.

Size: 29787408 Bytes

3. Need Water! - logic - 1136 plays
Need Water!
Link: Play
Dig through the ground and try to get the water (and oil) to the factories. Destroy stones and control the liquids. The water should be guided to the water factory and the oil to the oil factory. Collect the diamonds that are hidden in the earth and buy new skills and items in the upgrade panel. Unlock the achievements and earn rewards. Try to make the liquid pass through diamonds and collect them. Use your Mouse to dig through the sand in the underground. In higher levels, you will need to use dynamite from the upgrade shop to destroy stronger stone blocks.

Size: 4719426 Bytes

4. Ninja Miner - logic - 1555 plays
Ninja Miner
Link: Play
Ninja have never been… mining! Explore the lost mine and manage your Ninja to get precious gems. Help the masked warrior dig deep beneath the earth's surface in search of shiny diamond stones. Use your Mouse, WASD or Arrow keys to move and activate ninja's lightning speed to dash through the tunnel shafts. Gather pickaxes to penetrate hard rock blocks and watch out for spikes in later levels. Your goal is to collect all gems and to get to the exit.

Size: 3262943 Bytes

5. Nutty Mania - logic - 1264 plays
Nutty Mania
Link: Play
Use the Woolly Mammoth to launch the squirrel into the sky so that he can collect all the nuts. Try to gather all the nuts in as few attempts as possible to increase your score for each level. With 42 progressively more challenging levels, use teleoport, bounce, wooden objects or other environment to reach your nuts. Use the Mouse to set the power and trajectory of the squirrel launch and get the squirrels through the various obstacles and to the nuts.

Size: 7198363 Bytes

6. Numb3r Ma4ne5s - logic - 1287 plays
Numb3r Ma4ne5s
Link: Play
You objective is to reduce all grid square to zero. If a cell is green, you have achieved your goal for that square. There are two modes, random and standard mode. In standard game, you are not allowed to move on a square that is zero. Use the Arrow keys and the Mouse to play this game. Click and hold the left mouse button to grab a piece and release the mouse button to place the piece. Before you can rotate a piece, you must first be dragging the piece. Your score mainly relies on the number of moves and mistakes you make.

Size: 1413613 Bytes

7. Nono Sparks Genesis - logic - 2625 plays
Nono Sparks Genesis
Link: Play
The goal of the game is to create a complete world step by step, including flora, fauna, humans and even dinosaurs, through solving logical puzzles based on nonograms. Most of the gameplay consists of solving the puzzles, and each puzzle you solve creates an element in a brand new world, which gives the game a Doodle God feel. It starts out with the simpler things like sand and fish, but you eventually work your way up to bigger, more advanced puzzles and creatures. The beautiful and humorous graphics and characters offer a charming appeal. The unique reward-mechanic and the tried-and-tested, addictive puzzle gameplay create a flow that invites you back to yet another and another playing session. Each number on the panel indicates the number of contiguous blocks in the row or column. Two numbers means that each run of bolcks must be separated by at least one empty square. Try to start puzzles with higher numbers and if a square cannot logically contain a block, it helps to mark it with X. It can be played entirely by using the mouse only. Aditionally you may press and hold the space key to toggle between placing a block or an empty X mark.

Size: 6798315 Bytes

8. Next Please - logic - 575 plays
Next Please
Link: Play
Help creatures to make their way to the surface in this platformer-puzzle game. Turn the creatures into stone and use them to reach keys and get to the door. To do that you need to sacrifice a specific number of your clones. Do not run out of your clones in the level, using less clones give you more stars. Arrow keys to move and jump. Space bar to create a clone, X to destroy last clone created.

Size: 1790997 Bytes

9. Netbots - logic - 1011 plays
Link: Play
Challenging puzzle game with well balanced levels and a motivating storyline. The scientists from the Netbots Science Lab need your help! Connect different Netbots with your mouse and work off all the given targets. Place a shape by drawing it directly on the Netbots. Draw a shape by holding down the left mouse button.

Size: 2648689 Bytes

10. Nerve Jangla! - logic - 1133 plays
Nerve Jangla!
Link: Play
New remarkable blitz game with a lot of different puzzle levels. You have to find the solution to different tasks. The faster you get them right, the more points you earn.

Size: 2893663 Bytes

11. Newtonian - logic - 1529 plays
Link: Play
Finish tasks in the game. Click and drag to move objects. Click yellow circle to rotate objects. Some objects cannot be moved.

Size: 1482118 Bytes

12. nanoTank - logic - 963 plays
Link: Play
In turn, another game based on the Newtonian laws. Here you'll manage the tank. Objective is to collect all the stars, if possible, and dive into the pipe, like a plumber Mario. Move your tank around with the left/right or W/D keys. Use the mouse to shoot pellets. Try shooting the walls to knock down stars. Use your cannon to blast yourself over objects or shoot objects out of the way. If you get stuck use the restart button to try again.

Size: 1667794 Bytes

13. Neon Maze - logic - 944 plays
Neon Maze
Link: Play
To go through the wall, you must be the same color as the wall. Pick color dots to change your color.

Size: 3980248 Bytes

14. Naughty Office - logic - 6206 plays
Naughty Office
Link: Play
It's time to get your boss to show, what she's really made of. Use your mouse to play. Left click to point and click on objects to make combinations.

Size: 1613995 Bytes

15. Noname Bomberman Like - logic - 720 plays
Noname Bomberman Like
Link: Play
Exploding soccer balls and purple monsters.

Size: 1114538 Bytes

16. NS Lines - logic - 634 plays
NS Lines
Link: Play
Create a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line of 5 similar colors or more to remove them.

Size: 155245 Bytes

17. Nub - logic - 540 plays
Link: Play
Walk around the platforms and make it to the exit.

Size: 23283 Bytes

18. NeliNurk - logic - 795 plays
Link: Play
A mathcing colored boxes game with strange rules.

Size: 38820 Bytes

19. Nutty McNuts - logic - 799 plays
Nutty McNuts
Link: Play
Fire the squirrel at the right trajectory to finish levels. 20 Levels and 2 modes of playing.

Size: 831341 Bytes

20. New Years Rush - logic - 591 plays
New Years Rush
Link: Play
Place the platforms where you need them to finish the levels.

Size: 440597 Bytes

21. Ninja Looter - logic - 547 plays
Ninja Looter
Link: Play
Grab the jewls, but be careful, more gaurds appear the more you nab.

Size: 87307 Bytes

22. Numbles - logic - 580 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the numbered balls to create the target number. Some rules make it slightly harder.

Size: 192982 Bytes

23. NEXT Nuclear Threat - logic - 671 plays
NEXT Nuclear Threat
Link: Play
Travel the maze with a limited perspective and try to rescue your honey Liz before it all blows up.

Size: 2921939 Bytes

24. Nodes - logic - 505 plays
Link: Play
Move the nodes around to make their lasers slice through the colored balls.

Size: 1310034 Bytes

25. Nevermore 1 - logic - 856 plays
Nevermore 1
Link: Play

Size: 931.8 KB

       25 logic games starting with N
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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