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       18 skill games starting with U
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1. Unlucky Robber - skill - 1565 plays
Unlucky Robber
Link: Play
A robber found map of the Treasures of Pharaohs. But he did not realize all the dangers lying in wait for him on the way to the treasures. Treasure grabbing based skill action game where you help the thief escape from the locked Egyptian pyramid by helping him to jump from each rotating cog to the next. Press your WASD, Arrow keys or use Mouse to move or leap. Try to collect all the shiny gold trinkets for an added bonus, watch out for sharp spikes in later levels, try to avoid them if you can.

Size: 3707512 Bytes

2. UFO Like Cows - skill - 634 plays
UFO Like Cows
Link: Play
Cute funny game with UFO and cows. Abduct cows with your UFO in this creative physics puzzle game using your tractor beam. Get all cows to finish each level. Cows are sometimes hidden in boxes, hit boxes with bricks or stones. Use Left/Right Arrow to control ufo and its magnetic ray. And you don't need any of bricks and stones! Its vary bad for UFO to catch the stone.

Size: 3499058 Bytes

3. Undo The End - skill - 1587 plays
Undo The End
Link: Play
These are dark times, and the world will end soon, unless you can fix it. Save humanity from armageddon by using an unknown device of immense power to switch time back and forth. Use your time travel tool to move through dangerous, insane landscapes. Use Arrow or WASD keys to move or jump and Spacebar to turn back the clock using the special gizmo. Watch out for blue shooting soldiers, giant monsters and hungry zombies. Don't get too distressed when you see lifeless past bodies of yourself.

Size: 8822453 Bytes

4. UFO Mission - skill - 861 plays
UFO Mission
Link: Play
Your goal is to complete all levels collecting the stars and abducting all sorts of living creatures. You have to control a UFO, collect stars, steal sheep and try not to run into obstacles. Do not forget that pink sheep can run. Fly challenging stages without an accident, move UFO with A and D keys. Press A and D keys to steel sheep. When you are finished, move to the level portal.

Size: 1512470 Bytes

5. Urban Rally - skill - 685 plays
Urban Rally
Link: Play
Race your Monster Truck through the urban area, collect bonus stars and finish all levels as quick as possible. Overcome very well drawn road, consisting of steep cliffs, under heavy music on a huge big wheel iron monster. Use Arrow keys to control your Monster Truck.

Size: 5282039 Bytes

6. Undead Hunter - skill - 833 plays
Undead Hunter
Link: Play
You are the bomberman and you have to get through zombies. Ctrl to shoot, Space to use bomb. Change weapons with 1,2,3. Use Arrow keys for movement. You can meet a lot of different anomalities on your way. You should avoid them or find protection against them.

Size: 5303573 Bytes

7. Ultimate Motor 2 - skill - 1086 plays
Ultimate Motor 2
Link: Play
Try to reach the finish in each level. Lean the motorcycle with left/right arrow. Move with Up and brake with Down arrow. Can you go through all obstacles in front of you?

Size: 7709506 Bytes

8. Ultimate Challenge - skill - 823 plays
Ultimate Challenge
Link: Play
Funny game about space, where you are on a spaceship and you have to dodge red flying bombs to complete the level.

Size: 326461 Bytes

9. Uber Boat - skill - 1143 plays
Uber Boat
Link: Play
It's time to kill the enemy submarines in your waters. Use deep bombs and killing torpedoes.

Size: 1310918 Bytes

10. Uphill Rush - skill - 4288 plays
Uphill Rush
Link: Play
Show all that you can ride on your bike. Do not fall down! Move with arrow keys. Jump with SPACE. Turbo with Z. Map on/off with M, Pause with P.

Size: 5354685 Bytes

11. Unicycle Challenge - skill - 782 plays
Unicycle Challenge
Link: Play
Stay balanced on the Unicycle as you dodge the oncoming mini-beach balls. You control the Unicycle with cursors.

Size: 55804 Bytes

12. UFO Joe - skill - 545 plays
Link: Play
Abduct creatures and land carefully.

Size: 465988 Bytes

13. UFO 101 - skill - 548 plays
UFO 101
Link: Play
Fly the UFO and don't crash into the incoming UFOs heading right towards you.

Size: 784977 Bytes

14. U.F.O. - skill - 598 plays
Link: Play
Fly your UFO and keep it from hitting any cave walls. Gets difficult.

Size: 1198038 Bytes

15. USSR Ping Pong - skill - 578 plays
USSR Ping Pong
Link: Play
Bounce the grenade on the ping pong paddle for as long as possible. You miss and you explode.

Size: 409183 Bytes

16. UFO Recording - skill - 678 plays
UFO Recording
Link: Play
How long can you capture footage of the UFO? Follow it around with your recorder as long as possible

Size: 198490 Bytes

17. Unicycle Balancer - skill - 590 plays
Unicycle Balancer
Link: Play
Balance the unicycler by following the path with your mouse and not going off or the unicycler biffs

Size: 262621 Bytes

18. Ultimate Avoider - skill - 553 plays
Ultimate Avoider
Link: Play
Dodge the walls and creatures moving across the screen at different angles. Stay alive!

Size: 265002 Bytes

       18 skill games starting with U
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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