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       18 logic games starting with U
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1. UFO Lazzle - logic - 1028 plays
UFO Lazzle
Link: Play
A huge alien spaceship lost all its energy and now it is drifting directly to unavoidable death! Help two aliens to recharge power cells on 28 challenging levels. But remember that charging in open space requires high accuracy, so try to avoid unnecessary actions! Use your Mouse to cross two different rays to power an energy cell. Click and drag UFO to change it's position. Use mirrors to reflect laser ray and change it's direction at the angle of 90 degrees. Double mirror can reflect 2 rays at the same time. Cross 2 rays with different colors on power cells to win. You can also use teleports to relocate UFO to nearby side. When you move UFO, each cell is 1 move. Number in the square shows amount of moves. You have total amount of moves shown in the right hand menu, yellow circle shows how many moves remaining for earning a medal. You can undo your last move.

Size: 4200284 Bytes

2. Unagi 16 - logic - 954 plays
Unagi 16
Link: Play
Complete a series of mind bending logic tasks such as finding hidden safe codes to crack open the vault or reveal the odd looking pirate from a line up. Your goal in each puzzle is to figure out a four-digit code. Use your Mouse to interact with objects and reveal clues that will help you solve each puzzle. Click items that you think will solve each level. You're being timed as you play, so try to solve all sixteen puzzles as quickly as possible. If you get stuck on a level, press the hint button to read up on the walkthrough.

Size: 5288245 Bytes

3. Unfreeze Me - logic - 1090 plays
Unfreeze Me
Link: Play
Fire warm water jets at yellow canary birds encased in ice cubes to free them from captivity. Find ways to launch jets of water at frozen birds to help set them free in this unique puzzle. Contains 20 levels, with each one requiring a bit more logic thinking than the last one. Press your Left Mouse button to aim the water cannon at the block of ice to make it melt. In later levels you can move wooden planks around to deflect the streams of water. Fill empty vases to earn more bonus points.

Size: 3225774 Bytes

4. Up Down Up - logic - 1049 plays
Up Down Up
Link: Play
Navigate through each level by changing the flotation of your submarine. Help little submarine overcome 25 levels as quick as possible, and get out. The only power the submarine has got is changing the buoyancy. But remember that the world is changing its buoyancy as well. Use your Mouse to control the submarine and Left click or Space bar key to shift the buoyancy and flotation. Collect all the stars as you make your way to the exit - change buoyancy as few times as possible for a better score.

Size: 3886713 Bytes

5. Unblock It - logic - 2168 plays
Unblock It
Link: Play
Play unblock it game and try to get the wooden red piece to slide out of the board by moving the other pieces that are blocking it in. The goal is to get the red block out of the board by sliding the yellow blocks out of the way. Use your Mouse to grab each wood piece and drag them around until there's a viable way for the red piece to pass. Try to complete all 48 levels without breaking a sweat.

Size: 195566 Bytes

6. Umbrella Trick - logic - 1213 plays
Umbrella Trick
Link: Play
Click and drag and select a chain of umbrellas of the same colour. There has to be at least 3 umbreallas in the chain. Longer chain means more points... so hunt for those really long chain.

Size: 504190 Bytes

7. Use Boxmen - logic - 1856 plays
Use Boxmen
Link: Play
Your goal is to get to the box at any price. Do you want a second little man, clone it with SHIFT, but you have to go to the treasured box.

Size: 4576598 Bytes

8. Underground - logic - 698 plays
Link: Play
Trop the evil robot by surrounding him with boxes! Without touching the robot, pick up the numbered boxes to use in your trap. Be careful: the robots can move digonally too! Use the arrow keys to move, and press Space to place one of the boxes you've picked up. Also be careful to stay away from bombs!

Size: 782251 Bytes

9. Unger - logic - 1247 plays
Link: Play
Move the blue square to the place of the red square.

Size: 13340 Bytes

10. Ultimate Mario Game Quiz - logic - 900 plays
Ultimate Mario Game Quiz
Link: Play
Answer numerous questions on different mario games, featuring luigi, toad, princess, bowser and more

Size: 1202501 Bytes

11. Ultimate Sonic Quiz - logic - 800 plays
Ultimate Sonic Quiz
Link: Play
Answer the questions about the different sonic series games and characters, like Tails, Knuckles and

Size: 3890211 Bytes

12. Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz - logic - 1092 plays
Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz
Link: Play
Answer questions about Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, Majora`s Mask, and others about Link, Ganon

Size: 3173479 Bytes

13. UN Weapons Inspector - logic - 781 plays
UN Weapons Inspector
Link: Play
Walk around the sands of iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction locate oil fields and missile

Size: 911509 Bytes

14. Ultra Block - logic - 588 plays
Ultra Block
Link: Play
Like collapse, only penalties for clicking wrong colors.

Size: 124336 Bytes

15. Udder Madness - logic - 807 plays
Udder Madness
Link: Play
Keep the cows from getting too full of milk by milking them.

Size: 342063 Bytes

16. Unlock - logic - 634 plays
Link: Play
Figure out the combinations to unlock each puzzle level.

Size: 88614 Bytes

17. Uncross the Lines - logic - 771 plays
Uncross the Lines
Link: Play
Drag the ball joints to make all the lines not cross over each other.

Size: 7051 Bytes

18. Ultimate Jewel - logic - 690 plays
Ultimate Jewel
Link: Play
Another Bejeweled clone game. Features two different gameplay modes. Flex your brain a little.

Size: 858128 Bytes

       18 logic games starting with U
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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