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1. Cakes Tough Break 2 - logic - 1251 plays
Cakes Tough Break 2
Link: Play
Oh no, everything wrong has happened to the cat. You have to sort it out yourself. Tear your limbs, belly and head in this crazy adventure of pursuing the magical yellow hat. Pull off cake’s arms, legs, and body to figure out all 25 twisted levels. Find magic woman’s hat and do whatever it takes to help cake get it together. While solving each puzzle you need to find the magic cap. Use all your skills and abilities and help the cat.

Size: 3602216 Bytes

2. Climbo - logic - 1806 plays
Link: Play
Are you ready for some amazing adventures? You mission is to help the hero of the game to reach exit. You'll meet a lot of dangers on the way. If you are brave and strong enough, it will not be a big problem for you to complete the game - however, it just depends on your skills. Climbo, is a set of 24 levels that must be overcome. Turn the world to find solution. Use your Arrows or WASD keys to move, R to restart the level.

Size: 5187487 Bytes

3. Cargo Bridge 2 - logic - 3530 plays
Cargo Bridge 2
Link: Play
The Cargo Bridge is back. Build a bridge and test your construction skills. Now, there are more levels, more bridge connections, more cargo and more fun. There is 60 levels across 3 colorful themes, with more to come, 3 level packs: Green Hills, The Moon, Construction Site. Use your Mouse to design a bridge on a blueprint and test it when you are done. Your workers will use the construction to get cargo located at the other side of the valley, and bring it back. Your goal is to collect all items in each level. You can use 6 tools for bridge building: walks, wood, steel, rope, springs and TNT. Learn new gameplay elements like bee swarms, space portals, crane hooks, new cargo types. Level editor and community levels included, so you can play on maps created by others. You can sign up and keep you game progress safe on the servers.

Size: 2367345 Bytes

4. Cannon Basketball Fun - logic - 2004 plays
Cannon Basketball Fun
Link: Play
Shoot basketballs using your cannon while trying to put one in the basket. The game combines classic cannon play with competitive puzzles to give you the challenge you’ve never faced thus far. You will have to find unlocking mechanism for clearing your way to the basket first before you should put a ball into it. Use your Mouse to shoot basketballs using your cannon while trying to put one in the basket. On some stages, you will have to use a teleporter to reach the basket. The game becomes more addictive as you climb up the level ladder and open new puzzles and new ways of reaching the basket.

Size: 4131405 Bytes

5. Con Fuse Box - logic - 1869 plays
Con Fuse Box
Link: Play
The object of this puzzle flash game is simple, you must connect up all the wires on the entire board lighting up all the light bulbs with as few moves as possible. The power source is the space with the lighting bolt. Pieces that are connected to it turn yellow. To rotate pieces, hover the Mouse over the left or right side of a cell and click to turn it in either direction. Work on the edges first, as there are fewer ways pieces can be oriented there. There is always a solution to every puzzle, so do not give up.

Size: 73299 Bytes

6. Cheese Hunt 2 - logic - 1192 plays
Cheese Hunt 2
Link: Play
Little mouse is back. The only thing he wants is cheese. This mouse is a genius – she found a way to get some cheese without leaving its hole. It is a thinking game where you will need to send the cheese to the mouse's home. Push the cheese to the mouse's home in 30 levels. Use portals, balloons, magnets, buttons, books and many other things to help the mouse steal the piece of cheese. Use your Mouse to thieve the piece of cheese with your intellect.

Size: 4031104 Bytes

7. Crazy connection - logic - 1100 plays
Crazy connection
Link: Play
Just connect the matching color without crossing the grids. Hold down the mouse to connect colors from the starting point to the end colour point. Try to put all colors together.

Size: 233071 Bytes

8. Complete The Circuit - logic - 1782 plays
Complete The Circuit
Link: Play
Redirect electricity to complete the circuit with added challenges such as voltage, insulators, and transistors. Use your Mouse to complete the circuit by allowing the electricity to flow from the negative to the positive end. To rotate a gate (blue tile) click on it. If two separate flow of electricity collide, they will cancel each other out, so you must redirect them. Every time the path is split, the amperage is cut in half. View amperage by placing your cursor over a path.

Size: 2746255 Bytes

9. Callidus - logic - 1100 plays
Link: Play
As a wizard, enter the darkest dungeon where not everything is as it seems. Pass through a Magic Dungeon in a fun and unique combination of a platformer and a logic game. Physics system was specially designed for this game to enable smooth direct interaction with objects. Progress through 26 interesting levels to reveal the story and character comments. Use your Mouse to click on a character and drag to move him. You should be able to move weak magic objects as well, just drag the block to help your wizard hero. If you are having trouble you can press R to restart level anytime.

Size: 4054433 Bytes

10. Cyclop Physics Players Pack - logic - 1021 plays
Cyclop Physics Players Pack
Link: Play
Platform based skill game where you try to make the red or green shapes to land snugly on respective coloured zones by turning them into rolling balls. To change figure’s shape just click on it. You have to move one-eyed figures to the platforms of the correspong colors. Use your Mouse to click on a shape to turn it into a circle, click again to turn it back into a square. Try not to let the shape fall off the ledge into the abyss.

Size: 948417 Bytes

11. Cubles - logic - 1615 plays
Link: Play
Classic arcade based action game where you clear the tiles by dragging or selecting a range where each corner is the same colour. The basics of the game are simple: find and select rectangles or squares with corners of the same color. 6 stages containing over 90 challenging and fun missions, 12 different cubles to drive you to the edge of insanity, 288 bonus stars to be earned during the missions. Challenge yourself with 9 arcade modes, try gain as much points as possible and compete with players from all over the world. Do really well in the arcade mode and you might make it to the weekly or even the all-time high-scores. Use your Mouse to drag or select a range. Find rectangles or squares with corners of the same color and select them by clicking two opposing corners. Be careful in later levels the native creatures have resorted to becoming a nuisance by creating water splashes, explosive bombs and locking of tiles so you can't use them.

Size: 4661037 Bytes

12. Click The Bolt - logic - 1195 plays
Click The Bolt
Link: Play
Skill based collecting game where you help the bubble alien gather as much candy as he can as he falls through the mine shaft. Use your Mouse to remove bolts attached to wooden planks to allow the space man to fall through the sweets. Watch out, later levels can get quite complicated.

Size: 6844300 Bytes

13. Castle Tales - logic - 1518 plays
Castle Tales
Link: Play
Castle Tales is a unique physics game with great graphics. The Knight, his Lady, and assorted royalty need to get back to the castle. They need your help to make it home. Eliminate logical obstacles and solve puzzles in 54 levels of medieval gravity. Use your Mouse to remove blocks in correct order.

Size: 4040255 Bytes

14. Candy Conveyor - logic - 2502 plays
Candy Conveyor
Link: Play
Building a candy factory isn’t easy, but maybe you can do it better than others. You have a conveyor belt with candy and you need to connect the beginning of the conveyor belt to the end box of packaged candy with other conveyor belts. As the levels move up in difficulty you have access to other equipment like robotic arms. The goal is to not only get the candy to the end and in the right boxes but in the most cost effective way, how many stars you get and the cost you use to accomplish the task. First levels are in-game tutorial. Use Mouse or 1, 2, 3 number keys for selecting tools. You can toggle tools with keys or hold the key and construct more than one conveyor or arm at once.

Size: 1175413 Bytes

15. Chain Master - logic - 1823 plays
Chain Master
Link: Play
This game is all about chain reaction, in the true sense of the word! Connect the gearwheels with a single chain, in the directions which are displayed. You will find out it is not that easy as it sounds. Prove that you are the one and only Chain Master! Mouse click to set the starting point for the chain. Then move the Mouse to design chains and rotate them in correct direction.

Size: 1629742 Bytes

16. Chance a Lot - logic - 1325 plays
Chance a Lot
Link: Play
Do you want to be King? There is a free kingdom to conquer! Destroy all the evil towers and save the queen. Use only your Mouse to solve all the puzzles that are waiting for you. Bring down the evil castles in this fun point and click game.

Size: 5832406 Bytes

17. Cube Mayhem - logic - 981 plays
Cube Mayhem
Link: Play
Cube Mayhem is a puzzle game where the objective is to guide a cube to the exit by placing a variety of command tiles at the right locations. Mouse is used for everything. Remove tiles by clicking on them. Strategically place arrows onto the maze to direct the cube to the exit door.

Size: 3659663 Bytes

18. Cat Around The World - logic - 1361 plays
Cat Around The World
Link: Play
Make a pretty healthful holiday trip around the world together with bushy furry cat! Meow! Enjoy The Fun! Use left mouse button to play this game. Click on the ice cubes to break them. Click on a spring to activate it. Stone blocks cannot be clicked.

Size: 4083242 Bytes

19. Covert Front 4 - logic - 1733 plays
Covert Front 4
Link: Play
Kara returns for the epic finale of the game series. The final episode of Covert Front series leads Kara to Lisbon in search for the elusive Karl von Toten. Before you can start the actual journey you have to repair your airplane. Use the mouse to interact with the scene, clicking on an area when the icon changes to a hand to indicate you can do something there, or that there is something to be picked up. Some scenes are wide, and can be scrolled over by moving the cursor to the sides of the play screen. Kara's inventory is stored at the bottom of the screen, and clicking on an item will either activate it, or ready it for use.

Size: 12136980 Bytes

20. Creative Kill Chamber 2 - logic - 1186 plays
Creative Kill Chamber 2
Link: Play
Infiltrate the evil Creative Kill Chamber corporation so that you can rescue Kenji - your one and only best friend. Your friend has been kidnapped by the organization. Can you rescue him in this 3 minute point-and-click adventure? Use your Mouse to instruct your stickman to perform certain actions, such as sniping with a high velocity rifle or breaking into a highly sophisticated computer terminal. Sometimes you may come face to face with a security guard, shoot him quick before he pumps you full of bullets. You'll need fast reactions if you want to succeed.

Size: 2186257 Bytes

21. Clear Vision 5 - logic - 4486 plays
Clear Vision 5
Link: Play
Tyler is an ordinary guy whose patience gets pushed too far. After getting fired as a supermarket cleaner he begins a violent career as a professional assassin. This, however, is also the beginning of social decline, false friends and a spiral of deception. Watch out, you can´t trust anyone… Take the role of an assassin and eliminate your targets without harming civilians. Completed assignments will give you money, which you can spend on more powerful and accurate weapons. Use your Mouse to aim, Left-click to shoot, R to reload.

Size: 16045732 Bytes

22. Clickplay Rainbow 2 - logic - 1780 plays
Clickplay Rainbow 2
Link: Play
The play button just doesn't quit playing hide n' seek! Find it and click it, sounds easy right? Interact with each scene and figure out a way to reveal the play button to progress to the next level. Use the mouse to click, drag, pull, rotate or anything else you think of to achieve the task.

Size: 5957976 Bytes

23. Clockwork - logic - 3018 plays
Link: Play
A puzzle game in which all pieces move in synchronized paths and patterns. In Clockwork, players must unlock the golden gear from the center of each puzzle by rearranging the pieces, which move all at once in synchronized patterns. Only by studying these patterns can the player use a proper series of movements to solve each level. Pieces are controlled using the Arrow keys or the on-screen buttons. Press Space to launch the golden gear.

Size: 2372674 Bytes

24. Cybernetic - logic - 739 plays
Link: Play
In Cybernetic, you must collect keys and diamonds to reach the green exit and the next level. Beware of the lasers. Flip switches to alternate doors & lasers. Try to get all the gems in every level. This game is a puzzle platformer with 30 levels, 3 background songs, 12 achievements, and an easy learning curve. Use either WASD or the Arrow keys to move and jump, and the Space bar is used to activate switches when close enough to them.

Size: 1025888 Bytes

Crash The Robot – Explosive Edition
Link: Play
Position bombs, cannons, springboards and weights to trigger chain reactions that will lead to the destruction of the robot. The aim is to destroy the robot using various mechanisms and buttons. Move objects with help of bombs. When ready, click the start button at the top. Use the mouse to click and drag objects on top of the screen to trigger a chain reaction. Hover your mouse over the triggers to reveal what they activate.

Size: 4110623 Bytes

26. Coloraze - logic - 663 plays
Link: Play
Coloraze is challenging game that combines both platform and puzzle games into one colorful adventure. The objective is to roll the wheel through the mazes, colour blocks and spawn new blocks to reach the exits. A combination of color and platforming creates a colorful adventure with many special blocks. Some are not solid if you are the same color, some are spikey, portals, keys or some blocks will change your colour or boost you. Jump across 90 logic levels to finish and collect the gold medals! Use arrow keys to move and jump with the ball. You can also use Spacebar or Z to jump.

Size: 1150820 Bytes

27. Cars vs Zombies - logic - 3299 plays
Cars vs Zombies
Link: Play
Your goal is to use cars to kill all zombies in the level. You have to park all cars in the parking zone. Click the car to make it move. Stop the car in the parking area to get the medal. Do not let the car to fall down and stop it before the end of the platform. Use the red sign which changes the direction of the car. Stripped orange block can be removed by clicking it. Move the car to the red button to remove the stripped red blocks.

Size: 1193291 Bytes

28. Clumsy Scientist - logic - 1008 plays
Clumsy Scientist
Link: Play
Help the clumsy scientist prove his skills in this fun point and click adventure game. The great demand of quality chemicals at the factory gives an opportunity for the clumsy scientist to prove his skills. Help him achieve something in each level to become the new Einstein. If you are stuck, click help icon to see the video tutorial.

Size: 6742599 Bytes

29. Cowlorful - logic - 935 plays
Link: Play
One day there was a little bull. He wasn't very happy, he was so bored and he wanted blue spots. Wise old bull noticed it and send him to an exciting world adventure with many people to meet and to find some happiness. Touch scenery to color them. Color all the blocks, keep a lookout for hidden areas. Help animals to earn new abilities and hats and collect coins to buy new hats. Use a door when you are ready to continue. Press Space to leave the level, Arrow keys to jump and move, hold Up key for double jump. You respawn at the last check point when you die. Sometimes you might get stuck, but you can press reset button.

Size: 4985139 Bytes

30. Cut And Kill: Halloween - logic - 864 plays
Cut And Kill: Halloween
Link: Play
Halloween monsters are coming. Cut wood and kill monster in 36 dark and mystical levels! Save world from dark and bad monsters. Nice atmosphere physics puzzle game for everybody who love Halloween. Slash the blocks to make the monster face roll down and collect the pumpkins. To cut woods press mouse anywhere and move it. You have limited amount of cuts per level. You can cut more objects in one cut, but not everything could be separated! To complete each level you have to kill all monsters. Monster dies when it collides with spikes! Try to collect all pumpkins to earn more scores! Explosion box will explode, when you hit it hard. Control the game with your mouse and you can restart each level at any time. Don’t worry about your progress, game has autosave system for you!

Size: 1255827 Bytes

31. Catch The Candy Mech - logic - 1255 plays
Catch The Candy Mech
Link: Play
Catching Candy has never been so mechanical! Control the furry purple ball with your extendable sticky arm as you solve new levels with fun new mechanics based objects! Swing from a pendulum, travel around the rotating gears, swim through obstacles, move boxes and more! Hold Left Mouse Button to extend your sticky arm. Use your extendable arm to manoeuvre and interact with objects, grab onto objects, solve puzzles and reach the Candy Bull's Eye with as few clicks as possible. REFRESH, RELOAD the page and then RESET level progress on the first screen if your level is BLACK.

Size: 3343825 Bytes

32. Cut and Kill - logic - 660 plays
Cut and Kill
Link: Play
Try to kill the monsters by cutting the wooden boxes. Press left button mouse and move it to cut. Collect stars and earn points. Try to be smart so the monsters will be killed by spikes. You can also cut more objects at once and you can also restart level in any time. But you have limited amount of cuts per level. In some levels you can use exploding boxes to send monster on spikes.

Size: 1349388 Bytes

33. Chief of Sioux - logic - 3581 plays
Chief of Sioux
Link: Play
Beautiful adventure game with Sioux indians. You will now become the main chieftain of the United Sioux Tribes! However, the tribes have grown apart, and have scattered. We need you to assemble the tribes to reunite them! Hold the mouse or arrow keys to move. Hold SPACE or SHIFT keys to move slowly. This will help you to move with the same speed as the tribesmen. Press M to show map. Tasks can be taken by the bonfire with an exclamation point. The purpose of a task is to bring every tribesman to their own camp. Success before tribe's bonfire goes out and you receive a badge of the tribe. Endeavour to deserve badges of all tasks. Gate changes its state when you run through it. Opened gate will close. Closed gate will open in movement direction. Tribesman can't open gates. Scattered pieces of wood block the way and you have to grab an axe to remove it.

Size: 4314831 Bytes

34. Crazy Frencho - logic - 487 plays
Crazy Frencho
Link: Play
Help Frencho, the red rabbit across the lakes to find carrots. You can use all the junk in lakes to help the rabbit.

Size: 2979016 Bytes

35. Caesar versus pirates - logic - 799 plays
Caesar versus pirates
Link: Play
You play as of Caesar, he was captured by pirates. You are locked up in the galley and have to get to the freedom, using your logic and your hand.

Size: 2893536 Bytes

36. Colliderix 2 - logic - 624 plays
Colliderix 2
Link: Play
You must destroy all pink & yellow blocks by colliding them with other blocks of the same color. You can delete orange blocks by clicking on them. You make more points if you complete the level faster.

Size: 1729949 Bytes

37. Crash the Robot - logic - 1074 plays
Crash the Robot
Link: Play
You are in the role of evil genius, and you have to set new destructive experiments. The main aim of this game is to crash the robot. You'll have do puzzle and bring into work different mechanisms which are brought into work with the help of buttons. To push the button you may move the object with the help of the bomb. Pointing cursor to the button you can know which object it activates. For example circular saw as well as the bomb does not interact with buttons, but can move the objects.

Size: 3593530 Bytes

38. Color Keys - logic - 663 plays
Color Keys
Link: Play
Paint yourself the right color to collect the keys and unlock levels. Use arrow keys or WASD keys to move and jump.

Size: 2678522 Bytes

39. Choo Choo Puzzles - logic - 764 plays
Choo Choo Puzzles
Link: Play
Simulator for the future of rail transport operators. You need to clear the way for the red train and put it to the red tunnel. It's not so easy, you have no sharp turns allowed! Drag the train with your mouse.

Size: 1471421 Bytes

40. Connect Force - logic - 652 plays
Connect Force
Link: Play
Each player selects a color associated with electric charges (positive or negative). Players take turns alternately moving one pawn at a time. Pawns move 1 distance from other pawns on the board. The aim of the game is to get 4 of your pawn in a line horizontally or vertically or diagonally.

Size: 139625 Bytes

41. Cut & Shine! - logic - 1107 plays
Cut & Shine!
Link: Play
Cut the ropes and crop obstacles, and move the sun to a black hole. Grab an apple, to gain maximum points.

Size: 3393037 Bytes

42. Cuboy Quest - logic - 906 plays
Cuboy Quest
Link: Play
Wild West. You are the cowboy, and you have a revolver. And, of course, you need to shoot, but not in other cowboys but to the red balls and cubes, to open a new level. You have limited bullets! 30 levels.

Size: 762163 Bytes

43. Cafe Swap Puzzle - logic - 662 plays
Cafe Swap Puzzle
Link: Play
Swap the objects to bring a line of 3 or more identical objects. In every level, reach the target before time ends to swap the objects in tougher levels. If you feel it hard to swap, use hint option to know the swappable objects. But using the hint option once will reduce 50 points from your score.

Size: 428434 Bytes

44. Christmas Trouble - logic - 710 plays
Christmas Trouble
Link: Play
Fold the three identical gift to the line for points. Watch out for timer.

Size: 1424327 Bytes

45. Cavern Hunters - logic - 1677 plays
Cavern Hunters
Link: Play
You have 3 monsters. Pressing A will allow you to control all 3. Use the arrow keys to walk. Space to jump. You have to find a Diamond contacting it with one of your monsters will make you advance to the next level.

Size: 1240085 Bytes

46. Chooka World - logic - 498 plays
Chooka World
Link: Play
Use your bubble to transport the Chooka, the arrow shows you the direction they will go. You only have limited number of bubbles for each level.

Size: 1514157 Bytes

Catastrophic Construction 2
Link: Play
Place an object in the outlined shape to complete the level.

Size: 720240 Bytes

48. Christmas garlands - logic - 709 plays
Christmas garlands
Link: Play
Player in this wonderful game can win if he unravel the garlands. If the wires intersect then they are red. If they do not overlap they are black. Make sure that all wires are black with the mouse. At the end fo the game you will get a surpirse. Good luck.

Size: 448228 Bytes

49. Cube Wars - logic - 1876 plays
Cube Wars
Link: Play
You have to capture as bigger region of battle field as possible. Your start base location marked with red flag. Starting color is red accordingly. During the game the color of flag is changed. You can capture the neighbour cubes in vertical or horizontal direction. Bonus cubes gives you one more additional movement but with random color. Use your mouse.

Size: 758985 Bytes

50. Chimpy Jump - logic - 812 plays
Chimpy Jump
Link: Play
Help Champy to sink the turtles without falling in the water! Be shure to come back at the starting point in order to complete the level. You have only 10 seconds to decide where to jump and 3 tries to finish the game!

Size: 464155 Bytes

       153 logic games starting with C
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