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1. Curse Village 4 - skill - 1608 plays
Curse Village 4
Link: Play
The zombies have returned and once again you’re put behind the barricades the fight off the undead. You must head deep into the zombie filled streets of Curse Village where you will have to battle your way through hundreds of the undead if you want to find all the answers. Use the 1-6 number keys to quickly select a weapon. Use your Mouse and click to use the selected weapon. Kill multiple zombies at once with the verticle melee weapons (axe, light-saber), handy when they crowd before the barricades. Range weapons are best used against small zombies, large zombies can be easily killed by melee weapons. Use the laser gun only in critical conditions. The maximum barricade (wire barricade) is vital for surviving in later levels.

Size: 13385500 Bytes

2. Coral Cup 2 - skill - 1012 plays
Coral Cup 2
Link: Play
Blast away the briny deep in search of sunken treasure… Shoot to make matching clusters of 3 or more runes and clear them from the board. Clear them before they reach the bottom to pass each level. Collect treasure, but watch out for bombs… Use the Mouse to shoot blocks. Space bar to change colour. Try to clear all the corals and avoid exploding the bombs.

Size: 95820 Bytes

3. Candy Ride - skill - 1020 plays
Candy Ride
Link: Play
This boy likes candies very much. He just can't live without these sweet round dainties. Fascinating candy puzzles throughout 20 levels. Get all or most of the candy into to the hungry chubby kids mouth in each level. The more confection will be eaten, the more points you will get. Press the Right and Left Arrow or A/D key to roll the big pink sweet around. You cannot jump, so you'll have to use the various ramps, conveyor belts, teleporters, windmills, and elevators to guide the tinier candies with your momentum towards the mouth of that hungry little boy in the lower right. The bare minimum for victory is to get Big Pink to the mouth, but the higher percentage of candies consumed, the higher your score for the level will be. Use R key to restart the level, Space bar key to proceed to the next level.

Size: 3774510 Bytes

4. Catchy Orbit - skill - 5116 plays
Catchy Orbit
Link: Play
Space themed chain reaction game. Everything in the Universe is obeying the gravity laws. You have 3 shots in every level. Goal is to get enough blue balls or blow up the rocks. 2 special balls in the game. Levels generated randomly every time by an algorithms. Break the obstacles, collect power balls from which the new stars will be created. It's never very hard to finish a level, but getting all three stars requires some skill. Your task is to aim and launch a star as it rotates around the central planet. Press the Space bar key or click anywhere on the screen to launch one or more balls into other balls (planets). Try to get a chain reaction going. The number of destroyed balls determines how many stars you'll get, and you'll need at least one to pass a level. At the beginning, you can only launch normal balls, and later you'll get three other types, which means you'll have to adjust your tactics for maximum impact. You can use restart button to catch better combination or if you want to get 3 stars.

Size: 4991357 Bytes

5. Cyber Chaser - skill - 1310 plays
Cyber Chaser
Link: Play
Your hero will run, jump, duck and shoot in this super addictive runner. Help him to fight colourful cyborgs while collecting power-ups and coins. Complete missions, unlock weapons and purchase various upgrades. There are three main stages, each ending with a main boss. The game combines the exciting gameplay of Joyride Jetpack and insane old-school action. Use the Mouse, Arrow or WASD keys to duck or jump and run and shoot on your own. Press Up arrow key or mouse click to jump and click in the air to double jump. Press Down arrow key or Space to slide or Space in mid air to stomp the attack. Make use of the versatile upgrades system. The money you collect can be spent on weapons, medical kits for health or power up drops support and to upgrade your abilities. You can collect fuel cans and gems, which you can exchange for bonuses before each stage. Avoid spikes and soldiers with lasers and do not fall down from the rooftops. Use keys which unlock boxes for a random bonus and the cyborgs will drop shiny stuff including overstuffed pinatas. If you need more money, you can always revisit a stage.

Size: 10921112 Bytes

6. Colorus - skill - 1353 plays
Link: Play
Reaction game where you help the stickman run as far as he can by matching the colours to the objects on screen to make them disappear. You simply have to choose the right colors in oder to avoid hitting approaching obstacles. Some obstacles are made of more colours. Press A, S, D or F keys to switch between yellow, green, blue, red, white or orange colours. Be careful, if you press the wrong key the game will end but your score will be saved.

Size: 689876 Bytes

7. Cygnus - skill - 1003 plays
Link: Play
Guide your ship past the obstacles. Survive as long as possible to prove your worth to the Cygnus flight school. Reaction based avoidance game where you prove to the military flight school that you have what it takes to pilot the billion dollar fighter jet through a series of obstacles. Press your WASD or Arrow keys to fly and Space bar key to activate menu items. Watch out for towering steel girders and crushing machines that can destroy your plane. Try to reach as far as you can without crashing into a wall.

Size: 3126431 Bytes

8. Cosmo Gravity - skill - 1389 plays
Cosmo Gravity
Link: Play
In this difficult game you should lead a brave astronaut through a dangerous space labyrinth full of deadly traps. Sharp saws, high voltage chains and hungry aliens won’t leave you alone! But you can do it, we know. Arrow keys to steer the man drive. In order to achieve the laboratory may need to push the red button to turn the level. Collect keys for doors, use fans to reach platforms, beware of enemy aliens and dangerous spikes and saws. Use Space bar key to go to proceed to the next level.

Size: 3540810 Bytes

9. ClickPlay Quickfire 3 - skill - 1328 plays
ClickPlay Quickfire 3
Link: Play
Prepare to solve even more unusual puzzles to find the hidden play buttons in the latest addition to the popular click play series. Use your Mouse to find hidden objects, rearrange story board cartoons, spot the differences between two sets of similar looking pictures or just click as fast as your little digits will allow. Try to complete each level as fast as you can to earn a bonus score.

Size: 6411815 Bytes

10. ClickPlay Quickfire 2 - skill - 1111 plays
ClickPlay Quickfire 2
Link: Play
Prepare to solve even more unusual puzzles to find the hidden play buttons in the latest addition to the popular click play series. Use your Mouse to find hidden objects, rearrange story board cartoons, spot the differences between two sets of similar looking pictures or just click as fast as your little digits will allow. Try to complete each level as fast as you can to earn a bonus score.

Size: 4958268 Bytes

11. ClickPlay Quickfire 1 - skill - 1293 plays
ClickPlay Quickfire 1
Link: Play
You must find the PLAY button in each stage as fast as possible. Sometimes you have to solve a puzzle, differences, or just react as fast as you can. Point, click, drag or anything else you can think of to slove the puzzles and find the play button. Are you quick enough to take on quickfire?

Size: 4957608 Bytes

12. Cheese Hero - Sniper Edition - skill - 1034 plays
Cheese Hero - Sniper Edition
Link: Play
You’ve received a letter from your elder asking for your help to save the mice clan. They are starving but their house is full of traps! As a professional sniper only you can spot the cheese and make it fly towards the mice. Therefore, if you want to help them, use your Mouse and grab your sniper and hit all the cheese into slices in order to feed that poor and hungry mice family! Hit the wax, or other environment to earn more bullets, but avoid shooting poisoned blue cheese.

Size: 1588487 Bytes

13. Canary - skill - 1179 plays
Link: Play
Deep underground, there's a busy canary with an important job to do. Explore the mines using your laser cannon to carve through the rocks. Control the canary with your mouse. Click and hold to fire your laser and cut through rocks to find your way through the risky cave!

Size: 49798 Bytes

14. Crystal Fire - skill - 1301 plays
Crystal Fire
Link: Play
Bubble shooting game with extra powers. Your goal is to clear off each level's board by matching same colored bubbles in groups of 3. Build up your powers to shoot fire bubbles! Fire balls, solve puzzles and watch explosions of colorful fireworks! Use your mouse to aim and shoot bubbles. When the fire bar is full, press Space bar to use the fire bubble. Hold left mouse button to use the special follow bonus, where flying bubbles will follow the mouse cursor.

Size: 8045 Bytes

15. Circle Flow - skill - 1465 plays
Circle Flow
Link: Play
Burst as many bubble as possible by creating chain reactions in Circle Flow. Bubbles float around the screen, wait until the best time and click on one of the bubbles. This bubble will shoot out four bullets, these bullets will hit bubbles that shrink when hit, then send out four bullets of their own. The larger the chain reaction, the more points earned. As levels progress, there will be different balls with different point amounts. Destroy as many bubbles and create as many bullets as possible. Levels become increasingly more difficult, chain reactions become more difficult or impossible to make. The amount exploded is indicated at the top left of the screen. You have to burst a minimum amount of bubbles to pass the levels. Points and amount of available clicks are indicated at the top of the screen. Control the game with your mouse and click to start a reaction.

Size: 9929 Bytes

16. City Smile - skill - 1831 plays
City Smile
Link: Play
Share some love and bring back the happiness in the game of City Smile. Strategically send hearts from your happy bases to take over the neutral grey or sad blue bases. Use your mouse to assimilate all the smileys and make them happy mood. Use the spacebar to select all happy faces, ESC to cancel selection, and hold SHIFT to keep selection, M to mute, P to pause and R to restart.

Size: 4896169 Bytes

17. Caras Magic Pocket - skill - 1068 plays
Caras Magic Pocket
Link: Play
Cara girl is collecting coins in a great maze. Use Arrow keys to control Cara and navigate the levels. Collect all the coins on each maze to complete the level. Collect the gifts to pull a bonus item from Cara's Magic Pocket. Watch for the bad guys as they are out to get you.

Size: 3686120 Bytes

18. City Darts - skill - 584 plays
City Darts
Link: Play
How good is your knowledge in European Capital Cities? Throw the darts as close as you can to city locations and beat the high score.

Size: 1703075 Bytes

19. Color Jump - skill - 515 plays
Color Jump
Link: Play
Your goal is to reach the Flag. The hero will move by himself, but you must guide him as he moves from platform to platform. You must change the color of the hero using the keys at the bottom to match the color of each platform or he will lose health!

Size: 1097582 Bytes

20. Cowboy Biker - skill - 1225 plays
Cowboy Biker
Link: Play
Texan cowboy changed his horse to a motorcycle. To show his skill, you should not just reach the finish line. You must perform as much tricks as possible and reach the best score.

Size: 3094800 Bytes

21. Cargo Master 2 - skill - 640 plays
Cargo Master 2
Link: Play
Freight car - a complicated job, responsibility and duty. Do you think it is only a driving of the truck? Wrong. Before you can go, you have to move boxes from the ship to the truck and then gently bring them to the base and carefully unload. Pick up the shipping containers before your time runs out. Left and right arrow keys to move from ship to truck and back again. Up and down arrow keys to move the truck.

Size: 2074423 Bytes

22. Cargo Express - skill - 882 plays
Cargo Express
Link: Play
Keep your truck balanced and keep your cargo on board. If you feel the truck is to slow. You can go to the upgrade shop and upgrade it. Move and balance with arrows.

Size: 3796824 Bytes

23. Crazy Ride 2 - skill - 1275 plays
Crazy Ride 2
Link: Play
Race to the finish line, collect green dots or do flips in the air for extra pionts. Avoid red dots otherwise you lose your points. Move with arrows, space to jump.

Size: 4473457 Bytes

24. Control Gravity - skill - 1281 plays
Control Gravity
Link: Play
Run the ball through the maze, avoiding the various pitfalls and avoiding obstacles. The game has 14 various complex levels.

Size: 1546438 Bytes

25. Christmas Defense - skill - 833 plays
Christmas Defense
Link: Play
It's the eve of the new year. Green men want to spoil the party and steal all the presents. You're going to play Santa Claus and his helpers to defend the christmas holiday.

Size: 1970264 Bytes

26. Curse of the Dragon Egg - skill - 635 plays
Curse of the Dragon Egg
Link: Play
Try to find differences in a beautiful book with a story about curse of the dragon egg.

Size: 2304577 Bytes

27. Chocolate Girl - skill - 710 plays
Chocolate Girl
Link: Play
Make this doll jump in joy by getting all the chocolates found here. Just click and make the doll jump from one platform to another, collecting the chocolates on its way. You get a life if you come in contact with a heart.

Size: 561174 Bytes

28. Circuit Rider - skill - 1067 plays
Circuit Rider
Link: Play
Riding a motorcycle on the neon road. Collect things, receive money and save for a new bike.

Size: 8071157 Bytes

29. Car Chaos - skill - 2562 plays
Car Chaos
Link: Play
Click to stop, start or speed up the cars. Crossroads are becoming popular - as time goes, vehicles increases.

Size: 2830579 Bytes

30. Creepy Rider 2 - skill - 860 plays
Creepy Rider 2
Link: Play
Funny moto-trial on a motorcycle with hard obstacles. The terrible race in the abandoned city of Indian civilization.

Size: 1218841 Bytes

31. Carom King - skill - 723 plays
Carom King
Link: Play
Choose your color chips and Drive in them in the pocket before opponent. Take turns to play with computer or a friend to pocket the chosen colour pieces on the carom board. A turn consists of one or more strikes. A player wins by pocketing all of the pieces of their chosen colour first. Sinking the striker will cost you one piece.

Size: 560321 Bytes

32. Crazy Shuttle - skill - 721 plays
Crazy Shuttle
Link: Play
Another game about a mad driver, who decided to knock down almost all pedestrians. Get green marked human to the position which is indicated with green arrow at the top.

Size: 191045 Bytes

33. Cloud Climber - skill - 716 plays
Cloud Climber
Link: Play
Going up on clouds. Control with the mouse, click to jump. Catch as many coins as you can in a single jump to boost your combo. Failing to catch coins will reset your combo.

Size: 1741938 Bytes

34. Card Throw - skill - 719 plays
Card Throw
Link: Play
Throw cards into the cylindrical hat.

Size: 356015 Bytes

35. Commuter Cupid - skill - 700 plays
Commuter Cupid
Link: Play
In this game you will control the Cupid. Help him shoot the commuters with his magic arrows before they leave for their train.

Size: 120186 Bytes

36. Carver - skill - 658 plays
Link: Play
In each level you will be provided with 3 different patterns. You must use your lazer gun to carve the block into one of the three patterns before the block falls out of the screen. Move the mouse and click to aim and fire. The down key or S will make the block fall fast. The left and right keys will rotate the blocks 90 degrees to the left or right.

Size: 990607 Bytes

37. Cursor Attack 3 - skill - 796 plays
Cursor Attack 3
Link: Play
Collect all the orbs to complete the level. It doesn't matter if you loose the orbs, just as long as you collect them all. Learn the special properties of balls to reach the end of the level! Move with your mouse, avoid the walls. Shoot spheres to release the orbs.

Size: 1206428 Bytes

38. Carmageddon - skill - 899 plays
Link: Play
Kill them all so they don't run on the road. You have 90 seconds of rampage.

Size: 104682 Bytes

39. Chute Academy - skill - 760 plays
Chute Academy
Link: Play
Open all chutes before the paratroopers touch the ground.

Size: 4803714 Bytes

40. Circus Balls - skill - 866 plays
Circus Balls
Link: Play
Nice, colorful game. You need to throw the balls in the corresponding color on the basket.

Size: 1062297 Bytes

41. Crazy Tracker - skill - 498 plays
Crazy Tracker
Link: Play
Your objective is to travel through the 'machine' and avoid hitting machinery parts during your crazy journey. Look out for power-ups, they will help you survive a little bit longer. How far can you get before you become a permanent fixture in the 'machine'?

Size: 1036362 Bytes

42. Cosmic Crush - skill - 1164 plays
Cosmic Crush
Link: Play
Use small planets and rocks to grow. Move with the arrow keys.

Size: 642004 Bytes

43. Chargeball - skill - 818 plays
Link: Play
You control the ball with an electric charge, and you need to collect them all, until the charge is not over. And, do not touch the walls.

Size: 712130 Bytes

44. Cat Vac - skill - 583 plays
Cat Vac
Link: Play
You have been assigned once again to rid the Medieval Castle of the pesky cats.

Size: 138872 Bytes

45. Cursor - skill - 563 plays
Link: Play
Protect the cursor from the evil goon as he does everything he can to destroy it. Avoid the rockets.

Size: 80120 Bytes

46. Cat Bat - skill - 617 plays
Cat Bat
Link: Play
Bounce the cats up to the top, don't let them go splat.

Size: 320000 Bytes

47. Cat Death Auto - skill - 609 plays
Cat Death Auto
Link: Play
Run over all the cats you can.

Size: 151536 Bytes

48. Classroom Fighter - skill - 534 plays
Classroom Fighter
Link: Play
Dodge the teachers items while chucking your own.

Size: 511314 Bytes

49. Catch the Turkey - skill - 495 plays
Catch the Turkey
Link: Play
Get the turkey before it runs off the screen.

Size: 101395 Bytes

50. Clinic - skill - 667 plays
Link: Play
Your a fly zooming around trying to pick up blue balls.

Size: 1235444 Bytes

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