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       88 shoot games starting with C
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1. Cowboys vs Pirates - shoot - 930 plays
Cowboys vs Pirates
Link: Play
Play a western based shooter game and stop hungry zombies from raiding the saloon of all the booze and eating everyone's brains. Press your WASD keys to move your gunslinger, F key to pickup items or drop them, Space bar key to perform a special attack and your Mouse to aim or fire your weapon. Collect diamonds, coins and dollar bills to spend on upgrades in Harry Hotdogs store. Once you have finished the single player campaign, have a go at the multiplayer mode to challenge up to 5 friends.

Size: 9804792 Bytes

2. Commit .5 - shoot - 1097 plays
Commit .5
Link: Play
Hold your nerve to complete Bonus Rings whilst hordes of enemies descend upon you in this frantic Arena Shooter. Upgrade your weapons to defeat the powerful enemy variations, and boost your speed to successfully traverse the moving minefields. Surviving all 25 levels will not be enough to top the leader boards, a constantly decreasing multiplier will mean speed is key to a massive score. Guide the blue circle around the arena, defending yourself against all other colours. Progress to the next wave by completing Bonus Rings. Look out for Points Rings for a points boost, and Unlock Rings which need to be collected in order to progress. Beware of the orange Mine Rings, which will destroy you on contact. WASD to move, Mouse to aim, Left Click to shoot. You can also use Arrows/Numpad to aim and shoot.

Size: 5359523 Bytes

3. Crazy Archers - shoot - 1416 plays
Crazy Archers
Link: Play
You accepted the crazy archers challenge and now try to defeat the endless crowds of enemies. Smite your enemies by single accurate shot or hail of arrows. You have to resist the waves of enemies. Opponents improves their skills after each wave. There is a boss after every five levels. The game has no logical end and goal is to gain greatest possible score. WASD keys to move, Click left Mouse button to shoot. To make a power shot hold the left Mouse button. There are three attributes to upgrade: Strenght which increases health and damage; Agility which improves power shot and increases health; Speed which improves arrows and movement speed.

Size: 860284 Bytes

4. Crush Thine Enemies - shoot - 2018 plays
Crush Thine Enemies
Link: Play
Your kingdom is under siege and armies vastly outnumbered now is the time to launch your secret weapon, the Crushing Sphere, and even the odds! Protect the kings throne from rebel medieval soldiers eager to challenge his rule over the kingdom. With each launch earn more money, buy upgrades, earn achievements, beat your records and get a higher score. Use your Mouse to control the last working cannon bolted onto the castle ramparts to launch giant spike balls at the approaching army. Try to get the power levels at a high enough peak to cause devastating damage to the knights and pikemen running towards the keep. W select previous item, S select next item, A move the Sphere Left, D move the Sphere Right. Don't forget to upgrade your weapons and ammunition at the blacksmiths shop.

Size: 1792496 Bytes

5. Crazy Penguin Catapult - shoot - 1497 plays
Crazy Penguin Catapult
Link: Play
Funny little game with penguins where you must catapult as many penguins as you can and then when its time to land, hit as many polar bears as possible. Launch your flightless friends into action; steer for the bad bears and free your comrades! Use the Mouse to shoot the penguins. Mouse click/Spacebar = Launch catapult and Dive. Send a lot of penguins flying and use them to take out the bears.

Size: 4023320 Bytes

Cubic Slingshot Hardcore – Level Pack
Link: Play
You have to hit and drop down all colored squares to pass each level. You have limited number of shots so try to aim accuratelly. Aim your slingshot and shoot with your mouse.

Size: 1295320 Bytes

7. Catapult Round Trip - shoot - 655 plays
Catapult Round Trip
Link: Play
Your goal is to shoot all the knights on the screen in each stage with a metal wrecking ball, a chain, knights and the catapult. Aim to shoot all the enemy targets with the catapult! Holding the left mouse button to set the speed. Release it to shoot. Then the 2nd click draws back the chain. When the catapult is broken, reload the level.

Size: 2344632 Bytes

8. Camper Wars – Desert Ops - shoot - 1883 plays
Camper Wars – Desert Ops
Link: Play
Your goal in this target shooting game is to prove you have a good marksmanship skills by shooting moving wooden targets. Try to shoot the targets as accurately as possible to gain experience points. You can buy new weapons for your hard earned experience points. There are 11 weapons total to collect and 8 levels to complete. Use the mouse to aim and shoot and Spacebar to switch from close proximity fire to sniper mode.

Size: 2852877 Bytes

9. CowaBoom - shoot - 3604 plays
Link: Play
It takes a strong cow to hit a bullseye. Help the cows knock down the bull towers! Start running, and take a flying leap over the fence and hit the bullseye — cowaboom! Click and hold your mouse to start running. Clear the target area and try to reach three cowbells.

Size: 5168362 Bytes

10. Canoniac Launcher - shoot - 2491 plays
Canoniac Launcher
Link: Play
Launch your Jimmy robot mannequin as far as you can. Earn cash to buy equipment like cannons, weapons and upgrades in the shop and try again to reach even greater distances. Launch the robot into a field of contraptions that will either give the robot a boost or prevent it from traveling any further. You will receive money based on the distance, air time, height and speed of each launch. Use your mouse to play, hold down the left button to power up. Release it when the highest point is reached.

Size: 5169240 Bytes

11. Crazy Christmas - shoot - 1317 plays
Crazy Christmas
Link: Play
Help Santa restore order to the North Pole. The elves have revolted and taken all the children's toys for themselves. Armed with snowballs, bombs, and other firepower armors, Santa is leading a sleigh bell assault on the elves winter fortress. It's the same principle as in Angry Birds. Use mouse to change direction of the cannon. Click left mouse button to fire. Use different ammo for various purposes. Kill enemies, destroy buildings and collect bonuses and new bombs to complete the level.

Size: 2823526 Bytes

12. Codename Indigo - shoot - 695 plays
Codename Indigo
Link: Play
You are in a war zone. You must shoot enemy cars and soldiers before they can kill you. Take cover & shoot enemies in front of you. Blow up jeeps before more soldiers get out. ASD keys to move and crouch. Space to throw grenades, click left mouse button to shoot. S+A or S+D key combinations to roll and avoid bullets.

Size: 5790830 Bytes

13. Crossbow Defend - shoot - 650 plays
Crossbow Defend
Link: Play
Defend your castle against the viking invaders by shooting them with your crossbow. Your castle is attacked not only by heavily armed knights, but also with various creatures and dragons. You must continually improve your weapons, hire new assistants, repair your castle and kill all enemy.

Size: 2306114 Bytes

14. Coastguard - shoot - 533 plays
Link: Play
You are a coast guard vessel's captain. In the beginning of the round only anti aircraft gun is available. Shoot down all enemy's airsips and get points for it. Use your mouse and press left button to fire. After the level you will get upgrade points which you can use to upgrade your ship scores and support improvement.

Size: 1732910 Bytes

15. Cowboy - shoot - 704 plays
Link: Play
The smell of gunpowder and whiskey, which could be better? But the bandits are constantly walking into your life and do not give to enjoy a wild west! Do not let them poison your cowboy life!

Size: 296052 Bytes

16. City Sniper - shoot - 969 plays
City Sniper
Link: Play
You play as a mafia sniper who needs to kill as many police officers and, naturally, stay alive! Hold left mouse button to zoom, release to shoot.

Size: 1039025 Bytes

17. Charles 007 2 - shoot - 853 plays
Charles 007 2
Link: Play
Purely British coolness, you enter into a gunfight with the 50 terrorists. Shoot with left mouse button. Move cursor to lower screen to crouch. Click while crouching to reload.

Size: 1820017 Bytes

18. Cat Game - shoot - 582 plays
Cat Game
Link: Play
Something in the world went wrong and the sky began to rain with hungry cats, with sharp teeth and claws. To protect you have a slingshot. Use different ammo with cats you killed.

Size: 9454827 Bytes

19. Cannibal Casserole - shoot - 877 plays
Cannibal Casserole
Link: Play
Use the mouse to aim and adjust shot power. Click to fire a rag doll, try to land your victim in the cooking pot. Avoid cannibals and thorn bushes. Collect the fruit n' veg on the way... Collect all the veg and land in the pot in the minimum number of shots for a Gold Medal!.

Size: 1833855 Bytes

20. Courting Arrow - shoot - 648 plays
Courting Arrow
Link: Play
You need to run arrow through the magic ring, and shoot it to the girl's heart. You have six attempts.

Size: 444860 Bytes

21. Comanche - shoot - 753 plays
Link: Play
You are on a military helicopter, you must destroy the enemy, tanks but not the buildings. Try to get 1000 score.

Size: 52804 Bytes

22. Cute Destroyer - shoot - 835 plays
Cute Destroyer
Link: Play
You play as a madman, retired military soldier. Click the gun to view stats. Use mouse to aim left click to shoot space bar to reload. Use numbers 1 to 6 to pick your gun.

Size: 2172597 Bytes

23. Christmas Cannon - shoot - 826 plays
Christmas Cannon
Link: Play
You must hit the target and score as many points as possible. Mouse control.

Size: 3003338 Bytes

24. Counter Force - shoot - 2214 plays
Counter Force
Link: Play
You control a warrior who must shoot a lot of terrorists in a variety of locations. Hit as many targets as possible. You have 60 seconds to prove your skils as a camper. Points are awarded for the level of accuracy you achieve. Good luck! R to reload, Space to rifle/pistol. Left mouse click to fire.

Size: 815690 Bytes

25. Castle Defender - shoot - 977 plays
Castle Defender
Link: Play
Many intruders have tried to take over the old castle of king Arthur, but because of his loyal guarddds nobody has ever succeeded. At least until now... Use the UP and Down arrows to aim, then press the space bar to shoot. Do not shoot the monks, or you will lose points. When shooting the eval intruders aim for their head, you will earn an extra 5 points. Stay alive for 5 minutes, no one must get through to the castle.

Size: 653212 Bytes

26. CrackShot - shoot - 651 plays
Link: Play
The basic of the game is simple: you have to shoot the targets. But to do this, you to aim and count your bullets...

Size: 448452 Bytes

27. Cell Warfare - shoot - 562 plays
Cell Warfare
Link: Play
Space shooting arcade with lots of bonuses, additional features and a wide variety of enemies.

Size: 1179156 Bytes

28. CounterStrike Training - shoot - 657 plays
CounterStrike Training
Link: Play
One of the best online games ever now has a flash version!

Size: 338601 Bytes

29. Camper Strike - shoot - 624 plays
Camper Strike
Link: Play
Shoot the targets in this cool target shooting game. Press scope to zoom in on your targets and shoo

Size: 374644 Bytes

30. Castle Defender - shoot - 797 plays
Castle Defender
Link: Play
This is a cool arrow game where you have to launch arrows at all the enemies that are rushing toward

Size: 440593 Bytes

31. Castle Under Fire - shoot - 796 plays
Castle Under Fire
Link: Play
Defend your castle from attacking enemy. Destroy all hostile units. Be the most powerful ruler in th

Size: 851612 Bytes

32. Clown Kill - shoot - 506 plays
Clown Kill
Link: Play
This is an awesome shoot'em up game in which you have to kill as many clowns with your pistol guns a

Size: 169983 Bytes

33. Combat Instinct II - shoot - 596 plays
Combat Instinct II
Link: Play
A good attempt at a FPS in flash.

Size: 2997798 Bytes

34. Christmas Castle Defense - shoot - 765 plays
Christmas Castle Defense
Link: Play
Throw snow and click attacking troops.

Size: 173804 Bytes

35. Crazy Castle - shoot - 554 plays
Crazy Castle
Link: Play
Upgrade your arsenal and protect the castle.

Size: 360667 Bytes

36. Cutie Quake - shoot - 543 plays
Cutie Quake
Link: Play
Shoot the cuties and don't let them blast you.

Size: 200335 Bytes

37. Carshooting - shoot - 899 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the mini cars.

Size: 116587 Bytes

38. Clay Pigeon Hunter - shoot - 540 plays
Clay Pigeon Hunter
Link: Play
Shoot down the clay round frisbee discs that are shot into the air with your rifle.

Size: 656786 Bytes

39. Counter Strike - shoot - 766 plays
Counter Strike
Link: Play
Shoot down enemies as they pop up before they shoot you first.

Size: 328225 Bytes

40. Crazy Kimono Doll Assault - shoot - 634 plays
Crazy Kimono Doll Assault
Link: Play
Rotate the camera around and fire at the dolls with knives using your hand gun.

Size: 146169 Bytes

41. Criminal Intent - shoot - 536 plays
Criminal Intent
Link: Play
Your girlfriend has been kidnapped, do odd-jobs shoot down people drive by and earn money.

Size: 2431107 Bytes

42. Chicken Shootout - shoot - 691 plays
Chicken Shootout
Link: Play
Shoot the chickens as the go by on the conveyor belt.

Size: 373855 Bytes

43. Croustibat - shoot - 613 plays
Link: Play
A yellow tadpool shooting strange things.

Size: 405258 Bytes

44. Counter Strike Lite - shoot - 564 plays
Counter Strike Lite
Link: Play
Shoot the moving targets on multiple maps.

Size: 405319 Bytes

45. Concert Riot - shoot - 663 plays
Concert Riot
Link: Play
Not shooting, but aiming fast enough to get more hits.

Size: 514057 Bytes

46. Cub Shoot 1 - shoot - 573 plays
Cub Shoot 1
Link: Play
Shoot the cub as far as possible.

Size: 69159 Bytes

47. Cub Shoot 2 - shoot - 602 plays
Cub Shoot 2
Link: Play
The 2nd Cub Shoot game where you are given five chances for accuracy.

Size: 94073 Bytes

48. Cub Shoot 3 - shoot - 638 plays
Cub Shoot 3
Link: Play
Shoot the cub just right and try to avoid hitting objects.

Size: 255583 Bytes

49. Cannon Commander - shoot - 503 plays
Cannon Commander
Link: Play
Defend your castle by firing your cannon at anything that approaches.

Size: 104057 Bytes

50. Crack Shot - shoot - 719 plays
Crack Shot
Link: Play
Shoot the wilf life, but beware of shoot protected animals.

Size: 320071 Bytes

       88 shoot games starting with C
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