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1. Steel Dangers - shoot - 1222 plays
Steel Dangers
Link: Play
In the age of robots, you must fight the enemy tanks and upgrade your robot so you can win all the levels. Shoot at the baskets and collect money from them to use it for upgrade and better weapons. The objective of the game is to stay alive, destroy all enemies controlling the robot, get the money and buy new weapons and enhancements. 15 Levels with a variety of enemies, 6 types of weapons and a lot of fun. Use WASD or Arrow keys on keyboard to move, Mouse to aim and fire.

Size: 2864017 Bytes

2. Storm Ops 3 - shoot - 2239 plays
Storm Ops 3
Link: Play
Your village is under siege. Pick your bow, customize your arrow and step up to the first line of defense. It’s up to you now to stop the invaders and bring peace to your land. Tactical based skill game where you use your archer's bow to defend the castle against enemies of the kingdom. Press 1-3 number keys to select garrison actions, Space bar key to cancel a shot, Q to swap quivers. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot, press your left Mouse button to draw back on your bow until the red reticle becomes visible and then release to send the arrow to the target. Gather enough gold coins to train or hire archers at the barracks or purchase a heavy ballista to bombard swordsmen walking across the battlefield.

Size: 11992676 Bytes

3. Snake Squad - shoot - 1787 plays
Snake Squad
Link: Play
Snake Squad is a unique auto-shooter, run around the stage, pick up allies and extras as you shoot down the waves of enemies. Make your supreme squad and survive in battlefield as long as you can. Collect loot and upgrade your squad. Use the Mouse to guide the commander around, the rest of your troops will follow. Every taken soldier heals you (+ 5HP). At x10 kill combo you'll get an air-strike. The upgrades shop is only available from the main menu, not during gameplay. It contains useful upgrades like a better commander health or speed, decrease of distance between squad members, more powerful air-strikes, more squad members to begin with, better weapons and more.

Size: 4413660 Bytes

4. Sift Heads Remasterized - shoot - 2050 plays
Sift Heads Remasterized
Link: Play
This time the new mission is a series of huge assassination tasks, and the goal is hard to find. Be quick, swift and strong, the experience is unique and exciting! Join vinnie and his gang for more sniping antics in this remastered edition of the classic shooter that started them all. Use your Mouse to aim your sniper rifle at targets and Spacebar to reload bullets into the gun.

Size: 8847406 Bytes

5. Super Villainy - shoot - 1901 plays
Super Villainy
Link: Play
Super Villain Battle Royale! Fight for the title of top super villain in this multidirectional shooter! Choose missions that will have you killing enemies, destroying structures, and trying to survive whatever is thrown at you. Completing missions will unlock missions of higher difficulty. You will keep your money whether you complete or fail a mission, so collect as many coins as possible. Money can be spent on upgrades and minions that will make it easier for you to complete the more challenging missions. Show the rest of the villains who's top dog in this awesome shooter with tons of upgrades, turrets and even minions. WASD or arrow keys to move. Use your Mouse to aim, click and hold mouse to use bullet time. Space to use special attack. P to pause.

Size: 3460694 Bytes

Sneaky Sniper 3 – The Lost Crown
Link: Play
This invisible sniper is only called in for the most dangerous missions where a marksmen with an eagle eye and a steady hand can turn a hostile hostage situation into a bloody mess of dead criminals and incapacitated terrorists. The imperial crown was stolen from the British museum. You will be flying to Britain to help on the investigation and capture of the people involved in the theft. Use your mouse to aim your rifle and bring down the targets anyway you can! Shoot targets as you prepare for missions with stickmen. Blast heads open as you complete missions.

Size: 1766450 Bytes

7. Stinger Zed - shoot - 813 plays
Stinger Zed
Link: Play
Courageous commando Zed finds himself in a heart of zombie’s den with special anti-zombie guided rockets. Help him to survive! Shoot your Bazooka and kill the zombies that are sitting around before they shoot him. Left mouse button to shoot, mouse to guide the rocket.

Size: 3763396 Bytes

8. Sling Baby - shoot - 2684 plays
Sling Baby
Link: Play
Sling Baby needs your help. The bully has what you crave and it's up to you to use Sling Baby to get to him. A mean boy has stolen your pack of chips, you're doing everything to get it back. Through your different attempts, try to recuperate a maximum number of chips, improve your launch strength, springs in play, magnet to attract chips in the air, bouncing ability, booster to activate a last minute kick. Use left click mouse or Spacebar to launch or to activate a bonus booster.

Size: 290766 Bytes

Super Bazooka Mario 2 - The Revenge
Link: Play
Mario continues to search for the princess and wants to kill the children of Bowser. Mario has a Bazooka weapon, so use your shooting skills and your bazooka to blast the bad guys. Aim and shoot with your mouse.

Size: 1337477 Bytes

10. Skull Hunter: Ricochet - shoot - 1197 plays
Skull Hunter: Ricochet
Link: Play
Skull Hunter - Ricochet is a fun physics-based shooting game. Shoot arrows at the right angle to take out all the skeletons with the minimum number of arrows. Try to complete 30 challenging levels!

Size: 6702223 Bytes

11. Stickinator - shoot - 2726 plays
Link: Play
You have a big arsenal of weapons and you have to avoid stickmens to run to the other side. Just use your mouse to kill all stickmens. Who will stay longer?

Size: 1601398 Bytes

12. Super Cops Targets - shoot - 788 plays
Super Cops Targets
Link: Play
At this time you will be in the shoes of a policeman. Destroy the bad guys, using various weapons. But be careful, do not kill innocent hostages. Shoot with your left mouse button and reload with the space bar.

Size: 7026639 Bytes

13. Swamp Shooter - shoot - 1128 plays
Swamp Shooter
Link: Play
Two Soldiers landed badly and ended up in a swamp. They are partners. So try not to shoot them accidentally. Use your mouse to aim and left button to shoot! You can break the necks of nearby zombies. Just click them! Your goal is to kill the enemy and survive after that! Don't let enemy come close to you. Use A or Space to push zombies away with shocwave. Every 10 killed zombies gives you one more shockwave.

Size: 4718155 Bytes

14. Shoot n Count - shoot - 661 plays
Shoot n Count
Link: Play
Each target has its value. Hit 10 targets and count your score. To reach the next level you must beat the highscore. You have only 22 shots on the first level. And each level you'll have 1 shot less. Aim and shoot with mouse.

Size: 466034 Bytes

Save Christmas From The Eval Elves
Link: Play
Rise of the Elves is not the best news for Santa Claus. After all, they want to steal the bag with gifts. This is unacceptable, and you need to shoot them down.

Size: 2010233 Bytes

16. Sheriff the Justice - shoot - 727 plays
Sheriff the Justice
Link: Play
Your town is in danger, the bandits has come to attack your town. As a sheriff in this wild wild west town, you have to stop the bandits. Use your ability to stop the bandits action. But beware, they are great in numbers! Save the town and snow to the bandits that your town is no bandits allowed to stay. Left mouse click to shoot, Space or Ctrl to reload. Take cover with down arrow or S. Move around with Left/Right arrow or A, D.

Size: 1202194 Bytes

17. Sheriff Rage - shoot - 674 plays
Sheriff Rage
Link: Play
Ted Rage was an outlaw, a mean, no-good varmint, but now he became a rancher in the town of Paradise. You play as a sheriff and you have to defend the small town against an attack in the Wild West. For each enemy you accrue experience and, after reaching certain levels, you will open a new weapon. Shoot with left click, select weapon with 1-5 keys. R to reload, hold spacebar to narrow your vision.

Size: 5735386 Bytes

18. Sniper Hero - shoot - 3402 plays
Sniper Hero
Link: Play
You are a sniper, who managed to infiltrate the enemy base. Shoot all the military and then you will go to the next level. But be careful not to let the enemy see you, otherwise you will fail the mission.

Size: 4500413 Bytes

19. Sniper Dude - shoot - 1943 plays
Sniper Dude
Link: Play
Sniper work is not an easy task. Especially when you have to seek out target in a dark forest, and the enemy has a color that almost blends with the terrain.

Size: 3656391 Bytes

20. Shooting Range - shoot - 708 plays
Shooting Range
Link: Play
Shoot as much items as you can and don't forget about flying items. You have only 60 seconds for each round.

Size: 1624681 Bytes

21. Shoot 'Em Up Hidden Foes - shoot - 1509 plays
Shoot 'Em Up Hidden Foes
Link: Play
Find out and shoot all the Foes of our Nation, hiding in the various locations. Click on them to shoot. Use mouse.!

Size: 1531153 Bytes

22. Sheep Cannon - shoot - 4745 plays
Sheep Cannon
Link: Play
Start the sheep from the gun as far as possible. We bring down the birds, slosh moles, buy bonuses and if lucky, get to the Worm of the worms.

Size: 1736930 Bytes

23. Secret Agent - shoot - 818 plays
Secret Agent
Link: Play
Preparation of special agents by shooting on moving targets. Pistol and three locations. Left mouse button to shoot, space to reload.

Size: 265759 Bytes

24. Shooter Job - shoot - 640 plays
Shooter Job
Link: Play
You have decided to get into an elite sniper squad police. You are on a training field, check your vision and nerves. Use mouse to target shoot and pass levels.

Size: 464851 Bytes

25. Storm the House 3 - shoot - 4843 plays
Storm the House 3
Link: Play
Click on a gun you've purchased or a tower you've built to upgrade it. Don't die and defend the base. Several minigames. Spacebar reloads the game. Z or Mousewheel switches weapons.

Size: 1811334 Bytes

26. Stone Punk - shoot - 1092 plays
Stone Punk
Link: Play
Shoot your machine with a strange prehistoric catapults, and then keep on driving as much as possible! Between the launches you can improve your catapult or the car.

Size: 5142263 Bytes

27. Shooting range - shoot - 998 plays
Shooting range
Link: Play
Think you can hang with Vic Mackey? You better be able to handle a piece. Get through 3 levels with 3 high scores and you might get a shot. Go ahead, take a whack. Controlthe game with the mouse.

Size: 520156 Bytes

28. Smileys War - shoot - 3282 plays
Smileys War
Link: Play
Smileys War is a platformer shooting game. You will have to move around in a 2d world. To do so use A,D to go to left/right and W to Jump. Choose weapon with 1-9. Finally use your mouse to aim and shoot.

Size: 3850857 Bytes

29. Stinger Mission - shoot - 1302 plays
Stinger Mission
Link: Play
Zombie shooter. You feel the evil athmosphere. When the enemy is close press J to attack with knife. You can be attacked after being caputred by the bad guy. Double click the base to speed up. There are different attacks when you press J or K. WASD to move. B to buy weapons.

Size: 7958244 Bytes

30. Stoneage Assassin - shoot - 942 plays
Stoneage Assassin
Link: Play
Killer simulator where you try to shot your correct object. Your revenge begins on those who are involved in this crime.

Size: 6454619 Bytes

31. Smoking Kills - shoot - 1776 plays
Smoking Kills
Link: Play
Another sniper game, which tells us about the dangers of smoking. However, in its own special way.

Size: 3195358 Bytes

32. Space Pips - shoot - 578 plays
Space Pips
Link: Play
Shooting arcade in the old-style.

Size: 2148084 Bytes

33. Stress Game - shoot - 638 plays
Stress Game
Link: Play
Take your stress out on these little smilie faces.

Size: 211655 Bytes

34. Spec Ops - shoot - 737 plays
Spec Ops
Link: Play
A great shoot 'em up game. Choose from 1 of 3 guns and cause mayhem!

Size: 1123411 Bytes

35. Sniper School - shoot - 653 plays
Sniper School
Link: Play
Shoot the targets before they kill you.

Size: 873531 Bytes

36. Shoot The Gatso - shoot - 527 plays
Shoot The Gatso
Link: Play
Shoot the Gatso before it takes your picture!

Size: 130128 Bytes

37. Shoot Rat! - shoot - 628 plays
Shoot Rat!
Link: Play
Use you're revolver and shoot as many rats as possible

Size: 296178 Bytes

38. Shoot the Pigeon - shoot - 615 plays
Shoot the Pigeon
Link: Play
Kill all the pigeons before they reach the top, try not to hit the cats!

Size: 59243 Bytes

39. Space Combat 2 - shoot - 512 plays
Space Combat 2
Link: Play
Get as many points as you can, careful not do die

Size: 138889 Bytes

40. Shotgun: Defend The Flag - shoot - 964 plays
Shotgun: Defend The Flag
Link: Play
Defend the flag at all costs!

Size: 58756 Bytes

41. S.A.M Site - shoot - 592 plays
S.A.M Site
Link: Play
Prevent the rockets from breaching your city's border as you lock on to them and shoot missles at th

Size: 62709 Bytes

42. Sheepteroids! - shoot - 537 plays
Link: Play
An updated version on the classic Asteroids game. They're not asteroids anymore, they're sheep! Get

Size: 259956 Bytes

43. Shoot 2 - shoot - 735 plays
Shoot 2
Link: Play
This is an adventurous shoot em up game where you have to do a lot of stuff, other than just shootin

Size: 1143533 Bytes

44. Sky Marauder - shoot - 552 plays
Sky Marauder
Link: Play
Your the pilot of the Sky Marauder and it's your job to collect all the cash that's floating about t

Size: 197641 Bytes

45. Small White Lymphocyte - shoot - 530 plays
Small White Lymphocyte
Link: Play
Control a lymphocyte and protect the newly transplanted heart from the bacteria and germs trying to

Size: 189154 Bytes

46. Space Fighters Revolution - shoot - 541 plays
Space Fighters Revolution
Link: Play
This is a cool space shooting game where you have to fly a space ship through the dark space and des

Size: 1827025 Bytes

47. Springfield Cemetery - shoot - 722 plays
Springfield Cemetery
Link: Play
Shoot as many zombies as you can in the cemetery of Springfield in this Simpsons Shoot'em Up game. S

Size: 281306 Bytes

48. Stickman Sam - shoot - 927 plays
Stickman Sam
Link: Play
Shoot out the targets and complete the missions in this awesome stick shoot'em up game. Jump around

Size: 694276 Bytes

49. Storm The House - shoot - 1107 plays
Storm The House
Link: Play
You've played Defend Your Castle, now play Storm The House! The game is based on exactly the same c

Size: 143373 Bytes

50. SAM Site - shoot - 545 plays
SAM Site
Link: Play
Shoot down the missiles coming to destroy your city.

Size: 62709 Bytes

       155 shoot games starting with S
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