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1. Sky Quest - skill - 1880 plays
Sky Quest
Link: Play
Sky Quest is a cross side shooter defense game with RPG element. Gain more skills, level-up, equip your hero, your ship and defeat all enemies on the screen. Side-scrolling shooter comes along featuring an angelic hero named Conquest soaring and defending his airship from the creepy forces of the evil Wartrake. Control Conquest with the Mouse, automatically firing your weapons against the creatures attacking your sky-fortress. Your hitbox is your head, and slamming yourself into either the creatures or the red ammo they fire will drain your health bar. While the red ammo the creatures fire won't hurt your ship, watch out for when they decide to go kamikaze. If either you or your ship run out of health, the level is failed. Blasting enemies will grant you both cash and experience, both of which can be used to upgrade you and your ship's equipment and defense. New items in the shop can be unlocked by collecting magical orbs, and there are also special uncommon items that become available for sale every five real-time minutes. Defeating 100% of the enemies on a level or completing enough in-game missions will give you a bonus star that can used to purchase skills that can be activated with 1, 2, or 3 number keys. Collecting enough stars will grant crystals that can upgrade your current items, be crafted into rare or legendary items. Sky Quest has a huge world map, with several sub quests to dive in to, so don't expect this adventure to be over in a single sitting.

Size: 12200705 Bytes

2. Spring Ninja 2 - skill - 1436 plays
Spring Ninja 2
Link: Play
Green ninjas drive nicer cars, that is not good. You need to destroy the enemy using karate techniques and capture his flag. Overcome all difficulties on your path and reach the enemy. Get your vengeance through 32 ninja levels. Use your Mouse to drag while aiming your ninja and launch him through ridiculous hazards. Jump with the spring ninja and go through the obstacles in order to reach the final point in each level of the game. Use various jumps and eliminate the enemies on your way. Be very careful and watch out, because there are so many obstacles on his way.

Size: 3608583 Bytes

3. Space Defenders - skill - 1400 plays
Space Defenders
Link: Play
Space Invaders is one of the all time classic video games and kickstarted the modern games industry. It introduced the world to... fighting aliens. In this game, the aim is opposite. You are the Space defender and you have to destroy the all humans and the earth. The aim is to defeat humans in several levels. Use your Arrow keys to move, dodge, and avoid counter missiles. Human race will send tanks, bazookas, rockets, mine planes and they will even build shields to kill you and reach victory. Who will win this battle. Will human kind extinct?

Size: 4466541 Bytes

4. Staggy 2 - skill - 1739 plays
Staggy 2
Link: Play
The boy scouts are back in your forest. It's your job to slay all the camping boyscouts, now with multiple weapons and items of equipment. Use Arrow keys to move, jump and duck, and press Space bar key to attack. Press 1-7 Number keys to change weapon and P key for pause (but you only have 3 pauses per round). One round lasts for 60 seconds. Stay alive for as many rounds as possible. Earn money for killing boyscouts or by picking up chests. If you have enough money, to buy stuff simply click the item in the shop, but you can buy it only between rounds.

Size: 5092075 Bytes

5. Spirit Rush - skill - 1128 plays
Spirit Rush
Link: Play
Spirit Rush is a game about speed, flow and immersion. Players scroll horizontally or vertically along a path filled with obstacles and opportunities for rewards. Use Arrow keys to move an orb through space, collect and avoid stuff. You need quick reflexes and levels are designed so that dodging hazards creates a natural, free-flowing atmosphere while still presenting a platform for those seeking higher scores to test their skills.

Size: 10063199 Bytes

6. Star Swing - skill - 1610 plays
Star Swing
Link: Play
Swing around stars and set off fireworks in a magical land of overwhelming zen. Use Space bar key or click to move toward an attractor. Scores are made up of points you’ve attained over the last few minutes, so if you wait too long it will decay. Drop onto the ground to bring up the submit score button.

Size: 982396 Bytes

7. Swindler 2 - skill - 1332 plays
Swindler 2
Link: Play
Swindler is back for a bigger and better drop and roll puzzle filled adventure. Help the cunning master thief loot treasure chests within the building by using his unique ability to create ropes from his green slimy body. Control the rolling and dangling of swindler with a keyboard. Press your Left or Right Arrow keys to tilt the screen, Up or Down Arrow keys to adjust your height, P to pause and R to restart if you make a mess of things. Watch out for yellow enemies they'll attack you on sight but they cannot pass through green slime barriers.

Size: 49996 Bytes

8. Shuffle - skill - 3374 plays
Link: Play
Play shuffle a fun based board game and use your string of red balls to knock off computers balls before it hits yours out of the area. Use your Mouse to select a red ball and then draw back until the arrow points in the direction you want to shoot. Drag the Mouse to choose speed and direction. Release held Mouse button to shoot. Get all yellow balls off the board to win. Try to beat the cpu at four rounds to win each game.

Size: 211953 Bytes

9. Smiley Showdown 2 - skill - 1091 plays
Smiley Showdown 2
Link: Play
Whether you love emoticons and want to see how many will fit on a page or wish they would all disappear, Smiley Showdown 2 will put a smile on your face. In each level, you start by controlling one smiley. Wait for a maximum number of smileys to congregate, and then click to make your smiley explode into lots of tiny pieces. These pieces will hit nearby smileys and start a chain reaction of explosions. In some levels you can hit, and then gain control of, special smileys with cannons or lasers, or you may have to destroy one giant smiley by breaking through its force field. Earn achievements as beat each level and progress through the game. Wait, and then use your Mouse to click near a dense gathering of the smileys before making them explode. Some of them can split into four or more pieces so try to target them when they are in a group.

Size: 3502916 Bytes

Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 5 – Rudolph Saves The World
Link: Play
Santa is rocking on mobile this year so it's Rudolph task to save christmas this time. 12 Totally new Rocking christmas carols and 3 worlds. Hit the notes in time to follow the rhythm. Press Space bar key to activate rock power and double your score.

Size: 19864645 Bytes

11. Stop GMO - skill - 996 plays
Stop GMO
Link: Play
Whack genetically modified crops with a plank of wood to prevent them from chowing down on your rabbit. Use your WASD or Arrow keys to move or jump, Z or X to activate your special power ups and Space bar key to strike with your shovel, bat or fire your gun. Earn extra cash by leaping onto pumpkins to break them open. After each successful or failed wave you can upgrade your bunny with more health or equip it with better weaponry.

Size: 6103968 Bytes

Sushi Cat 2 – The Great Purrade
Link: Play
Sushi Cat and his wife are at a lovely parade. Distracted by all the fun, Sushi Cat loses his wife within the crowd. Unlock new outfits for Sushi Cat along the way by collecting golden sushi on each level. Help Sushi Cat get her back by guiding him to as much sushi as possible. Watch him grow fat as he eats more and more sushi along his way. Fill up his belly to win. Use your Mouse to drop the blue striped moggy onto his favourite Japanese food so he can fill his empty belly up with the tasty raw fish. Collect gold symbols to unlock new outfits for the tomcat to wear.

Size: 8198369 Bytes

13. Sun Hop - skill - 1419 plays
Sun Hop
Link: Play
Help the blob reach his destination by getting him to bounce of planets in the solar system. Jump from island to island and ignite the suns in every level. You can jump in any direction, but you have to touch all suns. Use your Mouse or Space bar key to jump. Watch out for black holes if you accidentaly touch one, the level will reset back to it's original state. Contains a total of 24 levels, with each once getting harder as you progress.

Size: 2745110 Bytes

14. Shadow Tag - skill - 939 plays
Shadow Tag
Link: Play
You're stuck by a cabin in the woods, but you're not alone... Find your keys, get to your car, and avoid demonically possessed children. With Halloween approaching, you need to avoid trick or treat kids possessed by demons as you try to find your car keys before your torch battery runs out. Use WASD or Arrow keys to move around the maze as quickly as you can. If a kid spots you, he or she will follow you till they consume your soul. On later levels you'll have to collect other items like petrol cans.

Size: 6768610 Bytes

Space Pirate vs Alien Lobsters
Link: Play
Those mangy Alien Lobsters have taken yer sword. Use your Space Pirate skills to blast those pesky critters of the spacey sea to another dimension. Use your Mouse to aim and power up your shot, then click to blast those aliens. Play through 24 levels and try to unlock all 45 achievements.

Size: 2190369 Bytes

16. Spunky vs Aliens - skill - 841 plays
Spunky vs Aliens
Link: Play
The aliens are invading your neighborhood and it’s down to Spunky the Dog to take the fight to the aliens and win. Your pet puppy magically becomes a flying dog which is brave, powerful and is the embodiment of righteousness. He beats the aliens and protects our homeland Mouse key to move the dog left click to shoot. Remember to collect coins.

Size: 3726398 Bytes

17. Shadow Drifter - skill - 1507 plays
Shadow Drifter
Link: Play
The darkness is your friend and Gunbots are not, duh! Guide the Drifty Bot along the shadows and block the lights any way you can. Escape is at your hand! Originally released as a demo, “Help! It’s The Unfinished Shadow Game!”. As the title suggests, this is unfinished. Not wanting it to go to waste, packaged it up with a facile title screen and let the world have it as an eight-level demo. It’s still a playable, fun distraction with some unique stuff. Play with WASD or Arrow keys. Stars are not collected until you escape the room you are in. So make sure to actually leave the room with the last star in it to get the badge! Collect bonuses and press Escape to access menu or X to quit/restart levels if you are stuck.

Size: 4425754 Bytes

18. Star Drops - skill - 1836 plays
Star Drops
Link: Play
A quirky radial gravity game with fast paced, physics based action and a compelling upgrade system. Stardrops puts the player in the shoes of a boy looking to redeem himself for ripping his sister’s teddy bear. Use Arrow keys to move, Space bar key to jump. Space bar key while in the air to perform the shooting star ability.

Size: 5541941 Bytes

19. Sketchman - skill - 1326 plays
Link: Play
Run as long as you can and then run further the next time... in this epic journey on loose leaf paper. Jump, double jump, glide and shoot your way through hordes of enemies and hazards in this new runner from miniclip! Get as far as you can. UP key to jump, Double Up to double jump, while in the air after your second jump you can press up once more... to glide! Space bar key to shoot your gun. Avoid obstacles by any means necessary.

Size: 5284610 Bytes

20. Spy - skill - 801 plays
Link: Play
Find your way out without beeing discovered. Use right arrow to go to the next stage. Don't move when you are in enemy's sight - especially don't show your feet in sight zone. Press up to climb stairs or activate the light switch. Try not to be busted by security.

Size: 943497 Bytes

21. Sichiken - skill - 687 plays
Link: Play
Collect coins and move to the exit. Collect all the coins in each level by using multiple copies of yourself and turning back of time. Move it carefully through the platform without getting destroyed by spikes. There ae two types of levels in game: single-pass levels and double-pass levels. Single pass: collect coins, move to exit, avoid spikes, handle disappearing tiles. In Double pass, time your actions, first pass – collect coins you can get, tap triggers (if any) and prepare for a second pass. In second pass – collect remaining coins, while your shadow will repeat previously recorded actions, then move to exit. Arrow Keys or WASD keys to move, Reset level or next pass with R, E or Enter.

Size: 9374946 Bytes

22. Starmada - skill - 1332 plays
Link: Play
Aliens learned nothing from the humiliation of defeat at the battle of Starmageddon and continue to foolishly believe they can beat people. Here they come again intent on enslaving mankind, molesting our livestock and just generally being downright rude. You know what to do soldier – give ’em hell… Shoot stuff, collect stuff ejected from the stuff you just shot and beat new boss in each level. Move your ship using either the mouse or the Arrow or WASD keys. Your guns fire automatically. Activate your repulsion-wave with the left mouse button or X or M key. The repulser functions defensively by destroying all enemy bullets it touches and blocking enemy beam weapons. It also has an offensive function, inflicting damage on all enemies in range. An upgraded repulser can be an effective means of quickly annihilating large groups of closely packed enemies. Dying enemies eject treasure worth money you can spend in the shop on upgrades, stars for extra points and power-ups which replenish health, increase lives, increase score-multiplier or activate shields. Annihilate all enemies in a formation to gain a squad-bonus worth extra points. Enemies armed with beam-weapons unleash a shockwave when they explode, similar in effect to your repulser, this can be helpful when fighting hordes of enemies.

Size: 7199511 Bytes

23. selFish - skill - 883 plays
Link: Play
Puzzle and skills game in witch you have to help the little fish on it's mission to rule the whole pond by eating all the other fish. Eat smaller fish in order to grow and eat bigger fish. Go through many levels, eating and become the biggest fish around. If you are too small and decide to eat a bigger fish, you will be the one to get eaten. Mouse to aim and click to swim around.

Size: 1082062 Bytes

24. Space Is Key 2 - skill - 720 plays
Space Is Key 2
Link: Play
Space is Key is back for some more pixel exploding madness. Repair your space bar, as it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Jump over other blocks and connect with the right triggers in Space is Key 2. You will have to jump your block at just the right time to make it over and under all the blocks on each line. Make it through all three lines to get to the next level. Smaller floating blocks are triggers that will lower or raise blocks that are too high to jump over. Beat all 20 levels to win, and 10 levels in challenge mode. Your attempt number is on the top left of the screen, and level number in the middle. Use SPACE to jump.

Size: 2456675 Bytes

25. Solid Sneak - skill - 1178 plays
Solid Sneak
Link: Play
Sneak around and try to escape, but don't get caught. You better be quiet when sneaking through the rooms. Sneak around the caverns as you knock on walls to distract the guards as you make your escape. Use arrow keys to move. Stand to the wall and use Space to knock and distract the guards.

Size: 3919239 Bytes

26. Spikes Tend To Kill You 2 - skill - 662 plays
Spikes Tend To Kill You 2
Link: Play
Navigate your way through 30 new levels of hardcore run and jump platforming. Avoid the spikes, and try not to touch the bullets! Traverse levels of insanely difficult spike-laden torture and make your way through each level avoiding all the obstacles. This game is even harder than the first part, so good luck! Arrow keys or WASD to move, Up, W or Space to jump.

Size: 9939 Bytes

27. Samurai Fruit - skill - 1625 plays
Samurai Fruit
Link: Play
You´ll become a samurai obsessed in cutting fruits using your katana and its special techniques. This game includes arcade mode and time trial where you can win awards and submit your scores. Use your swordsmanship skills to slice and dice fruit pieces as they jump into the air. Use the mouse to click and drag across the screen to create a slicing motion. Try not to hit any of the bombs.

Size: 6629456 Bytes

28. Stickman Freeride - skill - 1835 plays
Stickman Freeride
Link: Play
Ride and do bike stunts with the stickman rider. Try out different tracks and finish them as quickly as possible in Stickman Freeride. Click on the map at the right of the screen to choose your course and begin. Gain a bronze, silver or gold metal, the higher you place, the more money you earn. Use your money to upgrade your adrenaline, tires, frame, suspension, and brakes, all indicated at the bottom of the screen. With enough money you can click on the arrows beside your bike before you select your race to upgrade to a better bike. When looking at the map you can hold your curser over each track to see how much money you ear for achieving a gold, silver, or bronze placing. How you place will depend on how many second it takes you to finish, the second amounts for each placing is indicated, along with the money amount earned. Return to previous tracks to achieve a better time and earn more money. Click on the bus van to see your achievements. Use arrow keys to accelerate, brake and lean left or right. Use space bar to jump and R to reset.

Size: 2017523 Bytes

29. Sub-A-Dub - skill - 586 plays
Link: Play
You will explore the depths of the seas and oceans in a yellow submarine. Click mouse to surface, leap out of the water for extra points. Press space to boost your submarine to get out of danger. Collect bonuses, avoid various obstacles which can damage the submarine and look out for the fish! Swim as far as possible.

Size: 1542047 Bytes

30. Shin Chan Bike - skill - 631 plays
Shin Chan Bike
Link: Play
The boy decided to ride a bike at incredibly crooked roads. Drive safely and listen to music. Use arrow keys to control your bike, enter to change the direction.

Size: 2783067 Bytes

31. Space Shuttle - skill - 594 plays
Space Shuttle
Link: Play
Use the mouse to fly. Point are awarded for beris collected. Every level has own time and point requirement. You must reach the corresponding standard to open the next level. Too hard for us!

Size: 2599763 Bytes

32. Square Witch - skill - 537 plays
Square Witch
Link: Play
Eliminate boxes of the same color by moving them on the screen, they will disappear when they are 4 together. When the time bar finishes, line of new boxes is added. Use mouse to move, press left mouse button to take and release boxes.

Size: 749558 Bytes

33. Space Bolt - skill - 595 plays
Space Bolt
Link: Play
You have a spaceship but no weapon. Click mouse to move and try to avoid lasers and rockets for specific time in each level. Pick up bonuses to earn cash for upgrades after the mission.

Size: 2414242 Bytes

34. Sonic Enduro Race - skill - 1393 plays
Sonic Enduro Race
Link: Play
Sonic is riding motorcycle and collecting rings in a fast ride. Riding your bike is cool, help to break all records! Use arrows to control your bike.

Size: 1523141 Bytes

35. Sound Fly - skill - 1220 plays
Sound Fly
Link: Play
You are the pilot of the plane. Use your mouse to move your plane. Avoid crows and collect ballons. Fly and listen beautiful music.

Size: 4704749 Bytes

36. Star Navigator - skill - 869 plays
Star Navigator
Link: Play
The mission of your starship is to save the lost austronauts in space. But be careful, because flying in space is not so easy and you will attract the planet and meteorites.

Size: 5226361 Bytes

37. Snow Parking - skill - 907 plays
Snow Parking
Link: Play
It is necessary to park your car to the marked spot. Just do not scratch it. Up arrow key to accelerate, down to reverse. Right/Left arrow keys to move the car in the left/right direction.

Size: 2415698 Bytes

38. Super Sonic Motobike - skill - 1363 plays
Super Sonic Motobike
Link: Play
Remember the legendary Sonic, which go through the many levels of SEGA? Now, he increased his speed thanks to the bike! The goal is the same - collect rings and get to the end of the level. Control your bike with arrows.

Size: 2007050 Bytes

39. Speed Spotter 3 - skill - 793 plays
Speed Spotter 3
Link: Play
Select a scene to spot a difference. In each scene, carefully study the two images to find the differences. Extra points will be awarded ifyou're quick!

Size: 3225892 Bytes

40. Super Dog Boxer - skill - 706 plays
Super Dog Boxer
Link: Play
In this game, everything, like in this box depends on your reaction. You are given a number combination that you need to reproduce. The more accurate your action, the sooner you send an opponent into a knockout.

Size: 550820 Bytes

41. Supreme Stunts - skill - 919 plays
Supreme Stunts
Link: Play
Realistic physics combined with good handling motorcycle and a hero, and an extensive list of tricks with lot of levels, will not get bored fans of this genre. Press and hold the specified key while in air to perform stunts. Be sure to finish the trick before the landing. Up, down to move forward/backward. Left/right to learn the biker's body. Space to turn back, control key to boost.

Size: 2062053 Bytes

42. Squirrel Blast - skill - 707 plays
Squirrel Blast
Link: Play
Flying squirrel on the jet and rocket, plus all of the available portable units for processing conventional acorns in gold. Golden acorns may explode, as well as they can give you a pterodactyl.

Size: 3616195 Bytes

43. Savage Food Battle - skill - 628 plays
Savage Food Battle
Link: Play
Help them to collect all the fruit, while not ran into the gorilla.

Size: 731074 Bytes

44. Stunt Mania 2 - skill - 1019 plays
Stunt Mania 2
Link: Play
You have the bike, but the main task is to perform tricks. Collect the necessary points for tricks and go to the next level. Press and hold the specified key while in air to perform stunts. Be sure to finish the trick before the landings.

Size: 4759951 Bytes

45. Stone Age Skater - skill - 806 plays
Stone Age Skater
Link: Play
Do you think skateboarding invented a couple of decades ago? No, it was invented in Stone Age. Use your arrow keys to control the board.

Size: 1202452 Bytes

46. South beach parking - skill - 763 plays
South beach parking
Link: Play
You have to park all cars without the crash. Watch out for your time.

Size: 1226954 Bytes

47. Scooby Doo Love Quest - skill - 680 plays
Scooby Doo Love Quest
Link: Play
Daphne and Velma want to send their hearts to Fred and need your help! Bounce the hearts off Scooby's head until they reach Fred. Watch out for the paint cans and evils the ghost throws. Use mouse to move and catch the Scooby Snacks to speed up.

Size: 558234 Bytes

48. Stabilize - skill - 695 plays
Link: Play
You given the flow of the boxes and you have to maintain the balance. The game has 3 modes and 15 levels.

Size: 425906 Bytes

49. Shrubbery - skill - 661 plays
Link: Play
You control the leaf, which flies around and drops the seeds of trees. Your goal is to recover the forest! Avoid the baddies and plant as many seeds as you can before time runs out.

Size: 3837085 Bytes

50. Stunt Maker - skill - 2013 plays
Stunt Maker
Link: Play
You need a good up speed and leap from a springboard for jumping through a few cars. But you also have to stop. With the money do upgrade the bike. Arrow keys for controling the bike, keys Z,X,C,V,B,N for making stunts.

Size: 1834572 Bytes

       224 skill games starting with S
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