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1. Shape Matcher 2 - logic - 2901 plays
Shape Matcher 2
Link: Play
The sequel to our popular swap and match game Shape Matcher has arrived. Once again you’ll have lots of challenging levels to complete, as you line up the gem stones and break the grey and black blocks and chains. The goal of this game is to swap the shapes to match three or more identical shapes to clear them away and earn points. Meet the goal with as few moves as possible to earn three stars and move on to the next level. Use power-ups like bombs to help you blast away large areas of shapes and boost your score. Progress through 30 different levels and sharpen your skills in this fun online matching game. Use your Mouse to swamp shapes, interact, match three or more shapes to earn points. 25 levels with lots of blocks which are to be destroyed - you must group them by colour and shape.

Size: 4464644 Bytes

2. Snail Bob 5 - logic - 1508 plays
Snail Bob 5
Link: Play
Snail Bob is finally coming out of his shell! Unfortunately, his path to true love is paved with peril but he must not be led astray. Falling in love with a celebrity isn't just for humans – it happened to snail Bob, too. Although in his case, reaching his beloved singing snail superstar means more than wrestling with bodyguards. This puzzle adventure includes avoiding monsters, getting trapped in crab-filled sand pits and stung by bees, so snail need all the help he can get. And wouldn't you like to help two young snails live happily ever after? Bob moves on his own until you stop him, either by clicking on him or pressing the Space bar key, and you can control his speed and direction by clicking 1,2 number keys or the two action buttons in the upper right corner. Make sure Bob reaches his love by manipulating all sorts of buttons, platforms and other contraptions and finishing all twenty-five fun-packed levels. Every level has three stars you can find, and this time round they seem even more fiendishly hidden than before. Uncovering them is a challenge in its own right, especially because they unlock mini-games, an all-new, all-cute side feature. You can also use your Mouse to control your Bob snail.

Size: 9980836 Bytes

3. Swapster - logic - 1040 plays
Link: Play
Nasty monsters are running rampant across the laboratory after the accident with green chemicals. Time to take ‘em out one by one. Remove all nasty purple boxes from the screen by using a teleporter gun to swap their places with other shapes. Swapster still provides a surprisingly smart and challenging experience thanks to thoughtfully crafted levels that will engage your brain and your reflexes. Here your task is to swap the good smiley yellow boxes with bad purple boxes to make the bad boxes fall down or disappear. You have a limited number of moves, thus you will have to think a bit to solve all the brainteasers. Remember you have to get rid of all bad monsters and they must not stay on the screen. Use Mouse to aim and swap monsters with the teleport gun. In later levels you can use bombs to explode them.

Size: 8942226 Bytes

4. Shape Fold 2 - logic - 1350 plays
Shape Fold 2
Link: Play
Move and fold various shapes to complete each picture. You need to make the figure from the individual pieces. The further you will pass the more details you will need to put in their place. Use your Mouse to combine the pieces into different shapes in the least steps possible. The quicker you do it, the more points you will get. Every new level is much more difficult and complex. Use reset button to start the shape again.

Size: 2211421 Bytes

5. Snail Bob 6 - logic - 1174 plays
Snail Bob 6
Link: Play
Winter has come to Snail Bob's little world and, fittingly, he has to save the snail version of Santa from a particularly malicious green hamster. Snail Bob 6 Winter Story is full of silly puzzles, grumpy crocodiles and friendly ants. Santa has been kidnapped by a sinister hamster and taken deep into the woods, so Bob must travel through twenty-five puzzly levels to reach him. If you want to help your Snail Bob, you can guide him along the way. He moves on his own (and pretty quickly for a snail). Use your Mouse to click on snail, or press the Space bar key to start or stop him. Try to find all the hidden stars in each level. Watch out for dangerous traps as you travel, try to avoid wasps, unpleasant snowmen or badly behaving trolls. Press 1 number key to turn around and 2 number key to toggle your speed Up/Down. You can also use your Mouse and press the button in the upper right corner.

Size: 9936735 Bytes

6. Strand - logic - 2714 plays
Link: Play
Strand is a compelling puzzle game that immerses the player in a unique environment. Players must pull and weave strands through obstacles to create networks of connections that solve each level. Strand gradually adds difficulty to become challenging without being overwhelming, with a respectable 25 levels, will leave you wanting even more puzzles to solve. Click on a hub to create a strand, and click on another to place it, completing a connection. When each hub requires no more strands, the level is complete. The circles need to share a color, and strands can't touch one another. The number within each circle is how many connections each hub needs in order to solve the puzzle. Strands can only connect hubs that share at least one color. Strands can be cut (removed) by clicking on empty space and dragging across them. Click the reset button at the top to completely start over. In advanced levels, the mouse can be moved around pegs to bend the strands around obstacles.

Size: 437084 Bytes

Snoring 3 – Treasure Island
Link: Play
These critters are on a quest for pirate booty. Help the animals wake the napping elephant. Keep their captain awake long enough to find the treasure. Use your Mouse to nudge the owl, pig and bouncing zebra to wake up the elephant by taking him off the platform. Try to collect all three coins to earn 3 stars.

Size: 3954312 Bytes

Save The Dummy – Level Pack 2
Link: Play
Find a way to help Save The Dummy in each level in this physics puzzle game. You must find an exit using different systems as fast as possible. Help a dummy to complete all the levels, letting him fall down. Free this dummy from his suspended stasis Use your Mouse to remove red shapes and allow the stickman off the screen into the empty space. Light blue blocks are static and cannot be moved. Try to complete each location as quickly as possible to get better score.

Size: 3640051 Bytes

9. Sirtet - logic - 1132 plays
Link: Play
Sirtet is a new skill game with unique gameplay. Your mission is to select and turn the shapes to place them on top of the red blocks. Destroy all the blocks in each level by matching them up with the various pieces given to you. A brain tester game with 25 challenging levels. Click the shapes at the left hand side to place them in the play field. The sleeping blocks in later levels can be removed by blowing them up with TNT.

Size: 8113101 Bytes

10. Swap It Et 3 - logic - 975 plays
Swap It Et 3
Link: Play
Change the gears and put them right direction. Swap the tiles, with their moving gears, until you find the exact position. The faster you can arrange the gears, the higher the score you receive. Enjoy 30 levels relaxing gameplay and cute graphics. Swap the moving gears sections and create picture of multi-coloured gears of all shapes and sizes, moving at different rhythms. Exchange them in as few moves as possible. Tiles don't always display the right size of the gears. Use your Mouse to click on a block and then click on another one to swap them around. Try to limit your swaps to earn three stars.

Size: 2945149 Bytes

11. Screw The Nut 3 - logic - 1085 plays
Screw The Nut 3
Link: Play
Explore the seabed and tighten the nut. Try to gather all stars to get achievements. Figure out clever ways to get the hexagon shaped metal fastener onto the bolt without it falling to the bottom of the ocean floor. Use your Mouse to remove ice blocks or tap swordfish to make them push the object. Try to collect all the stars within each level for an added bonus.

Size: 2704512 Bytes

12. Snail Bob 4: Space - logic - 1826 plays
Snail Bob 4: Space
Link: Play
Put on your space suit and join Snail Bob on another crazy mission to save the planet. Help the budding astronaut fly off into outer space as part of the countries galaxy exploration program. Use your Mouse to interact with objects such as switches or gravity buttons near the snail to help it pass various obstacles in its way. Find three stars hidden amongst each level as an added bonus. Watch out for electrified floors, doors and hungry blue aliens that will eat anything. Use 1,2 number keys or numbers in the left top corner to set up a snail speed.

Size: 6319149 Bytes

13. Stickman Jam Tribe - logic - 779 plays
Stickman Jam Tribe
Link: Play
A tribe of cannibal stickmen are up to no good! They've kidnapped an explore and planning on making a soup. Have some fun and get rid of them before they eat each other. Click on the stickmen and objects to interact with them. Try to kill all of the stickmen in the least amount of clicks and time. Find ways to kill all the stickmen in various ways before it's too late. Monkeys, drumming circles, boiling pots of water...

Size: 1953155 Bytes

14. Sticky Blobs - logic - 946 plays
Sticky Blobs
Link: Play
Help Sticky Blobs colony find a fuel for their reactor by spawning new blobs and killing needless blobs. 80 challenging puzzles in 4 worlds! Amazing soft body physics and nice graphics. Use your Mouse to click on a round alien to make it multiply towards the grapes. Hold left Mouse button on the blob, then move the Mouse out of the blob to create new blob. Click on a blob to kill it. Collect stars as an added bonus within each of the levels, try to avoid spiked chestnuts they'll burst your bubble men.

Size: 2894017 Bytes

15. Splitman 2 - logic - 1160 plays
Splitman 2
Link: Play
Platform based adventure game where you help the pink hero save the day from an evil mechanical tyrant by collecting all the stolen keyboards. Split up so you can finish each level. Press your WASD or Arrow keys to make the dashing hero move or jump onto crates or boxes. Stack him on top of his clones to reach higher places in order to get to the exit or grab the electronic keyboards. Open the gates with switches and buttons. Rotating razor blades will split you in two but electrified drills will hurt you. Use Space bar key to proceed to the next level, R to replay the level.

Size: 2157971 Bytes

16. Stream Master Unlimited - logic - 3262 plays
Stream Master Unlimited
Link: Play
Join up all the colours on the board by interconnecting them with one another. Once you have finished with easy levels you can try the medium to hard levels or you can try the computer generated levels if you are up for a challenge. Use your Mouse to create a flowing pipe to its matching colored counterpart. To complete each level every blank tile must contain a pipe going through it.

Size: 4072871 Bytes

17. Scribbles 2 - logic - 698 plays
Scribbles 2
Link: Play
Draw squiggly lines with a lead based pencil to get the family to land in a jar. Use your Mouse to select the pencil or eraser tool from the left hand side menu. You have limited ink, so keep a watchful eye on your ink levels whilst drawing lines. Once you've drawn your path towards the jar and your ready press the go button to watch things unfold. Beware of the spikes and other hazardous objects.

Size: 14156489 Bytes

18. Squarish Ninja - logic - 701 plays
Squarish Ninja
Link: Play
Help the lone warrior rescue his young daughters taken from him by a ruthless rival clan. Lead the squarish ninja through the squarish world. Use your Mouse to find objects, hidden areas to make the silent warrior move or activate levers to progress through the level. If you get stuck press the walkthrough button to watch a off site video run down of the ninja rescuing his girls.

Size: 326994 Bytes

19. Spaceman vs Monsters - logic - 1239 plays
Spaceman vs Monsters
Link: Play
Help a brave space crew that landed on unknown planet to free itself from dangerous but very funny looking monsters. Use different types of equipment and weapon like bubblegun, jet pack, teleport, knife or bazooka to kill all the monsters and save your crew. Use your Mouse to choose direction and power of throw and kill all the monsters. Don't kill the member of your crew.

Size: 3901279 Bytes

20. Submachine 8 The Plan - logic - 996 plays
Submachine 8 The Plan
Link: Play
Embark on another adventure within the complicated structure as you try to find ways of opening inter dimensional portals to unknown locations. Build and defend your base from hostile forces. Command an army of elite soldiers and epic war machines. Attack in real-time with fully animated battles! The submachines are all around you, you can feel it. But you can’t really escape it… Or can you… Use your Mouse to carefully examine puzzles and objects within your immediate vicinity to find ways out. You can pick up items laying around to place into your backpack for later use. Search for items and solve puzzles.

Size: 7197223 Bytes

21. Shinobi Quest - logic - 1969 plays
Shinobi Quest
Link: Play
Guide your ninja and take out the samurai in this point-n-click adventure that will test your fast-twitch reflexes! Help the trained ninja fight his way through samurai warriors so he can reach his target within the temple. Try to find and earn all 41 achievements. Use your Mouse to select a weapon choice by clicking on the foe in front of you. If your too slow you'll end up getting sliced like a melon by the samurai's sword. Don't forget to grab bladed weapons from fallen enemies to to scale buildings with. Similar to creative kill chamber, so if you liked that you'll love this.

Size: 4047673 Bytes

22. Shape Fold - logic - 2486 plays
Shape Fold
Link: Play
Fold connected structures into simple shapes in this physics puzzle game! Move the parts of the shape and fold it in the displayed spot. The idea of taking pieces of a shape and making the bigger shape but with this restriction of hinges which forces actual folding and manipulating around a pivot point, the idea takes on new light. Use Mouse to drag connected parts into correct places. Move or rotate the connected elements in order to fill out all the given shapes.

Size: 1060399 Bytes

23. Super Hero in 60 Seconds - logic - 759 plays
Super Hero in 60 Seconds
Link: Play
When the world is in danger and all the heroes have fallen, do you have what it takes to save the day? Go through the challenges in 60 seconds and emerge on the victorious side to be acknowledged as superhero who is faster, stronger and the next savior. 60 seconds of perfection is what separates a common man from a hero. Bring the world out of darkness by proving you have the skills to become the next saviour. Use your Mouse to participate in mini tests that will see you avoiding bullets, complete logical puzzles and perform math questions as fast as you can within one minute. Complete all 12 gruelling challenges of 5 seconds each which test your speed, accuracy, memory and dexterity of mind. Pit your final score against those that have fallen before you.

Size: 2193074 Bytes

24. Sticky Linky - logic - 1175 plays
Sticky Linky
Link: Play
Good friends stick together, but these guys take it to the next level. Click the chains of colored blobs! Evolve and collect sticky linky creatures. 24 levels, unlockable zen mode, 15 awards, and evil fishes. Click chains of colored blobs to remove them. Click chain of 5+ blobs to evolve a creature. When creature is linked with same colored blobs you can pick it up. Every click in later levels costs 1 mana point. Killing the fish costs 2 mana points.

Size: 2183746 Bytes

25. Sky Garden - logic - 2149 plays
Sky Garden
Link: Play
Take your mind through a nature inspired puzzle. You have a grid like map with trees, water, ice, baby trees, and lava. The goal is to click all the trees turning them into water but you cannot drown the other trees. Other elements also come into play such as you have to water the tree sprouts before you can turn them into water, lava expands every turn so you have to avoid burning trees. You also can use shovels depending on the level to dig up blocks and break ice to direct the water where you want. Save trees from an arctic extinction by plucking them from the soil. Use your Mouse to grab a tree to make it disappear, each tree you remove is replaced by an icy area on the ground. Beware ice paths can irrevocably damage neighbouring trees. At later levels you'll get to use a good old shovel to dig cubes of soil away.

Size: 939931 Bytes

26. ShapeFit - logic - 2090 plays
Link: Play
Do you remember how you learned numbers from 1 to 10? Now you have to revise the material and to solve exciting puzzles while fitting pieces of wood into the slots made in a figure! Choose any level you like! Basically there are three level packs. Numbers, alphabets and symbols. And basically for each level you have the number or symbol and have to fill it in with the various Tetris blocks given to you. Use your Mouse to pick up each piece of wood and place it where you think it should go. Complete the primary number section before moving onto more difficult areas such as alphabet, icons, logos, nature, transport, super heroes and pattern packs. There is a bonus level awarded at the end if you finally complete all the previous sections.

Size: 1956443 Bytes

27. Soldier Diary - logic - 3568 plays
Soldier Diary
Link: Play
You have been captured by soldiers of red army. You have to escape and call for evacuation team to get you out of the enemy’s zone. It's up to you to find a way of reaching the extraction point so you can call for back up. Use only your Mouse to solve all the puzzles to escape. Solve each situation as you come across it by grabbing, pushing or manipulating hidden items before the red troops shoot you on sight.

Size: 2268659 Bytes

28. Simple Motions 2 - logic - 1856 plays
Simple Motions 2
Link: Play
Help the rolling creature to collect all the stars scattered in levels. Clear the way and reach the red flag to complete each of the total 35 levels. A physics game where you have to plan your route. Make sure to collect the red star before you can enter the exit and collect the other stars to get extra points. Use the items like rotation, growing, ballon flight, or drowning in the menu to succeed. Use your Mouse to select these items to place them in a level.

Size: 2204695 Bytes

29. Spelling Scramble - logic - 973 plays
Spelling Scramble
Link: Play
Combine scrambled letters into words, and get the highest score possible. Compete against friends in the High Score table! Two game modes, time attack or thinking cap, and fun for all the family! Use your mouse or keyboard keys to play the game.

Size: 1488823 Bytes

30. Swindler - logic - 927 plays
Link: Play
Drop, tangle & roll your way through this action packed puzzle filled adventure. Extend your gooey cord as you grab stars, trigger buttons, avoid sticky walls, & reach the chest. Help the green blob thief work his way towards chests filled with pure gold coins to line his greedy pockets. The masked thief has a unique ability to create ropes from his body to lower himself past dangerous obstacles. Up and down arrows to climb up or down your cord Left and right arrows to rotate the world Spacebar to pick up objects. Upgrade the flash to the newest version if you have issues with rotation.

Size: 49709 Bytes

31. Sliding Cubes 2 - logic - 712 plays
Sliding Cubes 2
Link: Play
The sequel for the excellent puzzle game is here! Drag all the cubes to the correct place and fill in all the white points. At the beginning it looks easy, but going further on makes you think more and more, how to do the right moves and put the right blocks to the right places. One wrong move and you will have to start from the very beginning. See how good you are in solving complex tasks. Fill in the white area by moving blocks to the correct place. Use mouse to drag blocks.

Size: 2710729 Bytes

32. SLIPE - logic - 1046 plays
Link: Play
The goal is to connect one or more (for high levels) pairs of arrows with the aid of pipe fragments, which can be shifted horizontally and vertically. 25 challenging levels, board editor, and users can share boards, rate them and add to favorites. Arrows are offseted to the left side, imagine them on the play field. Use the mouse to interact with the game and slide pipe fragments as you think.

Size: 3835092 Bytes

33. Simple Motions - logic - 986 plays
Simple Motions
Link: Play
Help the ball to collect all stars on the level with the help of triggers and variety of powerups. Then the ball should be moved to the red flag to comlete the level. The ball should not leave the screen. Place the cursor onto the tray, click on the trigger and hold mouse button to move it. Put the trigger onto the screen. To delete a trigger you can simply move it onto the tray. Use Shift and Mouse to rotate the trigger if possible. Use the Spacebar or Start button to Start. Press the Spacebar or Edit button to edit scene again. the Edit button to edit.

Size: 909380 Bytes

34. Sliceee - logic - 990 plays
Link: Play
Use physics slicing to cut up shapes by dragging your mouse through them. Remove all red shapes by slicing, hitting and pushing them off the screen to complete each puzzle level. Click Left mouse button, hold and drag to select your slicing path. Release to slice.

Size: 9929 Bytes

35. SolarBall - logic - 952 plays
Link: Play
Your aim is to lead the ball through different levels collecting hearts and scores. It is not that easy, you will need to use different portals and tubing in order to move, as well as the own power and accelerators. Use the mouse to launch the ball to get to the tube at the end of the level. Don't fall off the screen.

Size: 1742863 Bytes

36. Suicide Sheep - logic - 736 plays
Suicide Sheep
Link: Play
The terrorists want to destroy the world by strapping bombs to sheep and sending them out. Once the bomb was set off, its power can devastate the entire earth. Now as the elite of the army, your task is to unload the bombs from the sheep. Be careful and skilful! Try your best to unload the bomb from the sheep before it explodes, start your mission! Use Arrow keys or mouse to get the sheep to the black hole before it explodes.

Size: 1561922 Bytes

37. Square Adventures - logic - 801 plays
Square Adventures
Link: Play
Use the square separately or together as a whole in order to solve the obstacles on each level. Separate blocks and jump on and over platforms. Watch out for sharp spikes. Arrow keys to move. Space bar to switch block. E to consume or transform blocks.

Size: 2649438 Bytes

Sugar, Sugar – The Christmas Special
Link: Play
Here is a new episode of Sugar Sugar! Draw and get enough sugar in the cups! 24 brand new levels in Christmas style! White sugar in the white cup, orange to the orange cup. To colour sugar send it through the filter. Use your mouse to draw in each level.

Size: 3633862 Bytes

39. SOTA - logic - 1186 plays
Link: Play
You can setup just limited number of celluar network base stations. Obstacles can muffle signal, and you must choose optimal positions for all stations to cover maximum area. It is better, if you covers 100% of area, but if you’re lazy, you can continue to the next level with 97% covered, and return to the level later. There are 40 levels, first 5 is introductory, to understand game mechanics, last 3 levels are hardest. Use your mouse to place or delete cellular network base stations.

Size: 5991945 Bytes

40. Spideriana - logic - 2289 plays
Link: Play
Spiderania is a arachnidian brainteaser. Spiders are entangled by their web. Help them! Place spiders so their webs don't cross each other. Click on a spider to move it, each movement takes 10 points. Click and drag to move spiders.

Size: 4532411 Bytes

41. Square Friends - logic - 800 plays
Square Friends
Link: Play
Blue square is your hero and he is looking for friends. Use Arrow or W,A,S,D keys to help him get to his friends. But remember that your blue square can stop only near a wall. Try to do as few moves as possible. If your friend is locked, try to get a key first and then you can get to your locked friend.

Size: 396078 Bytes

42. Skull Hunter - Level Pack - logic - 1548 plays
Skull Hunter - Level Pack
Link: Play
Kill mage skeleton and his friends to pass the level. Click and drag to aim your crossbow, catapult or cannon. Release mouse to shoot. You can click on the background to move the camera between the skeletons and your weapons. Spend your experience points on various upgrades between levels.

Size: 4825439 Bytes

43. Sticky and Bouncy - logic - 533 plays
Sticky and Bouncy
Link: Play
Goal of the game is to make the ball reach the red flag. Green objects are removable, click on it to remove. Plank can be very sticky, click on it to make it bouncy. If the ball falls off the screen, level is automatically restarted.

Size: 3598904 Bytes

44. Spiny Rollers - logic - 703 plays
Spiny Rollers
Link: Play
Bears are masters of the forest. But the brave hedgehogs are ready to give them a lesson. Click and drag your mouse across the rope to launch the hedgehog. Cut it in the right time so the the bear will drop off the screen.

Size: 1388337 Bytes

45. Sieger Level Pack - logic - 2260 plays
Sieger Level Pack
Link: Play
Use your logic and physical law of the gravitation. You have to destroy the fortress with a gun and 3 shots. You need to find weak spots in the building so it will made the biggest destruction. If you can doit within one shot you will get a gold medal (two shots a silver, three shots a bronze).

Size: 7540469 Bytes

46. Save the Princess - logic - 1713 plays
Save the Princess
Link: Play
Help prince find a magic drink and charming princess. Prince can walk only along the road. Take the potion and give it to the princess. You have to avoid spikes. If prince touches them he will die. Use cakes to change prince's direction. Try to get the star although it isn't necessary. If prince has two available directions he will turn in the direction of the arrow. Happy end or not?

Size: 2706626 Bytes

47. Stake Your Claim - logic - 1397 plays
Stake Your Claim
Link: Play
Every king wants to expand. Claim more territory than your opponent to win. Mouse click near posts on the map to crete a border. Completely surround an area of the map to caputre it and earn another turn. Gold mines are worth more than regular land.

Size: 1378140 Bytes

48. Slashing Blocks - logic - 979 plays
Slashing Blocks
Link: Play
Two brothers, basketball balls are far from each other with a barrier from blocks. Help balls to get together. Use your mouse to cut the blocks and join the balls together. You have a maximum number of cuts for every level.

Size: 547871 Bytes

49. Super Santa Kicker - logic - 1345 plays
Super Santa Kicker
Link: Play
You have to deliver Santa directly into the chimney, avoiding various obstacles. You have to do it in a very unusual way. You have to kick Santa's ass with his reindeer.

Size: 3443863 Bytes

50. Save The Penguin - logic - 1279 plays
Save The Penguin
Link: Play
Save the penguin with ice blocks. You have to cover him from bombardment of the helicopter.

Size: 1441489 Bytes

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