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       135 logic games starting with T
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1. Tiny King - logic - 2427 plays
Tiny King
Link: Play
The king's cake has gone missing. Set out on a quest to find it in this point-and-click adventure. Help out tiny little king get his cake back. You play a little king who wakes up to discover that his nightmare has come true, and his cake is missing. On each level you must find the golden key that will open the blue door and will lead you further on on this surreal quest. Figuring out what to click or manipulate in each level can be quite tricky, and the fact that you can see the key doesn’t always mean you can get to it, so you’ll have to click around and experiment with everything in each stage. Make sure you find the secret golden piece hidden in each level for some extra challenge.

Size: 8847737 Bytes

2. Troll Tale - logic - 1152 plays
Troll Tale
Link: Play
You can join a ridiculous story with the troll face. This troll is about to embark on an adventure. Maybe he will encounter some real trolls during his travels? Use your Mouse and try to help him to unravel the mystery behind the weird call he had received from his grandmothers house. Left button click on the environment and find a way to finish. How long do you need to reach the goal?

Size: 9820141 Bytes

3. The Emerald Hotel - logic - 1425 plays
The Emerald Hotel
Link: Play
The Emerald Hotel is a quite nice special place that will make you really happy because it is quite sure that you will enjoy your time there. The hotel is located in very attractive area, wonderful nature – little bit mountainous… In this place everyone is a winner. When you just book a vacation, you will get a chance to win 5 real emerald diamonds. Have you ever heard about emeralds? Emerald is actually a very attractive gemstone in amazing green color. People said about it that is a gem of the finest water, to express the combination of two qualities: color and clarity that this gemstone has. This gemstone is regarded as the traditional birthstone for May, plus the traditional gemstone for the astrological signs of Taurus, Gemini and sometimes Cancer. If you haven't seen one by one, we recommend you to visit Emerald Hotel and see what we are talking about. Find the hidden objects that'll help you win five real emerald diamonds and complete all challenging levels. Use your Mouse to play this game and interact with the environment.

Size: 1710988 Bytes

4. Transmyter - logic - 1352 plays
Link: Play
After crash landing on a strange planet, the Transmyter names Ezzy has lost his girlfriend Smoorfy. Find out what happened and rescue her before anything bad happens. The alien Ezzy can transform into any objects. Play as a metamorf from the planet Kastella-6 and save your kidnapped beloved. Use A,D or Arrow keys to move. When you learn basic, you will be able to fly and obey obstacles. Use your Mouse to click on the object to interact and transform or imitate other things like water, animals, stones, clouds or trees. Find the castle and save your loving princess as quickly as possible.

Size: 5203756 Bytes

5. Theft Punk - logic - 1154 plays
Theft Punk
Link: Play
Theft Punk is a challenging top-down puzzle game spiced with the retro jazzy atmosphere. The main character is a silly little robber on a quest to steal all the diamonds in the city, and by the end of the game he will steal your heart as well. Stick with this charming bad guy to the end of his journey to discover the unexpected twist to his story. Find 30 unique levels divided into 5 different locations, each bringing new game features, polished sounds and graphics, smooth jazz music and humorous outro. It starts with the punk placed in a room rife with gems ripe for the swiping. Help the cunning thief steal all the shiny diamonds within the city. With each hit of the Arrow keys, you will move in that direction until encountering an obstacle or gem. When adjacent to a gem, you will collect it with Space bar key and removing it from the playfield. Levels are complete when all gems have been collected. You can restart level with R key. Later levels will introduce more complicated solutions with direction pads or sliding chests.

Size: 3872972 Bytes

6. Twinkling Sky - logic - 1076 plays
Twinkling Sky
Link: Play
This is a physics puzzle game based on the domino effect. Your task is to solve the puzzle and hit the anvil to advance further. There are 40 super levels where you have to place the tiles with proper distance between them. Use your Mouse to place or delete the tiles. To place the tile, click between the hammer and the anvil. Group of tiles will transfer energy over distance thanks to chain reaction. When you click the hammer to cause it to hit the tiles it should all tiles fall until the last one falls to touch the anvil that lights up. It becomes more and more challenging to place the tiles as you progress. Press H key to turn off hints.

Size: 5130447 Bytes

7. Telekinetic Incident - logic - 1151 plays
Telekinetic Incident
Link: Play
In The Telekinetic Incident you’ll have to figure out creative ways to utilize and combine your telekinetic powers to progress. You play as a clone of Sarah Walker, a college student with an extreme sensitivity to the process of mind tickling. Lead young Sarah as she complete several tests in the training centre to indicate her telekinesis abilities. Try to guide the clones to the exit portal without them getting blasted by laser beams or squished by moving doors. Use your Mouse to move crates to climb upon or place in front of lasers to activate doorways, WASD or Arrow keys to move the girl. S key to create a impenetrable force field and E key to stop time around the Mouse area.

Size: 6150522 Bytes

8. The Cheapskates - logic - 954 plays
The Cheapskates
Link: Play
Businessmen love money more than all other things in the world. Help a fat moneybag to collect all money on the level and reach the finish. Avoid touching the deadly traps, or you will have to restart the level. Help those lazy and greedy scrooges to collect their lost money. Use your brain with a little help of your computer Mouse, click on cheapskates like on balloons to inflate or deflate it so you can collect money bags on the screen.

Size: 2008669 Bytes

9. Team Of Robbers - logic - 1124 plays
Team Of Robbers
Link: Play
A team of robbers have come together to maximize their loots. Start with only the burglar and get more people on your team as you get to higher levels. Each robber has their special skill so you will need to use them all to bypass security and rob homes, museums, and banks. You are controlling four different characters to do it. 24 levels in 3 locations. Control the characters with their own abilities. Use WASD or Arrow keys to move the character. Switch characters with 1-4 number keys. Press Space to open doors and safes.

Size: 1775156 Bytes

10. Ticket - logic - 1069 plays
Link: Play
Join Bob and Jerry (his faithful dachshund) as they head off to cash in the lottery ticket that will change their lives forever. Help them reach the airport terminal in time so they can jet off to the television studio to claim their huge lottery winnings. Use your Mouse to select the man or his pet dog and then press WASD or Arrow keys to move each one around. Select characters with 1 or 2 number keys, use Space bar key to jump. Move inanimate blocks over red switches to activate elevators to help the duo reach inaccessible areas.

Size: 11367907 Bytes

11. Tio - logic - 901 plays
Link: Play
Physics based platform game where you have to help the experimental blob escape from the laboratory by guiding it to the exit door. Press your WASD or Arrow keys to move, Z to move really fast, X to stick to walls and C to increase the blobs overall mass. Watch out for trap doors and other hazardous objects. Space bar key is for opening advertisement game, avoid it.

Size: 6047999 Bytes

12. The Prince Edward - logic - 779 plays
The Prince Edward
Link: Play
King Henry IV had two children - baby Elisa and prince Edward. Prince Edward was an irrepressible child! He gets naughty whenever he became bored, and no one is able stop him. One night in the palace, he got bored again... Help the naughty youngster stave off boredom in the palace by helping him to collect and find as many crowns as he can in each room. Press WASD or Arrows keys to walk, climb staircases or jump, E or K to interact with objects, M to open your map and view your current location. I to look at your inventory back pack and B to view all your current achievements. Hint: to pull or push something you will need to grab it first and then use the directional keys to move it.

Size: 9284889 Bytes

13. Trans Morpher - logic - 2015 plays
Trans Morpher
Link: Play
Find the way to escape from laboratory, use your ability to change shapes and abilities. Help the green gooey test subject escape from the laboratory by helping him to absorb creatures he meets on his travels. Use your Mouse to move and number keys 1-4 to mutate and transform yourself between different aliens that you have eaten. Watch out for electrified areas and radioactive ooze on the floors. You can eat a scientist in later levels to make them open security doors for you.

Size: 5860288 Bytes

14. Truck Loader 4 - logic - 1382 plays
Truck Loader 4
Link: Play
The fourth part of a little but strong Truck Loader! This time our yellow hero will meet with new puzzles and find out new abilities during all 30 extremely exciting levels. Explosive boxes, ramps and a small surprise for truck loader fans – basketball minigame. Your goal is to load boxes into a truck in a certain order. Use Arrow keys or WASD to control your truck and use Mouse to control your magnetic lever.

Size: 4199552 Bytes

15. Twelve O - logic - 834 plays
Twelve O
Link: Play
The most challenging experience you'll have with a clock since learning how to tell time. Twelve O is an original puzzle game about setting every clock in each level to 12. Inside the game's 27 levels are connected clocks, clocks that move in opposite directions, and even ones that move at different speeds. Twelve O provides a fresh challenge to pass the time while you play with it. Click on a clock to select it. The selected clock's hand will point to the mouse. Point the hand to Twelve O'Clock, connected clocks move together, moving a clock only moves the clocks directly connected to it. Make all clocks Twelve O'Clock. Clocks without color behind them move opposite to those with color. On 'Revolutions' levels: Big clocks rotate less than small clocks.

Size: 739520 Bytes

16. The Fog Fall 4 - logic - 811 plays
The Fog Fall 4
Link: Play
The Fog Fall 4 is the next edition in post-apocalyptic hidden object thriller. It will haunt your dreams as it challenges your imagination. After walking into a trap, you now find yourself in what appears to be some sort of prison camp. Use your Mouse to pick up useful objects, find hidden items or complete objectives for some of the residents to find a way out of the locked enclosure. If you get stuck hit the walkthrough link at the bottom of the menu for an off site solution.

Size: 8170176 Bytes

17. The Movefastinator - logic - 910 plays
The Movefastinator
Link: Play
Quickly move and change your direction as you go through the levels avoiding obstacles. Slide and glide through each level as you navigate puzzling rooms filled with blocks and traps. Use Arrow keys to move. Be careful, there are a lot of traps in the levels. YOu can not go twice in the same direction.

Size: 2231395 Bytes

18. Tokyo Guinea Pop! - logic - 743 plays
Tokyo Guinea Pop!
Link: Play
Bubbles, Guinea Pigs, Snakes, and Japanese Pop! The Guinea Pigs return to rescue the animals from Tokyo Zoo, and to defeat the Zoowrangler. Rescue on 50 levels, 4 boss fights, unlock downloadables, and play the minigame while swinging guinea pigs from the mouths of snakes! Left click to launch bubble bum chewing guinea pigs to cover all the animals in a protective coating of gum that sticks them to the ground. R to restart level.

Size: 5942793 Bytes

19. Test Subject Green - logic - 740 plays
Test Subject Green
Link: Play
Navigate blue to the food pill safely to complete each level. On the way you must find the keycard to unlock the pill capsule. Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move blue and press Space to fire.

Size: 49902 Bytes

20. Tremor Hatch - logic - 1408 plays
Tremor Hatch
Link: Play
Get the egg to hatch by breaking the shell. Jump from high places, make stones and wooden blocks fall on you and complete the levels as quickly as possible. You can use the gun to cut ropes or repel objects. Use WASD keys to move, and your Mouse to aim and shoot.

Size: 2422006 Bytes

21. Trick Shot - logic - 1919 plays
Trick Shot
Link: Play
Shoot the ball off the walls, rim, backboard, and anywhere else you can find to get extra points! Literally thousands of possible trick combinations make Trick Shot a blast! Use every trick in the book to bounce this ball into the cup! Mouse to Aim & Shoot. It's a tricky ball, but you can carefully plan its trajectory. Bounce it into the cup to pass each level. Ricochet the ball off of other in-game objects to unlock special awards and achievements along the way!

Size: 2314391 Bytes

22. The Sun Goes To Space - logic - 792 plays
The Sun Goes To Space
Link: Play
The sun woke up one morning to find our solar system's 8 planets (plus Pluto) kidnapped. Help the sun collect all the stars in each level by moving him around with magnets. Get all planets back! The controls in this skill game are simple. Click your mouse button and hold a magnet to pull the sun towards it. Collect all the stars to pass each level.

Size: 3773036 Bytes

The Ballads Of Reemus - When The Bed Bites
Link: Play
Join Reemus the insect exterminator and his companion and minstrel Liam the purple bear on an all-new quest as they travel to exotic locations, battle giant insects and bumble their way towards writing a ballad of their adventures that will finally impress the citizens of Fredricus once and for all! Fully animated cut-scenes, 36 voice acted characters to meet, 40 hand-drawn backgrounds to explore, optional side quests to discover and in-game achievements to unlock. Move your mouse to find interactive hotspots. Left click to talk with characters, pick up items and explore your environment. Click ground to walk and Arrows to move between scenes. Click inventory icons to arm character with the item. Press F to enter full screen and Esc to exit (it may not be supported in your browser).

Size: 15104788 Bytes

24. This Is The Only Level 3 - logic - 901 plays
This Is The Only Level 3
Link: Play
Just when you thought you completed the level, it’s going to happen all over again… Master 30 new permutations of a brand new level from the minds of Tasselfoot! Do you have what it takes to complete the level? Switch the switch! Poop some pastries! And think outside the box… you’ll need it to survive! Control the elephant to beat the one level several times. Use Arrow keys to move and jump. Sometimes a left mouse click may be needed.

Size: 1766771 Bytes

25. The Visitor Returns - logic - 4098 plays
The Visitor Returns
Link: Play
The highly requested sequel is here! The alien death slug attacks a trailer park. Devour prey and become more powerful with each kill in this point and click horror adventure. The Visitor first part originally slithered its way into point and click fame in 2007, gaining over 40 million plays and making its sequel the most requested game. The Visitor Returns is filled with more horror and gore than ever before. Battle it out in a bloody final confrontation with 6 possible outcomes. Also, featuring an original music by Sergiu Muresan. Point and click with your mouse to explore and devour your prey. Not for the weak hearts.

Size: 6213017 Bytes

26. Truck Loader 3 - logic - 2076 plays
Truck Loader 3
Link: Play
The third part of a little but strong Truck Loader! This time our yellow hero will meet with new puzzles and find out new abilities during all 30 extremely exciting levels. Explosive boxes, ramps and a small surprise for truck loader fans – basketball minigame. Your goal is to load boxes into a truck in a certain order. Use Arrow keys or WASD to control your truck and use Mouse to control your magnetic lever.

Size: 2468315 Bytes

27. Twirl and Hurl - logic - 799 plays
Twirl and Hurl
Link: Play
Using quick reflexes and your mouse, create a path for our hero whose hunger for candy is only slowed by his unfortunate lack of eyes. By spinning tiles and avoiding obstacles and enemies, you'll send him on a thrilling, gumdrop genocide mission through 45 challenging levels. Click a tile with the mouse to rotate/twirl it clockwise. Create a path for the main character to safely reach the exit. Avoid enemies. Hitting them will make the main character vomit and you'll lose a life. Don't forget to collect treats. Holding the space bar will make the main character move faster (helpful for running to the exit so you can get as many time bonus points as possible). When your bonus runs out a tornado enemy will appear and begin moving through the level turning tiles hither and thither. Hurry to the exit or he'll get you. Trap enemies in areas of the map you don't need to travel to so you can safely pass by unscathed. Treats are optional and will gain you extra points but you don't need to collect all of them to finish a level.

Size: 1423281 Bytes

The Legend of the Golden Robot
Link: Play
Take on the role of artefact hunter and hero Indigo Steve in this epic adventure. Everything was fine in your village, until the evil wizard turned up with his horde of minions. But the wizard didn't know about the legend of the golden robot who could defeat any evil magic. Search for treasures in locations on the map. Click a square to dig. Hovering over the square will show you how long it will take to di it up.
Battle mythical creatures and evil wizards, fight alongside little critter friends that you discover along your quest, dig up exciting treasures, play bar games against drunk Vikings, and much more. Use the mouse to dig for treasures and guide Steve around.

Size: 4378382 Bytes

29. Transition - logic - 489 plays
Link: Play
Drag the arrow to the correct place to reflect the shot. Arrows will reflect the shot depending on the arrow direction. Then click the cannon to shoot. Get the shot to the green point. Blocks will destroy your shot so you have to go around them. Some levels allow to use of more than one arrow of the same direction.

Size: 955412 Bytes

30. Treasure Snake - logic - 2817 plays
Treasure Snake
Link: Play
Hold and drag left mouse button to rotate the game level. Gravity will do the rest. Collect all pearls to gain victory and watch for morphers to pass obstacles. Topaz turns your snake into sandsnake and ruby turns it into fire snake. Saphire turns it into watersnake and diamond turns it into pearlsnake. Collect treasures to gain additional points and achieve bonuses.

Size: 3113252 Bytes

31. The Flood Salvation - logic - 867 plays
The Flood Salvation
Link: Play
You should save the man. Light objects will float, heavy sink. Set your available items, so he could swim to the surface.

Size: 4628554 Bytes

32. The 8 queens of death - logic - 788 plays
The 8 queens of death
Link: Play
A new kind of chess. Need to place eight queen figures so that they would not interfere with each other, either in one line.

Size: 92273 Bytes

Toxers - escape from metropolis isle
Link: Play
Escape from metropolis isle. You have a map of the city. Choose an ulocked area to search. Use the button in the HUD at the bottom of the screen to navigate to other menus.

Size: 2532012 Bytes

34. Tom and Jerry - Rig-A Bridge - logic - 1187 plays
Tom and Jerry - Rig-A Bridge
Link: Play
Jerry is very hungry, but Tom is guarding the kitchen. Use all available items to build a bridge to get some cheese.

Size: 1473982 Bytes

35. Take It Down XP - logic - 879 plays
Take It Down XP
Link: Play
New levels of the game about the demolition of structures and senseless foreman. Carefully delete parts of buildings to avoid damage to neighboring homes and not to drop the worker.

Size: 2849007 Bytes

36. The Pretender part two - logic - 936 plays
The Pretender part two
Link: Play
Bring all the lost souls in a level to the exit door. Only one soul can follow you at a time. Elemental fonts transform the magician and give him new abilities. Black fonts restore the magician to his original form. Press spacebar to use your powers. Use arrow keys to move.

Size: 5920270 Bytes

The adventures of one button Bob
Link: Play
Click the left mouse button within the game area to control Bob. the control scheme changes in every level, so it's up to you to figure out what to do and get bob to the treasure! How many clicks will it take you?

Size: 2212968 Bytes

38. Treasure Puzzle - logic - 891 plays
Treasure Puzzle
Link: Play
Create matches of 3 or more items in a row by dragging rows or columns of pieces. Make matches all over the stone cells in order to finish the level. You will be awarded with some parts. To collect all parts, keep playing and get the artifact together.

Size: 2000291 Bytes

39. Tortuga 2 - logic - 1068 plays
Tortuga 2
Link: Play
Continuing the exciting quest, where you must escape from a ship of pirates. Look for the items on the ship, which will help you.

Size: 4997867 Bytes

40. Truantduck Reversi - logic - 985 plays
Truantduck Reversi
Link: Play
Reversi is played with small stones of two different colors. The game begins with each player having two pieces placed diagonally in the center of the board. Every legal move must be adjacent to and opposite the computer's stones in such a way that you surround that stone or group of stones between two or your stones. You may capture any number of your opponent's stones this way in one or more rows diagonally, vertically and horizontally. If any player cannot make a legal move, they must skip that turn. To win the game, you must capture all of the computer's stones, or end up with the most stones after there are no legal moves left, usually after all of the spaces have been filled.

Size: 29694 Bytes

41. Totem Destroyer 2 - logic - 880 plays
Totem Destroyer 2
Link: Play
Next part of the game Totem Destroyer. You should get a gold totem to black block by removing all others blocks. Gently - it should not fall down. Size: 7254335 Bytes
42. The Big Game - logic - 747 plays
The Big Game
Link: Play
The big game is about to start and you can’t get the damn tv to work! You need to find and combine o

Size: 144145 Bytes

43. The Doors - logic - 721 plays
The Doors
Link: Play
Another great point'n'click game. A bit more difficult than the others.

Size: 818627 Bytes

44. Threesome - logic - 686 plays
Link: Play
This challenging puzzle game wants you to move the 3 balls into the key area and place them on the b

Size: 52186 Bytes

45. Trapped 2 - logic - 531 plays
Trapped 2
Link: Play
Guide your triangle around the mazes, collecting keys, diamonds and other items in this excellent pu

Size: 193052 Bytes

46. The Old West Shoot'em Up - logic - 741 plays
The Old West Shoot'em Up
Link: Play
Wild West Shootout, claim rewards for shooting the bad guys.

Size: 412067 Bytes

47. The Dead Marshes - logic - 629 plays
The Dead Marshes
Link: Play
Get Sam, Golum and Frodo safely to the other side in the boat while picking up coins.

Size: 3517673 Bytes

48. Twins - logic - 626 plays
Link: Play
Match the colored balls together with lines.

Size: 49655 Bytes

49. The Maze - logic - 902 plays
The Maze
Link: Play
Can you find your way through these large mazes?

Size: 118068 Bytes

50. Tilox - logic - 600 plays
Link: Play
A thinking game where you decide where to jump and not to move.

Size: 101825 Bytes

       135 logic games starting with T
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