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1. The Black Knight - skill - 1426 plays
The Black Knight
Link: Play
Inside birds there are coins, who knew? Smash everything you see and grab the money, along with the peasants and shops. Can you grab enough gold to appease the king? Help the king collect the taxes from people and their stores by hitting them with your club and picking up gold coins. To play, use the Mouse to swing your club to knock coins out of peasants. Left mouse button or Space bar key to swing your weapon, Hold down to power up for bigger swing.

Size: 1147086 Bytes

2. The Great Bazooki - skill - 1215 plays
The Great Bazooki
Link: Play
The Great Bazooki is a magician known far and wide for... balloon popping. It's a balloon-bursting game where you play a flashy magician whose claim to fame is some truly stupendous card throwing. Killer show to impress a rich brat at his birthday party with popping balloons with cards, teleporting, using magic hats and complete with pesky rabbits to avoid saw blades, guillotines, and even rings of fire. Your job is to impress your discerning clientele by popping all the balloons on each stage with a limited number of cards. Just hold your Mouse button to aim and release to throw a card. Use the projected path as a guide to help aim. Once your reach a certain level, you can teleport between locations. Don't forget to avoid rotating saw blades, guillotines, rings of fire which can spoil your shot very easily.

Size: 6880840 Bytes

3. The Gentleman - skill - 1189 plays
The Gentleman
Link: Play
This time, take your umbrella, put your top hat and try to understand the Gentleman’s way of life in this classy and original platform game. Help the young man overcome various obstacles that prevent him from reaching the exit door. Tons of obstacles and enemies, 50 levels, PAR time to beat on every level and 3 unique Bosses. Press WASD or Arrow keys to walk, roll or jump (alternatively press Space bar key to leap), P to pause and R to restart the level. Quickly tapping on the Up key allows you to fly for a brief period using your umbrella. Watch out for giant running rats and thugs blocking your path on the street.

Size: 4735583 Bytes

4. The Walking Dead - skill - 684 plays
The Walking Dead
Link: Play
Catch zombies and earn money as each level has its money goal. When you earn enough you can skip the level. Your time is limited so try to catch as much zombies as possible. Use Space and Down arrow key to control your zombie hooks. After the level, you can buy bombs to destroy unwanted zombies, or magic books and crowns to raise zombie value.

Size: 936713 Bytes

5. Tommy Slingshot - skill - 1514 plays
Tommy Slingshot
Link: Play
You worked up a sweat mastering the slingshot to be the best marksman of this land, and you made it. You’ve always hit the bull’s-eye, not only with your abilities but also with your brave heart. Everything was perfect until the leader of the Evil Tribe attacked your village and captured two children. It’s time to get them back, Tommy Slingshot. Under the magic attacks, which cannot be dodged, you must eliminate the tribesmen with your newest slingshot. Simply, target based shooting game where you help the best marksman in the land rescue kidnaped children. Use your Mouse to aim, click to shoot. You just draw back and fire a stone at skeleton minions before they hit you with their axes or arrows. Try not to hit any porcelain pottery vases laying around, if you do your score will subtract by the damage you caused. Once you have enough money visit the shop to purchase better upgrades for your sling.

Size: 4629838 Bytes

6. Tadpole - skill - 1507 plays
Link: Play
Help the unborn frog travel to the egg by negotiating past various hazardous obstacles. Use your Mouse to control the tadpoles movements. Try not to touch red objects, sometimes they will chase you. You can push white blocks against red items to make them disappear. Later levels will see you competing to reach the egg before your rival.

Size: 1758678 Bytes

7. The Most Wanted Bandito - skill - 2261 plays
The Most Wanted Bandito
Link: Play
Apprehend the Wild West's most wanted outlaw - Elmuerto! Jump over obstacles, fight bandits and become the most notorious bandit! Pay notice there are certain ways to overcome each obstacle in the game, you can also shoot some and discover various hidden bonuses! Arrow keys or AD to move, W to jump, S to duck. Mouse to aim and shoot. Collect as much money as possible to become the best most wanted outlaw. Use money for your upgrades.

Size: 7155772 Bytes

Trafficator II – Road Panic
Link: Play
Control the traffic and try to avoid a traffic jam! Click on the cars to make them stop or start riding again! Make sure that not a single car crashes! Use your Mouse to make car stop or drive and avoid jams, crashes and accidents.

Size: 4556624 Bytes

9. Turbo Kids - skill - 783 plays
Turbo Kids
Link: Play
A runner game with a twist and tons of features - upgrades, achievements, unlockable power-ups, championship mode - unlock and upgrade power-ups and win the main prize. There is also unlockable big marathon mode to compete for scores with the world. Partake in the crazy Turbo Kids tournament and race to the end without dying, and win the ultimate prize of $1,000,000 in the game! X to jump or double jump, C key to shoot snowballs. Compete against other kids in the high pace race and don't forget to use snowballs to freeze your rivals.

Size: 6666102 Bytes

10. The Base Jumper - skill - 894 plays
The Base Jumper
Link: Play
Jump from the cliff and soar as far as you can! Sail as far and wide as you can by launching parachutes and collecting power-ups and avoiding black stars. After each level you are able to buy some upgrades. The goal of the game is to get all upgrades and achievements. If you hit the ground, the game is over! Click the left mouse button to open new parachutes and sail.

Size: 2609491 Bytes

11. Tasty Planet: Dinotime - skill - 3277 plays
Tasty Planet: Dinotime
Link: Play
Control a tiny ball of grey goo with the ability to eat anything smaller than itself. The more it eats, the bigger it gets! After eating a time machine, you’ll be sent back to the time of the dinosaurs. There are lots of tasty things to eat back then… Control the grey goo with the Arrow keys or WASD keys. Eat everything smaller than yourself. The arrow points to the largest nearby entity that you can eat. Avoid larger entities – they will shrink you slightly if you touch them. If you turn on hard mode on the level select screen, some creatures will even eat you.

Size: 2468191 Bytes

12. Tumble Fruit - skill - 992 plays
Tumble Fruit
Link: Play
A physics game about feeding cute animals. Click to drop fruits (up to 5 at once). Feed all animals to unlock next level. Too easy? Hit all pins to achieve high score and get a golden pineapple.

Size: 3139444 Bytes

13. TU-46 - skill - 2536 plays
Link: Play
Welcome to TU-46, sequel game to Tu-95. It is a 1970s airline simulator. You get to control the brand new passenger aircraft from Tupolev. You will have to create an image for your Airline along other airline competitors. Deliver passengers around 6 countries, use upgrades to improve your plane stability. And try to shine in the daily newspaper, every airline has it's deadline, be the last one to stick around. Control the aircraft speed with Up/Down arrows and rotation with Left/Right arrows. I to initialise engine, G to toggle gear, change flaps with F, Space to turn around, use extinguishers with E, Use Z for long flights, game speeds up by 16 times. There are 3 types of flap position - Take off, Normal and Landing. It's important to land with your back wheels first with either normal or landing flaps. Over speeding causes passenger injuries. It's recommended to fly at a high altitude, incase engine fail, you will have enough time to restart the engine.

Size: 5987149 Bytes

14. The Jumbo Game - skill - 486 plays
The Jumbo Game
Link: Play
You are playing as a young person who must jump from platform to platform while trying not to fall off the screen. The difficulty is that the platform is constantly moving and there are some platforms which you have to avoid. Control the game with Space key to start or jump. Use arrow keys to go front, behind or to jump. Avoid blackhole platforms. Jump on platforms as long as possible to get high score.

Size: 1579975 Bytes

15. Trapped Ball - skill - 637 plays
Trapped Ball
Link: Play
Use WASD or Arrow keys to move your trapped ball to the other point and get to the next level. Avoid obstacles like spikes or moving blades which are dangerous for you. Collect power ups which makes your ball quicker or invulnerable. Potions makes the ball dizzy so try to avoid it. You can also remove some blocks with keys. Select options to turn on/off sound and music or quit to main menu.

Size: 434932 Bytes

16. The RatMobile - skill - 700 plays
The RatMobile
Link: Play
Drive around in a rat powered Ratmobile and collect all the gold coins and diamonds without crashing. There are more ways to go so explore the levels and collect more points for a higher high score. Use Arrow keys to control your Ratmobile.

Size: 4402737 Bytes

17. The Great Candy Caper - skill - 485 plays
The Great Candy Caper
Link: Play
Help the Ghost get back to the grave. Eat as much candy as you can and watch out for the spooky creatures along the way. You will need to collect at least 100 candy points for the Ghost to get back safely to the grave. Use your Arrow keys to move the ghost.

Size: 104565 Bytes

18. Tower Builder - skill - 1146 plays
Tower Builder
Link: Play
Construction game of skyscrapers. Can you build the tallest skyscraper in the world? Push the drop button in the right time. The power of the building is at the bottom!

Size: 1661173 Bytes

Tom And Jerry in Super Cheese Bounce
Link: Play
Jerry is stealing all the cheese from Tom's barn and he needs your help! Bounce the cheese off Jerry's head all the way to the wheelbarrow. Tom will try his best to stop you so look out for frying pans and anvils.

Size: 502849 Bytes

20. Taco bull - skill - 728 plays
Taco bull
Link: Play
An unusual game to capture territory from the enemy. Save the cows! By saving money, beef is expensive, but stale soybeans are not. By squeezing out the beef in every taco you make, you'll clear room for cheap, nasty, filler ingredients. The more filler you use, the more profits you take! Arrow keys to move, reduce the beef content surround beefy chunks, make room for beef-ish fillers.

Size: 840921 Bytes

21. Trapped in a House - skill - 953 plays
Trapped in a House
Link: Play
This game is about an unhappy one-eyed creature, trapped in the house and taking a futile attempt to escape. Perhaps out of here and there, but first you need to eat enough apples. If you find yourself to be trapped in the house, use arrow keys to survive as long as you can.

Size: 1486577 Bytes

22. Treasure Hunting - skill - 664 plays
Treasure Hunting
Link: Play
To start, click on Ga verder and wait a second for play button. Your hero went into the sea for easy fishing. He found out wreck, and now catches treasures. Don't catch those garbages you will lose your money. Watch out the local aboriginal, they will protect their treasure.

Size: 2957845 Bytes

23. Touch Me Not - skill - 879 plays
Touch Me Not
Link: Play
Drive your bike carefully through the traffic jam and collect more bonuses without hitting the obstacles like waiting cars and drainage. Don't hit the walls which are seen on either side of the road. Collect the gift box on your way to gain points. Use arrows to move. Space to Brake.

Size: 1061311 Bytes

24. Tideturner - skill - 589 plays
Link: Play
Ride the tide! Avoid obstacles to go fast and get a high score! W or UP moves water UP. S or DOWN moves water down.

Size: 4700603 Bytes

25. Top That Deux - skill - 561 plays
Top That Deux
Link: Play
You work in the cafeteria. You sell customers different salads on request. If you do not manage to fulfill an order, you'll be without payment! Try to deliver dishes while the satisfaction meter is high.

Size: 1186379 Bytes

26. Towerburg - skill - 844 plays
Link: Play
The king ordered to build the highest tower. The accuracy depends on the stability of remaining blocks of the tower.

Size: 2723960 Bytes

27. Throw A Kiss - skill - 984 plays
Throw A Kiss
Link: Play
Sad boy stands in the distance. Throw kisses at the sad boy. Use mouse.

Size: 401712 Bytes

28. TU 95 - skill - 10321 plays
TU 95
Link: Play
Manage all Tu-95. Serious job to fly a given distance, gently land, refuel and return to base.

Size: 2857599 Bytes

29. Tower Bloxx - skill - 999 plays
Tower Bloxx
Link: Play
Build houses and settle their inhabitants. Your goal in Quick mode, is to build as high and as stable building as possible. The higher your building the more people you'll get for each placed block. It also depends how well the block is placed. In Build mode, your goal is to create a thriving Megalopolis!

Size: 974497 Bytes

30. Treasure Hunter 2 - skill - 862 plays
Treasure Hunter 2
Link: Play
Help your mouse to get bonuses (russian version). Click red title to start the game. Choose your level and difficulty. Use arrows to move your mouse and collect all bonuses. Gate to the next level is opened when you collect them all. Use Z and X buttons to dig through walls when you need to get to diamonds.

Size: 1671209 Bytes

31. Tank Battle - skill - 759 plays
Tank Battle
Link: Play
Your target is the red zone. Space to fire main gun. Destroy enemy tanks and missiles. Arrows to move your tank.

Size: 72596 Bytes

32. Trevors Street Walk - skill - 723 plays
Trevors Street Walk
Link: Play
You play as Trevor. Go down the street and solve problems. Following the events of which a random gang of thugs gruesomely underestimated the TESSONAS crew. Trever, while enjoying his afternoon stroll into town, is met by a sizeable force bent on revenge for their fallen comrades. Always up for a challenge, for whatever the reason, Trever draws his sword. Hack and slash your way throught the waves of thugs to deliver the final blow to this mysterious gang. Movement with arrows, A to fire sword beam, S to throw ninja star.

Size: 6182399 Bytes

33. Through the Machine - skill - 779 plays
Through the Machine
Link: Play
Help the fly to get out. Use the mouse to move, collect the smileys for bonus points and avoid he obstacles.

Size: 3158408 Bytes

34. Tattoo Artist 2 - skill - 3228 plays
Tattoo Artist 2
Link: Play
Next game of Tattoo Artist. It's your second week at the tattoo shop. Use the tattoo needle to outline the tattoo, and then color it. Your grade is based on accuracy, time elapsed, and amount of pain caused. You can reduce your customer's pain by pausing frequently. You can fail by going outside of the lines for one second, having your grade go under 30% during the game, or having a grade under 60% after you have completed the tattoo. If you fail 3 times, it's game over.

Size: 1504200 Bytes

35. The claque beignet - skill - 842 plays
The claque beignet
Link: Play
We are aliens. We wanted to invade the earth. We tried several times but it was a complete disaster. Because humans got a lethal weapon. Lyrical singers. And they ruin our ears. Slap as many singers as you can.

Size: 288769 Bytes

36. Tabuto - skill - 578 plays
Link: Play
The game is very simple - you need catch pieces falling from the sky. If you miss more than twenty, the game is over.

Size: 453667 Bytes

37. Tha Viruz - skill - 463 plays
Tha Viruz
Link: Play
Defeat the viruses by sending them to different sides of the screen.

Size: 86593 Bytes

38. Track Master - skill - 603 plays
Track Master
Link: Play
This is a challenging game where you've got to keep your mouse pointer on the moving track...

Size: 369282 Bytes

39. Twang! - skill - 604 plays
Link: Play
The aim of this game is to get all 11 members of your sumo wrestling football team into right position.

Size: 341968 Bytes

40. Tire Toss - skill - 629 plays
Tire Toss
Link: Play
Toss the tire as far as possible. Careful, you only have one try.

Size: 545118 Bytes

41. Tunnel - skill - 633 plays
Link: Play
Fly and don't crash into the canyon walls.

Size: 271063 Bytes

42. The Saga of Sai - skill - 523 plays
The Saga of Sai
Link: Play
Slice up as many enemies as possible to progress.

Size: 377331 Bytes

43. The Collector - skill - 491 plays
The Collector
Link: Play
Catch the butterflys in bubbles, avoid the bees.

Size: 190813 Bytes

44. The Turtle Bridge - skill - 566 plays
The Turtle Bridge
Link: Play
Carry the stones across the turtle bridge.

Size: 189940 Bytes

45. The Classroom - skill - 767 plays
The Classroom
Link: Play
Cheat in school without being caught.

Size: 534411 Bytes

46. Trampoline Trickz 2 - skill - 824 plays
Trampoline Trickz 2
Link: Play
Do cool tricks on trampoline for more points, but don't fall off.

Size: 92724 Bytes

47. The Bounce - skill - 557 plays
The Bounce
Link: Play
Bounce off the ground with your giraffe, and grab the stars while avoiding deadly spheres of red.

Size: 363190 Bytes

48. Turtle Herder - skill - 584 plays
Turtle Herder
Link: Play
Use your kayak canoe guy in the ocean sea to move the turtle onto the sandy shore

Size: 28943 Bytes

49. Type Masta - skill - 520 plays
Type Masta
Link: Play
Type the letters as they come up to become a fast typer.

Size: 73214 Bytes

50. The Paratrooper - skill - 615 plays
The Paratrooper
Link: Play
Help the paratrooper to reach his target avoiding the birds.

Size: 83386 Bytes

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