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101. Superfighter - fight - 771 plays
Link: Play
A regular fighting game with no super powers, just man to man.

Size: 382787 Bytes

102. Noname Fighting Game - fight - 726 plays
Noname Fighting Game
Link: Play
A hard to figure out fighting game.

Size: 1264620 Bytes

103. Fisticuffs Boxing - fight - 696 plays
Fisticuffs Boxing
Link: Play
Box your opponents and knock them out.

Size: 1439562 Bytes

104. Portal Fighter II - fight - 661 plays
Portal Fighter II
Link: Play
Different flash characters fight it out.

Size: 1258736 Bytes

105. Stick Fighter 2 - fight - 735 plays
Stick Fighter 2
Link: Play
Fight the other stickman as a computer or 2nd player.

Size: 588088 Bytes

106. Global Rage - fight - 787 plays
Global Rage
Link: Play
A simple fighting game that can be challenging.

Size: 771801 Bytes

107. Morphin' Ranger - fight - 691 plays
Morphin' Ranger
Link: Play
Fight as Power Ranger-like heroes.

Size: 777899 Bytes

108. The Fallen - fight - 602 plays
The Fallen
Link: Play
In this game you go around fighting different people in different places.

Size: 650439 Bytes

109. Super Smash X - fight - 1013 plays
Super Smash X
Link: Play
The heroes Mario, Link, and Megaman are up against each other to test who is the greatest.

Size: 1286404 Bytes

110. Battle in Megaville - fight - 622 plays
Battle in Megaville
Link: Play
Fight in this decent looking side view fighting game.

Size: 5002879 Bytes

111. Stick Fighter - fight - 736 plays
Stick Fighter
Link: Play
1 or 2 player fighting game with fireballs and combos.

Size: 175037 Bytes

112. Iron Mike's Punchout - fight - 734 plays
Iron Mike's Punchout
Link: Play
What looks to be a partial remix of Mike Tyson's Punchout.

Size: 624015 Bytes

113. Xunmato Alpha - fight - 718 plays
Xunmato Alpha
Link: Play
Awesome looking fighting game 1P vs CPU or 2 players.

Size: 6298553 Bytes

114. Crazy Flasher - fight - 579 plays
Crazy Flasher
Link: Play
A sidescrolling fighting game. Streets of Rage-ish gameplay.

Size: 935674 Bytes

115. Quanji Boxing - fight - 832 plays
Quanji Boxing
Link: Play
A boxing game of sorts. 1P vs CPU or 2P.

Size: 448230 Bytes

116. Timer - fight - 551 plays
Link: Play
A strange fighting game that even lets you gun in a mech.

Size: 1037036 Bytes

117. Sabermania - fight - 876 plays
Link: Play
Use your lightsaber and duel with the computer.

Size: 4119405 Bytes

118. Courier Combat - fight - 651 plays
Courier Combat
Link: Play
Fighting moves with special powerup move. Good graphics.

Size: 3652356 Bytes

119. K vs K - fight - 601 plays
K vs K
Link: Play
Nice graphical fighter with Street Fighter like power attacks.

Size: 1754765 Bytes

120. Brave Sword - fight - 667 plays
Brave Sword
Link: Play
2 Players only, take your opponent down with swords, shield butts and more.

Size: 1392050 Bytes

121. Street Fighter - fight - 942 plays
Street Fighter
Link: Play
Fighting game with multiple characters from Street Fighter.

Size: 1897695 Bytes

122. Kim vs Abubo - fight - 709 plays
Kim vs Abubo
Link: Play
You are Kim trying to defeat Abubo in this side view fighting game.

Size: 1291981 Bytes

123. Super Fighter - fight - 774 plays
Super Fighter
Link: Play
Side view fighting game with 8 fighters to choose from and fight.

Size: 1142977 Bytes

124. Championship Cock Fighters - fight - 763 plays
Championship Cock Fighters
Link: Play
2 Player only, fight as roosters against each other and peck each other to death.

Size: 271551 Bytes

125. The 2Chan Battle - fight - 857 plays
The 2Chan Battle
Link: Play
Play against the CPU or a friend in this strange ascii character fighting game.

Size: 739062 Bytes

126. Hit Him - fight - 923 plays
Hit Him
Link: Play
Bloody the guys face before the time expires.

Size: 71773 Bytes

127. Kungfu Special Trainer - fight - 654 plays
Kungfu Special Trainer
Link: Play
Punch, kick and jab the flying watermellons.

Size: 140202 Bytes

128. Bushido Fighters - fight - 575 plays
Bushido Fighters
Link: Play
Fight different opponents with different combat moves.

Size: 642847 Bytes

129. The Tom Green Show - fight - 682 plays
The Tom Green Show
Link: Play
Fight Tom Green in this good looking fighting game.

Size: 586863 Bytes

130. Celebrity Fight Club - fight - 895 plays
Celebrity Fight Club
Link: Play
Fight 4 celebrities in this somewhat easy fighting game.

Size: 434356 Bytes

131. Grave Yard - fight - 619 plays
Grave Yard
Link: Play
You fight the computer in this short 1P vs computer fighting game.

Size: 432895 Bytes

132. Egg Fighter - fight - 614 plays
Egg Fighter
Link: Play
A fighting game with multiple difficulty settings for even the best fighters.

Size: 397954 Bytes

133. Gordon vs Joling - fight - 588 plays
Gordon vs Joling
Link: Play
A 2 player only simplified boxing game.

Size: 150341 Bytes

134. It's A Knockout - fight - 682 plays
It's A Knockout
Link: Play
A single player boxing game with multiple opponents.

Size: 298778 Bytes

135. K Fed - fight - 654 plays
K Fed
Link: Play
Beat this hot shot into a pulp.

Size: 5074124 Bytes

136. Geek Fighter - fight - 872 plays
Geek Fighter
Link: Play
A fighting game with pickups and powerups. 1 player or 2.

Size: 1824380 Bytes

137. Capoeira Fighter 1 - fight - 745 plays
Capoeira Fighter 1
Link: Play
2 player only fighting game with jump kicking.

Size: 1690776 Bytes

138. Ant Kendo - fight - 576 plays
Ant Kendo
Link: Play
Use your bow staff to knock the other ant off.

Size: 47390 Bytes

139. Fight Fight - fight - 607 plays
Fight Fight
Link: Play
Pick your fighter, backdrop, and then fight against the AI.

Size: 276276 Bytes

140. Metal Arm Fawege - fight - 536 plays
Metal Arm Fawege
Link: Play
Move your mouse around to make specific blows to the other robot. Nice graphics.

Size: 3602659 Bytes

141. Element Saga Chapter 5 - fight - 644 plays
Element Saga Chapter 5
Link: Play
Fight the on screen badies with guns, punches, grapple chain and last as long as possible.

Size: 4176376 Bytes

142. The 12 Fighters - fight - 593 plays
The 12 Fighters
Link: Play
Fight 12 different ooz creatures that increase in difficulty. Original Street Fighter graphics.

Size: 4476494 Bytes

143. Bandit Kings - fight - 637 plays
Bandit Kings
Link: Play
Two player only, you fight against your friend at the same keyboard. Gather more gold than other pla

Size: 187521 Bytes

144. Orc Slayer - fight - 698 plays
Orc Slayer
Link: Play
Slay the incoming orcs for as long as possible. Attack fast when up close.

Size: 458390 Bytes

145. Nacho Kung Fu - fight - 692 plays
Nacho Kung Fu
Link: Play
Time for the fat ninja to do some damage!

Size: 1204414 Bytes

146. comBOTS - fight - 582 plays
Link: Play
Can your bot defeat the enemy bots?

Size: 496928 Bytes

147. Backyard Brawl - fight - 662 plays
Backyard Brawl
Link: Play
Picture your character and start fighting. Each fighter has a bashing weapon.

Size: 996552 Bytes

148. Counter Punch - fight - 531 plays
Counter Punch
Link: Play
An excellent fighting game with animations that look great. Multiple opponents.

Size: 801773 Bytes

149. Foolyoo - fight - 551 plays
Link: Play
Slice the monsters by moving your mouse back and forth.

Size: 382939 Bytes

150. Joy World - fight - 497 plays
Joy World
Link: Play
Fight the evil crab and take him down with your special powers.

Size: 575795 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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