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       44 logic games starting with E
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1. El Papel - logic - 1100 plays
El Papel
Link: Play
A funny puzzle game where you play as a toilet roll. A bizzare mexican puzzle game. Stretch Juan “El Macho” Hernandez long neck to solve 40+ puzzles. Help Juan get the precious toilet paper that his evil arch enemy stole. Use your Arrows or WASD keys to move, R to reset.

Size: 8930166 Bytes

2. Enough Plumbers 2 - logic - 1466 plays
Enough Plumbers 2
Link: Play
A puzzle platformer with a repair man and clones cloning clones, part 2. Create replicating plumbers by collecting coins, each with unique abilities, and control them all simultaneously to reach the exit in each level. Multiplying plumber is back for some more crazy action where you need to try and get at least 1 of the plumbers to the exit on each of the 30 stages. Use the Arrow keys to move and jump. Do not fall off from the ledges and avoid enemy creatures around. Hit Space bar key to reset a stage, heading for each levels tiny flag to win and jumping on (most) enemies to destroy them. The idea is every time you touch a coin, you spawn another plumber that moves in tandem with the others. You need one to survive to win in most cases, you'll quickly discover they're not all as expendable as you think. Collect new power-ups such as the Ghost and the Spaceman and figure out how to use those effectively to get through stages. Remember you can reset with Space bar key or go back to the level select screen with Escape key.

Size: 5544709 Bytes

3. Ending - logic - 2317 plays
Link: Play
Ending is a single player turn based game about movement and death. Guide your pixelated ampersat to the exit without suffering any harm at the hands of the other pixel warriors. Be brave. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move your keyboard symbol. Try to hit the other characters on their head before they strike you down. You can create your own levels at the menu by clicking on the hammer icon to access the editor.

Size: 1307271 Bytes

4. Escape From Roswell - logic - 1130 plays
Escape From Roswell
Link: Play
After unsuccessful landing on planet Earth some evil military guys caught your fellow alien. Your mission is to find him and escape from Roswell. Help the alien find a way off the backward planet before they perform needless experiments on him. Use your Mouse to interact with objects within the environment to create a chain of events that will help the little green man to pass. Try to free the purple alien locked behind the metal bars in the research facility.

Size: 2068564 Bytes

5. Electric Joint - logic - 882 plays
Electric Joint
Link: Play
Play electric joint, a logic based game and join up all the nodes together to form a complete circuit. Connect all the positive and negative charges in each level, ensuring that no connections overlap. Use your Mouse to connect the positive to the negative electrodes to make them pulsate with electricity. Try to complete each of the 25 levels as fast as you can to earn a decent score. Remember no two polar opposites are to be connected.

Size: 2083561 Bytes

Edna & Harvey - Harvey’s New Eyes - Demo
Link: Play
Shy schoolgirl Lilli is having a tough time at the convent. Only her imagination helps her to escape from the strict rule of Mother Superior. But when her best friend Edna disappears under mysterious circumstances, Lilli has to rise above her own and face a tough journey to not only get her friend back but also confront her subconscious fears. Use your Mouse to point and click to interact with the environment. Visit creator's webpage to purchase a full version.

Size: 10327894 Bytes

7. Evil Asteroids 2 - logic - 1084 plays
Evil Asteroids 2
Link: Play
In this second part of Evil Asteroids puzzle you have to protect The Earth from much more and even more space evil. Guide the super-energy particles through space depths. Use helpful planets and satellites to guide magic Earth energy to blow evil asteroids. Special space clouds and zones will also help you to win this battle agains good and evil. The game has 20 unique levels with exciting gameplay. Use mouse to move objects. Planet’s gravity affects magic particles, try to choose right position for space objects. Move planets around to aim the energy using gravity and destroy all asteroids.

Size: 3054911 Bytes

8. Enjoy Funky Physics - logic - 1377 plays
Enjoy Funky Physics
Link: Play
When happy face touch other faces, it will turn them happy too. Sad faces need someone to cheer them up. Click the blocks to destroy them and get in touch happy and sad faces. Not all the blocks can be destroyed. Collect stars to get more points. Finish 20 levels and earn as much achievements as possible.

Size: 1762111 Bytes

9. Expanded It - logic - 614 plays
Expanded It
Link: Play
Click to expand these crazy shapes! Solve fun puzzles and use the physics of growth to get shapes above the line! Try to get as much achievements as possible. The shape needs to reach the top line to pass the level. Can you complete all 30 levels?

Size: 1202764 Bytes

10. Escape from the train - logic - 1748 plays
Escape from the train
Link: Play
Bullet Train Escape is another point and click room escape game. Escape from this speeding bullet train as fast as you can. Check every bag and compartment to solve the puzzle of your entrapment. Use every tool you can discover and find a way to escape the rooms of this train. Good luck!

Size: 935289 Bytes

Escape from the house on a tree
Link: Play
You are trapped in the tree house. This trap is set by your friends to find the best one among the team. Escape from the Tree House and get applause from your friends.

Size: 1744392 Bytes

12. Escape From The Cube - logic - 2085 plays
Escape From The Cube
Link: Play
You are a prisoner in a maximum security space prison. A warp energy storm has caused the power to your cell to be temporarily disabled. You take your chance and attack a guard, knocking him out and taking his gun. Theres only one way out now.

Size: 911313 Bytes

13. Escape from the Garden - logic - 905 plays
Escape from the Garden
Link: Play
You are locked in your own garden. And the door is solid with the combination lock. You need to get out. Looking for tips and things that will help you get out of this situation.

Size: 3212077 Bytes

14. Echoes of the past - logic - 915 plays
Echoes of the past
Link: Play
Adventure with real photos in which you are being sent to investigate an old ghost town which has been named Echoes of the Past. This place was built by a religious cult back in the 70's. Some say that many strange and horrible events took place. There have also been several claims of tragedy and violence, none of which have had any substantial evidence to back them. It is your job to do a thorough investigation and see what you might uncover.

Size: 6033874 Bytes

15. Escape the Lab! - logic - 1991 plays
Escape the Lab!
Link: Play
Look for the items and use tips to get out of the laboratory! Escape the Lab!

Size: 969267 Bytes

16. Escape From Orange Room - logic - 1119 plays
Escape From Orange Room
Link: Play
A typical game where you have to search hidden objects which help you to escape from the room.

Size: 56945 Bytes

17. Exorbis 2 - logic - 646 plays
Exorbis 2
Link: Play
Click on the sliders to move the orbs onto the targets in as few moves as possible.

Size: 1874166 Bytes

18. Escape The Eye Doctor - logic - 1236 plays
Escape The Eye Doctor
Link: Play
Well, who sits in the office of doctor? Try to find out with your mouse by clicking on objects!

Size: 1515625 Bytes

19. Exit 2 - logic - 640 plays
Exit 2
Link: Play
Guide this odd looking character across the tiles, but be careful, you can only go across some tiles

Size: 326838 Bytes

20. Easy Dock - logic - 856 plays
Easy Dock
Link: Play
Park your massive cruise liner up in the right spot.

Size: 773155 Bytes

21. Easter Eggs - logic - 653 plays
Easter Eggs
Link: Play
Move around the eggs and match up four of them to remove before the time runs out.

Size: 46453 Bytes

22. Egg Maze - logic - 739 plays
Egg Maze
Link: Play
Tilt the wooden maze up down left and right to roll the egg but avoid dropping it in the holes.

Size: 209302 Bytes

23. Eliminator - logic - 705 plays
Link: Play
Use arrow keys to line up the colored balls and cluster them together to remove them within a given

Size: 74842 Bytes

24. Egg Jump - logic - 862 plays
Egg Jump
Link: Play
Try to get as many as up to the top as possible.

Size: 11176 Bytes

25. Escape from Fairy World - logic - 604 plays
Escape from Fairy World
Link: Play
Move the bat around with the arrow keys, avoid smashing into the walls, the light faeries and the bo

Size: 2997142 Bytes

26. Escape From the UFO - logic - 627 plays
Escape From the UFO
Link: Play
Click objects in the right order to escape the UFO.

Size: 674291 Bytes

27. ElComplo - logic - 739 plays
Link: Play
Click items in the right order so they are used 100%.

Size: 830327 Bytes

28. Earthbound Quiz - logic - 711 plays
Earthbound Quiz
Link: Play
A quiz based around Earthbound with 3 different difficulty settings.

Size: 446051 Bytes

29. Elements - logic - 571 plays
Link: Play
Click the numbers in the right order, gets quite hard after the first 5 levels.

Size: 623017 Bytes

30. Embryo Escape - logic - 641 plays
Embryo Escape
Link: Play
Similar gameplay to Lemmings where you control the flow to get the Embryos to the Doc.

Size: 174603 Bytes

31. Eggrun2 - logic - 751 plays
Link: Play
Aim your egg to get the sticks on each level.

Size: 280194 Bytes

32. Emerald Thief - logic - 644 plays
Emerald Thief
Link: Play
Avoid detection from cameras and robots, make it through the level and unlock a door or two.

Size: 582112 Bytes

33. Exorbis - logic - 570 plays
Link: Play
Use the sliders to slide the rows and columns so the balls lineup with their portals.

Size: 2508088 Bytes

34. Escape Series 1 - logic - 829 plays
Escape Series 1
Link: Play
Can you escape from the car using your brain and any objects you may find? Harder than it sounds.

Size: 293141 Bytes

35. Easy Peasy Escape 2 - logic - 919 plays
Easy Peasy Escape 2
Link: Play
Can you figure out how to escape from the room with your sanity intact?

Size: 739270 Bytes

36. Escape Series 2 The Closet - logic - 791 plays
Escape Series 2 The Closet
Link: Play
The Escape series returns with another room you must escape from. Can you solve the puzzles?

Size: 423181 Bytes

37. Escape Series 2.5 - logic - 730 plays
Escape Series 2.5
Link: Play
Escape another room or you will die in there. Solve each mini puzzle to get that much closer.

Size: 1204382 Bytes

38. Enigmatica - logic - 648 plays
Link: Play
Line up all the similar patterns on the entire board to win. VERY difficult.

Size: 624632 Bytes

39. Escape from the THK58 - logic - 866 plays
Escape from the THK58
Link: Play
The best escape game to date. You can tell this room escape has been polished. Nice!

Size: 5793629 Bytes

40. Elevation - logic - 652 plays
Link: Play
Decide the perfect time to send your robot across the floor of the building so it doesn't get hit.

Size: 447903 Bytes

41. Escape Library - logic - 810 plays
Escape Library
Link: Play
You're a nerd that got stuck in the library. Are you nerdy enough to escape or die with your books?

Size: 476922 Bytes

42. Escape The Health Center - logic - 939 plays
Escape The Health Center
Link: Play
Escape from the health center by solving the small puzzles that fit together to let you escape.

Size: 2509771 Bytes

43. Escape From Island - logic - 792 plays
Escape From Island
Link: Play
Escape from the island. Click the arrows to navigate around the island picking up items to help you.

Size: 1301640 Bytes

44. Eye Pod - logic - 528 plays
Eye Pod
Link: Play
Roll the eyeball over the numbers in the proper order. Too much power and you'll roll off course.

Size: 104854 Bytes

       44 logic games starting with E
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