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       29 logic games starting with O
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1. Once Upon A Life - logic - 1462 plays
Once Upon A Life
Link: Play
Take to the streets as the old man in search of his memories and take part in many fantastic adventures. Use WASD or Arrow keys to collect all memories. Show your skills and collect all 12 awards in the game. Use S or M key to attack. Press Up/W key twice to use your jets and fly.

Size: 15579382 Bytes

2. Onomastica - logic - 3540 plays
Link: Play
Run through letter obstacles completeing words and figuring out what letters to break. Linguistic based game where you run or jump on words to reach new heights. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move or jump onto word platforms. You can bounce on words to remove certain letters (highlighted in red) and then push them to form new dictionary based words.

Size: 703617 Bytes

Orange Gravity 2 – Level Pack
Link: Play
Use the laws of physics to collect all lemons, avoid getting squashed. Cut the vine to drop the square fruit to collect ripe, tangy lemons before heading off into the exit portal. Use your Mouse to perform a cutting motion through the rope and to activate levers or switches. Remove all lemons from the screen. Drag and release to cut ropes and interact with objects. Try not to let the juicy tangerine fall off into the abyss or you'll have to restart from the beginning.

Size: 2164412 Bytes

4. Out Of Wind - logic - 1090 plays
Out Of Wind
Link: Play
Play out of wind game and help the villagers restore power to their electronic devices by placing gears underground to generate electrical power. Carefully position underground gears to reactivate the windmills in a small village. Use the mouse to pickup gears from the tool pane and then place them onto pegs. Try to complete all 20 levels as quick as you can.

Size: 2277820 Bytes

5. Octoplop - logic - 838 plays
Link: Play
Depths of the sea octopuses are very crowded. If you do not have time to remove the same group of octopuses, they will flood the entire ocean. Match the cute little octopus in this fun match 3 type game. A colorful and artsy collapse game with different modes and characters instead of boring blocks. In Arcade game, complete against time, watch combos, in the fastest of all modes! In classic, you have a slower speed and thoughtful gameplay. In the Zen, there is a endless plopping - you cannot loose, or can you?

Size: 3858394 Bytes

6. One and One Story - logic - 2701 plays
One and One Story
Link: Play
As Aristotle said: "Love is one soul in two bodies." You love each other, you want to meet together. Use the boy and girl to go over obstacles. And there you was, moving thanks to the Arrow keys. You have to push boxes. You die when you fall. Use X or Up arrow to jump. And there she is, use Z or C to think about her.

Size: 4007330 Bytes

7. Our Gold Sweeper - logic - 965 plays
Our Gold Sweeper
Link: Play
New 3D version of gold mine sweeper, where you can challenge the computer or play it on facebook. The game goal is to obtain highest score. Choose a square from the board by clicking to probe it when it's your turn. When you open the numbered square you lose your turn and opponents begins. When you find a chest, you earn 1 point. You can keep on probing squares until the end of your turn. When you find a diamond you earn 2 points. When you find a skull, you loose 1 point.

Size: 1653966 Bytes

8. OvrShade - logic - 879 plays
Link: Play
Bring little creature(s) to home. Play through 30 levels at your own pace or try time attack to see how fast you can go through levels. Press Z to change colors. Black creature can only land on black platforms and white creature on white platforms. Grey platform is neutral. Press X to change characters.

Size: 644607 Bytes

9. Open Doors 2 - logic - 779 plays
Open Doors 2
Link: Play
Logical toy. You need to bring the cube to the cross. You have to open and close doors in the correct order.

Size: 4895533 Bytes

10. Onsen - logic - 803 plays
Link: Play
The aim of this game is to guide the egg to the end of each maze level trying to avoid letting it dr

Size: 209302 Bytes

11. Orbox - logic - 788 plays
Link: Play
Make your way to the red square, but don't fly off into space.

Size: 79539 Bytes

12. Office Space Game - logic - 739 plays
Office Space Game
Link: Play
You need to regather your TPS report and escape.

Size: 1083738 Bytes

13. Octopoids - logic - 554 plays
Link: Play
Move the octopus' across the area to safety.

Size: 67231 Bytes

14. Orbox B - logic - 882 plays
Orbox B
Link: Play
Push off walls in the game to reach the end box.

Size: 95040 Bytes

15. Odubang - logic - 826 plays
Link: Play
Click where you want the stickman to go. Click wrong and he's dead.

Size: 908355 Bytes

16. Odubang 2 - logic - 957 plays
Odubang 2
Link: Play
Click where you want your stick guy to go. Click wrong place and you're dead.

Size: 1074085 Bytes

17. Ogg the Squirrel Hunter - logic - 742 plays
Ogg the Squirrel Hunter
Link: Play
Stay alive by eating falling food while trying to kill squirrels.

Size: 3164441 Bytes

18. Ostrich Jump 2 - logic - 631 plays
Ostrich Jump 2
Link: Play
Jump and duck depending on what object is next.

Size: 3315930 Bytes

19. Orb Pickup - logic - 629 plays
Orb Pickup
Link: Play
Pick up the orbs while dodging the obstacles.

Size: 170978 Bytes

20. OrangeBlock - logic - 700 plays
Link: Play
You're a orange block, dodge the other orange blocks for as long as possible.

Size: 1444750 Bytes

21. Orb - logic - 639 plays
Link: Play
Drag your orb around the levels to reach the green box. Starts to get harder.

Size: 1119144 Bytes

22. Onamis - logic - 742 plays
Link: Play
Stuck in another room with puzzles to solve to try to get out.

Size: 1421517 Bytes

23. Orb 2 - logic - 715 plays
Orb 2
Link: Play
Click the ball, then get it to the exit portal. Unlock doors and more as levels get harder.

Size: 2310562 Bytes

24. Obversity - logic - 617 plays
Link: Play
As the blocks fall, clear the blocks of the same color. This game is hard from the beginning.

Size: 1571342 Bytes

25. Obnoxius - logic - 581 plays
Link: Play
You control two boxes at the same time at opposite sides of the map. They must reach the other sides

Size: 377943 Bytes

26. Orbis Impetus - logic - 719 plays
Orbis Impetus
Link: Play
Grab the circles. Grab them fast enough to score combos. Avoid stars.

Size: 429015 Bytes

Opposite Squares Extra Levels
Link: Play
Move the squares around the map as both move at the same time. Get both squares to their exits.

Size: 559590 Bytes

28. Odd Bods - logic - 589 plays
Odd Bods
Link: Play
One of these is not like the other. Click the different creature to level up. Time gets shorter.

Size: 484670 Bytes

29. Orb Avoidance - logic - 774 plays
Orb Avoidance
Link: Play
Avoid the red balls and grey boxes. You must trick the balls into hitting the block. This destroys them. Destroy all the balls to complete the level. As you score the combo bonus will rise, gaining you more points per hit. The balls are attracted to your mouse so don't let them get too near.

Size: 508.8 KB

       29 logic games starting with O
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