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       20 skill games starting with O
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1. Orboid - skill - 1056 plays
Link: Play
Connect all black orbs to activate the colored orb. Then connect to that activated green orb. Use left mouse button or space bar to shoot. Don't touch the spikey orbs. See if you can complete all ten levels in the quickest time, fewest clicks and least retries.

Size: 991798 Bytes

2. Omega Box - skill - 790 plays
Omega Box
Link: Play
You as an astronaut, are in the hostile space station and you have a mission - survive as long as possible. Use the arrow keys to move around the box. Collect plasma to keep your jet pack full. Use medals to purchase upgrades. Survive for as long as you can and avoid the weapons.

Size: 4545942 Bytes

Open Season Find The Alphabets
Link: Play
Test your powers of observation to find 26 letters of the alphabet in pictures from the cartoon of "Open Season".

Size: 3013627 Bytes

4. Octopus - skill - 746 plays
Link: Play
Jolly octopus decided to ride on a whale. Use mouse to activate the whale fountain, to avoid obstacles and collect stars.

Size: 3340008 Bytes

5. Odd Bods - skill - 1000 plays
Odd Bods
Link: Play
At each level, locate a creature who has no pair. TUse the MOUSE to click on the odd Bod out.

Size: 528863 Bytes

6. Overkill Apache - skill - 1006 plays
Overkill Apache
Link: Play
You are the pilot of the helicopter. The challenge is to get to the point of destination and destroy as many enemy machines. You have to collect weapons, use them and make some noise. Use arrows and space.

Size: 1094819 Bytes

7. Orb - skill - 731 plays
Link: Play
Avoid the red balls and grey boxes. You must "trick" the balls into hitting the block. This destroys them. Destroy all the balls to complete the level. The balls are attracted to your mouse, so don't let them get too near.

Size: 508647 Bytes

8. ORGANise - skill - 632 plays
Link: Play
Put the patients in their beds and then put their new organs in them before they or the organ dies.

Size: 165582 Bytes

9. Orbtrex - skill - 627 plays
Link: Play
Don't let the strange shapes escape from the ring that you move around. Fire and grab powerups.

Size: 6197800 Bytes

10. Overhead Armageddon - skill - 705 plays
Overhead Armageddon
Link: Play
Story based game of keeping your cursor from touching the walls.

Size: 5047676 Bytes

11. Orbit - skill - 697 plays
Link: Play
Launch the orange ball and keep it out of the gravity fields for as long as possible.

Size: 177498 Bytes

12. ORB Bouncer - skill - 1152 plays
ORB Bouncer
Link: Play
Bounce the ball as you continue to float upwards. Don't let it drop.

Size: 644580 Bytes

13. Oshidama - skill - 623 plays
Link: Play
Push the circle with your cursor. Watch out for black holes. Reach the end of each level.

Size: 795304 Bytes

14. Overhead Persistence - skill - 709 plays
Overhead Persistence
Link: Play
Carefully move your mouse so that your dot doesn't touch the sides. One of the more difficult games.

Size: 3724273 Bytes

15. Orbital - skill - 625 plays
Link: Play
Use your mouse to collect the right color of orbs. Gets difficult by adding more colors later on.

Size: 2199892 Bytes

16. Ostrich Jump 3 - skill - 751 plays
Ostrich Jump 3
Link: Play
Jump and duck at the right time. Go as far as you can without hitting another object.

Size: 3683375 Bytes

17. Ollies Dance Experience - skill - 664 plays
Ollies Dance Experience
Link: Play
Push the left, right, up, and down buttons as the arrows pass over there corresponding symbols.

Size: 2604293 Bytes

18. Overhead Consistence - skill - 715 plays
Overhead Consistence
Link: Play
Guide the mouse through the multiple mazes and don't touch the edges and watch out for obstacles.

Size: 4687623 Bytes

19. Ongaku - skill - 779 plays
Link: Play
Another music game with a DDR action of pushing buttons as they flow towards your music note.

Size: 4853728 Bytes

20. Outer Space Trace - skill - 642 plays
Outer Space Trace
Link: Play
Trace and click on the stars as they appear. Go for combos by connecting multiple stars together.

Size: 2077005 Bytes

       20 skill games starting with O
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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