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       42 shoot games starting with G
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1. Gear Of Defense - shoot - 708 plays
Gear Of Defense
Link: Play
Prepare your gear to survive the alien forces that could destroy your base in an alien planet! Action based shooter game where you have to stop unfriendly bug eyed aliens from destroying your base of operations. Use a variety of guns and skills to stay alive! Use your Mouse to aim and shoot your ray gun to dwindle their size and 1-2 number keys to swap out your weapons. Kill all aliens to proceed, earn enough money to unlock new skills and more powerful weapons at the shop.

Size: 4658150 Bytes

2. Gun Mayhem 2 - shoot - 2996 plays
Gun Mayhem 2
Link: Play
High octane arena style action. Battle with the AI or with friends in this cartoony platform shooter. Supports up to 4 players at once, Utilize over 60 different firearms, 12 diverse maps to fight on. 4 unique gameplay modes: Last Man Standing, One Shot One Kill, Gun Game and Duck Defense. Campaign mode includes coop option and customizable characters. Gun Mayhem 2 returns with brand new maps, and much more. New campaign with 16 progressively challenging missions, 3 new custom game modes adn new guns, perks, and customization options. Arrow Keys for movement, Z to Shoot, X to Throw Bomb, Player 2, WASD for movement, T to Shoot, Y to Throw Bomb. Players 3 and 4 controls can be edited in options.

Size: 8882538 Bytes

3. Gibbets 3 - shoot - 1244 plays
Gibbets 3
Link: Play
Gibbets are back! Something is horribly wrong in Gibbetstown. Way too many innocent citizens are facing the hangmans noose! Free them all with your trusty bow and arrow. Load up your trusty bow and shoot some rope to save people from being hanged! Now includes a custom level editor. Save more than one person and get extra combination points, also get more points for hitting turkey vultures or other additional targets. Some levels have bonuses that generate new arrows, reposition your bow, or teleport your arrows. You will complete the level if you hit the hanging person, but you won't get as many points. Some levels have different missions, like protecting hay from sheep. Create your own levels, or try out other people's. Use your mouse to click and hold the bow, pull back, then release to fire an arrow. Aim for the rope above people’s heads to cut them loose!

Size: 4551548 Bytes

4. Gunball 2 - shoot - 2314 plays
Gunball 2
Link: Play
Fighting for the title of emperor continues! Can you defeat all the enemies and guards of the emperor and to challenge him? Your ball starts small, but it is powerful. Brutalize your enemies to earn skill points and money. Then make your ball more deadly. Attach money vacuums, laser cannons, and other weapons of ball destruction. WASD or Arrow keys to move, Mouse to aim and shoot, Space to use your skills.

Size: 9596059 Bytes

5. Galleon Fight - shoot - 617 plays
Galleon Fight
Link: Play
It is war and you are the commander of the last survived ship. Your mission is to protect your castle and stop the enemy invasion at all cost. Destroy all enemy ships to complete level. Aim with mouse, click left mouse button to set the cannon power and release to fire. Shoot treasure chest to get extra money. After each battle you can buy upgrades for your ship to increase health, armor and weapons.

Size: 1323247 Bytes

Gentlemen Rats In Outer Space
Link: Play
Gentlemen Rats In Outer Space is a unique physics-based shooting game, your goal is to help the rats reach a moon made out of cheese by navigating through the perils of space. You can adjust the angle and the power of the cannon. Help rats to get to the moon from cheese and forever write their name in astronomy textbooks.

Size: 1973035 Bytes

7. Gangsta War - shoot - 945 plays
Gangsta War
Link: Play
Try to complete the mission. Aim and shoot at enemies with your mouse. Reload ammow with Space or R. Change weapons with 1-4.

Size: 3501562 Bytes

8. Green Beret Castle Assault - shoot - 1581 plays
Green Beret Castle Assault
Link: Play
The war has started and Green Beret army is ready as ever. Their first objective is to conquer the Castle because they want to turn it into their military base. Your objective is to protect the castle from the Green Beret Soldiers. In this shooting game, gather as much experience as you can by eliminating soldiers, shooting the air supplies to earn weapons with greater fire damage. Beware of rocket launchers causing massive damage to the castle.

Size: 2923665 Bytes

9. GunBlood - shoot - 4398 plays
Link: Play
Want to feel like the sheriff of the Wild West? The game is perfect for training response. Put your mouse cursor on the chamber and wait 3 seconds to shoot at the enemy, preferably in the head. If you are too slow, you are on the ground in a pool of blood.

Size: 1906293 Bytes

10. Graveyard Madness - shoot - 648 plays
Graveyard Madness
Link: Play
You are already used to shoot hordes of zombies coming at you. But now you're playing for the peace of zombies. Defend your tomb against pesky grave robbers. To select weapon use keys 1-8 or use your mouse wheel.

Size: 1476670 Bytes

11. Glow Shooter - shoot - 617 plays
Glow Shooter
Link: Play
Shoot the enemy in the galactic ship, get the green squares and avoid the red. Earn money and upgrade your ship.

Size: 5245506 Bytes

12. Green arrow - shoot - 1797 plays
Green arrow
Link: Play
You have an opportunity to practice archery at a distance. Expose the firing angle and try to make nice shots.

Size: 1446605 Bytes

13. Gem rush - shoot - 900 plays
Gem rush
Link: Play
Try to bring down as much gems as you can using maximum 5 shots per level. Avoid bad gems with skull mark. Use the mouse to aim and fire. Click and hold to increase shot's power.

Size: 1514424 Bytes

14. Gunfire - shoot - 613 plays
Link: Play
Basically shoot down the helicopter

Size: 552593 Bytes

15. Gunny Bunny - shoot - 1088 plays
Gunny Bunny
Link: Play

Size: 3801983 Bytes

16. Gunny Bunny 2 - shoot - 712 plays
Gunny Bunny 2
Link: Play
More FPS in flash goodness. Truely awesome visuals.

Size: 6029876 Bytes

17. GunSlinger - shoot - 837 plays
Link: Play
Sidescrolling spaceship shooter.

Size: 228815 Bytes

18. Grave 2 - shoot - 652 plays
Grave 2
Link: Play
Use pistol, shotgun, machine gun and shoot down the enemies within the building.

Size: 2395817 Bytes

19. Golden Gate Drop - shoot - 579 plays
Golden Gate Drop
Link: Play
Aim and drop the water balloons on the people below.

Size: 889264 Bytes

20. Golden Shower - shoot - 745 plays
Golden Shower
Link: Play
Pee on the people, animals, cars, etc. below for points.

Size: 791916 Bytes

21. Gorlog - shoot - 637 plays
Link: Play
Galaxians type shoot-em-up game.

Size: 699245 Bytes

22. Gunman - shoot - 537 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the wooden blocks and objects as they appear.

Size: 114263 Bytes

23. Grizzly - shoot - 618 plays
Link: Play
Rescue four soilders who were captured by the cobra bats in this excellent tank game.

Size: 419189 Bytes

24. Generic Zombie Shoot Up - shoot - 770 plays
Generic Zombie Shoot Up
Link: Play
Shoot or slash the zombies as they appear in this FPS.

Size: 1858851 Bytes

25. Gun Down The Gungan - shoot - 667 plays
Gun Down The Gungan
Link: Play
Shoot the Gungan as they popup from holes in the ground.

Size: 132169 Bytes

26. Get Flippy - shoot - 704 plays
Get Flippy
Link: Play
Shoot the dolphines jumping out of the water on their bullseye.

Size: 331425 Bytes

27. Graveyard - shoot - 724 plays
Link: Play
Shoot dem bones!

Size: 253940 Bytes

28. Gun Knight - shoot - 641 plays
Gun Knight
Link: Play
Protect the princess by shooting down the enemies as they approach her.

Size: 2141047 Bytes

29. Grave 3 - shoot - 679 plays
Grave 3
Link: Play
A well done 3D shooter with multiple dualing weapons!

Size: 3895809 Bytes

30. Goblin House - shoot - 565 plays
Goblin House
Link: Play
Throw the pumpkins at the ghosts and goblins that approach you. Make them wish they were dead... err

Size: 155443 Bytes

31. GunSlinger - shoot - 604 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the can and keep it from hitting the ground.

Size: 149827 Bytes

32. GoBoom! - shoot - 617 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the weird creatures that are ahead of your car. Kill them before they attack your car.

Size: 2588386 Bytes

33. Gunslinger - shoot - 621 plays
Link: Play
Hide behind a building and pop out and shoot them old western cowboys in the face.

Size: 1077923 Bytes

34. GunBlaze: Video Shooter - shoot - 710 plays
GunBlaze: Video Shooter
Link: Play
Another shooter done with real life footage. Aim and shoot in this somewhat poorly made duplicate.

Size: 1352240 Bytes

35. Granny's Garden - shoot - 644 plays
Granny's Garden
Link: Play
Grannies got a gun and is keeping her garden clear of frogs by blowing them away with a shotgun!

Size: 1301036 Bytes

36. Golden Arrow 3 - shoot - 678 plays
Golden Arrow 3
Link: Play
Shoot the targets with your bow and arrow. Watch the wind and try to score bonuses.

Size: 248393 Bytes

37. Global Defense System - shoot - 610 plays
Global Defense System
Link: Play
Shoot the incoming asteroids and prevent them from crashing into our planet. Be quick to aim!

Size: 2657716 Bytes

38. Generic Defense - shoot - 728 plays
Generic Defense
Link: Play
8 different turret defending games all mixed up with different art, but with similar gameplay. Nice.

Size: 4246881 Bytes

39. Gangster Pursuit - shoot - 890 plays
Gangster Pursuit
Link: Play
Run and jump over obstacles. Shoot the gangsters as you jump over their cover.

Size: 1817762 Bytes

40. Germageddon - shoot - 615 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the germs with your cannon and cover the area that they're infecting.

Size: 513645 Bytes

41. Grundo's Snow Throw - shoot - 658 plays
Grundo's Snow Throw
Link: Play
Throw snow balls at the yeti.

Size: 157174 Bytes

42. Golden Arrow - shoot - 658 plays
Golden Arrow
Link: Play
Golden Arrow - Score as many points as you can.

Size: 386510 Bytes

       42 shoot games starting with G
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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