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       51 skill games starting with G
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1. Go Under - skill - 1206 plays
Go Under
Link: Play
Puzzle platformer featuring a malformed marshmallow like alien. Help this little guy avoid obstacles and solve puzzles by traveling between the surface and the underground. Use your ability to flip underneath the surface and back to overcome various obstacles like wooden spikes and reach the exit door in each level. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move the little alien. Use the S or Down arrow key to go under ground. Press R key to restart the level.

Size: 1434493 Bytes

2. Gem Bound - skill - 1121 plays
Gem Bound
Link: Play
This is Steven's last obstacle course before he will be inducted into a super hero. But it will be difficult and dangerous, be warned. Prove his courage, ability and challenge a hundred of layers. Jump up and up on the platforms and reach the top, having collected all coins, then fall down and smash all the enemies.

Size: 2009180 Bytes

3. Ghostbombers - skill - 997 plays
Link: Play
Throw the grenades and catch the ghosts by standing under them. Watch out for the falling blocks and other items. There are 30 levels, some with special missions. Try to catch the ghosts with the least number of grenades to score maxiumum points. You have to get rid of the ghosts in town. Shoot grenades to destroy them. Unlock achievements and use your left Mouse button click to throw the grenades. Throw grenade, blow it out, avoid falling items get under the ghost and try to got it. Click the candy to collect it.

Size: 4842215 Bytes

4. Get The Weight - skill - 759 plays
Get The Weight
Link: Play
In this game you will be able to weigh the different items and find out how much you are accurate. Do you know how much weight the British Crown, Hamburger or Minecraft pikeaxe? And what about the dynamite with a timer? Use logic and balance the machine by getting the right weight. Put weight at the empty scale to get the right balance and earn stars. Pick the size of the weight and make it grow by clicking your Mouse on buttons. See if you can guess the correct weight of all the different items that are placed on the scales.

Size: 2116430 Bytes

5. Give Up - skill - 1513 plays
Give Up
Link: Play
Failure is inevitable, so why delay? Hit that Give Up button and be done with all this. No need to try to finish the game. But if you want to humor yourself you can at least try a few floors on for size. Try getting to the exit without getting blasted into tiny microscopic bits by lasers or skewered by the sharp pointy spikes. Press your WASD or Arrow keys to move and jump. Tap the up key twice to perform a double jump. If the going gets tough just hit the big failure button to concede.

Size: 4042835 Bytes

6. Gang Blast 2 - skill - 593 plays
Gang Blast 2
Link: Play
Physics based shooting game where you have to rid the area of thieving bandits by knocking them off the platforms using your lawgiver. Eliminate and kill all gangsters and use your gun to drop bandits off the cliff. Use the Mouse to aim your gun, try to shoot through bags of gold to earn a bonus. Blue bricks cannot be destroyed but yellow bricks can be broken with your weapon. Try to complete the level as fast as you can be the score countdown reaches zero.

Size: 5035082 Bytes

7. Go Go Adventure - skill - 833 plays
Go Go Adventure
Link: Play
Retrieve a pirates treasure map stolen from you by a pesky bird. Climb over tree stumps and dodge penguins to get the map. Use A and D to move left and right, S to squat and Mouse button to jump.

Size: 1181854 Bytes

8. Glow Runner 2 - skill - 1324 plays
Glow Runner 2
Link: Play
Play glow runner 2 game and use your nimble legs to sprint as far into distance as you can before you fall off into the abyss. Press your left Mouse button or Space bar key to perform a jump over wide crevices. Keep running for as long as you can. The screen flips around a lot and changes colour so watch out for the dazzling effects and tricks.

Size: 2234762 Bytes

9. Goblin Flying Machine - skill - 715 plays
Goblin Flying Machine
Link: Play
Evil dwarfs kidnapped your goblin girlfriend – now you need to launch yourself and fly up to their huge dwarven zeppelin to rescue her. You will have to help him a bit though, just aim for all flying characters to get that little extra bounce to get even higher. Every once and then your goblin will have to face a boss. The huge selection of upgrades might come handy. Use Mouse to control the character. Press the Mouse button to swing the wings and fly up when falling.

Size: 3893281 Bytes

10. Grunge Ball - skill - 769 plays
Grunge Ball
Link: Play
In this fun and colorful game we need to get three nice colorful monsters to their bowls. To do this we need to choose the direction and force of the jump. You can make jump also in the air.

Size: 1543696 Bytes

11. Gangster Runner - skill - 856 plays
Gangster Runner
Link: Play
You are the driver of the mafia. Help your mafia brothers - Park your car where you are asked and try to leave in the chase. The better you drive, the greater share of the loot you get.

Size: 2938281 Bytes

12. Gazzoline Deluxe - skill - 839 plays
Gazzoline Deluxe
Link: Play
It seems not a difficult job, but let's see how fast you could do the job. You are the only employee of Gazzoline Filling station. Your goal is to make a big fortune giving good service to your clients.

Size: 1346785 Bytes

13. Ghost Town - skill - 634 plays
Ghost Town
Link: Play
Have you ever dreamed about a ghost bat? This game gives you a chance! The game has character generation, 5 types of weapons and bonuses. Move with arrows, space to attack and beware of falling skulls!

Size: 443437 Bytes

14. Grisou - skill - 659 plays
Link: Play
You need to bring the miner to the surface. With each level scheme of the mine becomes more tortuous, and if you touch the walls - you will loose.

Size: 547203 Bytes

15. Ghost Pool - skill - 785 plays
Ghost Pool
Link: Play
Nice version of Zuma on the billiard table with the company of ghosts, which will disturb you to knock down all the balls.

Size: 348767 Bytes

16. Galaktoid - skill - 793 plays
Link: Play
In this game you control a board to hit a ball and destroy the bricks. There are special bricks and if you break them your board may be narrowed or broadened or you may be given extra bonuses. You have to break all the bricks on each level to move on to the next one.

Size: 3270787 Bytes

17. Giant Monsters Attack - skill - 803 plays
Giant Monsters Attack
Link: Play
Stop giant monsters. Gains upgrade by performing chains combo and kill several enemies. Mouse move and aim. Left Click to shoot. W,A,S,D player move.

Size: 2609073 Bytes

18. Global Rescue - skill - 898 plays
Global Rescue
Link: Play
In this game you have to fly a helicopter to rescue people, press SPACE to lower the winch (and again to recoil). Use ARROWS to navigate the Merlin. Press Z to drop chaff to stop missiles and C to fire. Keep an eye on your fuel via the gauge situated top left of the screen. As this Merlin isn't equipped with a refuelling probe refuel at headquarters or at a designated station.

Size: 1369179 Bytes

19. Graveyard of Drunken Souls - skill - 1072 plays
Graveyard of Drunken Souls
Link: Play
From both sides you will attack the hordes of red monsters. Move and jump with arrows, shoot with A. When you kill 100 enemies you can choose between 3 god-powers. Press 1,2 or 3 to use one of them.

Size: 479413 Bytes

20. Gold Miner 3 - skill - 2642 plays
Gold Miner 3
Link: Play
During the time you need to collect all the gold.

Size: 227754 Bytes

21. Gravibounce - skill - 785 plays
Link: Play
You need to collect all the little blue balls.

Size: 509474 Bytes

22. Gordy's Lunch - skill - 556 plays
Gordy's Lunch
Link: Play
Score as many points as possible by eating and killing.

Size: 749924 Bytes

23. Gunther - skill - 680 plays
Link: Play
How fast can you rub it?

Size: 941728 Bytes

24. Gravoor 4 - skill - 531 plays
Gravoor 4
Link: Play
Find your way to the exit without dying.

Size: 1437540 Bytes

25. Guardian of the Explorer - skill - 1429 plays
Guardian of the Explorer
Link: Play
Protect the guy that has been captured from the balls by using your paddle to defend him.

Size: 494469 Bytes

26. Go Michael Go! - skill - 732 plays
Go Michael Go!
Link: Play
Collect all your kiddie porn before the cops get you.

Size: 496274 Bytes

27. Goki Dash - skill - 496 plays
Goki Dash
Link: Play
Collect the green balls and stay away from the geko.

Size: 357946 Bytes

28. Glug Glug - skill - 552 plays
Glug Glug
Link: Play
Grab the treasures without dying a bloody death.

Size: 274739 Bytes

29. GravTrip - skill - 799 plays
Link: Play
Out run and out maneuver the large black ball and reach the end of the level.

Size: 407537 Bytes

30. Gung ho - skill - 582 plays
Gung ho
Link: Play
Click on the employees that are falling asleep to wake them up.

Size: 222583 Bytes

31. Goldorak - skill - 623 plays
Link: Play
Squish the aliens that are chasing the boys and girls, but don't squish the little children.

Size: 110598 Bytes

32. Guess the Game - skill - 1041 plays
Guess the Game
Link: Play
Guess what game the screenshot is from. Some are easier than others. Do you know your games?

Size: 3121499 Bytes

33. Go! Spin - skill - 645 plays
Go! Spin
Link: Play
A strange game of bouncing the cat head back into the center with your weird ice cream cone.

Size: 936382 Bytes

34. Get That Jet - skill - 756 plays
Get That Jet
Link: Play
Throw the paper airplane at the perfect angle for the longest distance. Takes practice.

Size: 880879 Bytes

35. George Wants Beer - skill - 828 plays
George Wants Beer
Link: Play
Keep Geourge from falling over after one too many.

Size: 132073 Bytes

36. Gravity Ball - skill - 770 plays
Gravity Ball
Link: Play
Keep the ball from touching the edges. Gravity and effects change to make it harder.

Size: 35107 Bytes

37. Gravity Pinball Challenge - skill - 582 plays
Gravity Pinball Challenge
Link: Play
120 levels of controlling a ball vs gravity.

Size: 5063235 Bytes

38. Gravity Pinball 2 - skill - 528 plays
Gravity Pinball 2
Link: Play
Control the ball and get it to the goal while gravity fights against you.

Size: 4109465 Bytes

39. Generation RX - skill - 587 plays
Generation RX
Link: Play
Give the customers the right perscription that they ask for. Gets harder and faster.

Size: 409191 Bytes

40. Gold Miner - skill - 990 plays
Gold Miner
Link: Play
Grab the gold to make money on each level. Dodge the plain rocks.

Size: 298760 Bytes

41. Graag - skill - 506 plays
Link: Play
Your spaceships guns aren't working. Fly away from the alien creature for as long as possibe.

Size: 3256022 Bytes

42. G Ball - skill - 558 plays
G Ball
Link: Play
Roll the ball around the simple levels and dodge the holes and get to the end of the map.

Size: 1041240 Bytes

43. Grav Ball - skill - 613 plays
Grav Ball
Link: Play
Keep gravity from pushing the ball into the walls. Move the ball to land into the catcher.

Size: 189761 Bytes

Galactic Gravity Golf Deluxe
Link: Play
Shoot your planet and bounce it off objects and get it into the hole.

Size: 5087522 Bytes

45. Go Squirrel Go! - skill - 535 plays
Go Squirrel Go!
Link: Play
Bounce the squirrel on the clouds. Don't miss as you shoot upwards or you fall back down.

Size: 227588 Bytes

46. Gator Hop - skill - 756 plays
Gator Hop
Link: Play
Time your jumps just right so you don't land in the gators. Fluctuating jump power makes it hard.

Size: 550148 Bytes

47. Gravity Runner - skill - 832 plays
Gravity Runner
Link: Play
Fly your spaceship around the course without crashing into walls. Multiple levels!

Size: 5534798 Bytes

48. Gore Jackass - skill - 628 plays
Gore Jackass
Link: Play
Hit the cast of the Jackass show in the right direction and with enough power to cause damage.

Size: 3063113 Bytes

49. Go Flower Grow! - skill - 531 plays
Go Flower Grow!
Link: Play
Keep the flower growing by dragging water cans to it and protecting it from things flying at it.

Size: 2531982 Bytes

50. Gravity Vortex 2 - skill - 693 plays
Gravity Vortex 2
Link: Play
Control gravity and move from the top to the bottom of the cavern as you fire your arm strapped gun.

Size: 1078668 Bytes

       51 skill games starting with G
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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