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       38 shoot games starting with W
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1. Wild King - shoot - 991 plays
Wild King
Link: Play
It is a story about a wild boy who thought he was a king, with his blue flying friend (BFF). Not so long time ago, boy lived peacefully in the paper forest of paper land. Evil came from abroad, they chopped terrified and poisoned the land, turning everything to mad and wicked creatures. But your wild boy sitting on a flying turtle can even fire blue projectiles of any kind. An epic shoot'em up quest for a kingdom and the crown. Help the young boy on his way through automatically scrolling levels with checkpoints. Use your Mouse for turtle movement. Click and hold the left mouse button to fire. In later levels, fire multiple targets and collect gold and power ups for special weapons for your turtle. Do not fall behind or to the trap, dodge other animals and their projectiles. Try to bounce your bullets from surroundings and clear your way through stone blocks.

Size: 7989598 Bytes

2. Warzone Getaway 3 - shoot - 2147 plays
Warzone Getaway 3
Link: Play
The third instalment of Warzone Getaway is here and its rougher and tougher than ever before! Defend your jeep from waves of enemies, from terrorists by shooting them off their bikes, by upgrading your gun, defences and air support! Good luck soldier! Use the Mouse to aim the sub machine gun at the bikers before they reach the jeep. If you find yourself in a pickle call for air support and rambo will fly in on a apache helicopter. Mouse to aim and shoot, Space to reload, Z for grenade, X for oil, C for spikes. Use Number keys 1-5 for air support.

Size: 9430627 Bytes

3. Wild West Showdown - shoot - 845 plays
Wild West Showdown
Link: Play
Draw your weapon with the left mouse button. Aim at your opponent and click to place markers within the time limit. Wait until the crosshair shrinks for the most accurate shots. Your silhouette displays where the opponent is aiming on your body. You must shoot more critical shots than the opponent to win. Try to complete all the levels on the map in the Wild West.

Size: 9782176 Bytes

4. West Gunfighter - shoot - 739 plays
West Gunfighter
Link: Play
You are in a west bar. A cowboy is showing his shooting skills now. Fire at the glasses and the plates and the squirrel which fly around in the bar. If you missed the target, 10 HP will be lost. When all HP is lost, you will die. The pistol is equipped with a total of six bullets, press the space key to reload bullets. There are many special bonuses to enhance damage, or automatic reload, or bomb to eliminate all the targets on the screen. If you shot the bird, you will be awarded gold coins. The more gold coins you are awarded, the more points you will gain.

Size: 2912821 Bytes

5. War Against Submarine - shoot - 766 plays
War Against Submarine
Link: Play
A great submarine earthquake attacks the Pacific Ocean in 2018 and the bottom of the ocean is torn. They want to invade and occupy the ocean which belongs to human. Ocean bottom mutants has already occupied parts of the ocean and built military bases. Destroy enemy submarines, use Left/Right arrows to move, press Space to throw depth bomb. Press numeric keys 1 to 6 to use items.

Size: 5300589 Bytes

6. Wrath of Evil - shoot - 1158 plays
Wrath of Evil
Link: Play
Legend has it that once on Earth all living in peace and harmony, but a villain named Azazel decided to conquer the whole world. He hypnotized a few people, forcing them to assist him in his evil plans. The gates to Earth realm are protected with archers. One mouse click and each of the archers hit the enemies with arrows.

Size: 3477808 Bytes

7. WW4 Shooter - World War 4 - shoot - 2170 plays
WW4 Shooter - World War 4
Link: Play
Select your true weapon and use your mouse to shoot all your enemies. SPACE to reload your gun.

Size: 3954615 Bytes

8. War of britannia - shoot - 3273 plays
War of britannia
Link: Play
In this game you have to defend the honor of Britain in the war against Nazi Germany. Take the plane fighter and destroy the enemy. To start push 3rd button from top. :)

Size: 2822609 Bytes

9. Weapon - shoot - 7824 plays
Link: Play
Your Black Hawk was shot down by enemy and your task is to provide cover until the arrival of evacuation. There are available various types of weapons and upgrades for you.

Size: 3846888 Bytes

10. When Penguins Attack! - shoot - 663 plays
When Penguins Attack!
Link: Play
Ohh no!! Save santa from evil penguins in this cool and funny shoot 'em up

Size: 289214 Bytes

11. War Games - shoot - 712 plays
War Games
Link: Play
This is an excellent army-shooting game, in which you have to kill the opponents, using your handy-g

Size: 657822 Bytes

12. Worms - shoot - 887 plays
Link: Play
This is a pretty cool spin-off of worms. You're a worm, and the world has been taken over by Zombie

Size: 1000262 Bytes

13. War Against Iraq - shoot - 749 plays
War Against Iraq
Link: Play
Shoot down troopers firing their AK 47s at you shoot at tanks and helicopters.

Size: 413694 Bytes

14. Wild Wild West - shoot - 639 plays
Wild Wild West
Link: Play
Pull out your revolver, magnum, rifle or shotgun and shoot down those bad cowboys.

Size: 495961 Bytes

15. Wade vs The Star Syndicate - shoot - 577 plays
Wade vs The Star Syndicate
Link: Play
Shoot the evil stars.

Size: 737144 Bytes

16. Wrath II - shoot - 598 plays
Wrath II
Link: Play
Fire lightning bolts and destroy the cows and people.

Size: 1625733 Bytes

17. War on Terrorism 2 - shoot - 791 plays
War on Terrorism 2
Link: Play
Use your pistol assault rifle and sniper rifle to kill those evil terrorists and get to Osama Bin La

Size: 1123411 Bytes

18. WartHog Rampage - shoot - 751 plays
WartHog Rampage
Link: Play
Shoot down the crazed rabid wart hogs using a pistol, shotgun or rocket launcher before they escape.

Size: 479411 Bytes

19. World War 2 Soldier (demo) - shoot - 628 plays
World War 2 Soldier (demo)
Link: Play
Blast through the trenches, shoot down the enemy Nazi troops and get off Normandy Beach.

Size: 881045 Bytes

20. War On Terrorism 1 - shoot - 896 plays
War On Terrorism 1
Link: Play
Shoot the terrorists with an assortment of weapons.

Size: 689527 Bytes

21. Western - shoot - 599 plays
Link: Play
Take out the baddies in this fun western shootout.

Size: 504495 Bytes

22. Wasted Sky - shoot - 603 plays
Wasted Sky
Link: Play
Fight off enemy space crafts in this side scrolling shooter.

Size: 742532 Bytes

23. Western Shooter - shoot - 718 plays
Western Shooter
Link: Play
Shoot the objects as they are tossed onto the screen. Watch out for things you shouldn't shoot.

Size: 323731 Bytes

24. Wild Pistol - shoot - 670 plays
Wild Pistol
Link: Play
Shoot the bad guys as they roll and run into position.

Size: 2195701 Bytes

25. wpnFire - shoot - 2607 plays
Link: Play
A simply amazing side scrolling action game with multiple gameplay modes. A must for action fans.

Size: 5054911 Bytes

26. Witch Hunt - shoot - 592 plays
Witch Hunt
Link: Play
Shoot all the witches before they fly off the screen.

Size: 116464 Bytes

27. Wild Wild Wrist - shoot - 788 plays
Wild Wild Wrist
Link: Play
Shoot the wild hand trying to attack you. Dodge enemy fire!

Size: 309811 Bytes

28. Wasteland 2154 - shoot - 701 plays
Wasteland 2154
Link: Play
Duck behind tires, then pop out to shoot the futuristic enemies shooting you. Watch out for missles.

Size: 5725915 Bytes

29. Wild Boar Hunter - shoot - 621 plays
Wild Boar Hunter
Link: Play
Shoot the boars in the head and watch their heads explode. They're resistant to shots elsewhere.

Size: 383750 Bytes

30. WWIII Anti Aircraft - shoot - 581 plays
WWIII Anti Aircraft
Link: Play
You control the turret, as the targets appear blow them out of the sky.

Size: 2883622 Bytes

31. Western Shootout - shoot - 606 plays
Western Shootout
Link: Play
Shoot the cowboys that pop out from behind tables, from opening doors, and from behind bar posts.

Size: 417212 Bytes

World War III Anti Aircraft
Link: Play
Three levels of shooting the enemy war machines down so that you can survive to fight another day.

Size: 2883622 Bytes

33. Wolfn Swine - shoot - 767 plays
Wolfn Swine
Link: Play
Pick up the Wolf with your mouse, chuck him up into the air. Attack a rocket, then hit him with baseball stick

Size: 681583 Bytes

34. Wack a Bunny - shoot - 648 plays
Wack a Bunny
Link: Play
Smash the rabbits as fast as you can using your mallet.

Size: 178201 Bytes

35. Wack a Bunny 2 - shoot - 574 plays
Wack a Bunny 2
Link: Play
Hit the bunny rabbit in various spots with the bat and score enough points to go onto the next level

Size: 516057 Bytes

36. Worm Warrior - shoot - 647 plays
Worm Warrior
Link: Play
Using a hammer, smash the worms going near your steak meat before they infect it and eat it.

Size: 127713 Bytes

37. Weapons of Destruction - shoot - 628 plays
Weapons of Destruction
Link: Play
Jump into your panzer tank and run down George Bush before he escapes or shoot at him with your cannon.

Size: 639825 Bytes

38. When Balls Attack - shoot - 639 plays
When Balls Attack
Link: Play
Shoot the balls and the smaller balls that come after. Don't let them hit you.

Size: 158985 Bytes

       38 shoot games starting with W
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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