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       15 shoot games starting with L
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1. Let The Bullets Fly - shoot - 3413 plays
Let The Bullets Fly
Link: Play
Use your skills you learnt with ricochet bullets as you try and kill all the enemies with the limited amount of bullets you have. Use your Mouse and aim and shoot all enemies for each levels. Also be careful not to kill yourself with dynamites or other explosive staff.

Size: 3220380 Bytes

2. Left To Die - shoot - 1868 plays
Left To Die
Link: Play
Fighting for the army somewhere in the jungle, you fall out of your squadron’s helicopter. You are now alone on an unexplored island filled with mad monsters who want to feast upon your flesh. Today is NOT the day you die! Try to survive on a remote tropical island as hungry zombies wander towards your fortified base. Use your Mouse to aim and fire your hand gun at the walking dead before they breach your barbed wire barricades. Press 1-6 number keys to swap between different weapon types, Space bar key to call in nukes or aerial fighter jet support. At the end of each wave spend your coins on automated turrets or improved fencing upgrades.

Size: 6060779 Bytes

3. Land Lobber - shoot - 3261 plays
Land Lobber
Link: Play
Become pirate of the year by taking out as many peg leg pirates and on-stage targets as possible. Take a gun and shoot the pirates! Earn doubloons for your efforts and use them to buy and upgrade your weapons. Move the mouse to take aim, click to shoot. Change weapons with 1,2,3,4 number keys. Learn how to shoot, aim well and shoot the pirates and their ships! Headshots are worth more.

Size: 5131124 Bytes

4. Loose Cannon - shoot - 1308 plays
Loose Cannon
Link: Play
Goal is to eliminate all enemies. Blast your cannon, shoot your rifle and jump around to beat 30 levels of pirate mayhem in this physics puzzle. You win if all enemies are dead. You lose if you die (shoot, blow or drown yourself) or if you kill the mermaids. Control the game with your mouse. Use the pirate weapons to eliminate all enemies with 1-3 keys. The bomb has a timer of 5 seconds. Click to shoot, the ruther away you click the higher the launch velocity. Bullet is not affected by gravity and will bounce off most things. Sometimes you have to alter environment. When there is no direct way, try to relocate yourself with a jump. Try to finish in less shots as possible and with par or less.

Size: 2476822 Bytes

5. Line of Fire - shoot - 944 plays
Line of Fire
Link: Play
Blast your way to complete your victory! Line of Fire is a side scrolling, flying, shooting game with many things to destroy! Are you manly enough? Choose the difficulty, easy mode has more health, do more damage, reload faster and it has more specials. But medium mode is for real men and hard mode is for action heroes with less health and specials. Move with Arrow keys, Attack with A,S,D. Special attack with W and speed your moves with Spacebar and P to Pause/Menu.

Size: 8017663 Bytes

Last Line of Defense - First Wave
Link: Play
You have to repel the attack of zombies, witches, man-tanks and other enemies. In the game you can buy weapons, abilities and life.

Size: 3780386 Bytes

7. Lunar Command - shoot - 606 plays
Lunar Command
Link: Play
Lasers. Lasers. Lasers. What more do you need from a game? Quite difficult.

Size: 168918 Bytes

8. Land of the Dead - shoot - 687 plays
Land of the Dead
Link: Play
Shoot the zombies from a top down view.

Size: 1703732 Bytes

9. Lightyear Alpha - shoot - 627 plays
Lightyear Alpha
Link: Play
Shoot the enemies in this sidescrolling space shooter.

Size: 1080456 Bytes

10. Linear Assault - shoot - 617 plays
Linear Assault
Link: Play
Similar to Raiden X, a nice looking top down shooter game.

Size: 390089 Bytes

11. Los Simpsons - shoot - 844 plays
Los Simpsons
Link: Play
Shoot Simpson characters and watch them die over and over again. (READ DETAILED DESCRIPTION)

Size: 170036 Bytes

12. Logun S 16s - shoot - 838 plays
Logun S 16s
Link: Play
Shoot the floating targets as accurately, and as fast as possible.

Size: 724547 Bytes

13. Lock n Load - shoot - 603 plays
Lock n Load
Link: Play
Lock onto your targets and blast them away. Be quick about it or you'll die a quick death.

Size: 2275149 Bytes

14. Lord Cannonball - shoot - 775 plays
Lord Cannonball
Link: Play
Shoot the wild life as it passes by your screen. 3 different difficulty settings. Aim and shoot.

Size: 744192 Bytes

15. Last Tank Standing - shoot - 682 plays
Last Tank Standing
Link: Play
Shoot the incoming soldiers. Keep them back wave after wave for as long as possible.

Size: 434333 Bytes

       15 shoot games starting with L
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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