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       32 skill games starting with W
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1. Wudywurm - skill - 1121 plays
Link: Play
Move Wudywurm around, let him eat the colored blocks and match 3 or more of the same color. Keep draggin him to make him longer before you release it. Make combos and fill up the gate meter. The first levels are with a single Wudywurm, later on you have to control multiple in the same play field. Play the 15 chamber mode or the free ride mode. Use your left Mouse button to drag. Arrow keys to move, Space bar key to release, X to switch between wudywurms. The game ends when the grid is filled and new black cannot be created. Ot if you stuck yourself into a position with no possible moves. Beat the highscores of other players.

Size: 2968633 Bytes

2. Willy The Wizard - skill - 632 plays
Willy The Wizard
Link: Play
The kingdom was attacked and the king needs your help to rescue his 25 daughters from the clutches of the attackers. Physics based puzzle game where you help the young warlock rescue all 25 kidnapped members of the royal family before it's too late. Your mission on each level is to defeat all the enemies with out harming the princess. Blast your powerful lightning blots and hit the enemy to electrocute them. Use your Mouse to hurl electrical bolts at enemy knights, goblins and skeletons by dragging the dotted line towards them. You only get 10 thunderbolts per level so try not to waste them. Whatever happens don't fry the princesses with your magical power!

Size: 4379687 Bytes

3. Wizard Blast - skill - 1255 plays
Wizard Blast
Link: Play
The goal is to make lines, horizontally or vertically, of three or more matching gems. Fill the bottles with magic to multiple your next moves. Use your Mouse to join the pieces in groups of at least 3 equal items. Click on the image that you prefer to move and then click again on the new position.

Size: 2236655 Bytes

4. Wanted! The Hoosiers - skill - 890 plays
Wanted! The Hoosiers
Link: Play
You play as a thief and you are running away from an angry policemen. The faster you press the arrow keys left / right keys, the more distance you will run. Choose a fugitive to play the game.

Size: 442117 Bytes

5. Wolf loves eggs - skill - 1183 plays
Wolf loves eggs
Link: Play
Try to catch as many falling eggs as possible by using the arrow keys! Get extra points for golden eggs! Drop too many eggs and its game over!

Size: 1172214 Bytes

6. Wanted - skill - 1090 plays
Link: Play
Enemies will try to ram and shoot you, damaging your health. When you destroy an enemy, be careful not to let the destroyed vehicle land on you so watch out for its shadow. Use your mouse to aim and click and hold to shoot. Use your arrows to control your car.

Size: 289294 Bytes

7. Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun - skill - 912 plays
Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun
Link: Play
You work in the bakery. You need to prepare bakeries products and send them to the store as quickly as possible.

Size: 1625606 Bytes

8. Winter Rider - skill - 2859 plays
Winter Rider
Link: Play
Another series of moto-trial game. This time winter race with a little changed physical engine. Size: 6934910 Bytes
9. Wheel of misfortune - skill - 833 plays
Wheel of misfortune
Link: Play
You will have to throw knives at these objects in a rotating wheel failures. Moreover, some objects (or people) can not hurt.

Size: 1430072 Bytes

10. White Shirt Guy - skill - 940 plays
White Shirt Guy
Link: Play
Click the guys with white shirts to proceed.

Size: 38743 Bytes

11. Wheel of Misfortune - skill - 629 plays
Wheel of Misfortune
Link: Play
Throw stuff at characters on the wheel. Try to miss character, but hit wheel.

Size: 539103 Bytes

12. Worm Escape - skill - 637 plays
Worm Escape
Link: Play
Dodge the seagulls and gather up what looks like poop.

Size: 112157 Bytes

13. Wall Ball - skill - 671 plays
Wall Ball
Link: Play
Bounce the ball and try to light up all the squares.

Size: 108150 Bytes

14. Watch Out - skill - 595 plays
Watch Out
Link: Play
Run around as digi ninja avoid the falling boulders and flee to safety before you get crushed.

Size: 29569 Bytes

15. Weezer Jam Session - skill - 598 plays
Weezer Jam Session
Link: Play
Select a song, Buddy Holly or Photograph and play the drums along to the beats of the songs.

Size: 2508650 Bytes

16. Water Bomber - skill - 737 plays
Water Bomber
Link: Play
Adjust speed, altitude and don't sink in water. Drop water on fire.

Size: 190224 Bytes

17. Worm Attack - skill - 595 plays
Worm Attack
Link: Play
Smash the worms with your spoon before they get to your food.

Size: 419610 Bytes

18. Wall Dodge - skill - 624 plays
Wall Dodge
Link: Play
Dodge the falling objects for as long as possible. Don't touch sides.

Size: 8449 Bytes

19. Winter Harvest - skill - 680 plays
Winter Harvest
Link: Play
Bounce the squirrels so they can get nuts.

Size: 373833 Bytes

20. Who Stole My Medicine? - skill - 579 plays
Who Stole My Medicine?
Link: Play
A type of "Find Waldo" game. Shown picture, then find the character in the crowd.

Size: 1321292 Bytes

21. World Defense - skill - 631 plays
World Defense
Link: Play
Rotate the planet to keep the asteroids from hitting houses.

Size: 2607841 Bytes

22. Whack The Dead - skill - 610 plays
Whack The Dead
Link: Play
Keep the dead from attacking the one you protect.

Size: 174443 Bytes

23. Wedu Toboggan Jump 2002 - skill - 695 plays
Wedu Toboggan Jump 2002
Link: Play
Give the toboggan just enough power to make it through the hoop, but not too much or they die!

Size: 2282146 Bytes

24. Weight Gainer 2 - skill - 652 plays
Weight Gainer 2
Link: Play
Grab as much food as possible to gain weight.

Size: 589489 Bytes

25. Wake Up Pussycat - skill - 696 plays
Wake Up Pussycat
Link: Play
Poke the cats to wake them up and catch their hairballs for extended gameplay. Keep the game going!

Size: 244336 Bytes

26. Willys Wide Wide West - skill - 614 plays
Willys Wide Wide West
Link: Play
Listen for the sound and jump when you hear it or get shot.

Size: 225265 Bytes

27. Wisebuds - skill - 561 plays
Link: Play
Push the arrow keys and space bar when the words are lit up.

Size: 5184219 Bytes

28. Wonder Light - skill - 587 plays
Wonder Light
Link: Play
Keep the comet from hitting other asteroids, and collect the green dots.

Size: 403129 Bytes

29. When Submarines Attack - skill - 681 plays
When Submarines Attack
Link: Play
Release the deepth charges just right so that they hit the subs.

Size: 147631 Bytes

30. Wiggi Rescue - skill - 626 plays
Wiggi Rescue
Link: Play
Jump up on ice platforms as they fall. Rescue the sleeping wiggies as they fall. Don't fall yourself

Size: 4313286 Bytes

31. We Are Legend: Arockalypse - skill - 1574 plays
We Are Legend: Arockalypse
Link: Play
Use flame traps to burn zombies. If you miss them, put a chainsaw to their face.

Size: 4823848 Bytes

32. Wild Kite - skill - 507 plays
Wild Kite
Link: Play
use your skill to control this wild kite. As hard as flying a real kite.

Size: 672174 Bytes

       32 skill games starting with W
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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