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51. Bill The Demon - action - 648 plays
Bill The Demon
Link: Play
A cool side scrolling, person eating, monster screaming game.

Size: 560119 Bytes

52. Baghdad Bowling - action - 699 plays
Baghdad Bowling
Link: Play
Use your bowling bombs to kill Saddam, UDay, and Qusay!

Size: 499086 Bytes

53. Balloony - action - 548 plays
Link: Play
Accumulate points by shooting almost everything that flies or floats or glides or whatever.

Size: 1269481 Bytes

54. Bat Punch - action - 581 plays
Bat Punch
Link: Play
You have 60 seconds to punch out as many bats as you can!

Size: 48635 Bytes

55. Brighton Bounty - action - 562 plays
Brighton Bounty
Link: Play
Aliens have invaded englands finest city. Jump into your spaceship and save the town.

Size: 55716 Bytes

56. Big Bird Hunting - action - 680 plays
Big Bird Hunting
Link: Play
Go point hunting for big ducks with your crossbow.

Size: 90644 Bytes

57. Bikini Bounce - action - 661 plays
Bikini Bounce
Link: Play
Bounce around to score points.

Size: 330527 Bytes

58. Battle of Helms Deep - action - 572 plays
Battle of Helms Deep
Link: Play
Shoot as many servants of the enemy as you can to protect the village. Based on the lord of the ring

Size: 64495 Bytes

59. Burger Man - action - 617 plays
Burger Man
Link: Play
Like pacman but its burgerman. Collect burgers, shakes and fries for points.

Size: 294305 Bytes

60. Booger Flick - action - 625 plays
Booger Flick
Link: Play
Finally a valid use for boogers! Flick your boogers through the air to kill as many of the flies as

Size: 66067 Bytes

61. Box 3 - action - 473 plays
Box 3
Link: Play
In this game you need to collect as many things on the field to slow down your opponent.

Size: 80198 Bytes

62. Beach Bobbing Bob - action - 581 plays
Beach Bobbing Bob
Link: Play
Help bob get all the coconuts across the river to safety.

Size: 1329906 Bytes

63. Balance Tobby - action - 755 plays
Balance Tobby
Link: Play
How far you can carry Tobby while balancing him on a stick?

Size: 152178 Bytes

64. Bunny vs. World - action - 706 plays
Bunny vs. World
Link: Play
Side scrolling game with a bunny and his sword.

Size: 919120 Bytes

65. Beer Dude - action - 609 plays
Beer Dude
Link: Play
Collect the beers and exit through the door to next levels.

Size: 75812 Bytes

66. Beer Dude 2 - action - 748 plays
Beer Dude 2
Link: Play
Gameplay and timelimit make this a great game.

Size: 175933 Bytes

67. Blot In Hell - action - 674 plays
Blot In Hell
Link: Play
Shoot the zombies and anything else that moves.

Size: 981018 Bytes

68. Brink of Alienation 1 - action - 833 plays
Brink of Alienation 1
Link: Play
Sidescrolling action with great gameplay as you blast away aliens.

Size: 3300681 Bytes

69. Brink of Alienation 3 - action - 675 plays
Brink of Alienation 3
Link: Play
The action continues in the 3rd chapter in the BOA action sidescrolling series.

Size: 5760852 Bytes

70. Batman Vs. Mr. Freeze - action - 704 plays
Batman Vs. Mr. Freeze
Link: Play
Crush the blocks of ice while throwing batarangs at Mr. Freeze.

Size: 330936 Bytes

71. Bombs Away - action - 757 plays
Bombs Away
Link: Play
Your a bird popping on people at the beach. What could be more fun. Gets hard.

Size: 508076 Bytes

Batman's Gotham Dark Night
Link: Play
Defuse the bombs in time or Batman goes boom.

Size: 969293 Bytes

73. Black - action - 746 plays
Link: Play
Gun down the enemies with multiple weapons in this top-down view action shooter.

Size: 385714 Bytes

74. Bubble Bobble 2 - action - 739 plays
Bubble Bobble 2
Link: Play
Blow bubbles around enemies and then eat their remains after popping the bubble.

Size: 346053 Bytes

75. Bojo - action - 595 plays
Link: Play
Run around defusing the bombs without letting any of them explode.

Size: 234512 Bytes

76. Balloon Attack - action - 768 plays
Balloon Attack
Link: Play
Drop the balloons on the people in their windows. Watch out for that wind.

Size: 211633 Bytes

Buddy In Space 2 Final Showdown
Link: Play
Another sidescrolling jet shooter.

Size: 2402359 Bytes

78. Brainbots - action - 590 plays
Link: Play
Action sidescroller with a gross brain level.

Size: 1262532 Bytes

79. Battlestar Ace - action - 609 plays
Battlestar Ace
Link: Play
Top down space shooter with multiple waves of enemies.

Size: 666333 Bytes

80. Blue Dwarf Fiesta Gang - action - 629 plays
Blue Dwarf Fiesta Gang
Link: Play
Shoot the incoming enemies with all sorts of holographics.

Size: 748226 Bytes

81. Bubble Bobble The Revival - action - 707 plays
Bubble Bobble The Revival
Link: Play
Another Bubble Bobble game where you blow bubbles at enemies and collect fruit.

Size: 1024675 Bytes

82. Battle of the Worms - action - 623 plays
Battle of the Worms
Link: Play
Pickup the people and drop them down on the platforms in the air. Blow fire to destory obstacles.

Size: 3353731 Bytes

83. Bomb Jack 1.5 - action - 703 plays
Bomb Jack 1.5
Link: Play
Collect the bombs and dodge the enemies. Simple enough, only you will easily DIE instead.

Size: 197279 Bytes

84. Breakout - action - 631 plays
Link: Play
Make your way out of the prison without being detected.

Size: 1038520 Bytes

85. Bit Crusher - action - 575 plays
Bit Crusher
Link: Play
Crush the poor little purple people. Watch their bodies explode in this sidescroller.

Size: 1339459 Bytes

86. Bloody Blades - action - 731 plays
Bloody Blades
Link: Play
A sidescrolling ninja game where you cut down all in your way.

Size: 1645672 Bytes

87. Boxhead - action - 2079 plays
Link: Play
Protect the hosties and rescue the needed amount for the level.

Size: 693386 Bytes

88. Bot Wars - action - 723 plays
Bot Wars
Link: Play
You're a tank, shooting bot helicopters, turrets, tanks, and mines to make you way through the level

Size: 483830 Bytes

89. Brutal Max - action - 668 plays
Brutal Max
Link: Play
A sidescroller of slicing, dicing and jumping. Nicely done.

Size: 969776 Bytes

90. Bow Adventure - action - 760 plays
Bow Adventure
Link: Play
Side view arrow shooting, platform jumping game.

Size: 1695301 Bytes

Black Ops: Korean Conflict
Link: Play
An amazing action game with a lot of weapons and action moves like gripping onto objects. Great game

Size: 1366610 Bytes

92. Bike Stunts - action - 1096 plays
Bike Stunts
Link: Play
Pick up speed and perform tricks after going off jumps. A hard game of pushing the right buttons.

Size: 265922 Bytes

93. Bug Time - action - 559 plays
Bug Time
Link: Play
Turn around and shoot bugs. Take your time or you will run towards them and lose health.

Size: 155418 Bytes

94. Boxhead The Rooms - action - 2389 plays
Boxhead The Rooms
Link: Play
Shoot the zombies on multiple levels.

Size: 1874637 Bytes

95. Beeku's Big Adventure - action - 471 plays
Beeku's Big Adventure
Link: Play
A sidescroller that feels a lot like Alien Hominid. Shoot the strange creatures.

Size: 2144910 Bytes

96. Black 2 - action - 776 plays
Black 2
Link: Play
The Black series continues with more weapons and the same top-down view. Excellent action shooter.

Size: 301755 Bytes

97. Britney's Baby Dash - action - 616 plays
Britney's Baby Dash
Link: Play
Throw your baby up in the air, throw dirty diapers at child service people.

Size: 1275260 Bytes

98. Benda Bot - action - 584 plays
Benda Bot
Link: Play
Sidescrolling game of making it through the levels alive while grabing nuts and bolts.

Size: 157958 Bytes

99. Bomber Jet - action - 964 plays
Bomber Jet
Link: Play
Shoot down enemy jets and bomb their turrets and buildings. Cool and addictive gameplay.

Size: 404689 Bytes

100. Bionic Bugz - action - 530 plays
Bionic Bugz
Link: Play
Similar to jet fighting action shooting games, except with bugs. Has power-ups and bigger bugs.

Size: 435967 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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