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51. Devils Advocate - action - 534 plays
Devils Advocate
Link: Play
Side scrolling, powerup grabbing, enemy shooting, space game.

Size: 301368 Bytes

52. Defend your Keg - action - 606 plays
Defend your Keg
Link: Play
Shoot anybody that gets near the last keg of beer on earth.

Size: 899430 Bytes

53. Dough Bros - action - 560 plays
Dough Bros
Link: Play
Shoot the evil doughy guys and then push them down to the bottom. Many levels and extra point levels

Size: 356351 Bytes

54. Defenseless Stick - action - 659 plays
Defenseless Stick
Link: Play
Grab as many green orbs as you can, the level starts to change to try and kill you.

Size: 2877109 Bytes

Defence Shot Fighting! Universe X
Link: Play
A top-down view spaceship shooting game. Has a smooth feel to it.

Size: 1941499 Bytes

56. Der Virtuelle 1. Mai - action - 514 plays
Der Virtuelle 1. Mai
Link: Play
Shoot the people with the fire hose on your fire truck. Try not to run over them.

Size: 107561 Bytes

57. Dreams Chapter 1 - action - 1371 plays
Dreams Chapter 1
Link: Play
Hammer and crush people with your giagantic hammer you carry.

Size: 3683999 Bytes

58. David - action - 543 plays
Link: Play
A well designed sidescroller with decent graphics and gameplay.

Size: 684554 Bytes

59. Dare Devil - action - 811 plays
Dare Devil
Link: Play
Similar to the physics controlling games, except this time you are doing tricks on jumps.

Size: 1990769 Bytes

60. Dangerous Forest - action - 552 plays
Dangerous Forest
Link: Play
A sidescrolling adventure that takes place in a forest with a lot of bugs to kill.

Size: 539167 Bytes

61. Deep Freeze - action - 637 plays
Deep Freeze
Link: Play
Santa shoots his freeze ray at creatures and rolls their froozen bodies away, and receives presents.

Size: 3231318 Bytes

62. Death Chase - action - 653 plays
Death Chase
Link: Play
Drive your motorcycle and once you get close enough to the enemy riders FIRE!

Size: 872404 Bytes

63. Destruction - action - 892 plays
Link: Play
Drive your monster truck over as much as possible trying to destroy everything in your path.

Size: 1131489 Bytes

Drakojan Skies Acolytes (Full)
Link: Play
Previously only in alpha, the full version is now here. Enjoy this sidescrolling jet shooter. 9.4 mb

Size: 9725576 Bytes

65. Demonic Goat - action - 511 plays
Demonic Goat
Link: Play
Use your demonic powers to shoot fireballs while staying alive as you kill the regular sheep.

Size: 193437 Bytes

66. Dangerous Voyage - action - 533 plays
Dangerous Voyage
Link: Play
Sidescroller action game of jumping and dodging. Can you handle all the action this game throws?

Size: 424883 Bytes

67. Devils And Cupid - action - 572 plays
Devils And Cupid
Link: Play
Jump the platforms, shoot the little devils and big devil slugs. Don't fall to your Valentines death

Size: 657972 Bytes

68. Down To Escape - action - 579 plays
Down To Escape
Link: Play
As the platforms rise towards the spikes, jump off them to lower platforms. Stay alive!

Size: 49827 Bytes

69. Demolition - action - 767 plays
Link: Play
Ram the cars in your parking lot and make sure they explode to level up. Don't explode yourself.

Size: 742727 Bytes

70. Dark Horizon - action - 530 plays
Dark Horizon
Link: Play
Shoot down the shapes and don't die while defending your planet.

Size: 69677 Bytes

71. Desert Storm - action - 625 plays
Desert Storm
Link: Play
Shoot down enemy helicopters and blow away enemy bunkers. Watch out for enemy turrets!

Size: 1362203 Bytes

72. Derecho - action - 403 plays
Link: Play
A strange, but fun game of striking animals with lightning bolts. Multiple levels.

Size: 3091872 Bytes

73. Dot Action 2 - action - 683 plays
Dot Action 2
Link: Play
Move your little stick figure around and collect dots. Watch out for collecting the wrong kinds.

Size: 5454362 Bytes

74. Doodle - action - 805 plays
Link: Play
Run on the piece of paper and slice the drawn enemies to erase them. Passwords for level jumps.

Size: 704772 Bytes

75. Draw A Game - action - 627 plays
Draw A Game
Link: Play
Escape the spiked ball by drawing lines upward to grab coins. Collecting coins speeds up spiked ball

Size: 5755115 Bytes

76. Dungeon Balls - action - 533 plays
Dungeon Balls
Link: Play
Travel the level, grab the keys, but most importantly dodge the dungon balls or you DIE!

Size: 168126 Bytes

77. Defend Your Mom - action - 588 plays
Defend Your Mom
Link: Play
You love your mom, now you must shoot any baddies trying to harm her in this top-down shooter.

Size: 4116226 Bytes

78. Deady - action - 504 plays
Link: Play
Cool dark sidescroller with a mean bear that has huge claws ready to take down the skeleton army.

Size: 3524879 Bytes

79. Dragon Pants 2 - action - 611 plays
Dragon Pants 2
Link: Play
A hard game of shooting the aliens in space with your dragon fire. Can you survive for long?

Size: 1756967 Bytes

80. Dodgem Racer - action - 635 plays
Dodgem Racer
Link: Play
Grab items, and jump onto platforms to finish each level. Shoot the bad guys when you find them.

Size: 482871 Bytes

Danny Phantom Freak For All
Link: Play
Make it through laser beams as Danny and the Phantom. Beat up bad guys.

Size: 1692394 Bytes

Danny Phantom Fright Flight
Link: Play
Fly your ship and dodge enemy fire while firing at the enemy. Grab powerups and stay alive.

Size: 765736 Bytes

83. Digi Ninja - action - 617 plays
Digi Ninja
Link: Play
Digi Ninja - Kill the monkeys that are terrorising you

Size: 192407 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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