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51. Pendekar - action - 410 plays
Link: Play
Another viewing sidescroller with chopping and punching action.

Size: 737689 Bytes

52. Power Copter - action - 405 plays
Power Copter
Link: Play
Multiple weapons and more and more enemies appearing as you get farther into the game.

Size: 5444008 Bytes

53. Prevent Attack Part 2 - action - 382 plays
Prevent Attack Part 2
Link: Play
Shoot the incoming helicopters. Try not to let any pass you.

Size: 139458 Bytes

54. Pie Craving - action - 409 plays
Pie Craving
Link: Play
A side view action game with jumping, collecting fruit, dodging bad guys and getting the pie.

Size: 326914 Bytes

55. Pixel Blaster - action - 399 plays
Pixel Blaster
Link: Play
Shoot the waves of jets that shoot back at you. Don't forget to keep that health up.

Size: 1001379 Bytes

56. Private Pwn - action - 428 plays
Private Pwn
Link: Play
Shoot the badies, upgrade weapons, kill other new and advanced enemy monsters.

Size: 3523299 Bytes

57. Prison Break - action - 582 plays
Prison Break
Link: Play
Break out of prison using the map tattooed on yourself. Watch out for cops.

Size: 1038520 Bytes

58. President Rescue - action - 511 plays
President Rescue
Link: Play
Another top-down viewing helicopter fighting game. Shoot the soldiers and blow up the tanks.

Size: 1711352 Bytes

59. Puppy Fetch - action - 385 plays
Puppy Fetch
Link: Play
You're a puppy finding the stick in this sidescroller. Find a way to get to the stick.

Size: 560467 Bytes

Porcudeath Animals with Jetpacks
Link: Play
Fly and shoot the incoming enemies that are wearing jetpacks.

Size: 2541652 Bytes

61. Project Validus - action - 604 plays
Project Validus
Link: Play
Kill the zombies withmutliple weapons in this top-down view action shooting flash game.

Size: 5597720 Bytes

62. Power Splash - action - 428 plays
Power Splash
Link: Play
The boy who changes into other super creatures has a mission to complete. Can you help him?

Size: 1367127 Bytes

63. Proefrit - action - 672 plays
Link: Play
Drive along the course and grab the points while dodging that which hurts your vehicle.

Size: 934476 Bytes

64. Papa Louie - action - 593 plays
Papa Louie
Link: Play
Sidescroller with some great graphics. Can you recover your pizzas?

Size: 1969593 Bytes

65. Purple Skies - action - 462 plays
Purple Skies
Link: Play
Shoot all the crazy objects that are coming after you. Don't let anything touch your tank.

Size: 3724105 Bytes

66. Pyramid Runner - action - 360 plays
Pyramid Runner
Link: Play
Very similar to the classic game LodeRunner. Collect gold and keep the gorilla away from you.

Size: 989173 Bytes

67. Poonsy - action - 450 plays
Link: Play
Collect as many jewels as possible, dodge other creatures while collecting your jewels.

Size: 1235338 Bytes

68. Pico X Trim - action - 531 plays
Pico X Trim
Link: Play
Shoot the guards and blow them away. Duck behind your shield and pop out to conserve health.

Size: 1573448 Bytes

69. Pico & the Mental Menace - action - 489 plays
Pico & the Mental Menace
Link: Play
Long intro, but once you get in you got some good sidescrolling shotgun blasting action.

Size: 7051428 Bytes

70. Pico of the Dark Ages - action - 413 plays
Pico of the Dark Ages
Link: Play
Sidescrolling, limb chopping, head decapitating, action game. Stay alive and slice and dice baby!

Size: 2287455 Bytes

71. Pico's Blam Jam - action - 861 plays
Pico's Blam Jam
Link: Play
Shoot other kids with your gun. What could be more fun than that?

Size: 7457984 Bytes

72. Pico's Surprise Party - action - 519 plays
Pico's Surprise Party
Link: Play
Sidescrolling, shoot 'em up. Blow away nerds at your party along with other creatures like bats.

Size: 3052088 Bytes

73. Party Interrupted - action - 551 plays
Party Interrupted
Link: Play
Ride your bike jumping over holes, rocks and stumps. Get far enough and the gameplay switches.

Size: 2811324 Bytes

74. Prince Adventure - action - 421 plays
Prince Adventure
Link: Play
Another platform jumper. Slice and dice the enemies with your sword. Don't let them touch you.

Size: 1855533 Bytes

75. Pixel Mission - action - 426 plays
Pixel Mission
Link: Play
Travel this sidescroller and shoot the creatures that appear. Jump and shoot if they're too high.

Size: 5535168 Bytes

76. Panik in Suburbia - action - 469 plays
Panik in Suburbia
Link: Play
Jump on platforms and ropes just right to make it across without dying a bunch of times.

Size: 783970 Bytes

77. Panik in Platform Peril - action - 450 plays
Panik in Platform Peril
Link: Play
Jump as the blue bunny and throw cookies at the enemies while grabbing the other items in the level.

Size: 1016636 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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