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51. Romanius - action - 604 plays
Link: Play
Sidescrolling fighting game where you continue to attack enemy troops.

Size: 1252915 Bytes

52. Runes of Shalak - action - 601 plays
Runes of Shalak
Link: Play
A simple stick figure coin collecting action game.

Size: 984515 Bytes

53. Rain Ride - action - 653 plays
Rain Ride
Link: Play
Float down the stream and grab items while dodging others to stay alive and keep that score high.

Size: 1429701 Bytes

54. Red Plane - action - 624 plays
Red Plane
Link: Play
A top-down view airplane shooting game. Tons of powerups, bosses and enemy fire to dodge.

Size: 2026179 Bytes

55. Romanius II - action - 636 plays
Romanius II
Link: Play
Go up against a few enemies at a time or change game modes and take on an entire army.

Size: 2071010 Bytes

56. Rescue Mission - action - 680 plays
Rescue Mission
Link: Play
Shoot the enemy troops and rescue the hostages in this sidescoller.

Size: 1587284 Bytes

57. Rocket Tag - action - 583 plays
Rocket Tag
Link: Play
Fly with your jetpack and dodge the birds and grab the fuel before you run out.

Size: 2608770 Bytes

58. Rocket Rush - action - 629 plays
Rocket Rush
Link: Play
Use the keyboard to shoot down all the incoming enemy ships and dodge air mines and more.

Size: 3153218 Bytes

59. Rage 2 - action - 730 plays
Rage 2
Link: Play
Stick fighting packed full of action with fighting moves, guns, grenades, and large cannons. Nice.

Size: 4138147 Bytes

60. Red Plane II - action - 691 plays
Red Plane II
Link: Play
An insanely action packed top-down view airplane shooting game. Crazy fun!

Size: 2065621 Bytes

61. Retron - action - 622 plays
Link: Play
Fly shooting the shapes in your way. Careful though, the screen starts to rotate and change.

Size: 791000 Bytes

62. Red Skies - action - 676 plays
Red Skies
Link: Play
Blow the enemy jets out of the ski with gun fire and missles.

Size: 1076319 Bytes

63. Robo Farmer - action - 662 plays
Robo Farmer
Link: Play
Sidescrolling action game with a robot farmer that is blowing away anything that gets in his way.

Size: 5177926 Bytes

64. Ri Mappy - action - 1039 plays
Ri Mappy
Link: Play
Grab all the items and watch out for the anime girls trying to catch you. Don't break the trampoline

Size: 618603 Bytes

65. Retaliator - action - 595 plays
Link: Play
A top-down jet shooter. Blow away the enemy ships and the turrets. Pickup powerups and dodge fire.

Size: 917075 Bytes

66. Rolf in the Big City - action - 546 plays
Rolf in the Big City
Link: Play
Jump on top of vehicles and grab the bananas while you're at it. Kick enemies.

Size: 504984 Bytes

67. Rocket Boy - action - 817 plays
Rocket Boy
Link: Play
Fly your tiny spaceship around blowing away larger starships as fast as possible.

Size: 4286625 Bytes

68. Rocket Fighter - action - 723 plays
Rocket Fighter
Link: Play
Sidescrolling shoot with Megaman like characters. Shoot the badies that appear on the screen.

Size: 3363458 Bytes

69. Red Fighter - action - 700 plays
Red Fighter
Link: Play
Fly your airplane and blow away all the enemies that are coming toward you. They fly towards you.

Size: 234460 Bytes

70. Robina Hoods Monster Hunt - action - 660 plays
Robina Hoods Monster Hunt
Link: Play
Start off shooting a simple target and progress into taking on a full scaled monster attack.

Size: 717437 Bytes

71. Robot Boy Depth Charger - action - 500 plays
Robot Boy Depth Charger
Link: Play
Activate lasers are start shooting all the sinking depth charges. Use your shield if there's a lot.

Size: 875257 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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