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51. Danmaku - shoot - 511 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the planes as they fly across the screen. Need lead time to hit them.

Size: 1896250 Bytes

52. Desert Hunter - shoot - 651 plays
Desert Hunter
Link: Play
Shoot any desert animals that move. All must die!

Size: 504112 Bytes

53. Destroy The Blob! - shoot - 425 plays
Destroy The Blob!
Link: Play
Shoot as many blobs as you possibly can. They appear and disappear fast.

Size: 57433 Bytes

54. David Blane Assassination - shoot - 680 plays
David Blane Assassination
Link: Play
Shoot David Blane as he swings back and forth in the glass box.

Size: 362294 Bytes

55. Dragon Hunt - shoot - 584 plays
Dragon Hunt
Link: Play
Shoot lit torches at the dragons as they fly by and try to bring them down.

Size: 1751711 Bytes

56. Defend Your PS3 - shoot - 731 plays
Defend Your PS3
Link: Play
Defend your Playstation 3 by shooting anybody that comes near it.

Size: 94919 Bytes

57. Dancing Coyotes - shoot - 510 plays
Dancing Coyotes
Link: Play
You're a priest with a gun in the old west. Show the bad guys their wrong ways by gunning them down.

Size: 2934173 Bytes

58. Dung Fu Donkey - shoot - 719 plays
Dung Fu Donkey
Link: Play
Fire donkey poop at the people in the building as they open up their window shutters. I know Dung-Fu

Size: 406080 Bytes

Danny Phantom Portal Problem
Link: Play
Aim at the monsters and punch them. Go into phantom mode to go through barriers. Fight boss battles.

Size: 2617109 Bytes

60. Death Point - shoot - 512 plays
Death Point
Link: Play
Shoot a bunch of people popping up all over the place in multiple levels. Fairly long game.

Size: 3516054 Bytes

Daddy Day Camp Watergun Fun
Link: Play
Shoot the hiding children that pop up with your watergun. Don't take too long or they'll squirt you.

Size: 1034199 Bytes

62. Destroy The Peace - shoot - 829 plays
Destroy The Peace
Link: Play
Drive by in your clunker car and shoot up the town. Watch out for cops and try to upgrade car.

Size: 757008 Bytes

Dick Cheney's Texas Takedown
Link: Play
Shoot as many guys as possible before the time runs out. Compare with friends score.

Size: 281821 Bytes

64. Dragonhunters - shoot - 447 plays
Link: Play
Blow fire onto the people, more and different enemies appear in new levels.

Size: 915144 Bytes

65. Duckman - shoot - 487 plays
Link: Play
A cheesy game of turning and shoot feathers at fries that are attacking. Yes, French fries.

Size: 78655 Bytes

66. Dogfight - shoot - 660 plays
Link: Play
Shoot down the enemy planes over and over. Don't let them shoot you down first.

Size: 181815 Bytes

67. Dr.Dentist - shoot - 857 plays
Link: Play
Dr.Dentist - Drill the patients teeth, careful not to drill the wrong one!

Size: 412865 Bytes

68. Drive by 2 - shoot - 719 plays
Drive by 2
Link: Play
Drive by 2 - Score as many points as poss by shooting things

Size: 368180 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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