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       22 logic games starting with I
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1. Inspector Blindson - logic - 1718 plays
Inspector Blindson
Link: Play
There were some mysterious connections with disappearing people from an old closed nuclear power plant. Join Inspector Blindson as he tries to find a way to get the trapped worker out of the heavy machine. Inspector has decided solve the puzzle out in the Power Plant. Await an unexpected horror final! Search for the TR 128 tool, try to free trapped worker in the machine. Avoid falling objects, machines, and traps. Press WASD or Arrow keys for movement. On your way through the level, move on platforms, jump from heights, climb ladders and search and use various protective suits. You will need various kinds of them to pass all the dangers in the water, fire or in radioactive chambers.

Size: 9540095 Bytes

2. Icarus Needs - logic - 2464 plays
Icarus Needs
Link: Play
Icarus Needs is a hypercomic adventure game starring everyone’s favourite mentally unhinged cartoonist, Icarus Creeps. Icarus has fallen asleep playing videogames and become trapped inside a surreal dream world that’s part videogame and part comic strip. What’s worse, somehow his girlfriend Kit has got trapped inside the same dream. Now Icarus needs to locate Kit, escape the clutches of the King of Squirrels and find some way back to the waking world. Can you get Icarus everything he needs before it’s too late? Press WASD or Arrow keys to move Icarus around the nightmare realm. Find various items that will allow you to pass obstacles that get in your way. Watch out for wild cats, spikes and crazy tree animals.

Size: 1809083 Bytes

3. Infiltrating The Airship - logic - 2556 plays
Infiltrating The Airship
Link: Play
Play as a pirate of the seven skies and take down an airship… just because you feel like it. Help Henry the stickman redeem himself from incarceration for his past exploits by agreeing to a top secret mission involving a flying balloon. Use your Mouse to pick various routes that will allow you to safely infiltrate the top hat organisation. Don't worry if you fail in your first attempt you can always rewind by going a step back or restarting from the beginning. There are four different endings to the story, can you find them all?

Size: 29800193 Bytes

4. I Saw Her Standing There - logic - 2874 plays
I Saw Her Standing There
Link: Play
I saw her standing there… but then she was a zombie. This is a game about zombies, guns, love and dealing with your girlfriend when she turns into a zombie. Also it's about jumping on platforms and not falling to your death. Maybe there's pancakes in there too, or the ability to fly. WASD/Arrow Keys to move, Space to shoot, Esc to return to the main menu. Try to put your girlfriend safely to the cage because you love her. Characters are represented by a simple blue and pink peg which then turns slowly green to represent the zombification process.

Size: 1827679 Bytes

5. Island Tribe 2 - logic - 3448 plays
Island Tribe 2
Link: Play
Get ready for new adventures in the second part of the Island Tribe series! Be one of the first to know what has happened to the settlers after their escape from the great volcano. Having sailed for many days in search of a new home, the settlers came upon a lonely traveler who had become lost at sea. Thankful to the settlers for his rescue, the explorer decided to share a secret with them and unfolded an old map. It revealed three islands cloaked in mysterious fog that concealed hidden treasure and magic artifacts… Help the tribe find a new home and make it through to the magic Altar of Wishes. Your way won’t be an easy one, so get ready for real dangers and challenges. Keep collecting resources, constructing and repairing buildings and overcoming new obstacles in Island Tribe 2! Lead the tribe and make all their dreams come true! Use mouse to play the game.

Size: 7044810 Bytes

6. Isoball X – Level Pack 1 - logic - 1779 plays
Isoball X – Level Pack 1
Link: Play
Your task is to build a track using blocks of different shapes in order to direct the ball into the hole. In the lower part of the screen you can see a list of objects that can come handy in this case. If you put a wrong block, the ball will shatter, so try not to make a false step. 36 mind stretching levels, 18 achievements, a highly complex sandbox, and many other surprises to encounter along the way. Animated tutorials are provided in the game. Use mouse to play this game and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Q, W, E, R, T - tile buttons keys to arrange tiles. Spacebar to start.

Size: 1396376 Bytes

7. Invertion - logic - 1538 plays
Link: Play
Invertion is a challenging puzzle platformer game where you have only one desire: escape. Discover unique game mechanics while you progress through the obstacles an evil AI put in your way. Use the robot to jump on platforms and over spikes to get to the door. You’ll need all your skills to finish this portal inspired adventure. Use the Arrow keys to move, Z/X to create clones, and C to use objects/doors.

Size: 5107933 Bytes

8. I Sense - logic - 614 plays
I Sense
Link: Play
Underground research complex, thousands of rooms and thousands of obstacles, but the built-in sonar will help you to get out of any trap. Venture through 40 light less levels of deadly traps to try and seize your freedom. Use your arrow keys to navigate, and A key to temporarily instruct a light radiating effect and activate your senses. Jump with SPACE or UP key. But beware of lasers and avoid them because then death awaits you.

Size: 1757028 Bytes

9. Infinity Forever - logic - 869 plays
Infinity Forever
Link: Play
In Infinity Forever you play as one of the last of the Circles, a race which has been almost exterminated by the Squares. You are a member of a Circle militant group and your goal is to tstop the oprression cause by the squares. To complete this mission you must navigate your way through the sewers underneath the Square's capital city and into the building of the square leader where you will attempt to make him see reason in whatever ways you can. The journey through the sewers is not without risk. It is regularly patrolled by squares and is filled with traps to stop an operation exactly like the one you will carry out. You have 3 lives to get through each level. Each time you lose a life you will be invulnerable for several seconds while you respawn. Once you lose all of your lives you will have to start the level over again. The objective of each level is to locate and enter the portal to the next level.

Size: 569124 Bytes

10. Iso Infected - logic - 744 plays
Iso Infected
Link: Play
This is a very challenging 3D game where you have to control a metallic ball and roll it throughout

Size: 94182 Bytes

11. IQ Marathon - logic - 692 plays
IQ Marathon
Link: Play
Place markers to give cow instructions which way to go.

Size: 742324 Bytes

12. Ice Cold Getaway - logic - 692 plays
Ice Cold Getaway
Link: Play
Grab as many diamonds as they appear on the screen it your batboat.

Size: 2275088 Bytes

13. IQ Test - logic - 752 plays
IQ Test
Link: Play
30 minutes to complete the puzzles to show you your IQ.

Size: 474307 Bytes

14. I'm With Stupid - logic - 648 plays
I'm With Stupid
Link: Play
Click to make balloons fill the in gaps or the retard falls.

Size: 537922 Bytes

15. Icarus! - logic - 646 plays
Link: Play
2 games in one. Stay in the clouds shadows or grab as many chickens as possible.

Size: 441772 Bytes

16. Industry 2 - logic - 676 plays
Industry 2
Link: Play
Click on things in the right order to get the stickmen to solve the environment puzzle.

Size: 290224 Bytes

17. Industry - logic - 704 plays
Link: Play
Another clicking puzzle game. Click on objects in their proper order to complete.

Size: 370571 Bytes

18. Idiot Test 2 - logic - 1022 plays
Idiot Test 2
Link: Play
Find out if your an idiot or not by taking a simple test. Watch out for those tricky ones.

Size: 73037 Bytes

19. isoRa - logic - 708 plays
Link: Play
Move and fill up all the spots and end up back on the red square.

Size: 860103 Bytes

20. Idiot Test 3 - logic - 749 plays
Idiot Test 3
Link: Play
Ready to find out if your an idiot or not? With this test, chances are you wont like the results.

Size: 64620 Bytes

21. Icy Candy - logic - 598 plays
Icy Candy
Link: Play
Grab the pieces and drop them into their own rows of the same color. Try to keep up with them.

Size: 987198 Bytes

22. iPhone Mystery - logic - 1212 plays
iPhone Mystery
Link: Play
Find Steve Jobs' iPhone and other items he's lost on the multiple room scenes.

Size: 3121339 Bytes

       22 logic games starting with I
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