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       53 logic games starting with L
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1. Locom - logic - 1226 plays
Link: Play
Help a plumber to complete all levels and to get out of this dark sewer. You have a tank with water behind your back and a powerful pump. Avoid saws, show your skills and solve puzzles. Use your Mouse to shoot out water to move yourself through the tricky platform levels of this skill game. Witness the power of water in Locom and reach the exit in each level. Try to complete all levels with the use of water particles and the power of preserving impulse.

Size: 3216219 Bytes

2. Legor 2 - logic - 979 plays
Legor 2
Link: Play
Awesome little lego puzzle game. See if you can match all the legos in place to make the puzzle complete Click and drag the shape to move it, press Sace bar key to rotate it. Try to fill all the empty slots.

Size: 1974453 Bytes

3. Luigi Go Adventure - logic - 952 plays
Luigi Go Adventure
Link: Play
Bad Donkey Kong attacked Mario toy factory again and stole many toy robots. But several robot escaped successfully while forest is full of danger. Please help Mario and Luigi toy robots avoid danger and return home safely. Use your Mouse only to go through various obstacles and stay away from all hazards in each level. Build blocks and change the path so that he can avoid the traps.

Size: 4182818 Bytes

4. Laser Cannon 3 - logic - 1975 plays
Laser Cannon 3
Link: Play
Another wave of monsters have invaded your home planet and it's up to you to get rid of them with your trusty laser cannon. Shoot strange monsters everywhere with high energy laser cannons. New locations, new monsters, new gear. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move the cannon horizontally or vertically. Use your Mouse left button for power shot. In later levels the creatures deflect your laser cannon shots with their metallic shields. Be careful as your ammunition is limited in each level.

Size: 5049217 Bytes

5. Lost Fluid - logic - 1659 plays
Lost Fluid
Link: Play
Crash land on a lonely planet! Guide the little blob creature through the barren alien world as it tries to find a way to fix it's broken down spaceship. Explore caves, space ports, machine rooms and solve puzzles and fight scary monsters. Use WASD or Arrow keys to move or jump. You can shimmy down green drain pipes by jumping into them. Watch out for giant hungry bipedal monsters, they'll swallow you whole.

Size: 2180431 Bytes

6. Live Puzzle - logic - 1149 plays
Live Puzzle
Link: Play
Memorize the brief flash animation before all the pieces are jumbled up across the board. Unlike common puzzle, elements form moving, but not static images. Not only patience, but also moving objects tracking skill required. Connect all pieces together. Use your Mouse to grab a square piece and place it where you think it should go. Try to complete the jigsaw as fast as you can before moving onto the next animation.

Size: 1126676 Bytes

Liquid Measure 3 – Poison Pack
Link: Play
You tinker around with toxic water as you try to fill the empty receptacles with the corrosive stuff. Route the poison to the pots to fill them all. Move the pieces to the right place to control the flow. This level pack includes 30 new levels, and a new poisonous theme. Use your Mouse to pick up copper pipe bends and attach them to different flasks holding the green substance. If a container is flashing it means that you can move it around the area. Click and drag flashing pieces to move them to the correct place. When everything is arranged click Start.

Size: 5730063 Bytes

8. Little Pirate Adventure - logic - 635 plays
Little Pirate Adventure
Link: Play
A gang of pirates went to an isolated island where they accidentally found a map of treasures. That was a good chance to get rich! Thus they stepped on the journey of adventure searching for gold coins... Help Captain No Beard collect all the Gold Coins in this fun physics puzzler! Use your Mouse to click to smash planks or use levers.

Size: 1357613 Bytes

9. Little Animals Rescue - logic - 862 plays
Little Animals Rescue
Link: Play
Help these Animal parents rescue their little children. Roll the adult animal to collect stars and save the little animals. Use mouse, and drop parent animal on child to rescue it. Collect stars on your way.

Size: 2006202 Bytes

10. Let It Glow 2 - logic - 1302 plays
Let It Glow 2
Link: Play
Your objective is to create a chain from the energy source to the light bulb. Connect the energy source to bulbs and let it glow over 20 levels. You will get more points when you do it quicker. Metal objects can't be removed. Use your mouse to remove wooden objects by clicking on them. Connect energy source to bulb(s) using the transmitters and rechargable batteries. The circles around the energy source will need to touch each other to progress through to the next level.

Size: 2093219 Bytes

11. Level Editor 2 - logic - 1138 plays
Level Editor 2
Link: Play
Here's the challenge; move your guy over the platforms to get to the exit door in a certain time. Watch out for obstacles! Spikes in the floor, on the ceiling, and spikey balls are a pain in the rear end, literally. You need to use the blocks provided to make it to the door safely. Some blocks move in different directions, some only last for a short time. It is up to you to decide which blocks to place and where to place it to finish the level. There may only be one solution to each level, which makes this puzzle game a good challenge. Collect coins to boost your time. Use Arrow keys or WAD to to move and jump. Use your mouse to place blocks. And press Shift just for fun.

Size: 2653226 Bytes

12. Let It Rain - logic - 1321 plays
Let It Rain
Link: Play
Let It Rain is a physics based game where you water flowers by making raindrops fly back to the clouds to make it rain. Use hot-air balloons to remove obstacles so that the water droplets can get to the clouds. Set the balloons on wooden items to release the raindrops and make them fly to the clouds to make it rain. Each cloud needs three drops to start the rain. Remember to limit your clicks, if you are going for the high score.

Size: 3111991 Bytes

13. Linx - Hard Levelset - logic - 465 plays
Linx - Hard Levelset
Link: Play
Linx has released a collection of forty new levels. The rules have not changed, but the puzzles become more difficult. It is a unique logical game, where your objective is to connect all the same coloured bases with paths. The paths have a special characteristic, that two paths of different colours cannot intersect. You have also a limited amount of paths, and then you get a mixture of logical riddles and paradoxes. This challenging levelset should push your brain cells to the limit and ensure your cerebral matter gets a good workout! Connect bases of the same colour with your mouse. Grab a colour by clicking on a base. Draw paths on empty floor tiles. Hold space to clear paths.

Size: 2582460 Bytes

14. Light It - logic - 605 plays
Light It
Link: Play
Connect all the lamps with a wire to the battery to create electricity circuit and light on all the lamps. Click on a wire to rotate it to the correct position.

Size: 420142 Bytes

15. Lazy Liz 2 - logic - 547 plays
Lazy Liz 2
Link: Play
Lazy Liz is a puzzle flash game in which you must navigate a lazy lizard to the fly and avoid various hazards. Click anywhere to grab the next closest stone so you can get to that yummy fly. Avoid bamboo because bamboo are quite hard. Some rocks are sometimes missing, but you might still find a path.

Size: 3085751 Bytes

16. Lost Escape - logic - 839 plays
Lost Escape
Link: Play
Your ship has been damaged by the cyclone therefore it is not in the condition to be sailed. So explore for the objects around and build a life boat and escape on your own.

Size: 1158590 Bytes

Liquid Measure 2 - Dark Fluid Level Pack
Link: Play
You wonder how the water flows through pipes, or what happens when you turn on the faucet in the morning? And could you send the water through pipes in the right place? Click start to repair pair of pipes in different levels.

Size: 5964452 Bytes

18. Legor - logic - 888 plays
Link: Play
Press and hold the left mouse button on the shape you want to manipulate with. To rotate the shape perss space or ingame button. Try to slot all the shapes in the shortest time.

Size: 642502 Bytes

19. Lofty Tower - logic - 1811 plays
Lofty Tower
Link: Play
You are given the design of multi-colored blocks. Just try to rearrange blocks to increase the height of construction to certain height. The higher you build the tower, more points you get. 30 puzzle levels

Size: 1791665 Bytes

20. LogicC - logic - 590 plays
Link: Play
Set same signs on edges of the box beside each other. Click on the box to rotate. Each level increases the number of squares.

Size: 134695 Bytes

21. Light up - logic - 785 plays
Light up
Link: Play
In this game you have to light a gray ball(s). To do this, remove unnecessary balls to touch the gray ball. The number of balls which you can remove is restricted.

Size: 3327510 Bytes

22. Lines - logic - 15270 plays
Link: Play
Make lines on the board. Control with your mouse.

Size: 35730 Bytes

23. Lock n Roll - logic - 782 plays
Lock n Roll
Link: Play
Make as many combinations as possible. Combinations cleared from board: 400 points same color same number. 200 points same color each number or each color same number. 100 points each color each number. The joker may be placed anywhere to complete a combination, including on top of a locked die. Each Joker deducts 25% from the point value of a combination. The first Joker is awarded after 250 have been earned. The cost of additional Jokers increases by 250 points up to a maximum of 1500 points to earn a new Joker.

Size: 830831 Bytes

24. Lights Out 3D - logic - 737 plays
Lights Out 3D
Link: Play
The aim of the game is to turn out all of the lights by making them all white. You do this by simply clicking on them. When you do so the light and all touching lights will change state. If you need to play a block at the back of the layers you will need to use the SHIFT and CONTROL keys to raise the top and middle layers. The less moves you take, the more points you will win.

Size: 105295 Bytes

25. Liquid Measure - logic - 799 plays
Liquid Measure
Link: Play
Goal of the game is to fill all the pots 100% with water to complete each level! Use the give pieces to control the flow. The capacity of pots and tanks are displayed. Don't waste a drop of valuable water!

Size: 619494 Bytes

26. Leaf Blight - logic - 707 plays
Leaf Blight
Link: Play
Save a tree in this funny puzzle.

Size: 1900115 Bytes

27. Locked Office - logic - 850 plays
Locked Office
Link: Play
You are locked in an office at work and you need to find a way to escape! Use your logic to escape f

Size: 104370 Bytes

28. Lucky Clover - logic - 546 plays
Lucky Clover
Link: Play
Find the 7 hidden lucky four leaf clovers in this suprisingly difficult yet addictive puzzle game. T

Size: 484699 Bytes

29. Letters Game ++ - logic - 621 plays
Letters Game ++
Link: Play
Type the letters in the bubbles to destroy them and protect your city.

Size: 433939 Bytes

30. Lights Out - logic - 630 plays
Lights Out
Link: Play
Turn off all the lights. Much harder than it first seems.

Size: 94265 Bytes

31. Lines - logic - 612 plays
Link: Play
Line up a certain amount of circles according to difficulty to remove the line.

Size: 36250 Bytes

32. Ledix - logic - 427 plays
Link: Play
Move the gems into their right positions to pass levels.

Size: 79457 Bytes

33. Levers - logic - 724 plays
Link: Play
Balance the weight evenly as you get more objects to balance.

Size: 217104 Bytes

34. Lander 2 - Lunar Rescue - logic - 484 plays
Lander 2 - Lunar Rescue
Link: Play
Lift off from the lunar base and help save people by finding them and bringing them back.

Size: 506590 Bytes

35. Lumpy Artist - logic - 511 plays
Lumpy Artist
Link: Play
Move your mouse side to side and balance on the tight rope.

Size: 311542 Bytes

36. Las Alfombras - logic - 660 plays
Las Alfombras
Link: Play
Expand your carpet when the others aren't looking.

Size: 133856 Bytes

37. Lost Your Marbles? - logic - 586 plays
Lost Your Marbles?
Link: Play
Collect all the marbles without touching walls.

Size: 353063 Bytes

38. Lumber Joe - logic - 595 plays
Lumber Joe
Link: Play
Guide Lumber Joe down the river without hitting logs and other objects.

Size: 63925 Bytes

39. Lights Off - logic - 644 plays
Lights Off
Link: Play
Turn all the lights off in this puzzle game.

Size: 52136 Bytes

40. Lawn Pac - logic - 570 plays
Lawn Pac
Link: Play
Mow all the lawn without running out of gas.

Size: 84096 Bytes

41. Lift - logic - 602 plays
Link: Play
Push the corrisponding number of the above shown creature.

Size: 54851 Bytes

42. La Hague Greenpeace - logic - 790 plays
La Hague Greenpeace
Link: Play
Grab the toxic waste, and pearls, but avoid the underwater canyon walls. Conserve your energy.

Size: 367759 Bytes

43. Logical Dominos - logic - 508 plays
Logical Dominos
Link: Play
Domino puzzles with figuring out what numbers go to which dominos.

Size: 318129 Bytes

44. Laser Logic - logic - 661 plays
Laser Logic
Link: Play
Line up the mirrors and other objects to bounce the laser into the correct colored spots.

Size: 21783 Bytes

45. La Piece - logic - 646 plays
La Piece
Link: Play
Try to escape from another room. Looks to be a hard one.

Size: 3024610 Bytes

46. LePusse In Paris - logic - 557 plays
LePusse In Paris
Link: Play
Many levels of snatching and grabbing items.

Size: 2069566 Bytes

47. Litter Monkey - logic - 634 plays
Litter Monkey
Link: Play
Push blocks out of your way and create a path to escape.

Size: 526188 Bytes

48. Let it Flow - logic - 659 plays
Let it Flow
Link: Play
Rearrange the pipes to make the water flow to the animals and crops. Use as much pipe as possible.

Size: 1154866 Bytes

49. Lost in Dimensions - logic - 569 plays
Lost in Dimensions
Link: Play
A strange mix of puzzle games that make very little to no sense.

Size: 2727300 Bytes

50. Link Fest - logic - 439 plays
Link Fest
Link: Play
Select two similar pieces next to each other that can be connected together. Try to get all them all

Size: 603652 Bytes

       53 logic games starting with L
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