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       24 logic games starting with J
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1. Jewels Hero - logic - 1194 plays
Jewels Hero
Link: Play
Your life depends how you will combine the gems. There are several types of gems, some will give you defensive. Choose from one of four classes to begin your journey. Board based match 3 game where you prove yourself as a worthy hero as you battle against various opponents in a once in a lifetime tournament. You will need to strategically match puzzle pieces and use special attacks to defeat your enemies. Use your Mouse to move coloured diamonds to match three or more of the same kind. Initiate devastating attacks by matching skull based stones to build up your rage or counter opponent CPU attacks with deflection stones. Green stones will heal your injured warrior and shield gems reduce some of the damage.

Size: 5547345 Bytes

2. Ject - logic - 1756 plays
Link: Play
JECT explores the intrinsic human fascination with throwing bouncy balls. This physics based game offers increasingly challenging puzzles built on a maddeningly simple game mechanic: can you throw a ball into a goal? Try to get the bouncing ball into the little round receptacle without it falling off the sides of the screen. Use your Mouse to drag back on the ball to release it from its holder. Some later levels require the use of the Space bar key to activate power ups. Watch out later levels introduce new mechanics and moving objects that will make things much more difficult.

Size: 3476260 Bytes

3. Jacko In Hell 2 - logic - 1132 plays
Jacko In Hell 2
Link: Play
Our friend Jacko is back yet again. From the depths of hell he will have to summon the great spirit of Halloween. But this time he will face new challenges and new dangers. With the help of his trusty skeleton crow, can Jacko accomplish his darkest mission? WASD or Arrow keys to move around, jump or crouch. Space bar key to interact with objects. You can't access certain zones on your own, use C key to activate the crow. Collect souls and try to finish the mission.

Size: 4979703 Bytes

4. Jump Me - logic - 627 plays
Jump Me
Link: Play
A short and sweet puzzle game designed as a quick distraction. In Jump Me you must move each piece into the outlined areas. There is a catch though - a piece can only move once, unless that piece jumps another. Enjoy the simple gameplay on your first play through and then challenge yourself by completing each level for perfection. Higher levels are more complicated. Use your Mouse to click a piece to select it, then click a direction to move it. All outlined areas must be occupied to win. Move a piece into another to jump. Jumping pieces allows them to move again. After clicking a piece you can use the Arrow keys, WASD, ZGSD or your Mouse click to move.

Size: 280396 Bytes

5. Jail Break Challenge - logic - 1040 plays
Jail Break Challenge
Link: Play
You have been caught by the police. You need to get out of jail by escaping from multiple rooms. Each room has an exit (green circle with red dot). Use arrow keys to move. Avoid search light and rays. Every (most) object in the room have a a function that enables you to get to the exit. All levels are possible.

Size: 64092 Bytes

6. Jolls - logic - 1820 plays
Link: Play
Help the jolls gather their game colored kids. Use spacebar or press restart to replay a level.

Size: 2887950 Bytes

7. Jail Escape - logic - 1032 plays
Jail Escape
Link: Play
Very cool 3d puzzle game. Try and find your way out of the jail cell by using your brain and thinkin

Size: 99832 Bytes

8. Jigsaw - logic - 664 plays
Link: Play
Another Jigsaw puzzle for ya'll to do.

Size: 87068 Bytes

9. Jewels - logic - 843 plays
Link: Play
Like bejeweled except easier.

Size: 112273 Bytes

10. Jamaican Dominoes - logic - 654 plays
Jamaican Dominoes
Link: Play
Place dominoes down according to sequence get rid of all to win.

Size: 181691 Bytes

11. Jaw Breaker - logic - 827 plays
Jaw Breaker
Link: Play
Try to clear all the colors circles without any left over.

Size: 6657 Bytes

12. JuggleType - logic - 594 plays
Link: Play
Push the letter right before the puck hits that letter.

Size: 138937 Bytes

13. Jewel of Atlantis - logic - 908 plays
Jewel of Atlantis
Link: Play
A remix of Bejeweled with some gameplay differences.

Size: 709278 Bytes

14. Jenga - logic - 807 plays
Link: Play
Pull blocks from the middle/bottom and try to not make the tower fall by placing them on the top.

Size: 64426 Bytes

15. Just Another Escape - logic - 924 plays
Just Another Escape
Link: Play
Escape from the room by searching through it collecting items.

Size: 1280007 Bytes

16. J Ball - logic - 687 plays
J Ball
Link: Play
Block off the area until the balls are bouncing in a smaller and smaller spot.

Size: 181676 Bytes

17. Jade Emperor - logic - 658 plays
Jade Emperor
Link: Play
Shoot the object into the circling row of jems and objects to make them disappear.

Size: 199622 Bytes

18. Jack Russell - logic - 880 plays
Jack Russell
Link: Play
Draw a line so the dog doesn't fall, but so he can get his food.

Size: 1591217 Bytes

19. JailBreak! - logic - 958 plays
Link: Play
You're given objectives, complete them to break out of jail.

Size: 319764 Bytes

20. Jurassic Realm - logic - 744 plays
Jurassic Realm
Link: Play
Crash Down on steroids with awesome gameplay differences.

Size: 706890 Bytes

21. Jumpagon - logic - 693 plays
Link: Play
Jump onto the colored train carts jumping only on the colors to make combo moves. Grab powerups.

Size: 1922192 Bytes

22. Jewel Quest - logic - 610 plays
Jewel Quest
Link: Play
Line up the similar jewels. Try to use each spot up on the board to progress in the game.

Size: 401590 Bytes

23. Jail BirdMan - logic - 681 plays
Jail BirdMan
Link: Play
Sneak around the jail and find the key and then return to starting point. Bunch of sneaking levels.

Size: 716635 Bytes

24. Jelly Blocks - logic - 688 plays
Jelly Blocks
Link: Play
Slide the blocks so that the colors join the other same colors.

Size: 560700 Bytes

       24 logic games starting with J
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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