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       44 skill games starting with L
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1. Learn to Fly - skill - 2457 plays
Learn to Fly
Link: Play
It's to time to revenge on the Iceberg, which crushed our penguin's dream of flying. Grab your rockets and glider to show the world a penguin can fly. Buy upgrades, improve the ramp and smash enemies on your way. Press your Left/Right Arrow key to adjust angle, get the speed by running down a ramp and bounce off while using Space bar key for rockets. Avoid gliding for long moments in the redzone to get the extra distance you need. Try to unlock all achievements and learn to fly.

Size: 874344 Bytes

2. LIFE - skill - 1374 plays
Link: Play
Welcome to the LIFE simulator. The game is an extremely simplified model of regular course of life. Five chapters from childhood to old age with five different mechanics. Use your Mouse to move. Different endings depend on what decisions the player has made during gameplay. Enjoy the game of LIFE.

Size: 7462550 Bytes

3. Let's Go Jaywalking - skill - 3557 plays
Let's Go Jaywalking
Link: Play
Get as many people across the street as possible. Dodge the traffic in this mini-game where score is calculated on how many people you get across the street and how much time you take to do so. Goal is to assist the pedestrians while crossing the highway as quickly as possible. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move stickmen. Space bar key to jump and pick up/place traffic cones. Cars colliding with you at high speeds will hurt. Boots will give you a speed boost for a short time.

Size: 1542169 Bytes

4. Liquid 2 - skill - 1465 plays
Liquid 2
Link: Play
Play liquid 2 measurement based game where you try to get all the milky water droplets to fill the orange receptacle by rotating the water jugs around. Great levels with nice music. Press your A/D or Arrow keys to tilt the jug left or right, try to collect any bonus droplets if you see any. When you have enough droplets in the finish, click next to go to the next level. Complete all the levels in world one before unlocking the next two worlds.

Size: 8654001 Bytes

5. Lazerman - skill - 1171 plays
Link: Play
You are a victim of an experiment conducted by a secret military lab. You head has been detached from your body. Your mission is to return your body. Remember that you are free to smash the entire lab into pieces! Help the test subject escape from the scientist's laboratory by bouncing his bionic head through computer terminals, walls and people to get to the exit. Use your Mouse to direct the head through objects or enemies to shatter them and Space bar key to activate your invisible wisp mode. Collect mechanical part boxes (marked with a spanner) as you whizz around to rebuild your main body. Watch out for security guards patrolling the area, they will shoot you on sight.

Size: 4902814 Bytes

6. Levolution - skill - 642 plays
Link: Play
A hugely addicting but also very weird flash game. Levolution brings some nice 8 bit fun to your computer screen. The further you travel into Levolutions weird little world the more and more cool stuff will pop out at you in the process. Keep going farther and you will open more and more obstacles and weird stuff to get past. Simple jump and run platform game in which you've to master small and fast-paced levels avoiding spikes and buzz saws. Just use the Arrow keys to move and Up to jump.

Size: 1267902 Bytes

7. Land Of Mines - skill - 1138 plays
Land Of Mines
Link: Play
Your main objective is to get rid of all the monsters in each stage with various weapons. Get rid of all the monsters in each level by creating a chain reaction of explosions. Earn points as you play which can be spent at the store to purchase new types of explosives. Use your Mouse to select a bomb type and drag it anywhere inside the level to release it.

Size: 4923234 Bytes

8. Last Robot 2 - skill - 833 plays
Last Robot 2
Link: Play
A small robot is trying to fly higher and higher. Buy in store a variety of upgrades for better flying and collect bonuses. Help the jumping robot to get higher and higher while collecting the golden coins. Dodge bombs, leap from clouds and continue ever upward to stay alive. Features pixel-art graphics, polished addictive gameplay, destructible blocks, 24 upgrades in shop. Left/Right for movements, Up to fly, P to pause, -/+ for music & sound volume, 0 to mute.

Size: 4348562 Bytes

9. Lava Climber - skill - 920 plays
Lava Climber
Link: Play
The Devil stole your girlfriend and sent you down to the bottom of the earth, in a world dominated by lava, spikes and monkeys. Your goal is to reach the end of the level whilst dodging and avoiding hazardous obstacles and enemies. Jump across the platforms to avoid obstacles and jump high enough to avoid the rising lava. Will you be able to climb back to the top? Left, Right arrow key to run, Down to crouch, Up or X to jump. M or S to mute the sound, P to pause/resume the game. Press Enter to restart the current level.

Size: 4725946 Bytes

10. Little Monster - skill - 770 plays
Little Monster
Link: Play
Pretty interesting stylish drawn platformer. The game tells the story of the adventures of a little monster, with a pleasant and relaxing theme.

Size: 2753388 Bytes

11. Land Grab - skill - 749 plays
Land Grab
Link: Play
Use the arrow keys to move marvin around and fill empty territory. Beware: turning back on your path or colliding with it makes you lose one try. When the target % of the territory is conquered you may proceed to the next landmark.

Size: 1437275 Bytes

12. Loco Chew - skill - 777 plays
Loco Chew
Link: Play
Feed your beefy tribal chief with jungle fruit. Use left/right arrows to move your character. Up/down arrows will lift and lower the shield.

Size: 539165 Bytes

13. Love to Jump 2 - skill - 1140 plays
Love to Jump 2
Link: Play
Choose a player and make him champion in trampolining. Show as many different tricks as possible.

Size: 2657399 Bytes

14. Line game: Lime edition - skill - 872 plays
Line game: Lime edition
Link: Play
You need a bit of lime juice in the labyrinth. The more lime juice you get the more points you earn. Try to get to the end of the labyrinth with your mouse.

Size: 875387 Bytes

15. Looking for Treasure - skill - 739 plays
Looking for Treasure
Link: Play
Looking for Treasure is another game with cards to test your memory. Click on the heart to start the game.

Size: 1159122 Bytes

16. Luis Launch - skill - 944 plays
Luis Launch
Link: Play
Louis need to run into space. Help Luis Castanon reach outer space to celebrate Luis Day! Collect beans for power boosts. A,D and Mouse click control Luis. Upgrade your tools with the money you earn by staying in flight!

Size: 3929197 Bytes

17. Lucky Balls - skill - 1035 plays
Lucky Balls
Link: Play
Clone of the Zooma game. Eliminate all the balls rolling on the screen before they reach the skull by grouping 3 or more balls of the same color.

Size: 424660 Bytes

18. Lunatic - skill - 492 plays
Link: Play
Avoid the little green balls that come out of the explosions.

Size: 59472 Bytes

19. Lifebuoys - skill - 626 plays
Link: Play
Get the people jumping off the boat to safety.

Size: 209600 Bytes

20. Letter Bat - skill - 664 plays
Letter Bat
Link: Play
Type the letters as they fall, use space to clear too many.

Size: 906015 Bytes

21. Last Man Standing - skill - 678 plays
Last Man Standing
Link: Play
Try balancing on the keg for as long as you can.

Size: 253681 Bytes

22. Little Shepherd - skill - 684 plays
Little Shepherd
Link: Play
Guide your sheep safely into the fences.

Size: 517618 Bytes

23. Laser Training - skill - 563 plays
Laser Training
Link: Play
Laser down the bees with your eyes, but don't kill yourself.

Size: 79115 Bytes

24. Lasagna From Heaven - skill - 645 plays
Lasagna From Heaven
Link: Play
Catch the Lasagna in your mouth, but avoid other non-food objects in later levels.

Size: 64149 Bytes

25. Lawinen Surfer - skill - 651 plays
Lawinen Surfer
Link: Play
Get your snowball as big as possible without falling into cracks.

Size: 115818 Bytes

26. Little Erde - skill - 535 plays
Little Erde
Link: Play
A boy and his sausage playing around the world.

Size: 462856 Bytes

27. Line Rider - skill - 1032 plays
Line Rider
Link: Play
Draw a line and then let the sleding penguin slide on your line.

Size: 82054 Bytes

Line Flyer With Undo (Buggy)
Link: Play
Draw the line and then ride on it. Now with the ability to undo your last stroke over and over again

Size: 83108 Bytes

LePusse in Christmas Capers
Link: Play
Drop the presents in each out from your sleigh and watch out for birds.

Size: 520186 Bytes

30. Little Yellow - skill - 550 plays
Little Yellow
Link: Play
Grab the cocoons and bring them safely back to the basket. Watch out for other insects.

Size: 1148561 Bytes

31. Lenny The Lizard - skill - 537 plays
Lenny The Lizard
Link: Play
Stick your tongue out and grab the insects. Watch out for bees that try to sting your tongue.

Size: 669512 Bytes

32. Leap of Faith - skill - 542 plays
Leap of Faith
Link: Play
Leap from platform to platform never knowing your next move. Don't fall to the very bottom.

Size: 473642 Bytes

33. Lumptious Levity - skill - 579 plays
Lumptious Levity
Link: Play
Last for as long as possible jumping from platform to platform and trying to stay alive and not fall

Size: 441133 Bytes

34. Light Sprites - skill - 603 plays
Light Sprites
Link: Play
A strange game of pulling and launching balls at the planets and ground to see what pops out.

Size: 1185319 Bytes

35. Leaf Boarding - skill - 594 plays
Leaf Boarding
Link: Play
Board down the river on a leaf. Dodge rocks and grab the jewels. Jump to grab some air.

Size: 877418 Bytes

36. Little Johns Archery 2 - skill - 726 plays
Little Johns Archery 2
Link: Play
Aim your archer by draging the mouse for trajectory and power. Level up for harder objects to hit.

Size: 307792 Bytes

37. Leech - skill - 457 plays
Link: Play
Grab the legs and suck them for all they're worth, but not too much or you go splat.

Size: 794728 Bytes

38. Lenny's Aussie Day Blast - skill - 540 plays
Lenny's Aussie Day Blast
Link: Play
Push the color of TNT that matches the color of the spaceship as it glows.

Size: 252094 Bytes

39. Lights - skill - 543 plays
Link: Play
Use your mouse to grab the green lights and dodge the red lights. Test your mouse accuracy.

Size: 760834 Bytes

40. Line Game - skill - 581 plays
Line Game
Link: Play
3 difficult levels of not touching the walls. What makes it hard is it's keyboard controlled.

Size: 68036 Bytes

Lil Johnny's Aquarium Adventure
Link: Play
Johnny has jumped into the piranha tank. Keep him away from the piranhas for as long as possible.

Size: 394288 Bytes

42. Lets Rock & Roll - skill - 612 plays
Lets Rock & Roll
Link: Play
Ready for some mixed up DDR style gameplay? Hope so, because this is hard.

Size: 3249145 Bytes

43. London Cabbie - skill - 780 plays
London Cabbie
Link: Play
Park the cab for your pickup, then pull back out into traffic and more. Watch out for timelimit.

Size: 231008 Bytes

44. Luis Day 2 Splooge - skill - 963 plays
Luis Day 2 Splooge
Link: Play
Help Luis jerk off while not letting him get hungry and thirsty. This wanking is hard work.

Size: 3446801 Bytes

       44 skill games starting with L
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