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Nano Kingdoms 2 – Joker’s Revenge
Link: Play
Return to the epic world of Nano Kingdoms, to defeat once and for all the evil Joker. Real time strategy based defense game where you play a campaign against the evil clown's army to rescue the kidnapped king. Use your Mouse to build farms, barracks, horse stables, magic academies and archery buildings to train your troops. Try to demolish the enemy's structures before they cross the battlefield and attack your base.

Size: 20748655 Bytes

52. Obliterate Everything 2 - strategy - 972 plays
Obliterate Everything 2
Link: Play
RTS based strategy game where you have to conquer the galaxy by destroying enemy star bases in each space sector. Build your space fortress and launch your fleet. Obliterate your enemies and conquer the galaxy! Use your Mouse to build generators, turrets and fighter squadron bays around your main orbital station. To get a head start on your offensive and defensive capabilities press the pause button then construct your structures. Earn enough experience points to upgrade your skills or equip newfangled weapons in the hanger. Scroll with WASD keys or Arrows or click and drag. 1-7 number keys to build turret, Q, Z, X keys for fighter bay, stardock and starport, E, R keys for generator and reactor. C, V keys for auxiliary and K key to destroy selected building. Hold Shift to place multiple items.

Size: 7362651 Bytes

53. Bloons Tower Defense 5 - strategy - 13438 plays
Bloons Tower Defense 5
Link: Play
Turret based action game where you place clever little super monkeys on tracks to defend against menacing balloons. 5th version has heaps of new features including all of your favourite towers from previous versions with 8 awesome upgrades and two brand new never before seen tower types. Tower upgrades with cool Super Activated Abilities, new Bloon types, fun new tracks with moving parts and tunnels, powerful Special Agent towers, Specialty Buildings, daily rewards, and daily challenges – a fun new challenge to play each and every day! Use your Mouse to place a chimp on the map. Once you have earned enough experience points you will be able to upgrade your monkeys ability to launch darts further or to hire special agents to help you out in the field. Use Shift to place multiple towers of the same type. Space bar key to send in bloon rounds and toggle fast forward. You can use hotkeys on towers, mouseovers tell you which hotkey select which tower. Green disk shows whether your most recent progress has been saved. Watch out for double armoured creeps, they can be quite tough to pop.

Size: 11083894 Bytes

54. Battle For Darkness - strategy - 3563 plays
Battle For Darkness
Link: Play
Command your Evil hordes in a epic battle to defeat the armies of the Realm and the mighty Titan. Side scrolling based RTS game where you unleash your demonic warriors in a never ending war with the realm of light. Use your units unique special skills, drag and drop unit icons to change formation lines and upgrade your army between battles. Use your Mouse to select your troops, re-arrange them and then send them into battle. Start off with the goblin fighters and then add skeleton archers, wizards, cursed knights, werewolves and demons to your group. Try to adjust your formation so the weaker units are at the front line and ranged units are at the back. Every skirmish awards gold, use it to upgrade each unit's strengths.

Size: 9984047 Bytes

55. Rawr - strategy - 1918 plays
Link: Play
Prevent an evil executive and his sinister corporation from destroying a beautiful forest by taking part in a monster fight tournament to the death. Fight evil creatures for justice! Help Hayley to save the forest from dirty businessman. 51 skills, 40 ingredients and recipes, 54 mutations and 11 bosses! Use your Mouse to train, feed and select new skills for your cthulhu creature to prepare him for the final battle. The combat system is automatic, although there are some buffs you can get such as extra health or damage if you click the right icon twice during the fight.

Size: 12987976 Bytes

56. Incursion - strategy - 4347 plays
Link: Play
Incursion is game inspired by Kingdom Rush, Warcraft III, Demonrift TD. Darkness is on the way to enslave this lands and you have to stop it. Deploy your wizards, knights or archers to counter a dark force sweeping through the kingdom. 27 unique warriors will be available in your army. You will need to move them to where they’re most useful at the moment. Use your Mouse to summon and train different warriors from barracks lining the side of the roads to attack enemies as they pass, Space bar key to speed up or slow down each attacking group and Enter key to start the wave earlier and cancel selection with Escape key. After each successful skirmish spend your accumulated experience points by increasing the skills of each of your units so they can perform better in battle.

Size: 16204245 Bytes

57. Tesla Defense - strategy - 2342 plays
Tesla Defense
Link: Play
Nikola Tesla has harnessed the power of his death ray into an arm-mounted cannon to win World War 2, just like in real life! Target your electrically charged turrets at waves of attacking infantry soldiers to give them a shock. Use your Mouse to place air defences, ground based targeting units or plant an explosive land mine on the battlefield. Zap enemies by clicking on them. Once you have earned enough money, spend the loot on upgrading your defence turrets or your main firing weapon. Press the orbital strike button to deal a devastating blow to swarms of enemies clumped together. Deploy towers, mines, and use your orbital strike with 1-4 number keys. Upgrade your stuff, and don’t die!

Size: 4927561 Bytes

Battle Gear vs Myth Wars 2
Link: Play
Battle Gear vs Myth Wars 2 is a unique battle and war game. Select your units to send out to the enemy on the opposite side. Match them up accordingly or die. Press Left/Right arrows or A/D keys to scroll the field. Press Z or C keys to fast scroll to the left or right edge of battlefield. Press Up/Down arrows or W/S keys to control the arrow sign (only for manual troops appear). Click units to train or use 1 .. 9 number hotkeys. Press P to pause the game.

Size: 9242334 Bytes

59. Iron Ladies - strategy - 1527 plays
Iron Ladies
Link: Play
Help the Iron Ladies rule the battlefield in this real-time strategy game. Help the female soldiers pull the wool over their sworn male enemies on the battlefield by tactically gunning them down. Cause more damage to your foes by creeping up behind to surprise them. Don't forget to buy weapons or upgrade each female heroes agility or health with cash collected. Select a lady fighter and then give her directions where to go using your Mouse. Draw a path with the Mouse to command the Iron Ladies, they automatically attack enemies nearby. Stand on the exit point to finish the mission. Press Space bar key for a tactical pause. Up, Down keys to move the camera. 1 number key to center on first hero. 2 number key to center on the second hero.

Size: 3022323 Bytes

60. Apocalipseed - strategy - 1168 plays
Link: Play
Upon crashing to earth you must eat, grow, and spawn and army of alien plant creatures. Grow and evolve your army of mutant plants to destroy all humankind. How does mother plant get her energy? By eating the humans! This is the unique part, to eat humans you click with your Mouse on the mother plant and then drag a line somewhere where upon a root with a mouth bursts out of the ground and eats the person who happened to be standing there.

Size: 4012090 Bytes

61. Trojan War - strategy - 2380 plays
Trojan War
Link: Play
War is on. You need to defend yourself to survive the war. Upgrade your weapons and towers in each level. Use strategy to attack your trojan soldier enemies otherwise you have to face defeat. Earn upgrade points from all of your victories and use them to increase the strength of your army. Choose your army, select your towers to attack your enemies. Use Mouse and left button to interact with the game.

Size: 3900031 Bytes

62. Cloud Wars - strategy - 1370 plays
Cloud Wars
Link: Play
In this addictive strategy game, the clouds are at war. Clouds have different power, based on their weather conditions. Your goal is to insurrect the other clouds and claim control of the skies! Click or drag to select one or more clouds. Click another cloud to send half your warriors for attack. Hold Ctrl key to send all warriors from the selected cloud(s). Press Space bar key to select all clouds. Capture all the clouds in each level by sending out warriors to take them over. Collect stars that randomly appear to upgrade your clouds with 1 of 3 different abilities.

Size: 4030542 Bytes

63. Pocket Creature PVP - strategy - 1153 plays
Pocket Creature PVP
Link: Play
Queen Juliet is corrupted by mysterious evil power and World of Pocket Creature has become a world of chaos, fear and slaughter! Again, you are the one to save this world! Build your own team of monsters to fight for your people's freedom as you attempt to take back the land from a corrupt and evil queen. This PVP version has even more creatures, a new gem system and you can now challenge others’ armies! Use your Mouse to purchase dragons, corpses and other fighters from the shop menu before venturing forth into battle. Don't forget to spend skill points on gems with experience earned and to feed your team members to evolve and upgrade them into more powerful versions of themselves.

Size: 10767741 Bytes

64. SAS Zombie Assault TD - strategy - 1957 plays
SAS Zombie Assault TD
Link: Play
Hordes of undead are approaching! Your mission is to stop them in their tracks by deploying your SAS men and automated turrets in strategic locations throughout each area. SAS Zombie Assault returns as a Tower Defense game! Use your Mouse and click to select towers and click again to place them. Play 6 maps in Normal, Elite, Nightmare or Apocalypse modes. Pass each map to earn achievements and Awesome points, and also earn valuable SAS dollars to unlock powerful upgrades, buy helicopters, airstrikes and even nukes to help you out. Fast forward is available when you click the double arrow to toggle 3x speed on/off. Click the arrow button (or hit space bar) between waves to immediately send the next wave.

Size: 8017226 Bytes

65. Penguins Attack 4 - strategy - 1959 plays
Penguins Attack 4
Link: Play
Evil penguins are back for more action. Those "Pesky Penguins" have returned yet again in a vein attempt to take over the world. Help restore peace to the land with an array of awesome weapons. Line up your tower defences to counter an angry arctic invasion force before it's too late. Use your Mouse to buy and place cannons, flame throwers and electro blasters in the path of the armoured flightless birds to neutralise them, to keep penguins at bay. You have 25 lives, each time one of the enemy breaches your defences you'll lose a life. Don't forget to upgrade each turret when you've collected enough cash. Number keys 1 - 8 for fast tower build. Space bar key to send next wave.

Size: 5552743 Bytes

66. Infectonator - strategy - 2963 plays
Link: Play
In Infectonator you're in charge of spreading the zombie virus around in certian locations such as the mall or the forest. What if you are the one who caused the zombie apocalypse? Can you destroy the world in just 1 hour? Infect people and turn them into zombies in this simple and fun game, compare your high-score with your friends and see who is the best infectonator! Click the Mouse to spread the virus, collect coins as you turn innocent humans into zombies. Zombies have a limited lifespan before they decompose. Use coins to upgrade the disease to make it more infective, spread the virus around faster, use special zombies and items to increase the chance of getting the disease. Z for a Full view, X for Normal view, Esc for Options and O to view objectives. Use +/- keys for Fast forward/Normal speed. Use number keys, 1 for Virus, 2,3,4 for Support items, 5,6,7,8 to Summon special zombies.

Size: 7200966 Bytes

67. Solar System Defence - strategy - 1720 plays
Solar System Defence
Link: Play
Solar System Defence is a tower defense game set in space. You have to defend all the planets from the solar system from enemies that are trying to take over the galaxy. Prove you are the hero and defeat all incoming enemies. Select the first planet and start the game. Use your Mouse to build carefully your defense line, and try to keep it upgraded to be able to destroy all your enemies. Set up your tower defense line along your roads. Use your Mouse to select a gun and place it on the side of the road. Click on the plus sign to upgrade your towers. You can sell the tower at 75% of the initial price. Kill the creeping cars and earn money for more tower defenses or upgrades to your existing tower defense units. Try to repel all the waves and keep your planet intact all the way.

Size: 4601569 Bytes

68. Takeover - strategy - 6631 plays
Link: Play
The Empire united all the countries of the continent Rivadis ages ago. Centuries later, the Emperor and the nobles turned to dark doctrines. Hunger and decay has set in the lands of Rivadis but several nations in the outskirts of the empire rebelled against their cruel rulers. Time for Takeover has come! Use your Mouse to lead one of 3 nations in the battle for Rivadis in this real-time strategy game.

Size: 16473185 Bytes

69. Undermountain - strategy - 1174 plays
Link: Play
Undermountain is a real time strategy game with a lot of cool tower defense elements that will test your strategic skills. In Undermountain hard times have hit the citizens. The enemy is closing in from all sides and you need to defend your turf. Start off the Undermountain defence game by hiring more workers using your gold so that you can prepare for a massive war battle. Build more farms for gold storage. Build beds, get food and shelter for your people. Have your workers mine and build defense units so you can win the Undermountain war. Use your Mouse or WASD keys to move the camera. You can click and drag your view in the mini-map on the bottom.

Size: 3969739 Bytes

The Expendables 2 – Deploy and Destroy
Link: Play
Play sequel to expendables and issue orders to your highly trained commandos to defend the base against military incursion. Choose your squad from the biggest cast of action heroes ever assembled, set up your defences and then blow the enemy to hell. There i€™s an arsenal of devastating weaponry at your disposal, including gatling guns, rocket launchers, EMP blasts, air strikes, land mines, tank, choppers and even more. You can even unleash Chuck Norris berserker rage. Use your Mouse to build, upgrade or repair machine gun towers and to order your highly skilled soldiers to shoot the enemy behind cover. For navigation use the Arrow keys or WASD keys to pan. Complete basic training to learn all Expendables before unlocking the harder missions. Collect the bonuses and use special abilities. You also can call on The Expendables and order them around the battle field to fight against the waves of enemies.

Size: 9734296 Bytes

Emoticon Defense – Map Expansion
Link: Play
Hordes of fluffy rabbits, cool octopus, smiled flowers and other types of annoying forms of life, have invaded your computer! Good thing that your brave emoticons are here to defend you from all attackers! Place emoticon defenders and prevent all enemies from reaching to the end portal. Use Mouse to control the game. You can upgrade towers, choose type and add 2 accessories for each tower. Press B to toggle sprite animation.

Size: 3619844 Bytes

72. Planet Juicer - strategy - 806 plays
Planet Juicer
Link: Play
The Core Juice Corporation is counting on you to defend their drill as they mine planets of their cores. The planet cores are used to produce Core Juice. Do you have the skills needed to defend the drill by building units and researching new technologies? Nice cartoon graphics, original retro soundtrack, 14 in-game achievements, deep research tree for acquiring new units and upgrades, voice acting performed for characters / in game speech. Use your Mouse to recruit armed soldiers to defend the mining drill as it cuts through stone. Shoot attacking aliens as they approach to earn cash to spend in your laboratory to research better upgrades for your troops. There are 3 worlds waiting for you with 10, 15, 20 waves and big bosses.

Size: 9071580 Bytes

73. Airborne Wars - strategy - 1367 plays
Airborne Wars
Link: Play
War means a tough time during which you have to survive. In order to do that conquer the enemy’s bases by sending troops on assignment to take them over! Use the Mouse to direct your warriors to their target - send your american soldiers out to capture enemy territory before they swarm in and destroy your base. Use Mouse to issue military command instructions where they should attack. Battle ground forces to capture airports so you can perform aerial raids and parachute your men in on the enemies bunker.

Size: 2506646 Bytes

74. Roads Of Rome 3 - strategy - 5588 plays
Roads Of Rome 3
Link: Play
Romantic love story, challenges set by the wise and cunning Caesar, barbarian lands with the wild forests, fame and success are waiting for you the Conqueror! Bring Roman spirit and culture to Barbarians, build roads and prove that you are the best Roman legionary in peace and war. Get ready and start traveling right now! Use your Mouse to issue commands and other instructions to your busy work force as you manage their time.

Size: 5360949 Bytes

75. Battle Of Antartica - strategy - 2249 plays
Battle Of Antartica
Link: Play
One of the Greatest Battle of Antarctica begins now. Defend yourself and kill all your enemies to survive in this tower defense game. Your main objective is to destroy all your enemies by placing towers at the available zones. Click and place them from where you want to fire them. You will be rewarded with additional amount of money every time you kill enemies. Use your money to purchase weapons and tower units. Use your Mouse to build units and C key to cancel selected unit. Upgrade your weapons and tower units for more powerful attack. To upgrade a tower select it and then click the plus sign icon in the upgrade window at the bottom right. Use strategy and upgrades wisely.

Size: 6412951 Bytes

76. Gods Under Water TD - strategy - 935 plays
Gods Under Water TD
Link: Play
Engaging Tower Defense game featuring upgrades, 80 waves of challenging, cartoony enemies, underwater creatures and 20 possible achievements. Use your Mouse to place and upgrade towers to defend from water enemies.

Size: 10598830 Bytes

77. Wizard Walls - strategy - 1186 plays
Wizard Walls
Link: Play
Save sheep, cover the engineer and caravans, protect the balloon and keep vicious trolls and goblins away from your soldiers. Use your magical powers to conjure reflective walls to protect your flock of sheep, soldiers from attacking goblins and sword wielding orcs. Use your Mouse to draw a line of defense that will reflect the enemies rocks back at them. Visit the magic shop to purchase better upgrades once you've earned enough money.

Size: 5768907 Bytes

78. Knight’s War - strategy - 1206 plays
Knight’s War
Link: Play
Finest warriors and craftsmen are awaiting your orders. Choose your commands wisely and save the castle in the most urgent hour of need. A mighty legion of enemies are approaching the Castle. Everything we hold there is protected by old stone walls. The enemy must not break through! Play knights war game and protect the castle against pink orcs by deploying your archers, swordsmen, wizards and cavalry to protect the front line. Use your Mouse to place miners to harvest valuable gold resources to fund the battle and to place infantry onto the battlefield. Once you have enough experience points visit the blacksmith to spend XP on various power upgrades.

Size: 2512134 Bytes

Gods Garden Defense Deluxe
Link: Play
It was a beautiful day for god until saint Peter lost his key to open the heaven and it was taken by the evil demons who began to destroy all they found in their way. It’s time for god to get ready and face these waves of demons with his angels and flowers and with the help of his mighty powers before the heaven become an infernal chaos. The evil that lurks in the darkness has come up with a new plan to wipe out humanity in Gods Garden Defense Deluxe. Lucifer is on the attack and now you need to call your warriors to prepare for battle. Use your Mouse to set up your defences, use your flower defense, spells, magic and if all else fails the God Attack to kill the devils before they take over gods garden in this awesome tower defense game.

Size: 7532475 Bytes

80. The War Cry - strategy - 2979 plays
The War Cry
Link: Play
The War Cry is a fun action and strategy game where you must train a huge army to defeat the evil Goblin forces! Purchase upgrades to unlock lots of cool items and magic spells! Use your Mouse to hire miners to collect gold, raise an army, train warriors, invest in magic and purchase upgrades to become powerful enough to destroy the opposing goblin force.

Size: 5233198 Bytes

81. Enigmata: Stellar War - strategy - 2364 plays
Enigmata: Stellar War
Link: Play
Defend your base from the invading Villalobos and save the Enigmata galaxy. Deploy defensive units, use skills, and collect money from your kills. Use the money you earn to purchase upgrades, buy new units, and unlock a variety of powerful skills. There is no track, and enemies can come from any direction, You are only limited by the number of turrets you can build, and you can also move your turrets. Very fast paced for a tower defense game. Mouse + Left click to place units and interact with the game. Left click anywhere on the screen to open up the skill menu. WASD or Arrow keys to scroll map and P to pause menu.

Size: 5163026 Bytes

82. Build and Destroy Live - strategy - 716 plays
Build and Destroy Live
Link: Play
Build and Destroy Live is a great strategy game. Build your tower & destroy your opponent first. Challenge your friends live! Be the first to launch fireworks. Or be higher when time is up, or kill your opponent. Try to win in any possible way!

Size: 4094681 Bytes

83. Rune Raiders - strategy - 1678 plays
Rune Raiders
Link: Play
Epic adventure to rid the kingdom of the evil seeping through the lands. The concept of this game is very simple, you move your guys around with your finger. And when you do, they come alive and fight the bad guys. Rune Raiders a simple adventure game that takes few seconds to learn, but provides hilarious action for all. Ultra simple game play. No complicated tutorials or reading, 13 heroes, each with 6 levels of upgrades and 19 unique enemies. Hysterical quips that will make you smile. With a purse full of gold carefully choose your team mates from the local tavern in this turn based RPG and strategy game. Hint go for the elven archer, the female assassin and the barbarian dwarf. Use your Mouse to position your heroes on the tiles and set their formation. Grab gold coins when slaying orcs or other monsters you encounter and upgrade each hero to gain more battle skills.

Size: 7406919 Bytes

84. Keeper of the Grove - strategy - 1541 plays
Keeper of the Grove
Link: Play
Greedy creatures are on the way to rob the magic grove and you need to stop them. Grow unique nature defenders to keep the crystals from being stolen and save the gifts of the nature. Sprout towers are cheap, but fast and can shoot far away. Aqua towers are more expensive, but worth every penny in upgrades to slow the creep onslaught. Most expensive and powerful are rock towers, but you'll have to wait awhile before you can upgrade. After a few levels, you'll unlock the ability to research better towers, which you will have to do again in each new map. Collect coins and upgrade your towers. Press Space to speed things up. Press Space again to slow things back to normal. Enter to start the wave, Esc to pause.

Size: 11220379 Bytes

85. Battle Gear 3 - strategy - 1082 plays
Battle Gear 3
Link: Play
Another version of Battle Gear strategy. Your objectives are to destory the enemy base or enemy unit is zero. You will lose if your base is destroyed or your unit is zero. Click on a unit to train and attack the enemy. Create a new unit by clicking the unit type. Use LEFT/RIGHT or A,D keys to scroll the game. You can also use your mouse.

Size: 10125975 Bytes

86. Zombie Defense - strategy - 1765 plays
Zombie Defense
Link: Play
Defense the city from zombies in this Tower Defense game. You're cornered by thousands of zombies. Try to defend yourself and save the world by killing them all! Click a Tower button or press the numbers 1-4 to select a Tower. Once selected place a Tower by clicking on a building. Earn points by: Killing enemies, Skipping waves, and by not letting Zombies make it through the city. If you get enough points you could earn a medal. Earning medals will unlock special abilities: Bronze – Combat Stim – Combat Stim a Tower to double its rate of fire. Silver – Razor Wire – Place wire that will slow and damage enemies. Gold – Air Strike – Call in an Air Strike to carpet bomb the streets.

Size: 4579790 Bytes

87. The last Shelter - strategy - 3329 plays
The last Shelter
Link: Play
The Last Shelter is a cool tower defense game. The world climate is deteriorating, and there's only one piece of land suitable for the human race to survive. Yet at the same time the aliens are fighting over this land with you too! Thus the war began... Your aim is to protect the last shelter of mankind from invading alien bugs. Buy weapons and build various gun towers on the given energy-powered ground. Use mouse and keyboard to play. Space to send next wave. 1 or 7 number keys to build Rapid-fire Minigun, 2 or 8 to build Heavy Weapon, 3 or 9 to build Rocket Launcher, 4 or 0 to build Energy Unit. Use E or T keys for Air Support and R or Y for Nuke Air Support.

Size: 7377943 Bytes

88. Billy Makin Kid - strategy - 787 plays
Billy Makin Kid
Link: Play
Billy is the last man on earth, and the apes are on the way to destroy him. While Billy repopulates the earth, you need to fight off the hordes of monkey minions. Build fighting units, upgrade towers, and keep monkeys from unlocking boss monsters! All of your management skills are needed. Acquire new resources and combine them to make new fighting units. Use your mouse to play this defense game, build towers, models or cast spells. Click on a dropped treasure chest to open it, and then on your inventory in the bottom right to open it up and drag items together to combine them.

Size: 10370439 Bytes

89. Battle Gear vs Humaliens - strategy - 2003 plays
Battle Gear vs Humaliens
Link: Play
A strategic war game from the creators of Battle Gear. The battle between two games finally started. The aliens are equipped with advanced technology and have great damaging power, but you've got to take up your arms and attack back to protect our homeland! Send your forces across the screen to defeat the different enemies you encounter. Who will be the master of the earth? Human beings or the aliens? Press Left/Right arrows or A/D keys to scroll the field. Press Z or C keys to fast scroll to the left or right edge of battlefield. Press Up/Down arrows or W/S to control the arrow sign (just for manual troops). Money is used to train units in battle. Press P to pause the game. Click units to train or use 1-9 hotkeys. Use your units wisely. Read in game tutorial for all information, tips and tricks.

Size: 8879699 Bytes

90. Bug Attack - strategy - 792 plays
Bug Attack
Link: Play
Main action is set on a usual dining table. Thanks to main character’s (a little boy’s) imagination, the table turns into fantastic battleground with hordes of enemy insects. All this happens right after family dinner. At a moment the child stays alone and terrible threat appears on the table. Awful bugs are coming forward to sugar-bowl. Our hero decides to start an unequal fight with the enemy. But ingenuity and power of imagination come to his aid – using surrounding stuff, things and toys he builds an impassable defense line; and waves of attacking invaders beat against it. The hotter the battle is thickening, the more fantastic surrounding world is becoming. Pilot your ladybird attack ship through waves of hostile creepy crawly bugs, shoot them down before they inflict any damage on your ship. Beware the final bosses after each stage. Use mouse to play and left click to shoot, Space alternates your weapon. When a bug reaches your sugar – you lose 1 life. Player starts with 20 lives, when the amount of lives is 0 – the game is over. Player should build towers to shoot the bugs and not to let them reach sugar.

Size: 11759091 Bytes

91. That’s My Dungeon - strategy - 923 plays
That’s My Dungeon
Link: Play
Thats my Dungeon is a unique strategy game. Protect the gold in the dungeon as you setup rat nests & rat food to keep adventures at bay. You are the keeper of this dungeon. The village people found your dungeon and came to steal your treasures. Don´t let them get ´em! There is a tutorial in the game. Use your mouse for action, and WASD keys to scroll the map.

Size: 8148505 Bytes

92. Boom Town - strategy - 2237 plays
Boom Town
Link: Play
Join the Gold Rush and get rich, by the careful (or some times indiscriminate) use of high explosives. Upgrade your rig, refinery and explosive power. Choose your starting plot, buy explosives, liberate the gold and use the proceeds to build your town. Perfect for casual, hardcore players and office workers. No time limits, no pressure, do everything at your own pace. Can you build the ultimate Boom Town? Use mouse to buy upgrades, explosives and build your town. Use mouse to lay explosives. WASD or Arrow keys to scroll the map, to drive your truck and collect the gold ore.

Size: 4014918 Bytes

93. Tortuga Defense - strategy - 1157 plays
Tortuga Defense
Link: Play
Captain Log and his crew got their hands on Davy Jones’ Locker but some greedy Spaniards want also to get their filthy paws on the treasure and now our brave crew, being led by the courageous captain is on their tail, going to a war on the seas. Defend the treasure and your watery path against pirates with cannons and artillery. Use your Mouse to play the game. Select a tower from the right-hand of the screen and place it on the ground. The „X”-es marks the spots. Call in the next wave by pressing the red button. Place towers carefully in the path of enemy boats to slow them down. Killing an enemy boat will make it drop its valuable cargo. Collect it quickly before it sinks! Towers gain experience by shooting and can be upgraded once they level-up. The goal of each mission is to defend your wrecked treasure ship. Enemies that breach your defenses will end up stealing some of your treasure. The game ends if you run out of treasure to defend.

Size: 14980410 Bytes

94. Kill The Heroes - strategy - 1234 plays
Kill The Heroes
Link: Play
As a Supervillain Master, your job is to kill the Heroes invading your facility. Place defenses, research upgrades, and try different strategies to defeat all the Heroes! Prevent creeps from taking you out as you setup turrets to fire along straight pathways. Use the mouse to choose and place weapons.

Size: 5170014 Bytes

95. Worlds Guard - strategy - 1036 plays
Worlds Guard
Link: Play
Worlds Guard is a tower defense game with 16 maps, divided into four worlds. Your task is to do not let enemies pass the whole path. So you have to place your futuristic towers and start shooting down enemies. Protect four different worlds from attacking enemies in this fun tower-defense game. View the information of the available towers and figure out the best way to utilize them. Once a tower has been built, you can upgrade its attributes and choose its target priority. This game is played by mouse only. Each level is different, and you must place all new defenses each time. Your level, money, and health are indicated at the top of the screen, the defenses available are on the right of the screen. The waves on enemies are indicated at the bottom of the screen, click on them and/or press the fast forward to speed of the game. Earn money as you kill enemies and increase your defenses as more enemies attack.

Size: 2357976 Bytes

Pirates Of The Stupid Seas
Link: Play
Join Captain James T. Stinkbeard and crew as they ply the high seas for adventure and silly treasures. Pirates are a ruthless lot. Do the piratey thing by sinking ships before they can reach safety! Sometimes your booty is a bit dodgy. But the real reward is sinking those ships! Terrorize your fellow sailors with a few well-aimed cannon volleys! Limited cannonballs and scurrying victims only make your illegal reward sweeter. And be sure to explore the pirates hangout. The Magical Singing Flounder will reward your every deepest wish. Battle merchants, the royal navy, other pirates, and creatures too horrible to mention! Plunder the gold, upgrade your pirate ship and collect all the treasures! Use the mouse to aim your cannons, hold down your left mouse button to make your shots go longer! Quick and easy in-game tutorial will help you to play the game.

Size: 5673021 Bytes

97. Pocket NT Creature - strategy - 1016 plays
Pocket NT Creature
Link: Play
Buy monsters and feed them to make them stronger. You must buy baby creatures and evolve them with money earned during different fights. Build your creature army to overthrow the King with 28 different creatures. Each of them has different abilities, try to combine them effectively. Create the best monster team to combat enemies. During the fight, you can't do anything but look. Use the mouse to play.

Size: 6010136 Bytes

98. Star Base Defense - strategy - 1533 plays
Star Base Defense
Link: Play
Defend your space station from endless waves of alien hordes in this fast-paced science fiction battle game. Place space turrets and upgrade them as you destroy all the spaceships coming in. You have upgrades which you can purchase after each round. Use mouse to select bases to build and upgrade towers.

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99. Tech And Magic - strategy - 1533 plays
Tech And Magic
Link: Play
Play as a wizard and defend your castle by casting spells on enemy robots in Tech and Magic. Fight off hordes of robots using your magical powers. Destroying robots will give you crystals, which will allow you to unlock and upgrade spells, and give your castle better defences. Upgrade and buy spells to keep those pesky robots at bay. Use mouse to aim/lock on to enemies, QWER keys for special abilities.

Size: 7794482 Bytes

100. Bugs TD Invasion - strategy - 1511 plays
Bugs TD Invasion
Link: Play
Don’t let bugs reach last plants. Grow floral towers to stop attacking enemies and gather water for defense. Build and improve cannons for defense. Use different obstacles, collect achievements and the better tools you use the more bonuses you have and they help you in next levels. Use your mouse to control the game.

Size: 3212630 Bytes

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