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1. Quest for Milkshake - logic - 1221 plays
Quest for Milkshake
Link: Play
In this Sesame street tribute game you’ll help Snuckers, the green furry monster, to make a coconut milkshake for his favorite customer. When the cursor changes to show an interactive area, just click your Left button Mouse to move around or, well, interact! Made as an homage of sorts to bastion of childhoods and puppets Sesame Street, you'll need to hunt down ingredients around town if you want to make your customer happy, but this place is seriously weird to say the least, and you'll need the help of other monsters to make your coconut dreams come true.

Size: 7647973 Bytes

2. Quick Escape - logic - 570 plays
Quick Escape
Link: Play
You play with Kyle, the master of escape. There are 3 different areas that you must escape. But you have only 5 minutes to escape each area. Your game will be autosaved.

Size: 1465194 Bytes

3. Quick Switch 2 - logic - 819 plays
Quick Switch 2
Link: Play
Hover over the platform to make it solid and try to guide the ball to the blue target. On the way you have to collect the stars.

Size: 2712500 Bytes

4. Quick Sand - action - 884 plays
Quick Sand
Link: Play
In ancient cave trap was started, and now the girl is in danger of being sanded. To prevent this from happening try to jump and run as fast as possible to the exit.

Size: 1217807 Bytes

5. Quick Shooting Pool - sport - 2699 plays
Quick Shooting Pool
Link: Play
Simple single pool where you have 2 minutes a play, and scoring for each ball will add you time and points. If you score the white ball you will lose 30 seconds.

Size: 913452 Bytes

6. Quiant Room - logic - 765 plays
Quiant Room
Link: Play
Escape from Quiant Room this time in this game that is similar by concept to Crimson Room. Decipher

Size: 581322 Bytes

7. QuaRkZ - logic - 676 plays
Link: Play
Put down your sub-atomic quarks and when they become unstable, they will explode, conquering your en

Size: 183618 Bytes

8. Quick Brick - logic - 696 plays
Quick Brick
Link: Play
Click on three or more bricks to destroy them play arcade tournament or puzzle games.

Size: 488867 Bytes

9. Quick Rotation - logic - 603 plays
Quick Rotation
Link: Play
Rotate the numbers back into their original spots.

Size: 31425 Bytes

10. QuickPic 2005 - logic - 619 plays
QuickPic 2005
Link: Play
Take a good look at all the cards in the picture, try to memorize them and match them up within the

Size: 975418 Bytes

11. Quiz Time with Chrono - logic - 654 plays
Quiz Time with Chrono
Link: Play
Take Chrono's on the backgrounds of Super Nintendo games

Size: 1643784 Bytes

12. Quiz Time with Chrono 2 - logic - 650 plays
Quiz Time with Chrono 2
Link: Play
Chrono will test you on sounds from various Super Nintendo games.

Size: 668979 Bytes

13. Quiz Time with Chrono 3 - logic - 597 plays
Quiz Time with Chrono 3
Link: Play
Chrono tests you this time on storylines of various Super Nintendo games.

Size: 516294 Bytes

14. Quiz Time with Chrono 4 - logic - 638 plays
Quiz Time with Chrono 4
Link: Play
Chrono gives you a test on more backgrounds from Super Nintendo games.

Size: 747519 Bytes

15. Quix - logic - 612 plays
Link: Play
Line up same colored tiles vertically to clear them off the board.

Size: 91010 Bytes

16. Quick Stack - logic - 641 plays
Quick Stack
Link: Play
Stack the two sides and keep the colored bricks low.

Size: 21486 Bytes

17. Quadrants - logic - 607 plays
Link: Play
A hard puzzle game of four Collapse-like games going at once.

Size: 3438897 Bytes

18. Q - logic - 689 plays
Link: Play
Get the blue and pink balls into their colored portals.

Size: 83580 Bytes

19. Quick Pic - logic - 634 plays
Quick Pic
Link: Play
A simple matching game that randomly places cards and has a time limit.

Size: 304518 Bytes

20. QBeart - logic - 629 plays
Link: Play
make the bear land on all the squares. Later levels you have to dodge objects.

Size: 302398 Bytes

21. Quick Pic 2005 - logic - 719 plays
Quick Pic 2005
Link: Play
Memory game with pictures of flowers. Gives you a quick peek, then limited time to remember them all

Size: 975418 Bytes

22. QUIZ Momentum - logic - 642 plays
QUIZ Momentum
Link: Play
Use your knowledge of history to answer questions correctly to give your runner more speed to win.

Size: 479040 Bytes

23. Quick - logic - 622 plays
Link: Play
Click the different colored shapes in the proper order given at the top of the game. Hard.

Size: 400577 Bytes

24. Quiz Fighter - logic - 754 plays
Quiz Fighter
Link: Play
Answer the fighting game questions to perform fighting moves and beat your opponent.

Size: 13205587 Bytes

25. Quick Draw - shoot - 648 plays
Quick Draw
Link: Play
Draw before the other guy does so this town will have it's wonderful sheriff.

Size: 345461 Bytes

26. Quadrobarrel Defence - shoot - 1828 plays
Quadrobarrel Defence
Link: Play
You're a turret, blow away anything that comes close. Upgrade with more powerful and multiple guns.

Size: 3625321 Bytes

27. Quibble Race - casino - 942 plays
Quibble Race
Link: Play
Gamble your money on which quibble will win the race, cheat your way through, get money from loan shark.

Size: 2508148 Bytes

28. Quanji Boxing - fight - 860 plays
Quanji Boxing
Link: Play
A boxing game of sorts. 1P vs CPU or 2P.

Size: 448230 Bytes

29. Quick Cards - casino - 682 plays
Quick Cards
Link: Play
Lay down all your cards the fastest on top of the center piles to win.

Size: 607754 Bytes

30. Quiet Falls - rpg - 758 plays
Quiet Falls
Link: Play
Explore the rooms and the world in this well created, yet large (7mb) RPG game.

Size: 7499192 Bytes

31. Quick Park - skill - 1004 plays
Quick Park
Link: Play
Park the car as fast as you can. You have a limited time for each car parking puzzle.

Size: 219450 Bytes

32. QWERTY Warriors - skill - 691 plays
QWERTY Warriors
Link: Play
Type as fast as you can to kill the incoming enemies.

Size: 719908 Bytes

33. Quad Squad - skill - 692 plays
Quad Squad
Link: Play
How many laps can you make in your fourwheeler before crashing?

Size: 413985 Bytes

34. Quadrato - skill - 697 plays
Link: Play
Circle the white squares to change them into red. Then grab the red ones while doding the white.

Size: 1517422 Bytes

35. Qwerty Warriors 2 - skill - 695 plays
Qwerty Warriors 2
Link: Play
Type the words to incoming enemies to blast them away. Difficulty settings for all skill types.

Size: 783994 Bytes

36. QuikShot - sport - 810 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the ball in the basket. The levels increase in difficulty.

Size: 93491 Bytes

37. Quarterback Challenge - sport - 941 plays
Quarterback Challenge
Link: Play
Throw the footballs at the refs knocking them out.

Size: 508432 Bytes

38. QB Challenge - sport - 1229 plays
QB Challenge
Link: Play
Throw the football successfully to others as much as possible.

Size: 196013 Bytes

39. Quikshot - sport - 730 plays
Link: Play
Make the shots in the given amount of time. Hoop starts to move on later levels.

Size: 335186 Bytes

40. Quarterback Carnage - sport - 1044 plays
Quarterback Carnage
Link: Play
Throw the football at the incoming football players before they get too close. Keep them back!

Size: 787008 Bytes

41. QS Tezhongbing - action - 785 plays
QS Tezhongbing
Link: Play
Knife or blowup the enemy soliders around you.

Size: 993744 Bytes

42. QuibeLand - action - 718 plays
Link: Play
Knife circles that aren't like your square shape and avoid other level objects.

Size: 1556408 Bytes

43. Qweck Attack - action - 709 plays
Qweck Attack
Link: Play
A sidescrolling game that feels similar to Alien Hominid, but not as polished. Fun animations.

Size: 5550781 Bytes

44. QuibeLand: Evolution - action - 680 plays
QuibeLand: Evolution
Link: Play
Sidescrolling coin collecting, enemy attacking game.

Size: 3377999 Bytes

45. Q Zoid - action - 706 plays
Q Zoid
Link: Play
Shoot the alien creatures. Careful there are lots and one shot from them and you're dead.

Size: 137363 Bytes

46. Quickling - action - 792 plays
Link: Play
Great art and jumping action from grassy platform to platform. Send out a burst to kill animals.

Size: 4757841 Bytes

47. Quarz - logic - 671 plays
Link: Play

Size: 183.4 KB

       47 games starting with Q
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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