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1. World Wars 2 - strategy - 3754 plays
World Wars 2
Link: Play
It's not over yet, soldiers! Another mess of maps to conquer. Choose how many armies you want to defeat at once, and prepare for battle, baby. Try to dominate the map as you attack the enemies controlling area of the land mass. There is another variety of two different maps to conquer, you can choose from either Europe or Random. Use your Mouse to play and choose how many enemies you want to defeat at once between 1 and 8.

Size: 1899604 Bytes

2. Where Is 2014 - logic - 1401 plays
Where Is 2014
Link: Play
Where is our New Year? You'll need to solve point-and-click puzzler to bring it around. Though short and easy provided you scour every rock and drawer, it's a cute, beautifully illustrated little point-and-clicker from the master. The aim here is to literally ring in the holiday by finding out where our New Year is hiding, so just click around to gather items and solve puzzles. Chances are it won't take you very long... Use your mouse to find the new year, electrical switches, tinker around with the old gramophone, unlock the fuse box and find the missing year 2014.

Size: 1038527 Bytes

3. Wild King - shoot - 978 plays
Wild King
Link: Play
It is a story about a wild boy who thought he was a king, with his blue flying friend (BFF). Not so long time ago, boy lived peacefully in the paper forest of paper land. Evil came from abroad, they chopped terrified and poisoned the land, turning everything to mad and wicked creatures. But your wild boy sitting on a flying turtle can even fire blue projectiles of any kind. An epic shoot'em up quest for a kingdom and the crown. Help the young boy on his way through automatically scrolling levels with checkpoints. Use your Mouse for turtle movement. Click and hold the left mouse button to fire. In later levels, fire multiple targets and collect gold and power ups for special weapons for your turtle. Do not fall behind or to the trap, dodge other animals and their projectiles. Try to bounce your bullets from surroundings and clear your way through stone blocks.

Size: 7989598 Bytes

4. Wudywurm - skill - 1040 plays
Link: Play
Move Wudywurm around, let him eat the colored blocks and match 3 or more of the same color. Keep draggin him to make him longer before you release it. Make combos and fill up the gate meter. The first levels are with a single Wudywurm, later on you have to control multiple in the same play field. Play the 15 chamber mode or the free ride mode. Use your left Mouse button to drag. Arrow keys to move, Space bar key to release, X to switch between wudywurms. The game ends when the grid is filled and new black cannot be created. Ot if you stuck yourself into a position with no possible moves. Beat the highscores of other players.

Size: 2968633 Bytes

5. WRRRMZ - logic - 1323 plays
Link: Play
Look. Look at the worms. Do you see them? They are worms. Look at them, the worms. Help the multi coloured earthworm reach the hole in the ground before it becomes bird food. Use your Mouse to control the slimy worm as it slithers about. Try to wrap the worm's torso around all the giant mushrooms before going down the hole in the soil.

Size: 3131191 Bytes

6. Warriors Of Oon - logic - 1517 plays
Warriors Of Oon
Link: Play
Here you control an army of little Oons, they can be dragged together to create more powerful Oons while new ones are sent to battle. Help the once magical people defeat dark monsters that have invaded their peaceful lands. On the story mode your goal is to defeat all the monsters on every level, while on the arcade mode you have to survive for as much as you can to compete for the best high score. Use your Mouse to combine each unit of the same type to create a more powerful sword wielding warrior. You can only fuse together swordsmen that are same color, adjacent or diagonal to one another and have the same level number.

Size: 2315740 Bytes

7. Willy The Wizard - skill - 580 plays
Willy The Wizard
Link: Play
The kingdom was attacked and the king needs your help to rescue his 25 daughters from the clutches of the attackers. Physics based puzzle game where you help the young warlock rescue all 25 kidnapped members of the royal family before it's too late. Your mission on each level is to defeat all the enemies with out harming the princess. Blast your powerful lightning blots and hit the enemy to electrocute them. Use your Mouse to hurl electrical bolts at enemy knights, goblins and skeletons by dragging the dotted line towards them. You only get 10 thunderbolts per level so try not to waste them. Whatever happens don't fry the princesses with your magical power!

Size: 4379687 Bytes

8. Wake Up The Box - logic - 837 plays
Wake Up The Box
Link: Play
Drawing based game where you use your pencil to create wooden shapes that will make the lazy box people awaken from their deep sleep. Use your Mouse to draw something to drop onto the see-saw. To remove blocks use your left Mouse button with Ctrl key on Windows or Command key with Apple. You can draw inside the draw zone only. Use 1 number key to free draw lines. Use 2 number key for straight lines and 3 number key for circles. R key to restart the level.

Size: 5405770 Bytes

9. Wheely - logic - 2552 plays
Link: Play
Help the little red car fulfill its life long dream of taking part in the grand prix racing tournament. Use your Mouse to find clever ways of getting the vehicle towards the race by solving each puzzle it comes across. Follow Wheely thoughts, but if you become stuck, press the walkthrough button for an offsite step-by-step guide on how to complete each scene.

Size: 4935397 Bytes

10. Wish Totems - logic - 1460 plays
Wish Totems
Link: Play
Tap into your magical powers to send ancient island carvings to their respective areas. 32 Fun physics levels, clever level designs and unique mechanics make each level more rewarding to complete. Use your Mouse to make each statue figure sporting a star pop to force nearby totems into the water. In the case of heart totems keep them safe from water. Use lever switches on later levels to move objects out of your way. Burst and water totems love to be in water, but love totems just love and adore you while you have to protect them from water. Do it as quickly as possible for more points, click void blocks to disappear, destroy star blocks and use in-game help if needed.

Size: 3066301 Bytes

11. Warzone Getaway 3 - shoot - 2133 plays
Warzone Getaway 3
Link: Play
The third instalment of Warzone Getaway is here and its rougher and tougher than ever before! Defend your jeep from waves of enemies, from terrorists by shooting them off their bikes, by upgrading your gun, defences and air support! Good luck soldier! Use the Mouse to aim the sub machine gun at the bikers before they reach the jeep. If you find yourself in a pickle call for air support and rambo will fly in on a apache helicopter. Mouse to aim and shoot, Space to reload, Z for grenade, X for oil, C for spikes. Use Number keys 1-5 for air support.

Size: 9430627 Bytes

12. Whack Your Boss - fun - 2716 plays
Whack Your Boss
Link: Play
Find the 16 different ways to whack your boss in this painfully funny office simulation. Just try and find all the ways to kill your boss! Just click for death!

Size: 3100574 Bytes

13. Waterfalls 3 - Level Pack - logic - 857 plays
Waterfalls 3 - Level Pack
Link: Play
Excellent relaxing puzzle game with beautiful piano music by YouMaybe singer. Carefully place force directors (and portals) on the play-field to guide the particle flows towards the containers. Use your Mouse to move portals, and direction changers to make the glow flow to fill the correct shapes.

Size: 3570004 Bytes

14. Wild West Treasures 2 - logic - 849 plays
Wild West Treasures 2
Link: Play
Try to pass all new levels of the bright addictive collapse match 3 game in Wild West theme. Click on the jewels of the same color that are grouped together to complete each level. First levels are rather easy but the last ones are only for the skilled and diligent players. Excellent graphics, pleasant music and addictive gameplay will present you a ton of positive emotions. Use your Mouse to click on the jewels of the same color that are grouped together to complete each level. The time is limited at each level so be in hurry!

Size: 2088816 Bytes

15. Wizard Walls - strategy - 1163 plays
Wizard Walls
Link: Play
Save sheep, cover the engineer and caravans, protect the balloon and keep vicious trolls and goblins away from your soldiers. Use your magical powers to conjure reflective walls to protect your flock of sheep, soldiers from attacking goblins and sword wielding orcs. Use your Mouse to draw a line of defense that will reflect the enemies rocks back at them. Visit the magic shop to purchase better upgrades once you've earned enough money.

Size: 5768907 Bytes

16. Wizard Blast - skill - 1230 plays
Wizard Blast
Link: Play
The goal is to make lines, horizontally or vertically, of three or more matching gems. Fill the bottles with magic to multiple your next moves. Use your Mouse to join the pieces in groups of at least 3 equal items. Click on the image that you prefer to move and then click again on the new position.

Size: 2236655 Bytes

17. Wentworth - logic - 676 plays
Link: Play
Cats in Space! While on a mission to the planet below, Wentworth the space cat inadvertently awakens a monstrous forest Golem. Now using the magic of the fairy world you must help him defeat the creature and restore order to the forest. Progress is auto-saved. Original musical score by Sergiu Muresan. Point and click with your Mouse to explore and solve puzzles. Look for white highlights when mousing over the screen to find interactable hotspots. When you collect an item, it will appear in your inventory in the upper left part of the screen. Click on items in your inventory to arm them, then click interactable hotspots to use the item on that hotspot.

Size: 3209134 Bytes

18. Weirdtris - tetris - 839 plays
Link: Play
Weirdtris is a peculiar mash up of tetris and match-3 with some gravity added to the mix. Destroy all block or just a required amount to complete each level, but be warned! Think before you place a block, as you might get stuck! Use Arrow keys to move blocks from left or right side. In the middle of the screen is a set of cubes of color. Your goal is to make them all disappear by putting three cubes of the same color side by side. Colors will never cease appearing. Hit space when ready.

Size: 1113120 Bytes

19. Wake Up the Box 4 - logic - 1360 plays
Wake Up the Box 4
Link: Play
It's time to wake up some other boxes again. Attach wood blocks to wood objects in the level to complete each stage. Find ways to wake them up by placing objects on the play field. Draw shapes and let gravity take it’s course in order to wake up each level’s box in an all new approach to the hit game series. Use your Mouse to control the game and to draw shapes. Press SPACE while drawing to create a circle. Double click on a created object to remove it. Press R to restart a level.

Size: 1883111 Bytes

20. WereBox 2 - logic - 663 plays
WereBox 2
Link: Play
Find out the truth about game development in the new hardcore casual puzzle flash game. Remove all the red wereboxes in each level by knocking them off the screen. Transform shapes from squares to spheres and use explosives or other items in the level to help you get the job done. Mouse click to transform an ordinary ball into a werebox, R key to restart the level.

Size: 5315513 Bytes

World Basketball Championship
Link: Play
Compete for the title World Basketball Champion. Choose a national team, and go all the way from the groups stage to the finals. Use your mouse to aim, left click to shoot the ball into the basket.

Size: 1192830 Bytes

22. Worlds Guard - strategy - 1006 plays
Worlds Guard
Link: Play
Worlds Guard is a tower defense game with 16 maps, divided into four worlds. Your task is to do not let enemies pass the whole path. So you have to place your futuristic towers and start shooting down enemies. Protect four different worlds from attacking enemies in this fun tower-defense game. View the information of the available towers and figure out the best way to utilize them. Once a tower has been built, you can upgrade its attributes and choose its target priority. This game is played by mouse only. Each level is different, and you must place all new defenses each time. Your level, money, and health are indicated at the top of the screen, the defenses available are on the right of the screen. The waves on enemies are indicated at the bottom of the screen, click on them and/or press the fast forward to speed of the game. Earn money as you kill enemies and increase your defenses as more enemies attack.

Size: 2357976 Bytes

23. Wacky Wings - race - 1106 plays
Wacky Wings
Link: Play
Race against a wide variety of other aircraft, and save up your winnings to buy them for yourself. Unlock advanced races by achieving the corresponding medals. Click and hold the mouse button to climb. Release the button to dive. Collect the flying stars for boost.

Size: 1852189 Bytes

24. Wooden Rolls - logic - 808 plays
Wooden Rolls
Link: Play
Rotate all wooden rolls at 360 degrees. Use buttons, switchers and other objects. You must be sure the wooden rolls in each of the levels make a 360 degree rotation in order to advance to the next level. Don't let them to roll out. You can flip some switches with your mouse, but some can only be flipped when corresponding buttons are pressed. There are also non-fixed objects, which can be used to press buttons or connect wooden rolls. Timing and strategic planning is everything in this game. Use mouse to click on rolls and switchers.

Size: 4099086 Bytes

25. We Are Friends - logic - 1153 plays
We Are Friends
Link: Play
Mos are unusual kind of tiny monsters. The worst of them is called Gumo. He has built the Puzzle Factory where he put kidnapped poor Mos and he watches how they are struggling to escape. No one has ever escaped it. Help best friends Xomo, Yomo and Zomo to escape from the Puzzle Factory. Use only your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions. Move objects using your three friends to avoid obstacles and escape.

Size: 2591772 Bytes

26. Wooden Design - logic - 842 plays
Wooden Design
Link: Play
This puzzle game will make you use your thinking ability in full measure! Place multiple different wooden objects on the immovable platform in such a way that none of them falls off. Pay attention to the fact that you can move one object with the help of another! In higher levels, create a design from subjects so they reach the blue star. All objects must be on the platform in the end! Use the Mouse to drag & drop items on the screen.

Size: 4694229 Bytes

27. Wooglings - logic - 615 plays
Link: Play
A Lemmings game doesn't necessarily need Lemmings! Take on the role of a group of Wooglings (Woogi Children). Each Woogling (builder, archer, magician) has a specific skill such as cutting through land, making rope ladders, or creating land. With their skills combined they can take on any challenge! Use your mouse to give your Wooglings skills like digging or climbing in order to reach the exits. Try to get as many Wooglings to the goal as you can. To scroll the screen, put your mouse close to the edges and it will slide in that direction.

Size: 2633861 Bytes

28. Wake Up The Box 3 - logic - 1270 plays
Wake Up The Box 3
Link: Play
It's time to wake up some other boxes again. Attach wood blocks to wood objects in the level to complete each stage. Find ways to wake them up by placing objects on the play field. Use your mouse to control the game and Spacebar to restart level.

Size: 2734660 Bytes

29. Words And Physics - logic - 1350 plays
Words And Physics
Link: Play
Words and Physics is quite surprisingly a neat game featuring words and physics. A truly original take on physics games played out in 18 levels. Each level you have to get rid of this block of text which says 'RemoveMe' to do this you have to manipulate the other blocks of text around the level. Word and Physics really pushes your brain power at times and the keyboard interaction is very unique. Solve the puzzles by deleting or typing keyboard commands.

Size: 1243609 Bytes

30. Waterfalls 3 - logic - 20711 plays
Waterfalls 3
Link: Play
Excellent relaxing puzzle game with beautiful piano music by YouMaybe singer. Carefully place force directors (and portals) on the play-field to guide the particle flows towards the containers. Use your mouse to move portals, and direction changers to make the glow flow to fill the correct shapes.

Size: 3424050 Bytes

31. Wild West Showdown - shoot - 837 plays
Wild West Showdown
Link: Play
Draw your weapon with the left mouse button. Aim at your opponent and click to place markers within the time limit. Wait until the crosshair shrinks for the most accurate shots. Your silhouette displays where the opponent is aiming on your body. You must shoot more critical shots than the opponent to win. Try to complete all the levels on the map in the Wild West.

Size: 9782176 Bytes

32. Warpy 2 - logic - 887 plays
Warpy 2
Link: Play
The new version of the game “Warpy” finally arrived. Now with 3 different modes and with achievements. In this game, our yellow hero must warp between screen sides and solve the puzzle and finish the level by reaching the teleporter. The main advantage of this labyrinth is that there are no dead ends and and you cannot die by falling into the abyss when going off the screen. Beware of monsters and jump on top of monsters to get rid of them. Monsters can warp too. In Arcade Mode you have to try to beat the game as fast as you can. Each level as a time and you win score for less time you spent. Try to beat the leaderboards. In Time Attack mode you have to finish all levels in the right time and win medals. In the Challenge Mode you have to try to finish the game with less score. Use Arrow Keys to move and jump. Use enter to go to the next level. +/- signs for sounds volume.

Size: 3685754 Bytes

33. West Gunfighter - shoot - 731 plays
West Gunfighter
Link: Play
You are in a west bar. A cowboy is showing his shooting skills now. Fire at the glasses and the plates and the squirrel which fly around in the bar. If you missed the target, 10 HP will be lost. When all HP is lost, you will die. The pistol is equipped with a total of six bullets, press the space key to reload bullets. There are many special bonuses to enhance damage, or automatic reload, or bomb to eliminate all the targets on the screen. If you shot the bird, you will be awarded gold coins. The more gold coins you are awarded, the more points you will gain.

Size: 2912821 Bytes

34. Winters Tale - logic - 586 plays
Winters Tale
Link: Play
Swap figures to make a horizontal or vertical line of three or more pieces of similar type. Such line will be removed from the playing board. When you collect a line of pieces you also collect plates which are under these pieces. Clear all plates to complete the level. You also have to collect all coins to complete a level. To pick up a coin move it to the bottom of the board.

Size: 3609045 Bytes

35. Wheelbox: The Fallen Star - logic - 1379 plays
Wheelbox: The Fallen Star
Link: Play
Star fell to earth and broke into small pieces. You play as a little robot who must collect all the parts in order to save their planet from darkness. User arrow keys. In the game is nice music and graphics.

Size: 1488890 Bytes

36. White Ball - logic - 839 plays
White Ball
Link: Play
Your goal is to pass the white ball through all check points and get to the rainbow bal. It is necessary to make the minimum quantity of clicks.

Size: 969127 Bytes

37. War Against Submarine - shoot - 756 plays
War Against Submarine
Link: Play
A great submarine earthquake attacks the Pacific Ocean in 2018 and the bottom of the ocean is torn. They want to invade and occupy the ocean which belongs to human. Ocean bottom mutants has already occupied parts of the ocean and built military bases. Destroy enemy submarines, use Left/Right arrows to move, press Space to throw depth bomb. Press numeric keys 1 to 6 to use items.

Size: 5300589 Bytes

38. Winter Olympics 2010 - sport - 890 plays
Winter Olympics 2010
Link: Play
It's very simple! Soon is the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and the country needs the best people who will bring gold medals! Who knows, maybe you will stand on the podium! There is tutorial before each sport competition.

Size: 3284081 Bytes

39. Wooden Path 2 - logic - 978 plays
Wooden Path 2
Link: Play
Second part of this game. Build a bridge out of wooden blocks, so you can move from one bank to another. Your goal is to build a Wooden Path across the river. Often color blocks stand in your way. You may need to move them away first before you can move the bridge. If possible move blocking blocks aside and then build a Wooden Path.!

Size: 6781602 Bytes

40. Wrath of Evil - shoot - 1142 plays
Wrath of Evil
Link: Play
Legend has it that once on Earth all living in peace and harmony, but a villain named Azazel decided to conquer the whole world. He hypnotized a few people, forcing them to assist him in his evil plans. The gates to Earth realm are protected with archers. One mouse click and each of the archers hit the enemies with arrows.

Size: 3477808 Bytes

41. Wizard's Run - rpg - 1056 plays
Wizard's Run
Link: Play
Playing for the magician, who have to kill all the enemies running against him. If you encounter white screen at the start, click somewhere in the center. Then choose difficulty, As you are getting skill points, in the arsenal we have three skills: the treatment itself, a ranged attack and melee attack, and another temporary restraining that freezes force. All talents can pump and refine.

Size: 1240692 Bytes

42. Wanted! The Hoosiers - skill - 836 plays
Wanted! The Hoosiers
Link: Play
You play as a thief and you are running away from an angry policemen. The faster you press the arrow keys left / right keys, the more distance you will run. Choose a fugitive to play the game.

Size: 442117 Bytes

43. Worm Food - action - 2309 plays
Worm Food
Link: Play
Complete the level by devouring all villagers on screen. Build up to the top speed to jump and reach higher places, avoid obstacles as they will slow you down. Use the left and right keys to turn the worm, up key to accelerate and down key to slow down.

Size: 1892399 Bytes

44. WW4 Shooter - World War 4 - shoot - 2163 plays
WW4 Shooter - World War 4
Link: Play
Select your true weapon and use your mouse to shoot all your enemies. SPACE to reload your gun.

Size: 3954615 Bytes

With an incredible appetite
Link: Play
French game where you have to saw the fields on your farm, take care of planting, harvest and go to the store. Cook the juice and sell them to buyers. This game is for those who want to feel like a real businessman.

Size: 2311644 Bytes

46. Wasteland Defender - strategy - 872 plays
Wasteland Defender
Link: Play
You have to protect the castle. But weapons are not so many and so you need to place it precisely in those places where efficiency is highest. Otherwise, your castle is doomed.

Size: 2104332 Bytes

47. War of britannia - shoot - 3263 plays
War of britannia
Link: Play
In this game you have to defend the honor of Britain in the war against Nazi Germany. Take the plane fighter and destroy the enemy. To start push 3rd button from top. :)

Size: 2822609 Bytes

48. Wolf loves eggs - skill - 1131 plays
Wolf loves eggs
Link: Play
Try to catch as many falling eggs as possible by using the arrow keys! Get extra points for golden eggs! Drop too many eggs and its game over!

Size: 1172214 Bytes

49. Wake the Royality - logic - 996 plays
Wake the Royality
Link: Play
You should wake up every royal family member on a level. Very funny and clever game.

Size: 2341998 Bytes

50. Webbli Racers - race - 791 plays
Webbli Racers
Link: Play
Choose your car and track and try to win on various routes. In a way you can collect bonus coins and speed boosters.

Size: 5559209 Bytes

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