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1. Mexican Train Dominoes - logic - 1248 plays
Mexican Train Dominoes
Link: Play
Mexican Train Dominoes is an arcade game in which your mission is to try to play all your dominoes. There are 13 rounds. You start round by placing round double in proper place. You start your train according to the round number. Use your Mouse and play all your dominoes. Try to get rid of all your dominoes before the other computer controlled players do. Double-click on domino to rotate, and play the correct domino. You need to play a double domino, and then go again. If there is no domino to play, you can click PASS. A double is played but not covered. Cover the double. The one who can get the lowest overall points wins the game.

Size: 491946 Bytes

2. Multitask - skill - 2419 plays
Link: Play
Looking for tools, ways to measure how good you are at multitasking? This is a fun way to measure your skills and challenge your friends to see who scores the most. Nothing to kill, nothing to build or nothing to guess, just a skill game success of which depends on your multitasking skills and your reflexes. There are 4 stages in the game and each stage consists of simple, individual tasks, all of them are easy to handle but when you add up all these tasks, it gets a real nightmare. You start off with a solo task of keeping a ball on a line, by regulating the line with Left and Right Arrow keys. As player trying to keep a ball balanced on a platform, another mini game soon appears, requiring players to press the Up and Down Arrow keys to move the blue colour vertically and avoid spikes coming from the left and right. The game continues in this manner, with new mini games appearing as time passes. The game ends when players make one error.

Size: 3117346 Bytes

3. Min-Hero - Tower Of Sages - rpg - 1750 plays
Min-Hero - Tower Of Sages
Link: Play
This is cool mix of strategy and RPG game. Your hero is one of the chosen. He can enter Tower of Sages and prove that he can train the most mighty creatues. Gorgeous design and a focus on simple yet satisfying combat with a whopping 101 monsters to train. Your hero can rule minions he uses this skill at the arena. First he must gain the key to the hatchery and retrieve minions' eggs. Train and collect over 100 minions as you fight to prove yourself in the Tower of Sages. Arrow or WASD keys to move, Space bar key to interact with objects.

Size: 22889057 Bytes

4. Monsters Wheels - race - 794 plays
Monsters Wheels
Link: Play
Drive the monster trucks in the various challenging areas that only keeps getting more and more difficult. Each track has a time limit to reach. Join into the biggest championship and be the king of monster wheels and race as fast as possible on the rocky tracks featured in the game. Use your Arrow keys to steer and race against other monster truck competitors on a variety of tracks as you hit massive ramps and smash through obstacles. Press Space bar key to activate your turbo boost. Perform flips, collect coins, and try to finish first to earn more money to upgrade your truck in the garage with armour, better engine, tires grip or nitro tank.

Size: 10388354 Bytes

5. Maze Evolution - logic - 1201 plays
Maze Evolution
Link: Play
Maze Evolution is really simple. You just guide a little star through some tunnels and corridors. There are twenty-eight levels, each with its own quirks, but don't expect the difficulty to rise evenly. To start a level, click on the little black star. From that point on, the star is bound to your Mouse and follows its movements, so be very careful and focus. Concentrate and drag the black star to the finish line without touching walls or the ceilings. Oh, and some of the mazes are moving and be prepared for the shooting. Dodge black block bullets while navigating the maze.

Size: 791495 Bytes

6. Magic Layers - logic - 991 plays
Magic Layers
Link: Play
Move the overlapping layers to create different and sometimes surprising images in colours like red, orange, yellow, blue, green, violet and indigo. While the early levels are easy, later levels are increasingly difficult and the final two are very challenging indeed. Your goal is to reproduce that picture on the other half of the screen by dragging a handful of transparent shapes into place. Use your Mouse to drag the corresponding layers around and complete the picture. You've got to discover how the layers interact with each other in order to stack them all correctly and make a matching picture. Match the target display to win. Some of the later levels ask you to apply several layers on top of each other in one of what feels like a billion possible combinations. Can you manage to recreate the example exactly?

Size: 1153196 Bytes

7. Me And The Key 3 - logic - 1390 plays
Me And The Key 3
Link: Play
One arctic penguin is secretly holding the golden key in each level. You have to think and try to find the key in the group of penguins. Can you get the key in each of the 25 levels? The Bonte puzzles are tough, but not quite as tough as wearing a tuxedo 24 hours a day in the winter like these penguins. You need to poke around and experiment with what you see, figuring out how to reveal that coveted gold object. Use your Mouse and try to figure out how to find out a penguin with a golden key. Use left Mouse buttons, keyboard, rearrange words, select correct order, search for the logic pattern or count the numbers.

Size: 2813925 Bytes

Medieval Rampage 3 – The Rise Of Dragons
Link: Play
Relive the action in the Middle Ages in the third part of Medieval Rampage. Epic adventure where you engage battle shootouts and test both your skill and wits. Complete all 21 missions and kill the enemy in the most violent way possible. Finish campaigns, reach and liquidate the final boss. This challenge is greater than ever, can you prove you have what it takes to defeat the rise of dragons and save the world? Press WASD or Arrow keys for movement. Use your Mouse to shoot arrows with your archers to cause serious injuries. Press Space bar key to activate special abilities and skills containing invisibility for stealth kills and sprint or shield for your defence. There are different modes taught in the game including Capture the flag, Territory war, Team battle, Survivor, Dragon battle or Free for all mode.

Size: 8802887 Bytes

9. Mochi Ninja - skill - 832 plays
Mochi Ninja
Link: Play
Use your grappling hook to reach your target. Obliterate enemies with style in this challenging action puzzle game. Time your jumps just right & grapple to platforms to swing down & slice the bad block. Your goal is to destroy the evil cracker. Click Left Mouse Button to aim and release to jump. Click on platforms to use your grappling hook. Jump then use the grappling hook.

Size: 2863578 Bytes

10. Must Escape!! The Fortress - logic - 2586 plays
Must Escape!! The Fortress
Link: Play
The king and his mighty knights should have left to defend the upper castle. Seems there is no one here now, there is also no reason to stay here anymore. Search the way out the locked castle, before the enemy army finds you and kill you. If they can leave you behind, it’s time for you to escape the fortress before things get more dangerous… Use your Mouse to examine surroundings for useful items to help you in your journey. Use your left Mouse button to pick up and use items. To get a key, try to find some breadcrumbs to feed the crow.

Size: 1980779 Bytes

11. Mechanical Soldier - shoot - 1289 plays
Mechanical Soldier
Link: Play
Mechanical Soldier is a great shooting game, where you play the role of an elite soldier. Help the soldier infantry through a series of top secret assignments and destroy computer systems of your opponent. Run gun and jump your way through over 20 challenging levels. Use your Mouse to shoot, E key to drive army jeeps, don't forget to fly apache helicopters or use elevators. Press WASD keys to move, jump or crouch down. Q key to change weapons and R key to reload. Crash wooden crates to get more shop upgrades at the end of each level as your score is connected to money earned.

Size: 3768975 Bytes

12. Meme-Mory - logic - 969 plays
Link: Play
Meme Mory is a complete new way to find the same images. This may seems easy, but the different blocks will move. So be sharp and stay focused. Try to memorise the position all the faces before they are hidden up again. Use your Mouse to reveal characters and find the exact match. You have to remember all monsters faces and match them according to their similar faces. For each wrong guess you will lose your life. Train your concentration as the higher levels are far more difficult.

Size: 1299661 Bytes

13. Mauled Zero - strategy - 1157 plays
Mauled Zero
Link: Play
A Tower Defense where you battle through 11 vibrant, animated levels to defeat the evil demon ruling the land. Place powerful wizards along the road and stop monsters as they try to invade your kingdom and castle. 11 levels, 21 enemies including final nasty boss. Use your Mouse to place towers. Select from 1 of 4 towers when you are building and upgrade your towers as you go. Build them at a strategic spot so no bad guy will survive their walk. Use your wizards and don't let the bad creatures stop you. Choose from either poison, electrical, ice or fire wizards. Earn experience points in the shop after each battle to buy better upgrades, including higher damage, greater firing range or meteor shower blast.

Size: 4976666 Bytes

14. Min-Hero: Tower of Sages - rpg - 2415 plays
Min-Hero: Tower of Sages
Link: Play
Train and collect over 100 minions as you fight to prove yourself in the Tower of Sages. Prove yourself as a worthy animal trainer in order to wield a magical titan seal. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move around, Space bar key to talk to characters within the realm and Mouse to direct your creatures which attack method to perform on enemies during battle. Try to find a magical carved stone to heal beasts in your command after a hard fight. Once you have earned enough experience points you'll be able to increase the attack damage and health of all your minions.

Size: 22888551 Bytes

15. Monty’s Moon - skill - 1528 plays
Monty’s Moon
Link: Play
Help Monty reach the moon in this highly polished launcher game. With 35 upgrades, 20 achievements, 4 power ups and various special items and obstacles, Monty’s Moon features addicting gameplay with a touching storyline. Help the little monkey reach the small chunk of rock orbiting Earth so he can find a girlfriend for himself. Use your Mouse to launch the ape from the catapult that the professor created, press Left Mouse button to activate your boost ability. Grab juicy bananas to allow you to purchase upgrades at the scientists shop. Try to avoid birds and other hazardous objects as you soar through the sky.

Size: 2739369 Bytes

Monsterland 3 – Junior Returns
Link: Play
Senior and Junior are back and Junior is causing more mischief than ever before. Try to keep Senior awake as he is a lazy block who just wants to sleep all day and have fun. Help the young box find a way to land on its parent to wake it up by bouncing on its head. Use your Mouse to remove or interact with surrounding shapes to make the red box fall on its elder. Use R to retry the level. Whatever happens, do not let the Junior box drop and fall off the platform. Earn three stars by completing each level with as few clicks as possible.

Size: 3264185 Bytes

17. Mushbits 2 - logic - 827 plays
Mushbits 2
Link: Play
Help the bunnies on their never ending quest to gather cupcakes. Unite them with their like-colored cupcakes. Bunnies can only move on platforms of the same color, co-operate to find a way towards victory. Find their way to their favourite food by completing each journey in as few moves as possible. Click and drag to select a path for each bunny. Use your Mouse to click and hold each rabbit to drag it along the platform towards the small cake that matches the same colour as the bunny. Each animal can only cross over tiles that are the same colour as the floppy eared bunny.

Size: 4847634 Bytes

18. Mini Commando - logic - 4169 plays
Mini Commando
Link: Play
Action adventure game with nazi enemies in the second world war. Your task is to save your kidnapped family. Help the young soldier rescue his family kidnapped by an evil organisation whilst they were enjoying a picnic in the park. Use your Mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions. Use your Mouse to examine objects within the army cadet's range to see if anything will help him on his mission to save his family. Watch out for sneaky snipers hiding out in the undergrowth.

Size: 5064364 Bytes

19. Mars Colonies - strategy - 1743 plays
Mars Colonies
Link: Play
Real time strategy game where you control a group of scientists and miners as they go about extracting precious mineral resources from the red planet. Build and protect your own colonies on Mars. Hire skillful colonists, help them survive marsquakes, dust storms and other threats, and build the most successful colonies on Mars. Use your Mouse to build nuclear power plants to provide electricity, personal modules, water pumps and hydroponic stations to grow fruit and vegetables. Complete objectives by constructing buildings without wasting any valuable resources. After placing a new building you need to connect it with energy or water if building need any; make sure to connect power lines and water tubes to the right places on the South-West side of a building. If a building don't have water/energy, the warning icon will appear.

Size: 6585690 Bytes

20. Monkey Go Happy 6 - logic - 2083 plays
Monkey Go Happy 6
Link: Play
New collection of easy but fun Monkey Go Happy levels. Make your monkey happy in each level to progress. Try to put a grin on each of the sad little apes faces by solving the simple puzzles in each scene. Use your Mouse to find hidden objects or items to interact with to complete the level. Before you start choose a funny hat for your character to wear. Try to complete each level in as few clicks as possible. If you get stuck press the hint button for an offsite walkthrough.

Size: 6385466 Bytes

Millie Megavolte 7 – Millie And The Shadow Mage
Link: Play
Another day, another annoyance. Narcure the Shadow Mage has picked a fight with Millie and won’t go away until he gets it. Slaughter your way through the most dangerous parts of Terna Island to shut that asshole up. Mouse over Options tp buy cosmetics in the items panel. Use coins you collected. Pause with P key. Use WASD keys or you can rebind keys to any layout you need. Jump while running up slopes to jump super high.

Size: 13067962 Bytes

22. Mystery IQ Test - logic - 1694 plays
Mystery IQ Test
Link: Play
You wake up on a deserted place with nothing in your pockets. Use your IQ and solve various puzzles to unravel the mystery. Help the young teenager find a way out of a series of rooms full of brain numbing puzzles. Use your Arrow keys to move and Space bar key to perform an action. Choose a difficulty level based on how smart you think you are. You start off with an intelligence quota of around 80; try to increase it by completing each task successfully.

Size: 5500890 Bytes

23. Mad Burger - shoot - 1264 plays
Mad Burger
Link: Play
Do you love burgers? Your goal is to throw burger very far, so he flew to a hungry man. Launch game where you help the young French chef hurl his cooked masterpiece towards the waiting customer at the other side of the caravan park. 5 performance improvements, 5 bonuses, 4 level upgrades of the burger! Use the Left Mouse button to select the initial throw power and then click on the burger to apply tomato sauce to it as it soars through the air. Earn cash to upgrade your patty by adding mustard, ketchup or increase the filling with extra cheese, tomatoes, red onions and pickles at the shop.

Size: 5424976 Bytes

24. Monstercraft - strategy - 2355 plays
Link: Play
Arena based beat em up game where you use your scientific lab to splice DNA strands to create the perfect fighting machine consisting of robots, monsters and zombies. Breed your own army of monsters and robots by combining parts and DNA to create a powerful team. Hunt for monsters, breed better ones and become a champion of the monster arena. Use your Mouse to buy creatures and then make them battle in the colosseum to collect a reward. After the fight, put two monsters in craft machine and press the red button to proceed. You can find all possible combinations of monsters in craft book. When waiting for the next battle round you can go hunting to hone your group's skills.

Size: 5982910 Bytes

25. Made In Mafia - action - 1960 plays
Made In Mafia
Link: Play
Marconi has finally noticed you and he has given you your first dirty job! Side scrolling based racing game where you have to impress the crime lords by taking out rival gangs roaming the streets. Press your Arrow keys to steer the car, Z or X to switch shooting direction and Space bar key to throw bombs. Drive over repair icons to fix your vehicle and cash symbols to collect money. Once you have enough money visit the shop to buy upgrades to improve your cars armour plating or add new weapons to your arsenal.

Size: 7463861 Bytes

26. Maze 4 - skill - 1825 plays
Maze 4
Link: Play
28 Levels of awesomely addictive fun as you battle to the top of the leaderboards by navigating the pinball to the finish whilst avoiding gun-turrets, spinning blades, moving platforms and much more. You guide the pinball named Michelle to the finish sign without touching the sides of the wall. Use your Mouse to click on the ball to begin moving it. Once you start your score is determined by the time taken to complete the level. Watch out for hazardous objects such as moving platforms and rotating blades.

Size: 561946 Bytes

27. Monstre II - shoot - 1059 plays
Monstre II
Link: Play
You have to kill all the monsters by destroying different constructions. Beat all 32 levels, 5 different enemies and use all 8 various guns and cannons. Level editor and center with user's levels included. Use your Mouse to click on the building and fire. Try to get a gold medal with killing all in one shot.

Size: 2508005 Bytes

28. Monster Detective - logic - 1445 plays
Monster Detective
Link: Play
Play monster detective game and pick up the trail of the missing girl last seen by witnesses roaming around in fogtown. Point and click using your Mouse to scout the area for clues that will lead to her location and possibly safe retrieval. If you become stuck trying to solve the riddle, click the walkthrough link at the bottom for an offsite step-by-step solution to the mystery.

Size: 13706736 Bytes

29. Match Factory - skill - 952 plays
Match Factory
Link: Play
Match Factory is an engaging and fun to play Match game. In addition to level select in the standard mode there is also a blitz mode. In blitz mode you try and get as many points as possible within 60 seconds. Use just your Mouse to try and get through as many levels as possible. There are a number of power ups that appear in each level that modify the game play in a number of ways including score multipliers, column removers, bombs and more.

Size: 203128 Bytes

30. Mustached Adventure - retro - 2043 plays
Mustached Adventure
Link: Play
Help the man sporting the funny looking moustache make a living for himself by mining precious minerals deep underground. Collect minerals from deep underground and sell the recious ore for cash. Upgrade your equipment to dig deeper and use ancient elevators to go deeper in order to find rarer ores. Use your Arrow keys or WASD keys to guide the miner towards the lift and then descend into the shaft to mine coal, silver, gold, emerald, ruby, sapphire, diamonds and other precious ores by digging into the shaded blocks. If you run out of energy, visit the topside cafe shop to drink a cup of coffee. Do not forget to sell your cargo at the merchants shop or to upgrade your equipment from the nearby surplus store.

Size: 1688374 Bytes

31. Mini Golf Pro - sport - 935 plays
Mini Golf Pro
Link: Play
Sport based game and use your set of clubs to whack the golf ball from the tee into the hole next to the red flag. 18 holes of minigolf with physics, dynamic lighting, level ranks, bouncepads, windmills and water. Use your Mouse to adjust the angle and power of each strike. Try not to let the ball go off screen or land in the sand or you will have a hard time getting it out. Click and drag on the ball to hit it. R key to restart the level. Hole in one is for 3 stars, 2 stars when you get a par.

Size: 5522405 Bytes

32. Mechanic Tom - logic - 2002 plays
Mechanic Tom
Link: Play
Mechanic Tom is a great master but he needs your help. Help the keen cycling enthusiast ride off into the sunset on his latest contraption by placing all the rotating gears in the right slots on his bike. Put a gears, wheels and other parts correctly to make the assembled steampunk machines move. Use your Mouse to pick up a gear part and then place it upon the bicycle where you think it should go to make the cycle work. There are 18 gear assembly levels with each one increasing in difficulty.

Size: 2569633 Bytes

33. Miniquest - skill - 871 plays
Link: Play
Play Miniquest game and help the 8bit hero work his way through rooms fraught with dangerous obstacles as he seeks to collect all the treasure. Press WASD or Arrow keys to make the hero move, walk through doors, jump onto platforms or climb wooden ladders. Use Z key to jump through obstacles. Dirty tiles will disappear after a while. Escape key to go back to the menu. Be careful and watch out for crumbling blocks, spikes and other hazards as you comb through each room because it's deadly. Contains tutorial + 30 levels of fun with great 8-bit music.

Size: 4224410 Bytes

34. Magic Blaster - logic - 965 plays
Magic Blaster
Link: Play
Help the ageing wizard raid the underground Orc stronghold by using his spell power to vanquish them. Wipe out all the invaders in the king’s castle using mighty magic. Use your Mouse to select a spell and then use it to either destroy wood or disintegrate stone. Figure out a way to get rid of all the orc warriors whilst trying opening the treasure chest at the same time. Keep an eye out on your mana levels by using your spells sparingly. Use hot keys 1,2,3,4 to select a spell and then click the target.

Size: 2693907 Bytes

Monkey Go Happy – Mini Monkeys
Link: Play
Collect all 15 mini monkeys in this version of the very popular Monkey GO Happy series! Use your Mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Solve puzzles and interact with the environment to find all 15 mini monkeys and return them to the basket.

Size: 3877039 Bytes

36. Medieval Shark - skill - 1466 plays
Medieval Shark
Link: Play
Go on another chomping rampage but this time you'll have to contend with knights in shining armour as you swim through the dark ages. Judgement day is upon us, as the prophecy foretold. The master of death has come to claim the world. But only a child fears dragons, a real threat emerges from the depths. Only he, a man, a shark, a sharkman can save us. Is he our savior or are we just dinner? A jaw of 1000 teeth in King Arthur's court will determine our fate. Castles will be destroyed, lives will be forfeit, death has met his match. Long live the king. Use your Arrow keys to control your great white shark and A key to bite anything that gets in your way. Dive deep underwater to loot treasure chests but watch out for major boss types like giant eels, hydras, octopus and fire breathing dragons.

Size: 9044296 Bytes

Mass Mayhem: Extra Bloody Zombie Apocalypse
Link: Play
Mass Mayhem Extra Bloody Zombie Apocalypse is a spin-off of the bloody and violent Mass Mayhem game series. In this game your task is to defend yourself and protect your bunker from waves of blood thirsty zombies with your arsenal of weapons including various guns, explosives, and a turret. In this intense zombie game, a virus has spread resulting in rapid transformation of humans to zombies along an expansive geographical area. You have to ge a hold of the situation quickly and stop the spreading of the deadly and dangerous disease. Use the Arrow keys to move, and Space bar key to attack. Survive and destroy all zombies using all sorts of weapons, from cars to riotguns and earn cash to buy upgrades. Buy upgrades for your weapons to help you defeat the enemies.

Size: 5154310 Bytes

38. Magno - skill - 866 plays
Link: Play
Keep ahead of the machine and control chain lightning mayhem in this physics based bubble matcher. In Magno you have to use your Mouse to click on groups of at least 3 balls to remove them. If the balls reach the top of the screen or if you run out of time, you'll lose. Press Shuffle to shuffle the balls.

Size: 1385994 Bytes

39. Monsters Packer - skill - 1396 plays
Monsters Packer
Link: Play
There are monsters, there are boxes, there is canon and there is you. Put monsters in the boxes, using canon and your brain. Somebody got to sort that mess! Steady aim to fire creatures into cardboard boxes to send them off to nightmare land. Use your Mouse to adjust the cannons arrow for a longer more powerful launch. Aim and shoot in 20 fun filled levels! But remember, there are only few shots. Try to collect stars, cherries and other fruit by firing the creatures through them.

Size: 2607924 Bytes

40. MoonType - Episode 2 - skill - 1269 plays
MoonType - Episode 2
Link: Play
Aliens are back, more determined than ever: they want the moon. Use your typing skills to fight back in this sequel to MoonType! Type the names of the incoming enemies to destroy them one by one. Do not let them get too close! Escape or Tab to pause & open the menu. You need good computer, use quick browser and updated flash plugin.

Size: 3524900 Bytes

41. Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3 - logic - 2623 plays
Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3
Link: Play
New collection of easy but fun Monkey Go Happy levels. Make your monkey happy in each level to progress. 30 MORE levels of Monkey GO Happy, each level is a puzzle or game you must solve. Solve them all as fast as you can to get the highest score, and make these primates proud! Use your Mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Solve puzzles, build or change stuff, shoot enemies, repair things and so on!

Size: 5801031 Bytes

42. MushBooms – Level Pack 2 - logic - 782 plays
MushBooms – Level Pack 2
Link: Play
The Mushbooms return with 32 explosive new levels for you to enjoy! Do whatever it takes to blow up these angry mushrooms so your level will be clear of them. Be warned though as you will only have a limited amount of bombs at your disposal so use them wisely. If you get stuck and run out of bombs then simply restart the level until you get it right! You can choose different type of bombs and also you can explode them through the ground. Place bombs using your mouse. Hit space to explode the bombs. Remove all angry mushrooms from the screen in each level.

Size: 3353456 Bytes

43. Monster Castle - retro - 1726 plays
Monster Castle
Link: Play
Monster Castle is an addictive tower defense game developed by Fliptic. Your mission in this retro defense game is to protect the sweet princess from an evil human army. Place skeletons, demons, plants and other monsters on every floor and kill soldiers, priests, mages and other enemies. Defend the Monster Castle at all costs, protect your queen from the evil human army that wants to destroy her. Summon monsters, upgrade, evolve and create a powerfull army. Use Mouse to play and select monters to ugrade attack with sword button, evolve with arrow button, and sell with money button. Hotkeys: Q,W,E,R,A,S,D,F for monsters, Z,X,C,V for spells. First select a monster, t to rise attack, g to upgrade, B to sell.

Size: 2986013 Bytes

44. Mighty Fin - skill - 796 plays
Mighty Fin
Link: Play
Mighty Fin is an addictive arcade game that’s easy to pick up, hard to master… and impossible to put down. Guide Fin through blue oceans, arctic ice caves, tooth-destroying candy lands, and steaming hot summer isles. Collect as many bubbles as you can for a high score, then post it on the global leaderboards. Collect gold medals in two different modes to unlock new costumes for Fin to wear. Hold Space or the Left Mouse Button to dive and let go to soar through the air. The deeper you dive in the water, the higher you’ll jump. Duck and dodge to defy death, and collect bubbles for a high score.

Size: 13256436 Bytes

45. Monkey Go Happy 5 - logic - 1668 plays
Monkey Go Happy 5
Link: Play
The massively popular Monkey GO Happy game is back again and another You have to spend all your time entertaining monkey doing anything you can… why don’t you try if you have what it takes to make a Monkey GO Happy? Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Solve puzzles, explode dynamites, shoot stuff and more!

Size: 5436701 Bytes

46. My Angel - logic - 2063 plays
My Angel
Link: Play
You are a guardian angel who helps and protects little boy while he is growing up into a man. Help him overcome troubles which he faces in his life. Remove all the traps that are trying to hurt the boy on his way. Help him to reach the end without being hurt. Use only your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions.

Size: 2907973 Bytes

47. Monsters Den Chronicles - rpg - 1902 plays
Monsters Den Chronicles
Link: Play
The next evolution of the dungeon-crawling RPG series. Customize and shape your group of heroes through an all-new series of adventures. Battle terrifying monsters and collect powerful loot. Play with the mouse, customize a character by clicking the gears icon beneath their sprite in Char/Inventory. Character screen shows all available skills while in the party camp. Set a default fighting style in the Character screen. You can use the number keys to select skills in battle. Hold the Ctrl (or Cmd) key to avoid shrines or treasure when entering a room. Sell the entire contents of a bag at once by looking for the button next to the item count for the bag, in the Emporium sell menu. Hold the Ctrl (or Cmd) key when clicking on items to quickly buy/sell them.

Size: 8221271 Bytes

48. Mouse And Guns - shoot - 797 plays
Mouse And Guns
Link: Play
Defend yourself against attacking monsters, try to shoot them all, collect the health and money particles, and buy new guns and abilities... You must destroy the cheese helicopter to win the game! Use WASD or Arrow keys to move, R or Shift key to releod, mouse click (or hold the left mouse button) to shoot.

Size: 2393114 Bytes

49. Madness: Project Nexus - action - 1779 plays
Madness: Project Nexus
Link: Play
Play Madness, project nexus game and infiltrate a top secret underground facility in order to rescue two spy operatives that went missing in action. Move through rooms and kill all enemies in each level. Grab new weapons, get new abilities and try to survive this madness. In arena mode play through the nexus training program and become the most powerful L337 unit in all of Nevada. In story Mode you have to take down project nexus and help to safe two agents. Use the mouse to aim and shoot, WASD keys to move Hank around, Q to swap guns and swords, E to drop current weapon or pickup another one and Spacebar to jump or open maintenance doors.

Size: 11130444 Bytes

50. Monsters Mashs - logic - 769 plays
Monsters Mashs
Link: Play
Find fiendish ways using physics to dispose of all the creeps on each level by making them fall on top of sharp pointy spikes. Use the mouse to remove yellow pegs to set objects in motion.

Size: 9928 Bytes

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