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1. Epic Combo Redux - fun - 2892 plays
Epic Combo Redux
Link: Play
Hit the turtles with your hammer as they swarm out from the sewer pipes and earn cash! Buy cool upgrades with your money to smash more turtles. Use awesome combinations and try to reach 10.000 combos as fast as you can. Use your Mouse for purchasing chain reaction upgrades. Use your Arrow or WASD keys to move the stickman. Press Space bar key to bash the critters with your hammer. Visit the shop and get upgrades such as machine guns, lasers, buzz sawes, chainsaw, proximity mines or even party disco lighting effect.

Size: 2111327 Bytes

2. El Papel - logic - 1099 plays
El Papel
Link: Play
A funny puzzle game where you play as a toilet roll. A bizzare mexican puzzle game. Stretch Juan “El Macho” Hernandez long neck to solve 40+ puzzles. Help Juan get the precious toilet paper that his evil arch enemy stole. Use your Arrows or WASD keys to move, R to reset.

Size: 8930166 Bytes

3. Escape From Melakka - action - 1078 plays
Escape From Melakka
Link: Play
You are a wizard and you awake in a dungeon. You can’t remember anything, but your body feels like you had a drink too much or have been teleported… or maybe both. Use your WASD or Arrow keys to move and your Mouse to aim and shoot. Even if you don’t know what has exactly happened, try to find clues, solve puzzles, use your wizards power, shoot enemies and escape from Melakka. Use your Space bar key to see your character screen, statistics and your achievements. Press P key to buy upgrades of your health, speed or fire rate.

Size: 2516950 Bytes

4. Electropede 2 - Neopede - shoot - 3041 plays
Electropede 2 - Neopede
Link: Play
Electropede 2: Neopede is the sequel of the Electropede game. Who controls the grid, controls the universe. Your mission is simple: shoot everything that moves, and if it doesn't move, shoot it anyway. Move with the Mouse, you're guns fire automatically. Shoot the Neopede and do not let them get you first. You will get bonus points for combos but watch out for mines that will blow up your ship.

Size: 9398284 Bytes

5. Ethereal Masters 2 - casino - 1330 plays
Ethereal Masters 2
Link: Play
Ethereal Masters is a strategic card game in the same vein as Magic the Gathering or Yugioh, in that you compete against your opponent to overrun the game's board with your monster cards. Your card can have three types of arrows: normal arrows that capture cards next to it, ranged arrows that capture cards one tile away and shield arrows which cannot be attacked by your opponent. In addition to the features of the original Ethereal Masters, the sequel features two new arrow types, allowing you to capture cards from a distance and protect yourself from attacks. Also powerup tiles, multiplying your attack and defense potential depending on your element, holes which making an attack through it possible only with a ranged card. An improved, adaptive AI, adding much needed personality to the bosses and their strategies, with total of 7 characters and 50 cards, all drawn by the talented Conny Nordlund. Your goal is to own more cards than your opponent when game ends and all the cards have been placed on the board. You play as a newcomer in the Tournament whose goal is to rise to the rank of Champion. You and your opponent get five cards which you must place on a board. You can attack and capture the other player's cards depending on where they're placed and their attack and defense power. Your attack and defense powers correspond to top and bottom numbers on the card. At the end of each round, the player who has the most cards in his possession wins. You can get new cards throughout the game and gain experience to make them stronger.

Size: 10584501 Bytes

6. Enough Plumbers 2 - logic - 1465 plays
Enough Plumbers 2
Link: Play
A puzzle platformer with a repair man and clones cloning clones, part 2. Create replicating plumbers by collecting coins, each with unique abilities, and control them all simultaneously to reach the exit in each level. Multiplying plumber is back for some more crazy action where you need to try and get at least 1 of the plumbers to the exit on each of the 30 stages. Use the Arrow keys to move and jump. Do not fall off from the ledges and avoid enemy creatures around. Hit Space bar key to reset a stage, heading for each levels tiny flag to win and jumping on (most) enemies to destroy them. The idea is every time you touch a coin, you spawn another plumber that moves in tandem with the others. You need one to survive to win in most cases, you'll quickly discover they're not all as expendable as you think. Collect new power-ups such as the Ghost and the Spaceman and figure out how to use those effectively to get through stages. Remember you can reset with Space bar key or go back to the level select screen with Escape key.

Size: 5544709 Bytes

7. Enhanced - action - 1340 plays
Link: Play
This is a story about enhanced soldiers confrontation. Help genetically engineered soldier rescue the city with innocent civilians. Take control over enhanced soldier and lead her through 21 game level, wiping out all enemies on your way in the sci-fi run & gun platformer. You can make 18 upgrades to unlock new abilities and earn 24 achievements. Use A and D key for movement, W key for jump or double jump. Mouse to aim and fire, while switching weapons with number keys 1,2,3,4. When you learn super human abilities by spending skill experience points use S key to dash, E key for shield, Q for stealth movements and C key to create event horizon. Press Space bar for calling hurricane drones. To pause the game, press Escape key or P key and U key for showing upgrades window.

Size: 22400224 Bytes

8. Experimental Shooter 2 - action - 1228 plays
Experimental Shooter 2
Link: Play
Shoot all the white balls in each level while following the specific rules of each room. Read the title of each level for a hint on how to go about beating the level. Fire on moving bubble targets as they fly around the screen. Try to hit all the bubbles before your time is up. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move, R key to restart if you become stuck. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot. Try to be cautious, as the later levels and specific rules are more difficult to complete.

Size: 7139749 Bytes

9. Ending - logic - 2315 plays
Link: Play
Ending is a single player turn based game about movement and death. Guide your pixelated ampersat to the exit without suffering any harm at the hands of the other pixel warriors. Be brave. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move your keyboard symbol. Try to hit the other characters on their head before they strike you down. You can create your own levels at the menu by clicking on the hammer icon to access the editor.

Size: 1307271 Bytes

10. Escape From Roswell - logic - 1129 plays
Escape From Roswell
Link: Play
After unsuccessful landing on planet Earth some evil military guys caught your fellow alien. Your mission is to find him and escape from Roswell. Help the alien find a way off the backward planet before they perform needless experiments on him. Use your Mouse to interact with objects within the environment to create a chain of events that will help the little green man to pass. Try to free the purple alien locked behind the metal bars in the research facility.

Size: 2068564 Bytes

11. Evolvo Plus! - skill - 865 plays
Evolvo Plus!
Link: Play
Eat fish that are smaller than you while avoiding fish that are bigger. Eat more fish to evolve and gain new abilities. The Beefed up version of Evolvo with tons more stuff, like boss battle, 100 kinds of enemy fish in total, +4 difficulty levels, medals, high scores and cheats. Press your WASD or Arrow keys to swim about and dodge larger prey, Space bar key to use your special ability, P to pause and M to turn the music or sound off. Watch out for sharks, whales and other sea dwelling creatures bigger than you. Beware some fish are poisonous and may paralyse you for a couple of seconds.

Size: 5095830 Bytes

12. Enola – Prelude - rpg - 1814 plays
Enola – Prelude
Link: Play
This exciting spin on the turn based RPG genre sends players on an epic journey across the land of Enola. You track down the monster that killed your beloved father. Battle a wild variety of enemies and bosses across 16 unique hand drawn levels. Collect materials, build new weapons and learn a devastating array of magic attacks. After completing the game, you enter prestige mode. You keep all your weapons, items and spells but all the enemies become much harder and you will have to complete each level again. This is only a prelude – bigger things to come! Use unlocked spells and attacks to defeat enemies by reducing their health to zero. Select an attack from the list using your Mouse or Keyboard. Use your Mouse to perform sword or magic attacks against creatures you encounter on the road. Collect wood, gems, and gold bullion bars to craft new and deadly weaponry at the blacksmiths. Don’t use all your mana during battle, reserve enough to use your heal spell. Some attacks can only target one enemy, so you may need to select a target for an ability by clicking the symbol floating above the target. ola prelude.

Size: 12837571 Bytes

13. Electric Joint - logic - 882 plays
Electric Joint
Link: Play
Play electric joint, a logic based game and join up all the nodes together to form a complete circuit. Connect all the positive and negative charges in each level, ensuring that no connections overlap. Use your Mouse to connect the positive to the negative electrodes to make them pulsate with electricity. Try to complete each of the 25 levels as fast as you can to earn a decent score. Remember no two polar opposites are to be connected.

Size: 2083561 Bytes

14. Epic Gangnam Style Jump - skill - 691 plays
Epic Gangnam Style Jump
Link: Play
The star of the hit Style Gangnam Korean singer PSY need your help to jump from branch to branch to get all the diamonds he can. Agility and concentration will be necessary for you to successfully complete this challenge. Left click to first jump, Mouse to directing PSY. Space to use Jetpack. P for Pause, Mu to mute.

Size: 2784656 Bytes

15. Earn to Die 2012 - skill - 6233 plays
Earn to Die 2012
Link: Play
After crash landing your getaway helicopter into Nevada deserts rocky terrain find a way to reach your new target location by any means necessary. Smash through hordes of zombies as you drive your way through a zombie apocalypse, unlocking and upgrading vehicles along the way. Press your Arrow or WASD keys to drive your car over rotting zombies to reach a maximum distance. If you fail or run out of fuel visit the mechanics garage shop to buy new vehicles (if you can afford it), tyres, gas, engine components or rotating hacksaw blades to slice up the walking dead. Use Ctrl or X key for boost.

Size: 4912424 Bytes

16. Effing Worms – Xmas - skill - 2780 plays
Effing Worms – Xmas
Link: Play
Eat elves, yeti, and reindeer! Santa gave you a crap present, now you’re out for revenge! Make yourself bigger by consuming Santa's elves, white bunnies, reindeer or abominable snowmen as you dive in and out of the North Pole soil. Press Arrow or WASD keys to move your slimy creature. Complete each mission to eat as much as you can to complete the current objective before upgrading your worm to epic proportions. Once you have reached a certain stage track down Mr.Claus and gobble him up to teach him a lesson. Watch out for snowball throwing yetis, elves with machine guns and attack helicopters.

Size: 6227356 Bytes

17. Evilgeddonh Spooky Max - shoot - 1435 plays
Evilgeddonh Spooky Max
Link: Play
Wanna shoot some dudes? Try this one and you’ll have to deal with 9 various enemies, 3 bosses and 1 Slenderman! Shoot the zombies and creeps while collecting coins and weapons. Upgrade your stash and gain strength for the harder waves. WASD to Move, Left click/hold to Shoot, Space for Quick equip. Number keys 1,2,3 to Equip weapon slot. Q to Call wave, P for Pause. Control selection for QWERTY / AZERTY / ARROW users.

Size: 15100926 Bytes

Edna & Harvey - Harvey’s New Eyes - Demo
Link: Play
Shy schoolgirl Lilli is having a tough time at the convent. Only her imagination helps her to escape from the strict rule of Mother Superior. But when her best friend Edna disappears under mysterious circumstances, Lilli has to rise above her own and face a tough journey to not only get her friend back but also confront her subconscious fears. Use your Mouse to point and click to interact with the environment. Visit creator's webpage to purchase a full version.

Size: 10327894 Bytes

19. Endless War 6 - shoot - 1084 plays
Endless War 6
Link: Play
Welcome to the Red Army! Prepare to face new enemies and try new tanks in the 6th installment of the Endless War series. Take command of historically accurate tanks in some of the most important battles of World War 2 as you fight for freedom. WASD to move, Mouse to shoot, Space – air support, F,G – switch weapons, Q, E – switch turrets.

Size: 7304577 Bytes

Emoticon Defense – Map Expansion
Link: Play
Hordes of fluffy rabbits, cool octopus, smiled flowers and other types of annoying forms of life, have invaded your computer! Good thing that your brave emoticons are here to defend you from all attackers! Place emoticon defenders and prevent all enemies from reaching to the end portal. Use Mouse to control the game. You can upgrade towers, choose type and add 2 accessories for each tower. Press B to toggle sprite animation.

Size: 3619844 Bytes

21. Effing Worms 2 - skill - 2926 plays
Effing Worms 2
Link: Play
The worm is back and it's hungry. You still play as a huge worm who pops out of the ground to eat people and destroy everything. Feed the prehistoric creature with enough people, cows, chickens, underground bugs and planes flying overhead to make it grow bigger so it can evolve into it's full potential. After a 2 year hibernation, your worm shrunk back down but it still has it’s wings! At the end of each level you get to choose which evolutionary path you want to take. For example, be small to be faster or bigger to have more health. As you keep going you essentially become an indestructible and unstoppable force. Use your Arrow or WASD keys to control the slimy worm. Try not to let it's hunger level drop too low or it will die. Watch out for soldiers shooting at you and tanks in later levels.

Size: 5391372 Bytes

22. Endless Migration 2 - skill - 1595 plays
Endless Migration 2
Link: Play
Endless Migration 2 is an artful, atmospheric video game about a flock of migratory birds lost in time. This game takes you through 2 of at least 7 planned environments and 9 of the 20+ planned bird species! While flying homeward, the flock strays off course into the Bermuda Triangle. Suddenly, the birds are pulled into a vortex, catapulted through a wormhole, and lost in time. It is up to you to use your knowledge of the flock to guide your birds safely home to the wilderness of present-day Canada. Avoid dangers by steering your flock with the mouse, move the Mouse to guide your flock leader. Collect free birds to grow your flock. Click the Mouse to change your flock leader. Press Space bar key to pause the game. Spend skill points on adaptations! Have a blast!

Size: 9122849 Bytes

23. Enigmata: Stellar War - strategy - 2410 plays
Enigmata: Stellar War
Link: Play
Defend your base from the invading Villalobos and save the Enigmata galaxy. Deploy defensive units, use skills, and collect money from your kills. Use the money you earn to purchase upgrades, buy new units, and unlock a variety of powerful skills. There is no track, and enemies can come from any direction, You are only limited by the number of turrets you can build, and you can also move your turrets. Very fast paced for a tower defense game. Mouse + Left click to place units and interact with the game. Left click anywhere on the screen to open up the skill menu. WASD or Arrow keys to scroll map and P to pause menu.

Size: 5163026 Bytes

24. Evil Asteroids 2 - logic - 1084 plays
Evil Asteroids 2
Link: Play
In this second part of Evil Asteroids puzzle you have to protect The Earth from much more and even more space evil. Guide the super-energy particles through space depths. Use helpful planets and satellites to guide magic Earth energy to blow evil asteroids. Special space clouds and zones will also help you to win this battle agains good and evil. The game has 20 unique levels with exciting gameplay. Use mouse to move objects. Planet’s gravity affects magic particles, try to choose right position for space objects. Move planets around to aim the energy using gravity and destroy all asteroids.

Size: 3054911 Bytes

25. Effing Fruits - skill - 658 plays
Effing Fruits
Link: Play
Mercilessly throw hordes of uncooperative fruits into your blender! Then blend, blend, blend, and blend in the mixer for some juice! Upgrade your skills after each round of fruit attacks. Left mouse click on the fruit you want to die! Click enough and you win! Upgrade your skills between rounds! Make it so you can click on more fruits, get a bigger crosshair, and score multipliers!

Size: 3077243 Bytes

26. Epic Ninja 2 - fight - 3095 plays
Epic Ninja 2
Link: Play
Play epic ninja 2 game and use your lightning quick reflexes to counter kung fu blows from a big yellow stick man. This sequel is much harder than the first one. Use the WASD or the Arrow keys to select the right sequence when the cue comes up. If you fail restart the level by pressing Spacebar.

Size: 5911999 Bytes

27. Earn To Die - skill - 15662 plays
Earn To Die
Link: Play
Your goal is to get to the helicopter. Upgrade your car and drive your way through hordes of zombies in order to reach your destination – alive. Equip guns, jet engines, and upgrade your wheels, tires, suspensions, transmission and all sorts of other misc items. Smash through zombie bones as hard as you can to earn various bonuses. Use Arrow keys to control the car. Up key for acceleration, Down key for brake, Left/Right keys for tilt. Press X or Ctrl to use boost.

Size: 3900662 Bytes

28. Enjoy Funky Physics - logic - 1376 plays
Enjoy Funky Physics
Link: Play
When happy face touch other faces, it will turn them happy too. Sad faces need someone to cheer them up. Click the blocks to destroy them and get in touch happy and sad faces. Not all the blocks can be destroyed. Collect stars to get more points. Finish 20 levels and earn as much achievements as possible.

Size: 1762111 Bytes

29. Expanded It - logic - 614 plays
Expanded It
Link: Play
Click to expand these crazy shapes! Solve fun puzzles and use the physics of growth to get shapes above the line! Try to get as much achievements as possible. The shape needs to reach the top line to pass the level. Can you complete all 30 levels?

Size: 1202764 Bytes

30. Explorer Bike - skill - 661 plays
Explorer Bike
Link: Play
Ride with Indiana Jones in the prehistoric nature with bones from brontosaurus. Try to reach the finish line without injury. Move and control your bike with Arrow keys.

Size: 4329803 Bytes

31. Eurozone Beach - skill - 597 plays
Eurozone Beach
Link: Play
The worker's holidays are more difficult this summer. The politicians and bankers are trying to get you down from your surf. Fight for your rights. Move the mouse to control your boat. Click the mouse button to hit enemies. Collect small color pigs to get bonuses.

Size: 1261804 Bytes

32. Escape from the train - logic - 1747 plays
Escape from the train
Link: Play
Bullet Train Escape is another point and click room escape game. Escape from this speeding bullet train as fast as you can. Check every bag and compartment to solve the puzzle of your entrapment. Use every tool you can discover and find a way to escape the rooms of this train. Good luck!

Size: 935289 Bytes

Escape from the house on a tree
Link: Play
You are trapped in the tree house. This trap is set by your friends to find the best one among the team. Escape from the Tree House and get applause from your friends.

Size: 1744392 Bytes

34. Epic Charlie - action - 4077 plays
Epic Charlie
Link: Play
Master teacher was murdered. Charlie has 15 days to prove the innocence, otherwise he will be closed for good. Help him to find the murderer and protect the village which is in great danger. Collect all diamonds for you strength, Move with arrows, Jump and climb with S, Shoot with D.

Size: 5756781 Bytes

35. Effin Terrorists 3 - shoot - 1138 plays
Effin Terrorists 3
Link: Play
Use your mouse to aim and shoot. R to reload, Space to use your scope. Make sure you wipeout enough terrorists to make it to the next level.

Size: 1703360 Bytes

36. Elements and Magic - strategy - 833 plays
Elements and Magic
Link: Play
You are the human king, owner of several castles, but eveil orcs seek to take them from you. Defend your castles alongside your army. There are 3 elements in the world. Fire, ice and thunder. Use the elements to build a strong army. The orcs want to take the castle and you must stop them. Station unit on the map are to defend your castle. Mine minerals so you can upgrade your units.

Size: 7797785 Bytes

37. Elite Forces - Clones - action - 852 plays
Elite Forces - Clones
Link: Play
Your objective is to capture all of your opponent's barracks by overwhelming them with your troops. You are the blue color, and your opponents are the red colors. Each barrack can move 50% of its troops at a time. Your barracks will keep cloning more troops for you to use. Larger barracks produce troops faster. Send troops out to capture other barracks so that you can produce even more! Grey barracks are neutral and will not attack. You can also select multiple barracks by dragging or by CTRL key.

Size: 2214557 Bytes

38. Eco Battler - action - 767 plays
Eco Battler
Link: Play
If the game does not start, click 1cm below the logo when the cursor changes to the hand. You are far, far into the future and it is the age of space development. Mankind has recently gained the ability of interstellar travel. People travel through galaxy dreaming about millions. Fly through the galaxy, shoot your enemy and collect bonuses.

Size: 5322545 Bytes

39. Epic Truck 2 - race - 1214 plays
Epic Truck 2
Link: Play
Choose any three of the truck and then race through the hills and jump over different vehicles! But be careful, it's not so easy.

Size: 4798829 Bytes

40. Escape From The Cube - logic - 2085 plays
Escape From The Cube
Link: Play
You are a prisoner in a maximum security space prison. A warp energy storm has caused the power to your cell to be temporarily disabled. You take your chance and attack a guard, knocking him out and taking his gun. Theres only one way out now.

Size: 911313 Bytes

Epic War 3 - war of heroes
Link: Play
Construct a massive army of Middle Earth-inspired units, build up your base defenses, and take control of your trusty crossbow to fend off an onslaught of enemy orcs, goblins and dragons. The most epic entry of the Epic War series. Defeat your opponents in battle to conquer every spot on the board. Build and upgrade your deck, form a strategy, protect your castle, and crush all who stand in your way!

Size: 12952785 Bytes

42. Eenie Balance - skill - 1006 plays
Eenie Balance
Link: Play
Red Allen settled comfortably on the swing, and he is keeping his balance. But on the swings begin to drop other pieces and you have to keep them in balance. Keep the red eenie from falling! Left and right arrow keys to tilt.

Size: 1902940 Bytes

43. Escape from the Garden - logic - 904 plays
Escape from the Garden
Link: Play
You are locked in your own garden. And the door is solid with the combination lock. You need to get out. Looking for tips and things that will help you get out of this situation.

Size: 3212077 Bytes

44. Echoes of the past - logic - 914 plays
Echoes of the past
Link: Play
Adventure with real photos in which you are being sent to investigate an old ghost town which has been named Echoes of the Past. This place was built by a religious cult back in the 70's. Some say that many strange and horrible events took place. There have also been several claims of tragedy and violence, none of which have had any substantial evidence to back them. It is your job to do a thorough investigation and see what you might uncover.

Size: 6033874 Bytes

45. Ether War - strategy - 953 plays
Ether War
Link: Play
Primary objective is to destory the giant red brood mother. The brood mother creates gaseous orb-shaped enemies of varying color and size. Yellow orbiters protect the Brood Mothers from attacks. Secondary objective is to protect the space station. Collect green ether orbs from fallen enemies for upgrades. Red dots are enemies, while dots are allies. Your ship is centered at the cross.

Size: 5990530 Bytes

46. Eenie Bounce - skill - 1013 plays
Eenie Bounce
Link: Play
Remove all platforms and stars. Arrow keys or mouse to move. To remove a platfrom, bounce on it the specified number of times.

Size: 1914556 Bytes

47. Electric Man 2 - fight - 4197 plays
Electric Man 2
Link: Play
Welcome to the Tournament of Voltagen, where combat teams of varying numbers compete against each other to determine the most powerful being in the stick man universe. The current champion has never been beaten. Any combination of martial arts, street fighting and superhuman powers can be used to wipe out your opponents. Controls: Arrows, attack - ASD, Slow-motion attack - QWE

Size: 3188106 Bytes

48. Escape the Lab! - logic - 1990 plays
Escape the Lab!
Link: Play
Look for the items and use tips to get out of the laboratory! Escape the Lab!

Size: 969267 Bytes

49. Explomaniac - action - 1319 plays
Link: Play
Thousands of zombies are walking in your town. Nobody survived. You should leave the town, find the source of walking dead in the suburbs and eliminate it. Try to demolish obstacles when there is no way around them. Use WASD to control your move. Aim and fire using mouse. Change weapon with Q or 123.

Size: 1806839 Bytes

50. Egg Run - skill - 1050 plays
Egg Run
Link: Play
Click on the egg, drag back with left mouse button then release to launch the egg towards the twig. Get to the base of the ladder in as few moves as possible to reach next level.

Size: 619708 Bytes

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