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1. Nob War - The Elves - strategy - 3156 plays
Nob War - The Elves
Link: Play
The elves’ arrows are poised, the humans’ swords are drawn, and the centaurs lead the charge. Lead your troops to conquer 20 castles. Battle against troops of humans, elves and centaurs. You will assume control of the elves while the humans and centaurs battle against your enemy. The green line shows where your arrows will hit. Kill all enemies on your march to the castle without losing all of your elves or flag guards. For each enemy killed, you’ll get money, which can be spent in the castle on upgrades. When done purchasing upgrades, click Map to return to the map, where you can go on to the next level. Use Left/Right Arrow key to move, Down Arrow key to Stop. Z key or 1 to Shoot Arrows, V key or 4 to Summon Humans, B key or 5 to Summon Centaurs (fast). You can buy several upgrades, while using them with X key or 2 to Fire Arrows, C key or 3 to Rapid Arrows, N key or 5 to Heal Troops.

Size: 1183239 Bytes

2. Ninja Land - logic - 1919 plays
Ninja Land
Link: Play
Our hero and his lovely princess lived happily in their castle, until one day vicious ninjas kidnapped her. Join a miraculous journey to save her from her kidnappers. Rescue captured princess bride from bad kidnappers. Challenge and fight each area by using objects near your surroundings which will help you. Use your Mouse to choose your action as quickly as possible before the enemy finds you.

Size: 9002385 Bytes

3. Neon Ball - logic - 1699 plays
Neon Ball
Link: Play
Complete a series of tests by the Energy National Resources and find out whether you are able to join Neon City. Ricochet your ball from walls as you attach to lasers. Grab stars, avoid bombs & reach the exit. Press Arrow keys to move the blue ball bouncing from the walls while collecting all the green stars. Then hit the exit portal. Finish the level as quickly as possible to beat high scores.

Size: 29787408 Bytes

4. Need Water! - logic - 1082 plays
Need Water!
Link: Play
Dig through the ground and try to get the water (and oil) to the factories. Destroy stones and control the liquids. The water should be guided to the water factory and the oil to the oil factory. Collect the diamonds that are hidden in the earth and buy new skills and items in the upgrade panel. Unlock the achievements and earn rewards. Try to make the liquid pass through diamonds and collect them. Use your Mouse to dig through the sand in the underground. In higher levels, you will need to use dynamite from the upgrade shop to destroy stronger stone blocks.

Size: 4719426 Bytes

5. NeoCon TD - strategy - 1332 plays
NeoCon TD
Link: Play
NeoCon TD is a great and new type of Tower Defense game. You have to fight with all the strength to defeat the enemy and keep your area safe. In the game, have a good defense strategy means winning every battle, but you need to think very carefully before placing the units in the scene. Each wave of attack the enemies are stronger and with new weapons. Therefore, use your Mouse and the money raised to purchase new equipment and improve those already in use.

Size: 13662213 Bytes

6. Nature Strikes Back - skill - 1361 plays
Nature Strikes Back
Link: Play
World has been polluted by big companies. Nobody is doing anything to stop them. Nature got angry at the end. It is time to give them back what they give to nature. Stop radioactive men and stop the pollution. World will become green again when you complete each level. Goal is to destroy all the evil polluting people so the world can turn green again. Use your Mouse to move the plants and left button to fire bullets on men in radioactive dresses. Try to kill as many enemies as possible with one bullet which ricochet off of walls and obstacles. Use laser traps or drones and do not waste your projectiles as you get only limited amount of seeds. There are more types of seeds, yellow ones split into three when you click, and brown ones explode.

Size: 1842451 Bytes

7. Ninja And Blind Girl 2 - fight - 1603 plays
Ninja And Blind Girl 2
Link: Play
Use the powers of 4 brave companions and defend Blind Girl at any cost! Use powerful spells, various upgrades and deadly weapons to defeat the evil King Panda and his minions. Help the blind girl find worthy martial arts warriors that will help her rescue the Emperor taken captive by a giant malevolent panda. Use your Mouse to summon your chi powers to hurl balls of energy at approaching swordsmen. Use 1-5 numbers keys to control the companion special powers. You can upgrade each member of your team to increase their health, damage, armour and magical skills at the end of each level. If you find a level too hard you can repeat previous scenarios to gain more gold.

Size: 6024582 Bytes

8. Northern Tale - strategy - 2022 plays
Northern Tale
Link: Play
A beautiful legend filled with magic, bravery and amazing adventures. The story of Northern Tale begins in the lands of the mighty Viking king Ragnar. He returns home and finds his kingdom cursed and his sorceress-daughters stolen by the wicked witch. Ragnar embarks on a journey to save his family and cleanse his kingdom of evil. Help the leader of the Vikings rescue his sorceress daughters kidnapped by a wicked old witch. Use your Mouse to pick up wood, gold and food to repair damaged roads and construct buildings. Gather enough resources to destroy evil tree roots and dark stones to cleanse the forests.

Size: 12710675 Bytes

9. Ninja Miner - logic - 1528 plays
Ninja Miner
Link: Play
Ninja have never been… mining! Explore the lost mine and manage your Ninja to get precious gems. Help the masked warrior dig deep beneath the earth's surface in search of shiny diamond stones. Use your Mouse, WASD or Arrow keys to move and activate ninja's lightning speed to dash through the tunnel shafts. Gather pickaxes to penetrate hard rock blocks and watch out for spikes in later levels. Your goal is to collect all gems and to get to the exit.

Size: 3262943 Bytes

10. Nuke Train - shoot - 1438 plays
Nuke Train
Link: Play
A shooter/tower defense hybrid built around action packed combat and tactical upgrading. Post apocalyptic based defense game where you use the weapons systems mounted on each carriage to destroy artificial intelligence robots as they try to annihilate you. Press your Z or X keys to move left or right (or use the arrow keys), Mouse to aim and fire your gauss cannon or machine guns at targets and Space bar key to detonate a high yield nuclear bomb. At the end of each wave upgrade your locomotive by purchasing new carriages or bolt on weapons.

Size: 4987164 Bytes

Nano Kingdoms 2 – Joker’s Revenge
Link: Play
Return to the epic world of Nano Kingdoms, to defeat once and for all the evil Joker. Real time strategy based defense game where you play a campaign against the evil clown's army to rescue the kidnapped king. Use your Mouse to build farms, barracks, horse stables, magic academies and archery buildings to train your troops. Try to demolish the enemy's structures before they cross the battlefield and attack your base.

Size: 20748655 Bytes

12. NoitcelfeR 2 - skill - 1046 plays
NoitcelfeR 2
Link: Play
Avoidance based jumping game where you guide the small stick man as he runs from on side of the screen to the next without falling prey to the invisible hazards. You are lost in a world of invisible blocks, but these blocks cast a reflection. Your only hope of escaping is to use the reflection to see where to jump! Use reflections to jump across obstacles. Press your Arrow or WASD keys to run or jump, you can also tap Space bar key to leap. Avoid sharp protruding spikes by watching the reflections to see what lies in store for you. To earn coins try to beat the creators best time for completing a level. Once you have completed all the scenes, try having a go at creating your own with the level editor pack. Play levels that other people have created and create your own for the world to play!

Size: 280925 Bytes

Notebook Wars 3 – Unleashed
Link: Play
Begin a one man campaign to save the city from enemy aircraft bombers by pitting your fighter plane against the best they have to offer in aerial dogfights. 20 new levels, hard mode and speed of the game is improved so you will have a lot of challenges. Use your Mouse to fly the plane or press WASD keys to control the jet, K to shoot your machine gun and E to drop a high yield bomb. You can use auto shooting with F key. Collect coins from fallen pilots to upgrade your fighter's weapons in the hanger.

Size: 3754568 Bytes

14. Nasty Sniper - shoot - 1626 plays
Nasty Sniper
Link: Play
You are a nasty sniper! You sneak up on your prey and take them out from miles away. They wouldn't know what hit them. Finish off all the targets in order to beat the game. Become an expert sniper! Guide the deadly female assassin as she lines up sanctioned targets in the crosshairs of her long range rifle scope. After each mission briefing use your Mouse to aim and shoot your currently equipped weapon, Z or X keys to zoom in or out. Try not to hit any civilians or police officers going to spend their day activities.

Size: 8955993 Bytes

15. Nuclear Gun - shoot - 2209 plays
Nuclear Gun
Link: Play
Use your big Nuclear Gun to shoot down waves of enemies. The yellow and orange slightly cartoony robotic units with the upgrade system. Suffered at the hands of an invading extraterrestrial army use the latest advances in scientific discovery to unleash a devastating arsenal upon them. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot your cannon at the incoming space tanks. Upgrade your weapon when you've earned enough cash to buy powerful add-ons at the research centre. Watch out for homing missiles and incoming waves of airborne fighter jets.

Size: 6615667 Bytes

16. Nerdy Nom Nom - shoot - 1014 plays
Nerdy Nom Nom
Link: Play
All around the world, Fat Nerds are embarking on the ultimate question: to reach burger heaven in the magical world of Nom Nom land. Shoot them out of a cannon and collect all the burgers to win a level. Enjoy a wide variety of classic puzzle mechanics in this unique mix of Angry Birds and Ragdoll Cannon, featuring carts, destructible boxes, poisonous burgers, and different cannons and nerds. Go through more than 30 levels, meet new challenges and solve physical problems on your way! Try to use as less nerds as possible on each level to get better result. Collect all burgers on the level except nasty.

Size: 4907933 Bytes

17. Nutty Mania - logic - 1218 plays
Nutty Mania
Link: Play
Use the Woolly Mammoth to launch the squirrel into the sky so that he can collect all the nuts. Try to gather all the nuts in as few attempts as possible to increase your score for each level. With 42 progressively more challenging levels, use teleoport, bounce, wooden objects or other environment to reach your nuts. Use the Mouse to set the power and trajectory of the squirrel launch and get the squirrels through the various obstacles and to the nuts.

Size: 7198363 Bytes

18. Ninja Cradle - skill - 775 plays
Ninja Cradle
Link: Play
n Ninja Cradle, Baby Hime has been kidnapped! It's up to Baby Nin and his Magic Diapers to rescue his lovely little baby girlfriend from a nasty warrior that has kidnapped her. Aim your baby ninja jumps from platform to platform as you make your way to the exit archway. Use Mouse to set the angle strength of throwing the baby ninja for getting him jumped, making double jumps, stick to the walls or reach buttons which open your way to the exit.

Size: 2804006 Bytes

19. Nightmare Runner - skill - 1019 plays
Nightmare Runner
Link: Play
You are in the night dreams and seen a creepy monster, they are trying to catch you, just run for your life! Escape an endless nightmare haunted by monstrous creatures. Use and try to collect shotgun, bombs, xp, multiplier and shield to defend yourself from monster. Your gun is auto fire just aim and jump/double jump with mouse. You can also jump with Left Mouse Button or W, Up or Space keys. P pauses game.

Size: 3976640 Bytes

20. Nuclear Outrun - skill - 1295 plays
Nuclear Outrun
Link: Play
Physics-based race between Trucks and a Nuclear Missile! Blast away obstacles and zombies in your way as you race for the exit. Points collected will let you level up to unlock new abilities and weapons! Your total score from a 20 Truck Run can be exported and shared with friends. Replay the game to beat your high score, or grind onwards to unlock all the weapons. New weapons added! Shark Gun, Explosive Revolver and Blimp Bombers have been added as a reward for completing a 20 Truck Run. W to accelerate, S to brake/reverse, A and D to tilt, Spacebar to deploy Spiked Wheels. Mouse to point and click to shoot!

Size: 2499275 Bytes

21. noitcelfeR - skill - 1476 plays
Link: Play
You are alone in a world of silouttes and shimmering floors. You are lost in a world of invisible blocks, but these blocks cast a reflection. Invisible blocks are common and very annoying, but luckily they have a reflections. Your only hope of escaping is to use the reflection to see where to jump. Try to avoid landing on the spikes or being killed by the enemies! Move and jump with the Arrow keys or WASD. You can also jump with a Space. Skillfully use the reflections of objects to safely make your way through each level. You can create new levels with a level editor.

Size: 3100908 Bytes

22. Numb3r Ma4ne5s - logic - 1244 plays
Numb3r Ma4ne5s
Link: Play
You objective is to reduce all grid square to zero. If a cell is green, you have achieved your goal for that square. There are two modes, random and standard mode. In standard game, you are not allowed to move on a square that is zero. Use the Arrow keys and the Mouse to play this game. Click and hold the left mouse button to grab a piece and release the mouse button to place the piece. Before you can rotate a piece, you must first be dragging the piece. Your score mainly relies on the number of moves and mistakes you make.

Size: 1413613 Bytes

23. Nono Sparks Genesis - logic - 2602 plays
Nono Sparks Genesis
Link: Play
The goal of the game is to create a complete world step by step, including flora, fauna, humans and even dinosaurs, through solving logical puzzles based on nonograms. Most of the gameplay consists of solving the puzzles, and each puzzle you solve creates an element in a brand new world, which gives the game a Doodle God feel. It starts out with the simpler things like sand and fish, but you eventually work your way up to bigger, more advanced puzzles and creatures. The beautiful and humorous graphics and characters offer a charming appeal. The unique reward-mechanic and the tried-and-tested, addictive puzzle gameplay create a flow that invites you back to yet another and another playing session. Each number on the panel indicates the number of contiguous blocks in the row or column. Two numbers means that each run of bolcks must be separated by at least one empty square. Try to start puzzles with higher numbers and if a square cannot logically contain a block, it helps to mark it with X. It can be played entirely by using the mouse only. Aditionally you may press and hold the space key to toggle between placing a block or an empty X mark.

Size: 6798315 Bytes

24. No More Aliens - shoot - 737 plays
No More Aliens
Link: Play
In the year 2044 the aliens are here to destroy earth. Only Magnus Bullet can save us now… In this game you can equip and combine 4 weapons at the same time! Move around, dodge bullets and use heavy weaponry to attack the aliens. Collect the alien gems and upgrade your gear to survive as long as you can. Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot. Arrows keys to move, Space to activate slow motion, S for an instant drop.

Size: 6843911 Bytes

25. New Star Soccer - sport - 5531 plays
New Star Soccer
Link: Play
New Star Soccer is a unique football career game that lets you live the life of an up-and-coming superstar. Start out in the lower leagues and work your way to the top by training hard, scoring goals and keeping your boss, team mates and fans happy. Over 80 leagues to play in, negotiate contracts and transfer to new clubs. 5 skills you can improve: Pace, Power, Technique, Vision & Free Kicks and 5 relationships to maintain: Boss, Team, Fans, Girlfriend & Sponsors. 20 pairs of boots that can buy to boost your skills and 3 casino games: Black Jack, Slots and Roulette. Buy NRG drinks to get yourself fit in time for match day, you have 10 sponsorships to acquire, score goals, make passes and assists to help your team win the league. Then buy gadgets, jewellery, vehicles and property to increase your lifestyle rating! Left-click and drag to scroll menus. Use the mouse to aim your kick, then choose the point on the ball and strike the ball.

Size: 13643263 Bytes

26. Nan Zuma - skill - 1624 plays
Nan Zuma
Link: Play
Destroy all the colorful balls on the screen by combining 3 or more of the same color, with the aid of your cannons. Earn points to unlock new areas of the game. Mouse button to shoot balls, to change another cannon or collect power-ups.

Size: 3650589 Bytes

27. Neon Race 2.0 - race - 2935 plays
Neon Race 2.0
Link: Play
Race through futuristic tracks colliding and avoiding cars to earn money. As you earn more money, more cars become available to you. You can upgrade your car's speed, acceleration, handling, and nitro, then you can engage your turbo for super speed. As levels progress, more cars are introduced involving different strategies. Beat the minimum time to pass the level. Smash into red cars and avoid hitting blue cars. Smash into yellow rival cars for turbo boost bonuses. Ram killer cop cars off the road or evade them with your turbo. Drive into power up icons to activate them, these include cash, rampage (making all vehicles smashable for a limited times), stealth (making you invulnerable to vehicle collisions, and score (for bonus points). Your score, time, distance, and turbo are indicated at the top of the screen. WASD or Arrow keys to drive, X, N key or Spagebar to use the turbo.

Size: 4381970 Bytes

28. Next Please - logic - 533 plays
Next Please
Link: Play
Help creatures to make their way to the surface in this platformer-puzzle game. Turn the creatures into stone and use them to reach keys and get to the door. To do that you need to sacrifice a specific number of your clones. Do not run out of your clones in the level, using less clones give you more stars. Arrow keys to move and jump. Space bar to create a clone, X to destroy last clone created.

Size: 1790997 Bytes

29. Ninja Frog - action - 1301 plays
Ninja Frog
Link: Play
The prince Edward turned Ninja Frog, guide Shinobi Kaeru through 48 levels of deadly puzzles and crazy acrobatics. Will you gather the magical gems that will break the witch's curse and return him to his human form? Use your mouse to decide the angle and power of your jump to collect all the coins, Space bar to pickup/throw objects, M to mute, P to Pause, R to Reset.

Size: 3206260 Bytes

30. Ninja Bear - action - 1710 plays
Ninja Bear
Link: Play
Sub-mattress dwelling monsters are super annoying. Fortunately, Ninja Bear and Purple Teddy are here to distribute Monster Justice to these undesirable brown beasts! Choose from lots of special guns and throwing stars to eliminate your many enemies with speed and precision. Join Ninja Bear and Purple Teddy in their fight against the evil monsters. Can you complete all 44 levels in time for Purple Teddy to get back and play Skyrim? Mouse to aim and fire. Click (or press Spacebar) to shoot, Number keys to select a weapon, S to switch character, R to reset level.

Size: 4424512 Bytes

31. Netbots - logic - 966 plays
Link: Play
Challenging puzzle game with well balanced levels and a motivating storyline. The scientists from the Netbots Science Lab need your help! Connect different Netbots with your mouse and work off all the given targets. Place a shape by drawing it directly on the Netbots. Draw a shape by holding down the left mouse button.

Size: 2648689 Bytes

32. Neo Circuit - strategy - 1190 plays
Neo Circuit
Link: Play
Conquer all of the CPUs on the board before the enemy AI does and take command over the circuit board. Use the resources of your controlled CPUs to attack unclaimed or enemy CPUs and upgrade them to make them faster and more powerful. All blue nodes are yours, CPUs – good all-rounders, GPUs – best attacker, HUBs – fast spreader, RAMs – best defender. Use mouse to play the game. Mouse + Drag Left Click - connect to CPU, Mouse + Drag Left Click - slice connection, Mouse + Hold Left Click - upgrade CPU, use Space bar to speed up the game.

Size: 5341888 Bytes

33. Necronator 2 - strategy - 1305 plays
Necronator 2
Link: Play
The Necronator and his army of darkness have returned! Gather your army and prepare for battle, once again war is upon us! This is the sequel of the real time strategy hit game, Necronator. In this second part of Necronator, the titular dark lord you controlled in the original is back! It's your job to show him what happens to dark lords. Complete 6 different campaigns from 6 different races. Fight on forests, mountains, and wastelands. Upgrade your army, learn new spells, unlock special heroes and much more in this epic fantasy strategy game by Toge Productions. There were unleashed dragons, with skin as thick as steel, the dragons are going to shake the middle earth! 15 New Maps, more units and heroes, the dragon’s campaign story and added zoom in, zoom out, and full view. Use your Mouse to control the game, Arrow keys or WASD to scroll, 1-6 numbers for summoning squads, Q to Select All, Z to Retreat, X to Stop and C to Charge, +/- to increase/decrease game speed.

Size: 16998803 Bytes

34. Nutty Boom - shoot - 652 plays
Nutty Boom
Link: Play
Cause explosions to move the squirrel. Don't run out of bombs before he reaches the exit. Click to strategically place your bombs and get this little squirrel through each obstacle. Try to collect all the acorns for bonus points! Click and hold left mouse to grow a bomb, release to explode! You can move your bomb when it is activated.

Size: 6721033 Bytes

35. Ninja And Blind Girl - strategy - 1739 plays
Ninja And Blind Girl
Link: Play
Be a super hero ninja and protect the blind girl from all the baddies. Save the blind girl using spells and her Ninja warrior protector. The blind girl isn't completely defenseless, but she has a few skills, which can be activated when she has enough mana. Upgrade the ninja and blind girl, or unlock new ninjas with your gold. Each ninja can be set to stand next to the girl or to attack the first enemy he spots. Use your mouse to play.

Size: 4387170 Bytes

36. NT Creature 2 - strategy - 1063 plays
NT Creature 2
Link: Play
Long ago, the city of Atlantis was attacked by the kings army. It is your job to defend it! Pick what kind of creature you want to play as, plant towers, and defend your magical base! Build defensive towers to attack waves in this platform tower defense game, move your creature through the levels and eliminate smaller creatures by attacking or eating them. You can buy turrets when you've got some money. There are three fun characters to choose from and each one has various different abilities. Press W for jumping, A or D for moving left or right. Press S for jumping down islands. Learn to play the game with in-game tutorial.

Size: 15401372 Bytes

37. Nudist Trampolining - fun - 2348 plays
Nudist Trampolining
Link: Play
Sun is shining and the birds are singing, so why not get your kit off and jump around on a trampoline. Use arrow keys to control your nudist. Use number keys 1-9 to pull off a move and try to reach top score.

Size: 1000117 Bytes

38. Navy Glory - shoot - 728 plays
Navy Glory
Link: Play
You must destroy the enemy before being destroyed. You have 3 weapons on the ship. Press space bar or A,S,D to switch them. Left click mouse to shoot. Buy power-ups which helps you surviving and press 1,2,3 to use them.

Size: 6111528 Bytes

39. Nanny in Space - skill - 609 plays
Nanny in Space
Link: Play
You are in space and you need to go down over the rocks, but very cautiously. Aim of this game is to get to the bottom and find the blue magic diamond. It is said that the one that finds it will grow 2 inches taller. Control Nanny by moving your mouse left & right. Click to jump, Up/Down to change the power of the jump.

Size: 754770 Bytes

40. NT Creature - strategy - 2308 plays
NT Creature
Link: Play
You have to gain money from beating down the enemies. Money can be used to build Towers and upgrade your creature's attack, speed and HP. Everytime your creature eats an enemy, you will gain evolution points and your creature will evalve to a more powerful creature. E to eat, F to skill, attack with left mouse button. Move with arrows.

Size: 11137891 Bytes

41. Noodleboro Log Ride - skill - 735 plays
Noodleboro Log Ride
Link: Play
In this game you have to sail on a log down a huge slide, overcoming obstacles and collecting money.

Size: 406137 Bytes

42. Nerve Jangla! - logic - 1114 plays
Nerve Jangla!
Link: Play
New remarkable blitz game with a lot of different puzzle levels. You have to find the solution to different tasks. The faster you get them right, the more points you earn.

Size: 2893663 Bytes

43. New super mario bros flash - action - 1492 plays
New super mario bros flash
Link: Play
Everyone knows the game Super Mario, so here it is an updated version. The game become more complex and interesting, you can play only one character (Mario), who lost the ability to break bricks with bonuses, but there are new ones.

Size: 1491668 Bytes

44. Naughty Classroom - fun - 1684 plays
Naughty Classroom
Link: Play
Click on objects around the classroom to make events happen. Some events can be triggered by clicking on two different objects one after the other - these events are called combos. Refer to the hint system in the game for details on the combos. Hint - timing is very important if you want to hit a combo. Bad students annoy nice teacher.

Size: 496710 Bytes

45. Nightmare Adventures 2 - rpg - 891 plays
Nightmare Adventures 2
Link: Play
The second part of the adventures of Victor. Victor needs help to cope with his nightmares. Control the game with the mouse.

Size: 1262967 Bytes

46. Newtonian - logic - 1508 plays
Link: Play
Finish tasks in the game. Click and drag to move objects. Click yellow circle to rotate objects. Some objects cannot be moved.

Size: 1482118 Bytes

47. Nuclear Bike - race - 4046 plays
Nuclear Bike
Link: Play
Popular flash game for those who like to ride in the woods on a mountain bike. Controls: Up/Down - move forward or backward. Left/Right - lean biker's body. Completel levels as fast as possible to achieve maximum score points. You can collect bonuses by performing stunts, such as a 360 degree flip or a wheelie!

Size: 5467554 Bytes

48. Ninja - action - 1644 plays
Link: Play
Excellent toy about a daring ninja. At your service 11 characters, 6 combo attacks and other advanced system in 30 levels. Move with arrow keys, jump with SPACE, attack with A and S, throw shuriken with D, bomb with W.

Size: 3241537 Bytes

49. Night City walk - erotic - 2779 plays
Night City walk
Link: Play
In this flash game you walk on night city, looking for the way in entertainment. Sometimes on the way, you meet bad guys...

Size: 996244 Bytes

50. nanoTank - logic - 938 plays
Link: Play
In turn, another game based on the Newtonian laws. Here you'll manage the tank. Objective is to collect all the stars, if possible, and dive into the pipe, like a plumber Mario. Move your tank around with the left/right or W/D keys. Use the mouse to shoot pellets. Try shooting the walls to knock down stars. Use your cannon to blast yourself over objects or shoot objects out of the way. If you get stuck use the restart button to try again.

Size: 1667794 Bytes

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