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Hidden Crystals Of Deep Earth
Link: Play
This miner named Jack got an order for mining some rare crystals which can be found underground. It is not so difficult to get them – it's much more difficult to exit the mine after collecting the crystals. Dig underground to collect all crystals spread across the deep earth. The goal of the game is to collect the three crystals on each level, which despite the name, aren't hidden at all, and make it to the exit alive. Use the Arrow keys to move and jump, and push the Space bar key while holding an Arrow key to mine in that direction. It's important to note that you can mine while jumping, as there are levels you can't pass unless you use this technique. Miners are tough, but do still get tired, so you've got a limited number of blocks you can chop before you wear yourself out, indicated by the pick at the bottom of your screen. If you run out of moves, hit R key to restart the level.

Size: 1896885 Bytes

2. Honey Tree Defence - shoot - 1099 plays
Honey Tree Defence
Link: Play
Play as a hired gunman and defend the honey from incoming bears. Protect the bees treasure nest from hungry bears flying with balloons and try to save the bee nest with the good honey. Upgrade you weapons and also have a small army of bees to help you out to fight the bears. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot. Better you abilities for your combat and shoot enemies in 25 levels.

Size: 745807 Bytes

3. Hurry and Escape - Space - logic - 1269 plays
Hurry and Escape - Space
Link: Play
It's another free online point and click room escape game. You woke up in space, in a deserted spacecraft. You are locked inside and you want to get out. Use your Mouse to examine the area and find the keys that will open the doors and escape. Be creative and quick as possible and collect valuable tools including screwdrivers and other items. Try to open the metal door before the timer is out.

Size: 1758834 Bytes

4. Hero In The Ocean - logic - 2026 plays
Hero In The Ocean
Link: Play
During one dive of a submarine an accident occurred and some sailors remained deep in the ocean. You have a very important mission - to save them and deliver to the base. Only a true hero like you can save the missing divers. The basic goal is to find a diver hidden somewhere in each maze like level. Use your Arrow or WASD keys to find divers and all three stars, but you can also try to locate secret areas near dangerous rocks which hold trophies or, less often, a star. You will find many unique objects on your way: spy glasses, cloak of invisibility, tin snips, laser cannon, trophies and many other. Don’t miss the chance to show your heroic abilities. Collect all stars on your way and rescue the lost diver. Each level is more difficult as you progress.

Size: 6037216 Bytes

5. Hyperpath - strategy - 2715 plays
Link: Play
After billions of years, the universe is getting overcrowded. Many races, including Terrans, have to leave their home galaxies to explore the space and compete for valuable resources. Growing conflicts eventually lead to the unavoidable outbreak of intergalactic war. Hyperpath is a fast thinking strategy game, with amazing graphics in unique style. Take on the role of the commander and go to a battle with unknown races from distant corners of the universe. Develop skills of your fleet and lead your army to the victory. Use your Mouse to drag a line from one world to a neighbouring star and attack it. Expand your influence, conquer planets and beat your enemies. You cannot attack worlds when their power force shields are activated because your ships will disintegrate. Be careful worlds occupied by alien races will defend themselves by sending army of fighters to retaliate. Become a master of the universe because there is only one place on the podium.

Size: 4153803 Bytes

Home Sheep Home 2 – Lost In Space
Link: Play
Our three little sheep get an unexpected surprise when they try to disrupt their master's television signal, and to get back home, they'll need to work together to overcome the obstacles and get to the exit safely. Help three sheep find their way through the depths of space and return safely home. Use each of their unique abilities to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles in this epic physics based adventure. Use WASD or Arrow keys to move/jump and number keys 1,2,3 or your Mouse to select the special sheep. Heavyweight Shirley can't jump as high, but she can push big objects. While tiny Timmy is much faster and can fight into small places even if he can't weigh down switches. Look out for socks and other collectable items on the way, and try to unlock the achievements.

Size: 11941490 Bytes

7. How To Make A Sequel - logic - 919 plays
How To Make A Sequel
Link: Play
Guide the cow to the exit, can you save the cows? This puzzling arcade is terribly difficult. Try to help a cow and find different solutions to reach the exit. Use keyboard and mouse to get the cow to the exit. WASD or Arrow keys to move. Avoid razors. Use your Mouse when necessary.

Size: 2463916 Bytes

8. Happy Demic - logic - 1219 plays
Happy Demic
Link: Play
Happiness is a disease which is highly contagious. Infect the world with happiness and joy in this nice puzzle physic game with lot of levels and lot of fun. Use your Mouse to infect the dull grey dudes with pure happiness. Remove blocks to touch the grey blocks with the coloured blocks to finish the level. Roll them to the other squares or circles to infect them. Complete levels within the time limit to collect the puzzle pieces and get the bonus by completing the level as fast as possible. Collect various awards and when get stuck, press Restart button.

Size: 4504327 Bytes

9. Heat Rush USA - race - 1753 plays
Heat Rush USA
Link: Play
Race across American in this thrilling driving game, inspired by Out Run. Speed along the busy highways as you try to reach the checkpoint banner in record time. Press WASD or Arrow keys to steer your muscle car, X, N or Space bar key to activate nitro turbo boost to accelerate faster. Dodge traffic and try to stay on the road without hitting the side bollards. Spend cash earned on upgrades at the mechanics shop.

Size: 7428116 Bytes

10. Highway Of The Dead - race - 1982 plays
Highway Of The Dead
Link: Play
The Highway is full of zombies and all you have is a rusty old motor car to get you to the next checkpoint before the area gets nuked. Run over the zombies to gain bonus boost and see how much money you can recover from each level to upgrade your car. Reach the designated safe area in your sports car before the military drop a nuclear bomb to wipe out the zombie infestation. Press WASD or Arrow keys to steer and X key or Space bar key to activate nitro turbo boost. Run over barrels, wooden crates and dazed zombies as they walk along the street to earn cash so you can upgrade your motor vehicle or buy a new car at the garage.

Size: 5740247 Bytes

11. Hammy The Flying Squirrel - skill - 781 plays
Hammy The Flying Squirrel
Link: Play
Hammy is totally a flying squirrel, but the rest of the forest don't believe her for some reason. They must be delusional. Tonight there's a party on top of the tallest tree - Hammy should have no problem flying up there as she is totally a flying squirrel. Tap Space bar key to build up your speed. Up Arrow key to Jump. And then use Space bar key to flap your "wings" and fly while collecting nuts.

Size: 6220410 Bytes

12. Howmonica - logic - 1280 plays
Link: Play
Join Minni the Cupcake Color Bunny on her adventure to color every block in the world! Platform based game where you help Minni as she sets out to inject dull blocks with a vibrant pink colour. Flip gravity, bounce on trampolines, explore with teleporters, and more. Features 50 challenging levels, plus sweet music from Josh Freund and Skullbeatz. Use Arrow keys to move the little girl. Use Space bar key to change gravity and watch out for harmful spikes, you can leap around them by rapidly pressing Space bar key to dodge them. Escape key to return to menu. A to skip backward one level, D key to skip forward one level (if you have already completed the current level). F9 function key to take a snapshot of gameplay and save it to your computer.

Size: 8413403 Bytes

13. Hands Of War 3 - rpg - 1339 plays
Hands Of War 3
Link: Play
Join forces with the Champions of Tempor to restore the power of the Heartstone and unite the broken land. RPG based action game where you lead the way as you try to reunite fragmented warriors within the kingdom to fight for a noble cause. Press WASD or Arrow keys or use your Mouse to move your ranger, wizard or warrior, 1-10 number keys to select a hot skill, C to open and view your inventory items, M to look at the map of the area, L to access the quest log, B for special abilities, V to bring up the party menu, N to access factions menu and O for options. Choose a class to suit your type of play, ranger or archer to fire arrows from a distance, mage to conjure magical spells and barbarian or warrior to strike enemies with sword or axe.

Size: 27336720 Bytes

14. Hopagon - skill - 855 plays
Link: Play
Hopagon is a challenging one button platformer. It features multiple worlds, each adding new mechanics such as platforms, jump pads, jump tokens, and more. The game also includes a permadeath hardcore mode with leaderboards for players who have completed the main game. One button based action game where you help the little yellow smiley block escape from the giant red block world by jumping over them as he heads towards the exit portal. Press W, Z, Up Arrow key, Space bar key or Left Mouse button click to vault over obstacles. Warning, once you touch a enemy you'll disintegrate into tiny atomic molecules. Pause with Escape or P key, M key to Toggle Mute.

Size: 2682616 Bytes

15. Hell On Duty - logic - 764 plays
Hell On Duty
Link: Play
Physics based puzzle game where you launch ragdoll humans, zombies or skeletons at dirty demons to make them take a bath in the boiling hot water. Fun cannon shooting game with rag dolls and 60 levels! Help hell inhabitants to get all demons into boilers. Use your Mouse to adjust the cannons power and angle before firing it and 1-4 number keys to change ammunition type. Collect bonuses and achievements as you go along for a higher score by aiming at the shampoo, toothpaste and body lotion products.

Size: 6809234 Bytes

16. Hex Rotate - logic - 1040 plays
Hex Rotate
Link: Play
Color the blue hexagons red in this puzzle game, using the rotation hexagons to move them around. Controls the placement of hexagons with a computer mouse. It is necessary to do all of them red. Try to turn it do not break the monochrome series. Also use the additional features, such as rotation of hexagons, deleting them. Optional keyboard shortcuts are M for mute and R for reset.

Size: 2328902 Bytes

17. Hexagonator - logic - 2044 plays
Link: Play
Drag-n-drop based logic game where you shuffle the shapes around until the red areas are all connecting with one another. You should change the positions of figures to connect them with colored sectors. Use your Mouse to pick up a piece and then place it down where you think it should go. Try to earn all three stars per 25 levels by completing the puzzles as fast as you can.

Size: 3709719 Bytes

Home Sheep Home 2 - Lost Underground
Link: Play
Episode two of Shaun the Sheep’s official gaming adventure, Home Sheep Home 2 is here. Help three sheep find their way through underground caverns and return safely home. Use each of their unique abilities to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles in this epic physics based adventure. Each sheep has its own unique strength, so keep it in mind while playing. Timmy fits through small gaps, Shaun jumps highest and runs fastest and Shirley can push heavy things. Collect socks and underpants along the way! Use the Arrow keys to move/jump and number keys 1,2,3 to select the sheep. Look out for socks and other collectable items on the way, and try to unlock the achievements.

Size: 11824254 Bytes

19. Horror Plant 2 - logic - 1813 plays
Horror Plant 2
Link: Play
Horror plant is back! Enter the secret tree house and kill all dwarfs in this point and click adventure game! Subtle humor and even more of evil dwarf blood! Help the carnivorous man eating vegetation, grow to massive proportions by helping it to chomp down on dwarfs hiding out in their secret underground lair. To feed it use the Mouse to interact with hidden objects within the environment to cause the death of each dwarf. Contains two ending scenarios, if you uncover one try to find the second one.

Size: 8655507 Bytes

20. Huebrix - logic - 1358 plays
Link: Play
Huebrix brings the Puzzle back to Puzzle Games. This game will test your visual, spatial and logical senses. Solve levels by dragging paths from blocks to fill out the puzzle grid. However, the blocks only give you paths of a specified length. Special blocks determine the orientation of paths, acting as clues and challenges at the same time.

Size: 8865828 Bytes

21. Hobo 6: Hell - fight - 1727 plays
Hobo 6: Hell
Link: Play
Our dearest Hobo has died and gone to hell! He now needs to face hordes of demons and their master Satan. This should be all in a day's work for Hobo. Beat the devil and the other hellish inhabitants by fighting them or using the surrounding objects such as molten rocks to throw at them. Use your Arrow keys to move the tramp around, A key to pickup stuff or punch demons in the face, S key to throw or kicks and P key to pause and view a list of combo attacks.

Size: 6783068 Bytes

Happy Dead Friends – Players Pack
Link: Play
New 60 levels of Happy dead friends game. Find the right place for zombies, skeletons, and other fun creatures. Connect all hands and make creatures happy. Your goal is to make sure the dead friends all hold hands in order to proceed to the next level. Use the Mouse to pickup a undead creature, drag and drop them and try to complete the puzzle in as few moves as possible without leaving anyone out.

Size: 5207071 Bytes

23. Highway Traffic - skill - 681 plays
Highway Traffic
Link: Play
Ever been irritated by cops in a traffic jam? In this game, you get to find out how hard it could be to control traffic. Make sure that things stay civil and no blocks occur by guiding traffic properly. Highway Traffic is a traffic control game with exciting levels to complete. Click on red signal to stop vehicle and green to move. Each level is assigned with the target. Clear the target in three chances. Avoid traffic jam and clear the ambulance as soon as possible to win the game.

Size: 1065532 Bytes

24. Help Me - logic - 3068 plays
Help Me
Link: Play
Help funny aliens to get on his UFO. Use unique abilities of his helpful friends. Use your Mouse to play this game, R to restart, Space for pause. Red alien can destroy yellow stones, place him on the ground and click on it. Blue boxes cannot be destroyed. Purple alien can change the gravity of stones, but it cannot change gravity of rotating blue boxes. Green alien can draw out his friends.

Size: 4691335 Bytes

25. Human Evolution - skill - 1240 plays
Human Evolution
Link: Play
Human evolution in few minutes. Game shows how we, as humans, came to evolve from the single cell organisms of millions upon millions of years ago and aims at educating you of this with a runner/distance flash game. The incredible story of our evolution from ape ancestors spans 6 million years or more. Start finding out how it all happened with this beginner's guide. Use your Mouse, Space, or Up key to jump and collect DNA fragments to upgrade your jump or speed posibilities.

Size: 2157454 Bytes

26. Happy Dead Friends - logic - 753 plays
Happy Dead Friends
Link: Play
Find the right place for zombies, skeletons, and other fun creatures. Connect all hands and make creatures happy. Your goal is to make sure the dead friends all hold hands in order to proceed to the next level. Use the mouse to pickup a undead creature, drag and drop them and try to complete the puzzle in as few moves as possible without leaving anyone out.

Size: 4894792 Bytes

Harry Quantum: Episode 2 – Unmasked
Link: Play
Click in the scenes on objects to find items to help you in this point & click adventure. This time you have to solve a case for wrestling champion SuperBurro. Framed for a crime he didn’t commit, Harry has to find out who stole the artifacts from the zaztec museum and clear his name. This game is played by mouse only. Look for clues, collect different objects, interact with other characters in order to solve the mystery.

Size: 3221083 Bytes

28. Hungry Ducks - shoot - 1153 plays
Hungry Ducks
Link: Play
Shoot hungry and angry ducks in this unusual top-view shooting game. Shoot food to the yellow ducks, bomb the red ones. You can choose between different projectiles to accomplish your mission. Finish the level in time and find the golden egg to get the optimal score. Use the mouse to shoot, click and drag the cannon, then release the mouse button to shoot.

Size: 6640326 Bytes

29. How to Make a Game - skill - 923 plays
How to Make a Game
Link: Play
How to make a game? How hard can it be? Start with a stick figure, and a line to walk on. Then follow the game directions. Doublejumps, razor saws, bottomless pits, movable boxes, switches, flipped controls and changes to physics. Use the WAD or Arrow keys to move. Sometimes you might also need the S key or your Mouse :) Just follow the in game clues to make your way through.

Size: 1494582 Bytes

30. Homer’s Donut Run - skill - 1087 plays
Homer’s Donut Run
Link: Play
Homer Simpson needs your help on another crazy adventure in the Simpson family car. Homer is out of donuts and he needs to explore Springfield to find them all! Drive around the forests & treacherous parts of town and get as many donuts as possible! Use arrow keys to steer your car. Press space bar to jump. Collect the bonus donuts and other objects along the way. Use the balance skill to save your car when it is turned over. Avoid falling into the cliff. You lose the game if you wreck your car. Less time you use, more points you get.

Size: 9585629 Bytes

Hands Of War – Tower Defense
Link: Play
The power of the Heartstone has mysteriously faded and the land of Tempor lies broken from years of civil war. Can you defend your nation against an invading force and unite the seven factions? As the last champion of the land of Tampor, help all factions put aside their differences to defend your nation in Hands of War Tower Defense. Select to play as a knight, ranger, or wizard. To start select an area of Tempor that is under attack and successfully defend it to earn experience and reputation points. Each time you gain a level, you also get two talent points and attribute points. To start the battle, first place your champion on the map. Your champion will act as a tower and has four abilities that can be activated during battle. Spacebar to start a wave. 1-4 number keys for champion ability, Q to build Guard Tower, W to build Ranger, E to build Warrior, R to build WIzard, A to build Ward Spire, S to build Scouting Post, D to build Battle Standard, F to build Power Totem, X to build Trading Outpost, C to build Barracks. Use Escape when you need to cancel current action (build, teleport, AoE spell, etc.)

Size: 7326263 Bytes

32. Hordes Of Hordes - strategy - 709 plays
Hordes Of Hordes
Link: Play
The Hordes are coming! Hordes of Hordes introduces fresh new ideas to the tower defense genre. Deal death to your pixel enemies through devious traps, elite combat units and magical spells. The methods you employ are totally up to you. Customize your hotbar before each level with a huge selection of upgradable traps, spells and units knowing each time you play you will earn resources you can use to unlock even more or improve yout favourites. Use the mouse to place and click. Hotkeys: U to Upgrade, S to Sell, D to Destroy.

Size: 5612158 Bytes

Haunted Suburb Tower Defense
Link: Play
The monsters is attacking your neighborhood! Play Haunted Suburb Tower Defense and set traps for ghosts, lure in the zombies, and blast away at more ghoulish fiends in this strategy game! Choose from Otis or Franceska as your hero to aid you in defending the small town from an all out zombie attack. Use and deploy the defense turrets to set a defensive standpoint against the marauding flesh eating zombies and redirect their hungry minds to a safer place.

Size: 379451 Bytes

34. Hungry Sumo – New Levels - fun - 1068 plays
Hungry Sumo – New Levels
Link: Play
Learn to defeat your enemies in new 10 levels with cunning, guile and a huge bowl of rice. Control the game with your mouse. Hover over your sumo to grow. Don't bump enemy sumos while growing. Keep all your sumos well fed. Statue sumo is immune to all.

Size: 1731025 Bytes

35. Happy Birds - tetris - 813 plays
Happy Birds
Link: Play
The aim of the game is to clear all the birds. Put three or more birds of the same color to remove them from the field. Each removed bird gives you exact amount points. Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

Size: 964526 Bytes

Home Sheep Home 2: Lost In London
Link: Play
Get all sheep to the exit on the right of the screen in training or complete different missions in London. Sheep can use each other like steps to reach and get to higher places. All sheep can jump over each other. Each sheep has its own unique strength, so keep it in mind while playing. Timmy fits through small gaps, Shaun jumps highest and runs fastest and Shirley can push heavy things. Sometimes you have to push a button, but some buttons have to be held down so use boxes around. Use arrow keys to control your sheep Shirley, Shaun and Timmy. Click a sheep to select it or press it's number 1,2,3 on the keyboard. Complete all 45 levels and earn achievements in London.

Size: 12445291 Bytes

37. Hollywood Parking - skill - 797 plays
Hollywood Parking
Link: Play
Your task is to find the parking space and to park. Try to park the expensive car so that the car is not damaged. As the famous people trust you with their luxurious toy and will be very upset if there are dents or scratches on their car. Skirt around the obstacles and other prestigious cars.

Size: 3582203 Bytes

38. Hipster kickball - sport - 1598 plays
Hipster kickball
Link: Play
Play with hippies or hipsters and take to the backyard to rehash the baseball similar game that defined your elementary school social status. Bring your own beard and biting cynicism, skinny jeans, trucker hats, energy crystals, and questionable hygiene abound! Hipster Kickball is played with the keyboard. When kicking, move your kicker around home plate with the arrow keys. Press and hold the 'X' key to charge your kick. Release when the ball is near your player. He or she will run automatically. When fielding, press 'X' to pitch the ball. After the opposing team kicks the game will select the right character for you to control. Use the arrow keys to run, and after you've caught the ball, throw it with 'X'. When battling, run around with the arrow keys, and throw your special power at the opposing player with the 'X' key. Useful tip is that the lead runner will advance one base and then stop by default. If you think he or she has time, you can force a run at the next base by pressing 'X'. Sometimes it's worth skipping a battle and accepting an out. You have a limited number of battles per inning, so use them wisely!

Size: 7650368 Bytes

39. Halloween Shooter - logic - 3026 plays
Halloween Shooter
Link: Play
In honor of Halloween, you have to throw vampires, witches, and mummies in their shelters. To START the game from the first level, press the MAP. Shoot witches, mummy's, vampires and see how far can you get in this shooter full of halloween puzzles and surprises. Click icons in the top left corner or use the number keys to change character! If character is not available, you have to activate it by shooting its balloon avatar located somewhere in the level.

Size: 4649448 Bytes

40. Hit Logic - Level Pack - logic - 895 plays
Hit Logic - Level Pack
Link: Play
Knock out all the red checkers in the least amount of moves possible to win bonus stars! Have a shot and see if you can defeat the game. Use the mouse to aim and shoot with the white checker, which cannot get out of the board. Game offers you riddles more or less difficult and also the level editor.

Size: 2984007 Bytes

41. Happy Builder - skill - 1135 plays
Happy Builder
Link: Play
You are in the 'Builder of the Year' competition and you need to show you are the best builder. Start out with simple constructions before moving onto more complex monuments and houses to show that you can build anything. Use your crane to collect the items and build them up in the correct order. Try to complete all the building map. To play use in-game help manual and your mouse to control the crane. Just take the specific block and put it on the ground as shown.

Size: 5674770 Bytes

42. Hot Bikes - skill - 1536 plays
Hot Bikes
Link: Play
Help the girl to drive her motorcycle along the obstacles. Score points to upgrade your bike. You can upgrade your engine, tires, exhaust, suspension or brakes. Use arrow keys to control the bike.

Size: 2643473 Bytes

43. Hoppinpop - tetris - 575 plays
Link: Play
A tetris like game wrapped in a world of weird but wonderful creatures. Form groups of at least 3 "pops". Use Space for a "fast drop", because they will earn you more points. Larger groups will earn more points per "pop". Group-combos will earn more points too.

Size: 638689 Bytes

44. Heavenly Machine - skill - 624 plays
Heavenly Machine
Link: Play
Remake of bubbles. Our beautiful rainbows are under attack by king devils of Gray Order. They are already at the doors of the Heavenly Factory! Good thing the mighty Heavenly Machine can deal with them. Who is skilled enough to counter the attack? Are you up to the task? It's easy and fun - just pop the colour balls to release the rainbow energy. The more you pop - the better our rainbows get! Pop the balls from under the tiny devils to make them fall and get more points!

Size: 433329 Bytes

HELiDROPPER by Joe Willmott
Link: Play
The aim of the game is to drop your boulder into the container on each level. Move your helicopter left and right by clicking the green arrows at the top of the screen. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Clicking the red arrow will drop your boulder, but be careful with how much your net is swinging. You can also press the down key on your keyboard. At the top right of the screen there is a basket containing items for your use. Use the mouse to drag these items anywhere you want on the screen. Inventory items are not as sturdy as regular items so be careful with their placement as they may take a knock.

Size: 2370372 Bytes

46. Huge Cannon 2 - shoot - 690 plays
Huge Cannon 2
Link: Play
You have to repel the attacks of the enemy, you are in the tower with a powerful gun. Resist the attack from tyrant's army, destroy all enemies, keep the safety of the fortress. The blue HP bar at middle displays fortress's HP and the red HP bar displays enemies force. The cannon can fire 7 types of different shells. You have to equip human-shell for fortress, because you need soldiers to pick up goods. Logistical troops can't supply soldiers for you, but soldiers can run back after they be sent out. Move mouse to set shooting angle. Press and hold left mouse button to shoot. You can shoot special shots using 1,2,3,q,w,e keys.

Size: 1514174 Bytes

Hole in the Wall - Twisted Figures
Link: Play
Twist and turn each player's body to match the hole in the wall, otherwise you will fall to the pool of water. Click the small yellow circles to change pose. Use powerups cards to use Bomb, Freeze or Pose special powers. In bonus levels, try to memorize several poses.

Size: 1306218 Bytes

48. House of Lost Souls - action - 655 plays
House of Lost Souls
Link: Play
Your hero is in a strange house with ghosts. Try to get out from the house. You can walk through the doors. Avoid all ghosts or you will loose your life. Move with arrow keys & A to run quicker.

Size: 2864110 Bytes

49. Heist - logic - 755 plays
Link: Play
You're a thief, but not just any thief, the best thief in the world. You plan on taking on your greatest challengee yet, stealing the world diamond for millions of dollars. You have to enter the facility holding the jewel, find it and get out of the building before alarms are triggered or guards spot you. You have 45 minutes. Go through a training program for more details about the building, objects and how to play the game.

Size: 872108 Bytes

50. Hotel Manager - strategy - 3190 plays
Hotel Manager
Link: Play
Become the best manager of the hotel. Manage your hotel by allotting rooms and providing full service for your guests. Earn money and meet your daily targets. Provide room cleaning, food and laundry services when requested. You can upgrade your hotel after each day.

Size: 569082 Bytes

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