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1. Berts Brain - logic - 1919 plays
Berts Brain
Link: Play
Enlighten Berts Brain, in this brainy, tile rotating puzzle game. Bert needs help to get his old grey cells working at a higher level. Direct the energy charges to Bert’s brain. Connect all 4 nodes to the power to electrify Bert’s brain to clear each level. Use your Mouse and click to rotate a tile.

Size: 5216150 Bytes

2. Blobs Story 2 - logic - 1246 plays
Blobs Story 2
Link: Play
The bodacious blob is back in action and he’s looking for love. It is about the tragedy of lovers, who got separated. Your aim is to bring the male blob to his cute lady. Think wisely and cut the ropes in the right order to free the black ball. Let him roll over all flowers for his beloved. Cut ropes in the right order to reunite the blobs in each level. Try to collect all the flowers, which are required to unlock new levels.

Size: 4383976 Bytes

3. Ballistica - action - 2091 plays
Link: Play
A console-quality First person shooter (FPS) in your browser. Grab your friends, choose a class, and go Ballistic. Be ready for a cool version of tanks battle. Shot as more accurate as you can and you can win the fight. For the best result you should move and your shot will get the target. Prepare for battle as you take command of your tank and engage in siege warfare. Challenge either the AI or another player in this awesome turn-based combat game. Take aim and defeat your opponent before they can beat you. It will take skill and strategy to win. Use your WASD keys for Movement, Left Mouse Button to fire weapon, Right Mouse Button to aim down sights, R key to Reload weapon, G key to throw grenade, F key to knife attack. Use Q key to switch between primary and secondary weapons. M key brings up in-match menu where you can go fullscreen, change keybindings, and adjust graphic settings.

Size: 6477522 Bytes

4. Blosics 2 - logic - 1605 plays
Blosics 2
Link: Play
Physics game in which you have to throw blocks off the stage by shooting balls at them. There are many types of blocks, there are many types of balls and there are 30 levels to finish. Use your Mouse to score at least 100 points in each level by knocking green blocks off the screen with your balls. Keep the red blocks on the screen to avoid losing points.

Size: 5065031 Bytes

5. Back to Zombieland - skill - 1631 plays
Back to Zombieland
Link: Play
Annoying humans want to destroy you. Run, jump and leave traps to escape the angreh mortals. Stomp rats and grab coins to purchase those delightful powerups. Keep your dead self safe and make life increasingly painful for that posse on your tail. Run as quickly as possible and collect coins to buy upgrades. Escape lots of angry human villagers with pitchforks who wants to kill you. Mouse to move, click to Jump. Hold left mouse button to jump higher, Space bar key to shoot.

Size: 6582080 Bytes

6. Balloon Invasion - strategy - 2538 plays
Balloon Invasion
Link: Play
You have to defend your flak and territory from being bombed by the incoming balloon invasion. There's so many balloons you'll go insane. You have to aim your flaks correctly on a target in order to hit them. Win battles, gain experience, level up and use your commander points to upgrade your arsenal. Good luck, Commander. Move Mouse to aim, hold your Mouse button to fire, 1-9 Number Keys activates air raids and places buildings. 1,2,3: Call in support strike, 4,5,6,7,8,9: Place building (each building type must be unlocked in the Upgrades screen first. Your flak fires with some inaccuracy, use this to your advantage. Find dense points and areas to cover with your fire for maximum damage. Each air raid request costs more and more after each call (there is a ceiling of 15.000), use them only if you really need to. The longer a balloon survives of the field, the less score you gain by destroying it.

Size: 2354946 Bytes

7. Bahama TriPeaks - casino - 2122 plays
Bahama TriPeaks
Link: Play
Bahama Tripeaks is a card game in which you play poker in a special way. Your goal is to move all cards from the playing field to the deck at the bottom on the background with beautiful island, coconut palms and small houses. Use your Mouse to click the card you want to move that is one higher or lower than the opened card at the bottom. You can use the UNDO button to cancel your last move. And HINT button in the game shows possible move. You have two kinds of bonuses in the game. A card marked with a butterfly helps you to remove any unwanted card from the playing field. A card marked with a magnolia can cover any card on the playing field.

Size: 989965 Bytes

8. Bubble Struggle 2 - skill - 1669 plays
Bubble Struggle 2
Link: Play
In Bubble Struggle 2, one plays as a devil character dressed in a trench coat, yellow T-shirt and bright orange shorts. Bubble Struggle 2 is characterized by colorful backgrounds that are different for every level and a simple game design. The object of the game is to destroy dangerous bubbles, that bounce around the screen, by splitting them into smaller components and finally destroying them altogether. Destroy dangerous bubbles that bounce around the screen. Split the bubbles and destroy all of the small bubbles to clear each stage. Move with the Arrow keys and shoot with a Space bar key.

Size: 3153636 Bytes

9. Bubble Shooter - skill - 2651 plays
Bubble Shooter
Link: Play
Shoot the bubbles and line up 3 or more of the same colour. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot. Try to remove all bubbles.

Size: 146471 Bytes

10. Battleship - logic - 954 plays
Link: Play
Classic guessing game for two players. Deploy your battleships and use your mouse to select and place them on the field. Use the Space bar key to rotate a ship. Drag and drop your ships to place them on the grid and start to fire. To take the first shot click within a square on the grid to the right. If you miss there will be debris left after the initial explosion. If you hit a ship there will be a small flame until you have sunk the ship. If you hit one of your opponent's mines one of your ships will be sunk, or visa versa. There are two modes. Switch on Miss, it is your turn until your miss a shot. And Alternate Shots, where each player takes a shot after each other, regardless of whether they have hit a ship or not.

Size: 262127 Bytes

11. Battalion Commander 2 - shoot - 3243 plays
Battalion Commander 2
Link: Play
Battalion Commander 2 is the sequel of the popular vertical shooter, now with 100% more snow. Some strange activity is detected in the North so grab your guns, rockets and grenades and secure the territory. With all new soldiers, enemies and missions, this action-packed game will keep you entertained for a long time – if you don't mind slaying cute little soldiers dressed in pink.There are forty-eight (48) missions in total. Their goal is to complete missions and maybe, somewhere along the way, actually reach the enemy headquarters. They will walk and shoot on their own; all you need to do is direct them with your Mouse or WASD keys. Use the special skills by clicking or pressing the Space bar key. As in the original game, you start out with the leader and pick up team mates as you go along. Each time you start, there will be three missions to complete, and they will give you money and experience points which you'll use to reach better ranks and purchase upgrades.

Size: 5976547 Bytes

12. Bury My Bones - logic - 2276 plays
Bury My Bones
Link: Play
Being an undertaker is ghoulish business. A fun physics based game where you need to get the skeleton into the grave. An undertaker found a man's skeleton in an island and decided to bury it. But first he must reach the bones. You must help him using different elements of the environment. Beware the objects which can prevent you from burying the poor man. All you need to do is win and drop the skeleton into its grave. Cemetery was apparently built with switches, planks, ramps and bouncing boards. Your score is determined by how quickly you solve the stage and bury the skeleton bones. You use everything from popping balloons to punch-boxes, wooden planks, plows, dragons, electric fans or metallic spike balls to get your skeleton safely into its grave.

Size: 4841493 Bytes

13. Black & White Walkers - skill - 1696 plays
Black & White Walkers
Link: Play
Enjoy this minimalist yet challenging platform puzzle through 25 levels where you need to be careful with the black or white stuff. You need to move your black and white square and try to complete each level. White can only touch other white and the black side can only touch other black platforms. Use your WASD or Arrow keys to move. Up Arrow, W key or Space bar to jump. Make sure your white side only touches white floor tiles and your black one only touches black floor tiles.

Size: 6205536 Bytes

14. Blob Thrower - skill - 1400 plays
Blob Thrower
Link: Play
Launch black blobs to merge all of the yellow blobs together. Collect power-ups that will make your blobs sticky, explosive, or inflated. Or everything at the same time. Use your cannon to merge all the little blobs into one giant blob in each level. Try to hit each object and click anywhere to make a shot, your blob will fly according to the trajectory shown. Use walktrhough light bulb icon when you get stuck in the level.

Size: 1660111 Bytes

15. Blade Rush - skill - 1153 plays
Blade Rush
Link: Play
Ninja body-surfing action. You are a professional killer, and you have been sent to eliminate a VIP person. Now you must go through the whole city to reach your victim. The police is warned about your intentions, thus looks like you will have to fight your way. Strike down unsuspecting guards and leap off hapless foes in this high speed action/stealth platformer. Using either WASD or Arrow keys, just run and jump (and wall-jump) around levels, using the green sphere around you as a visual guide to let you know when you can hit. Use K or X key to hurtle yourself onto him and render him a bloody smear with the sheer force of impact. Finish stages as quickly as possible to get better rankings and gold medal, and avoid being seen. If an enemy is alerted, they'll kill you in a single shot. As you play, watch out for even more hazards.

Size: 2986302 Bytes

16. Bitzy Blitz - shoot - 1247 plays
Bitzy Blitz
Link: Play
An evil alien doctor came to the Earth to capture it. A brave magician arrived from the past to save the present day. He chose himself an assistant, gave him three weapons and sent him to the battle. Defend the town against waves of enemies and awesome bosses in this shooter game. Upgrade your weapons with some crazy upgrades and ride your tiny horse to victory. WAD or Arrow keys to move. Aim and shoot with the Mouse. Change weapons with 1, 2, 3 Number keys or Q and E and quick-swap with Shift. P or Esc to pause. Collect purple crystals and buy upgrades in the shop at the end of each attack wave.

Size: 7249048 Bytes

17. Blym - logic - 2405 plays
Link: Play
Blym is a little green creature who lives on a faraway island. One day Blym was working in his garden but suddenly found some kind of a teleporter. He decided to try it out and… Now he is in a trouble and needs your help. Explore four strange worlds by traveling around in a mysterious teleporter. Help Blym make his way through the various cosmos levels, transform into your surroundings in order to get to the transporter, but watch out for the enemies who want to kill you and suck up your slime. Your goal is to make it to the teleporter on each level. Reach the teleporter to move onto the next stage and use your ability to meld into blocks to overcome various obstacles. Use the Arrow keys to move and jump, and hit R or click the Arrow on the top of the screen to restart a level. Push the down Arrow key while standing on any of the blue blocks to seep down into it. You can move while in a block, but you can't jump. Push up Arrow key to return to your normal form. Figure out exactly what hurts you, for example, watch out for flying birds, also when you are in a block you are safe from bullets, but not lasers. Spikes are sudden death no matter what, but strange red creatures can be destroyed by dropping a block on them. Some levels will test your platforming skills, others are logic puzzles.

Size: 4761629 Bytes

18. Be Ready - skill - 1818 plays
Be Ready
Link: Play
Become a hero and save the queen. Do not die while you do so. Help the warrior named Yepi to rescue the kidnapped emperors. Lead him through a variety of dangerous levels full of deadly traps and villains and test your quick reactions. You must do it quickly enough, otherwise Yepi will be unable to avoid the danger. Will you succeed to kill all enemies on your way? Save the queen! Try to stay alive… Use your mouse to kill the enemies you see on the way, climb up the ladders, use ropes, dodge wooden sticks from enemies. Don't fall in traps, avoid spikes and huge heights.

Size: 3900471 Bytes

19. Brutality - skill - 1237 plays
Link: Play
Come and have a dish of brutality in this physics destroying game. Fire your office victims into spiky cartoony deaths. Make as much pain and misery as possible. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move the catapult, but do not damage it with spikes on the side. Use your Mouse to shoot your human cannon fodder and deliver torture and suffering. Collect coins, reach the minimum goal to go to the next level and spend them in the shop for your death bringing catapult. Try to get all achievements and become brutality masochist and expert.

Size: 4852388 Bytes

Bomber At War 2 – Battle For Resources
Link: Play
Play through 20 levels of frantic air battles, eliminate hostile enemies and take aim at specified targets, including planes, battleships or turret stations. Earn money to customize your ship and buy upgrades such as heavier armor, stronger bombs, and newer engines to help you take to the skies and eliminate all opposition. Out-maneuver enemy fighters, circle around, and then put him in your sites! Reign down bombs ships, blimps, and other planes. There are also tons of achievements to unlock and other added bonuses. After all, it’s not flying; it’s falling, with style. Press Left and Right arrows or A/D keys to change direction, Up and Down arrows or W/S keys to change speed. Space bar or X key to fire main gun, CTRL, Q to drop bombs. Use Z key to deploy flairs to get rid of homing missiles. Stay high in the air and drop bombs from above. Avoid the dogfight if you can or practice shooting the planes down. Move quick, aim your bombs, and have fun.

Size: 15182867 Bytes

21. Beavus - skill - 1718 plays
Link: Play
Help Beavus the beaver jump and collect all the logs to reveal the tree stump with the exit door. Collect tree logs on the go and assist Beavus to unhide his tree trunk home. Use your left Mouse button to jump. Try to collect all the wooden logs. Reach the exit in each level while overcoming a variety of obstacles. Avoid spikes going out of the ground, jump on platforms to reach higher logs.

Size: 793634 Bytes

22. Bath Salts Zombies - shoot - 1448 plays
Bath Salts Zombies
Link: Play
You are a Marine. Returning from a war tour back home. You have finally got a vacation and you're driving to Miami to meet your girlfriend. Another hour or two and your babe will be all over you. Not so fast, cause something down South went terribly wrong. Crowds of people turned into zombies by a new drug hedged up your way. Fight your way to your love girl. Shoot with the gun and eliminate all the zombies that headed towards your hometown. Use your Mouse and left button to shoot. Z key to drop a bomb, X key to nuke, Space bar key for upgrades.

Size: 8954080 Bytes

23. Ballad of the Cube - logic - 1098 plays
Ballad of the Cube
Link: Play
You were enjoying a sweet date with your new girlfriend, when suddenly an evil warlock appeared and kidnapped her. You should go for a dangerous adventure, for a way to rescue your love. Help the dashing knight rescue the fair princess from the clutches of a manic wizard. Press your Arrow keys to move the heroic knight along the green grass without falling off the sides and into oblivion. Try to reach the portal as quickly as you can for a decent score.

Size: 6264952 Bytes

24. Battle Cry - strategy - 2349 plays
Battle Cry
Link: Play
Immerse yourself in the world of Battle Cry. Command your very own army to battles against all who oppose you. Create the perfect army to win wars as you march throughout the kingdom. Includes a 3 act single player campaign, a player versus player ladder system and an intricate army management system. Use your Mouse to create or equip soldier units with armour, shields, horses or swords at the barracks to create the perfect fighting force. Try to place ranged units like wizards or archers at the back to provide long range distance support for your front line troops.

Size: 12144152 Bytes

25. Bug Rampage - skill - 1863 plays
Bug Rampage
Link: Play
A lone caterpillar fighting against the might of the insect kingdom. Control an angry caterpillar as it seeks vengeance against all the other insects for stealing its food supply. Intuitive control with 16 distinct enemy types with their own behaviour and attack styles. Bug head trophies to earn with 25 level arenas across 5 distinctive themes. Use your Mouse to control the caterpillar as it slithers around and Left Mouse button to perform a dash (useful in quick getaways from swarms of insects). Grab all the fruit to fill your belly to complete each level. After each attack wave you can upgrade your legs, bullet power or dash with the DNA you've collected.

Size: 4150389 Bytes

26. Blob’s Story - logic - 2592 plays
Blob’s Story
Link: Play
Crack the puzzles of the hero who want to hook up with his sweetheart. Help the two one eyed creatures meet up together. Use your Mouse to slice the rope attached to the boy blob to swing him towards the girl. Try to pass through as many flower petals as you can for an added bonus. You can cut ropes attached to wooden crates and planks to use them to reach the boys girlfriend.

Size: 2484089 Bytes

27. Bustermcthundersticks - logic - 1132 plays
Link: Play
A point-n-click based physics game where you find all the sneaky ninjas hiding out amongst the furniture within the house. Use your Mouse to lift empty wooden boxes, move flower pots, pick up flat LCD television sets and solve various puzzles to locate all 33 ninjas. Try to complete each room as fast as you can to earn a decent score.

Size: 3799979 Bytes

28. Bob The Robber 2 - logic - 4573 plays
Bob The Robber 2
Link: Play
Is the city in danger again? It looks like a job for our hero – robber Bob! Angry dogs, watchful securities and cameras, laser gratings and … zombies. Help the thief Bob save the city from Gamp coproration once again by foiling the master plans of a greedy gangster. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move around each room, W or Up Arrow key to search through chest of drawers, refrigerators or tool boxes for cash, 0-9 number keys to enter codes into electronic alarm panels. Use Space bar key to whack security robots with your baseball bat and Z,X,C keys for your gadgets. Try to reach the objective without setting off any alarms and then escape without getting caught. Standing in shadows without moving Bob become invisible to cameras and guards. You can buy upgrades at the shop to help you perform better out in the field.

Size: 10710785 Bytes

Backdoor – Door 1: The Call
Link: Play
Adventure based puzzle game where you find yourself in a strange looking abode with the door locked. The only person who might know what is truly going on is a mysterious individual who contacts you over the phone. Only by solving puzzles and overcoming barriers can you hope to escape. Press Arrow keys to walk around the room, Z to perform an action or cycle through dialogue boxes, X to use an item, C to swap an item and Space bar key to open up the inventory menu so you can combine objects or save your progress. Thoroughly examine the room (take a peek at the bookshelves) to look for clues that will help you exit the house.

Size: 7559515 Bytes

30. Bois d’Arc - shoot - 1579 plays
Bois d’Arc
Link: Play
Protect your tower from the hordes of evil forces. Choose one from three heroes that suite you the most and clash! Defend the castle from waves of invading monsters. Earn stars and purchase upgrades. So in Bois D'Arc you pick your warrior which has different stats (either high damage and low speed, vice versa or a mixture) and then you are placed on top of your castle ready to defend. The trick in Bois D'Arc is of course getting the angle of the shot right with the power of your bow. Use your Mouse Down to Aim, Mouse release to shoot. Press Space bar key for the next wave.

Size: 7977297 Bytes

31. Brawler Bear Arena - rpg - 1229 plays
Brawler Bear Arena
Link: Play
Brawl your way through the animal kingdom in this RPG-Brawler mix. Level up, buy new gear, and even craft them! Train your skills and hire henchmen to be be the ultimate brawler bear. Before fighting against some of the top gladiators in front of a cheering crowd complete various missions to prove you as a worthy opponent. Press Arrow keys to walk around, A to block blows, S to punch, D to kick and Space bar key to interact with NPC characters within the forest. Collect coins to buy upgrades such as armour or weapons at the various peddler shops in and around town.

Size: 2988977 Bytes

32. Billiard Blitz Hustle - sport - 2982 plays
Billiard Blitz Hustle
Link: Play
Put your pool skills to the test in your quest to turn $100 into a million. Hustle 21 different opponents each with their own character and skills. Play for money, enter tournaments, and collect trophies. Beat your opponents in the lounge at 8-ball pool. Earn prize money by beating skilled players at tournaments to increase your ranking. Before heading off into a match against another opponent you may want to have a practice session to get the hang of things. Once in the player lounge, you can click on the icons at the bottom to choose different options. Select a name and avatar in your profile, and have a look at your emails. You can then have a practice game by yourself or dive straight into a game for money. Use your Mouse to angle the snooker cue then adjust the stroke to hit the white ball hard or soft. Click and drag back in the direction of the cue to set your power, and release to shoot. Whilst the Mouse button is held down you can also use the Arrow keys to fine tune your aim.

Size: 4595635 Bytes

33. Blow And Raze - skill - 1099 plays
Blow And Raze
Link: Play
Physics based demolition game where you attach sticks of explosive dynamite to old unsafe buildings to demolish them to the ground so that the council can build something better upon the land. Always try to find a weak spot and remember that steel walls are heavier so you should use bigger bombs. Use your Mouse to pick a bomb and then attach it to one of the steel girders. Try to knock down all the walls and beams so that they fall below the green marker. Place your dynamite on strategic points on the building and start the explosion. If the blue marker ends up below the green marker you will advance to the next level.

Size: 6821676 Bytes

34. Button X20 - logic - 1158 plays
Button X20
Link: Play
Platform based jumping game where you help the little yellow block man escape from each room by grabbing the key protected by a powerful force field. Push the button, deactivate the laser and get the key to unlock the door to the next level. Press your Arrow keys to move or jump, R to restart the level, M to turn the music on or off, S to switch off sound effects and P to pause. Push the button by pouncing on it to turn the electrical field off so you can grab the golden key and then head towards the exit door. Sometimes you will have to think outside the box how to deactivate the laser.

Size: 3599911 Bytes

35. Bazooka Boy – Level Pack - action - 1076 plays
Bazooka Boy – Level Pack
Link: Play
The level pack edition of Bazooka Boy. You’re an young boy equipped with a bazooka exploring caves while looking for gold. Help the youngster destroy boxes full of gold coins with the aid of his rpg (rocket propeller) launcher, destroy blocks, detonate TNT and solve some simple puzzles to get all of that flashy gold. Press your Arrow or WASD keys to walk or jump. Tap Up key twice in succession for double jump. Use Mouse to aim and shoot. Target and destroy red, blue or green boxes to activate moving boxes to reach new areas as fast as you can. Press R key to restart the level if needed.

Size: 614807 Bytes

36. Ben 10 vs Alien Force - skill - 859 plays
Ben 10 vs Alien Force
Link: Play
Unleash the powers of Ben 10 with new a task. Your objective is to shoot all the Aliens to clear the level. Use your tactics and strategy to kill all the Aliens. Aim with your Mouse and shoot the aliens. Use different objects to kill aliens, for example, you can break glass to kill aliens.

Size: 3857629 Bytes

37. Bloons Tower Defense 5 - strategy - 13478 plays
Bloons Tower Defense 5
Link: Play
Turret based action game where you place clever little super monkeys on tracks to defend against menacing balloons. 5th version has heaps of new features including all of your favourite towers from previous versions with 8 awesome upgrades and two brand new never before seen tower types. Tower upgrades with cool Super Activated Abilities, new Bloon types, fun new tracks with moving parts and tunnels, powerful Special Agent towers, Specialty Buildings, daily rewards, and daily challenges – a fun new challenge to play each and every day! Use your Mouse to place a chimp on the map. Once you have earned enough experience points you will be able to upgrade your monkeys ability to launch darts further or to hire special agents to help you out in the field. Use Shift to place multiple towers of the same type. Space bar key to send in bloon rounds and toggle fast forward. You can use hotkeys on towers, mouseovers tell you which hotkey select which tower. Green disk shows whether your most recent progress has been saved. Watch out for double armoured creeps, they can be quite tough to pop.

Size: 11083894 Bytes

38. Battle For Darkness - strategy - 3590 plays
Battle For Darkness
Link: Play
Command your Evil hordes in a epic battle to defeat the armies of the Realm and the mighty Titan. Side scrolling based RTS game where you unleash your demonic warriors in a never ending war with the realm of light. Use your units unique special skills, drag and drop unit icons to change formation lines and upgrade your army between battles. Use your Mouse to select your troops, re-arrange them and then send them into battle. Start off with the goblin fighters and then add skeleton archers, wizards, cursed knights, werewolves and demons to your group. Try to adjust your formation so the weaker units are at the front line and ranged units are at the back. Every skirmish awards gold, use it to upgrade each unit's strengths.

Size: 9984047 Bytes

39. Bad Piggies - logic - 1375 plays
Bad Piggies
Link: Play
A construction based game where you help the egg stealing green pigs stay one-step ahead of the angry birds by building machines to protect them. You are going to be building those rickety little structures that they like to house up in. Use your Mouse to construct vehicles or flying machines using the wooden parts that will protect the piggy. Try to collect stars and map pieces before reaching the chequered flag area.

Size: 2397989 Bytes

40. Boxing Token - logic - 1175 plays
Boxing Token
Link: Play
Boxing game played using a token. Click and hold any token and releace in any place on the game field. The farther the distance traveled by the token, the stronger the attack is. Choose items to be equipped. Each level will unlock new item. Level up your experience will enhance your energy. Use your Mouse to drag and drop your token to the arena. Try to avoid fields with locks or your attack is stopped. In each level you have to beat several boxers with limited amount of tokens and experience items.

Size: 3585740 Bytes

41. Berzerk Ball 2 - shoot - 2310 plays
Berzerk Ball 2
Link: Play
Distance based game where you send the overweight geek off into the upper stratosphere by whacking him as hard as you can. Select a character, build a geek, then smash him as far as you can! It won’t be easy; he’ll insult you and make fun of you in 1337 speak messages as you repeatedly hit him further and further! Best of all, you can upgrade your character learn new moves, earn new weapons, and other items that increase your statistics and impact the overall damage you do to your nerd! Use your Mouse to set the angle meter and then press the left button again to set the power strike meter. Depending on what upgrades you currently have available you can whack him mid air to make him fly, higher or rebound multiple times off the floor.

Size: 12327743 Bytes

42. Balloons vs Zombies - shoot - 1170 plays
Balloons vs Zombies
Link: Play
Help the soldier eradicate the undead threat that have crept into the city by destroying them once and for all with his knife throwing gun. Kill zombies with the help of knives and balloons in this physics (angry birds style) shooter. Your brave hero lost all of his weapons except for the cannon that shoots knives and balloons. Kill all the dead guys (zombies) and save the humans that are alive. Use your Mouse to select a different ammo type and then target each ghoul on the platforms with your weapon. Control strength of shot by sliding arrow gun-sight power back and forth. Attach helium balloons to wooden blocks or zombies to make them reachable, or float away blocks into the sky. Blown zombies out of the screen, use TNT boxes or kill them with knife. Keep an eye out on each ammunition type, as you only get a limited supply of each one.

Size: 4567140 Bytes

43. Bomb It 5 - skill - 674 plays
Bomb It 5
Link: Play
Obliterate your opponents as you place explosive devices at their feet to send them soaring in heaven. Make your little robot the cutest but most deadly bomberman-style gladiator ever! Test your skills against in either single-player or multiplayer mode. Each mode has a different mission, so pick one and let the action begin. Maneuver your way through the maze, grabbing helpful power-ups to give your robot an edge. For single player press your Arrow keys to move and Space bar key to plant a bomb, for two players press WASD keys and Space bar key for P1 and Arrow keys and Enter key for P2 or alternatively customize your own controls. Grab important power ups such as extras lives, speed, health, invincibility or climb aboard a vehicle such as frogs, mammoths, sports cars or a skateboard. If you've played the classic super bomberman you'll love this.

Size: 8276415 Bytes

Battle Gear vs Myth Wars 2
Link: Play
Battle Gear vs Myth Wars 2 is a unique battle and war game. Select your units to send out to the enemy on the opposite side. Match them up accordingly or die. Press Left/Right arrows or A/D keys to scroll the field. Press Z or C keys to fast scroll to the left or right edge of battlefield. Press Up/Down arrows or W/S keys to control the arrow sign (only for manual troops appear). Click units to train or use 1 .. 9 number hotkeys. Press P to pause the game.

Size: 9242334 Bytes

45. Bugongo - action - 868 plays
Link: Play
In Bugongo you play as a little green dragon who is desperately trying to chase and at the same time protect his egg from the dangerous viridian hills of the world! The main feature of the game is the ability to control both Bugongo and his egg, and start running because, believe me, the egg will not wait for you! Run the first level to learn the game mechanics and key mapping. Arrow Keys (or WASD to move your character. Z key button (or N key) to Jump/Double Jump, X key button (or B key) to Dash, Up arrow and Down arrow key (or W and S key) to control the egg. Space bar key to activate Egg's Power. M key to mute, R to Restart.

Size: 5881193 Bytes

46. Balls Of Life - skill - 1987 plays
Balls Of Life
Link: Play
Take your journey from cradle to grave in the happiest of all possible forms: a smiling yellow ball! Get a job, pay taxes. Survive for as long as you possibly can as you bounce around a strange environment. Use your Arrow keys to move and make the smiley jump onto platforms. Avoid falling off the edge into the abyss and watch out for spikes that stick out of the ground once you draw near.

Size: 2725002 Bytes

47. Bounzy Halloween - shoot - 2116 plays
Bounzy Halloween
Link: Play
Bounzy Halloween is a sequel to the famous shooting series, Bouzy. In each level you have to kill Halloween zombies, scary monsters and animals. Use your Mouse to shoot. Note that you’ll have to shoot some objects to kill the enemies in some levels.

Size: 4159949 Bytes

48. Boom The Rock! - skill - 1442 plays
Boom The Rock!
Link: Play
Your task is to launch a rocket towards a flaming meteorite to destroy it. The key to destroying this burning rock is right trajectory. Moreover, you should not forget about collecting all the explosives, otherwise, you will fail to complete any level. Use your Mouse to set a trajectory to destroy meteors. Position a green dots for a correct path, collect additional TNT on your way to blow up the rock. Avoid obstacles which are both numerous and diverse. They range from flying saucers, which shoot lethal rays, to moving hips of cosmic trash.

Size: 7817497 Bytes

49. Battle Arkade - skill - 1471 plays
Battle Arkade
Link: Play
Help captain Nyan Thwart an alien invasion by using his space ship to blast deadly blocks from outer space before they destroy his home planet. Use your Mouse to move the ship or to release the breakout ball, Q key or W key to drag or repel particles and Number keys 1-4 to activate power ups. Collect gold dust to buy upgrades to your main power ups from the shop screen.

Size: 7894208 Bytes

50. Binga 3 - logic - 1431 plays
Binga 3
Link: Play
Binga, the funny and challenging point and click puzzle game returns. Use your brain hardly to unravel various mysteries in order to progress. Use your Mouse to play with tennis balls, miniature cars, solve codes and lots of random tasks.

Size: 4970886 Bytes

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