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1. Four Boxes LP - logic - 1333 plays
Four Boxes LP
Link: Play
Try to remove all the red cubes off the screen. Use your Mouse to play the game. Split the color cube into smaller – 4 cubes. Remember that the number splits is limited. Less splits, the more stars you get.

Size: 2405224 Bytes

2. Freeway Fury 3 - race - 4066 plays
Freeway Fury 3
Link: Play
Freeway Fury 2 is another crazy action-packed racing game made by Serius Games. Jump from vehicle to vehicle, do crazy stunts, earn points and speed down each stretch of the freeway in a blind fury. Freeway Fury 3 includes a new story, new vehicles, levels and bonuses. Drive, jump, steal vehicles and cause mayhem on the freeway. Press Left and Right Arrow key (or A and D key) to drive. Hold Z or M key or Space Bar key to stand on vehicle. Use Arrow keys or WASD keys to jump while on vehicle. Press Up Arrow key, X or N key for special nitro turbo boost. Special feature: Rack up points quickly to enter Fury Mode. For a limited time your vehicle’s nitro will be extra powerful, you can jump farther, and escape if your vehicle explodes.

Size: 13096631 Bytes

3. Fun Bubble Girl Dressup - fun - 1062 plays
Fun Bubble Girl Dressup
Link: Play
Have you ever been obssessed with a fun toy just like this cute girl is fascinated by this bubble? So search her wardrobe and choose the most beautiful clothes so that she could look perfect for her date later today. Use your Mouse to dress up and create a makeover. Try different dresses, clothes and outfit garments so the cute girl is happy.

Size: 725227 Bytes

4. Free Icecream - logic - 1439 plays
Free Icecream
Link: Play
Try to get the little girl out of an evil nightmare in this creepy point and click adventure game. Escape the butchers house after you made the choice to get free icecream. Escape from the house without dying and being caught by the insane cook. Use your Mouse to find useful items and various objects which can help you with your escape and search for your friend before robot finds her.

Size: 5196864 Bytes

5. Full Moon - logic - 1282 plays
Full Moon
Link: Play
The fullest moon, a rabbit with desires can bring you some satisfaction. Try to help cute bunny to find what he asks for. Explore, point, click, drag, drop to create chain reactions. Use your Mouse and click to help the bunny find the fruit or vegetable. The Rabbit will tell you what he wants and you have to figure out how to get it. Random clicks might not help you, sometimes you must click on the object until he moves out of the way. Some object can get sleepy and then later you will be able to act.

Size: 1483669 Bytes

6. Free Jelly - logic - 866 plays
Free Jelly
Link: Play
This jelly is on a none stop mission to make his way out of this curious maze. You gonna meet lots of barriers on your way, bomb, azote, orange saw, electric shock, laser, ghost and many more. Use your Mouse to free jelly by leading it to the exit by dragging tubes. Move all the Tubes to direct the jelly out. Try to pick up all stars on the way.

Size: 2315547 Bytes

7. Feed Us: Xmas Xpansion - skill - 1346 plays
Feed Us: Xmas Xpansion
Link: Play
Ho ho ho, here comes Feed Us xmas xpansion. In this holiday themed sequel to the bloody piranha game you have to massacre elfs and other helpers of santa claus. The fourth game in the action series contains 10 new missions, gives you even more flesh off the bone and with the new map and even more dangerous. Move through the sea and destroy boat, catch presents and bite elfs asses. Swim around with your hungry piranha using the Mouse. Complete various objectives and collect more blood for upgrading your jaws, fins, senses or rocket torpedos. Bring the revenge for the Santa and swallow him from his sleigh.

Size: 6181636 Bytes

8. Free To Glow - logic - 1006 plays
Free To Glow
Link: Play
Dr. Shinozuki captured the fireflies for a deadly evil plan. Free the fireflies from his capture by solving some puzzles. Use your Mouse to click on the boxes to release the fireflies. You have to release them all in each level to complete the level.

Size: 692501 Bytes

9. Fireboy & watergirl escape - logic - 1184 plays
Fireboy & watergirl escape
Link: Play
Fireboy & watergirl were locked in hell by devil. Fireboy must use his heat to melt icicles to rescue watergirl. Watergirl and Fireboy should finish the task together. Hell is dangerous, it is full of acid rain and defenders. Fireboy & watergirl must get the key to escape from hell. Anyone who complete the tasks alone is not successful. Use WAD keys to move water girl. User Arrow keys to move fire boy. You have to get to the exit portals as fast as possible, grabbing all ice and fire gems on the way.

Size: 7957008 Bytes

10. Flabby Physics - skill - 1127 plays
Flabby Physics
Link: Play
Flabby Physics is a one-button minigame and a cautionary tale about the dangers of fake soft-body dynamics. Flab may look really gross, but it does add some spring to a bounce. Help the ball reach the star to complete the level. The difficulty level and winnability of the game might be affected by your computer's performance and your screen resolution. Use the Space bar key to send the ball to collide with the star.

Size: 200840 Bytes

11. Frank 'N' Slime - logic - 1306 plays
Frank 'N' Slime
Link: Play
Immerse yourself in this stylish puzzle platformer as the fully voiced story unfolds. Help the green blob escape from the scientists secret laboratory across over 30 brain-busting levels. Press WASD or Arrow keys to make the creature move or jump over obstacles. Try to avoid sharp spikes protruding from the ground and push wooden crates onto red buttons to open sealed electronic doors.

Size: 5112232 Bytes

12. Funeral Corpse - fight - 1573 plays
Funeral Corpse
Link: Play
Zombie born everywhere, bitter life living. In this zombie everywhere to walk world, you need to resist the waves of zombies invasion. Constantly improve their own strength, committed to the future zombie one one beheaded, master the manipulation skills with ability and characteristics of people will be formidable corpse shot back. Press L key to teleport, teleport can avoid the enemy’s attack. Use WASD keys to move, J key to attack / pickup, K key to jump, U key for special skills, L key to teleport, I key for Nirvana (filled with wrath), J+K key release body skills (deduct the value of life). For second player use Arrow keys to move, 1 keys to attack / pickup, 2 key to jump, 4 key for special skills, 5 key for skills (filled with wrath), 1+2 key release body skills.

Size: 12927717 Bytes

13. Forgotten Dungeon 2 - rpg - 1698 plays
Forgotten Dungeon 2
Link: Play
Forgotten Dungeon is a hack-and-slash action RPG in the vein of Diablo. Slay skeletons, zombies, and other monsters as you explore dungeons. You will gain experience for each kill, and sometimes, enemies will drop items. When you level up, you can upgrade your strength, dexterity, intelligence, vitality, and spells. Increase your attack/damage and defense by equipping yourself with better weapons and armor. Help the hero rescue his soon to be bride from the clutches of a nether demon before he whisks her back to his hellish domain. Use your Mouse to walk around the dungeons or attack monsters, I open up the inventory panel, S to view or upgrade your skills, H to consume a health potion, M to drink a mana vial, 0-7 number keys to cast magical spells and P to pause. Watch out some treasure chests may contain traps instead of valuable loot.

Size: 7280313 Bytes

14. Forest Guardians - rpg - 1280 plays
Forest Guardians
Link: Play
Forest Guardians is a tower defense RPG game with 27 unique levels. As you advance, enemies in this game don't simply run through the level. They may team up to heal one another, increase speed during attacks, spawn helpers, transform, or even selfishly steal the health of their allies. Likewise building your tower is just the start of setting up your defense. Each tower can be augmented indefinitely with seven different ECOs (Essence Combined Orbs), each of which has it's own special abilities. If towers aren't enough, faeries are also there to help you along. And there is a detailed path upgrade system for elevating your “guardian” to tower defense domination. Protect the great tree within the forest of Edia from the dark ones. Press WASD keys to move the guardian and Mouse click to sprout trees to defend the sapling as it begins to grow. Combine different ECO modules to create a more powerful tower. Collect blue essence dropped by enemies to create more ECO and formidable structures.

Size: 6707894 Bytes

15. Fliptris - tetris - 1015 plays
Link: Play
Play and arrange the figures tightly on the field. Besides the figures you can also rotate the field where you are placing them. The goal of this game isn't to fill rows like in the original game, but to create squares of blocks (starting from 4x4 in size). The more blocks you manipulate, the more points you get. Don't forget to beat your friends and foes in the leaderboards and collect all of the precious medals. Use Arrow keys to move and rotate the figures, Z and X to rotate the field, P to pause the game. There are three modes which can be finished one by one. Beating each mode results in a fun particle explosion and new stuff. Move the pieces to the side of the world to flip the world around, hence the name fliptris. Survive as long as you can!

Size: 5936317 Bytes

Fireboy and Watergirl 4 – Crystal Temple
Link: Play
Help Fireboy and Watergirl get to the exit doors, grabbing as many diamonds as you can in the way. Puzzle game where you try to help the two opposite elemental beings gather valuable gems as the explore the ancient pyramid. Press WASD to control the girl and Arrow keys to control the boy, touch levers, switches or crates to activate or move them. In this new temple, there are crystal portals that teleport objects around. You can jump through portals that will lead to a different area on the screen.

Size: 4485035 Bytes

17. Fallen Empire - strategy - 1850 plays
Fallen Empire
Link: Play
Tower defense in dark fantasy world with amazing graphics and non-standard dynamic gameplay. Play and protect the village as you try to stop swarms of monsters spewing out from the black forest. Use your Mouse to build archer forts, magical crystal buildings or mortar towers to strike air and ground based creatures as they run down the road. 1-7 number keys to set appropriate tower. Use Up/Down, W/S keys or Mouse wheel to scroll map up and down. Q key to convert tower, E key to update tower, A key to cancel sell/convert/update/build tower and D key to sell tower. You can upgrade your defence towers once you have enough gold in your possession to make them more powerful.

Size: 20532009 Bytes

18. Forgotten Dungeon - rpg - 1400 plays
Forgotten Dungeon
Link: Play
RPG based hack-n-slash game where you seek fame or fortune by becoming the first hero to explore an underground tomb full of treasure. You have to explore all the dungeons, kill monsters, gain experience and pick up supplies… 16 classes of monsters, 4 end level bosses, 5 different decors, diablo like levels randomly generated and 40 types of equipment. Use your Mouse to direct your knight where to move and to attack skeleton warriors or zombies with your sword. Press number keys to activate your magical powers, H to use a healing vial and M to use a mana potion. Earn experience with each battle to level up your character skills and magic powers.

Size: 6849826 Bytes

19. Folds - logic - 3056 plays
Link: Play
Folds is a origami based logic game where you fold pieces of coloured paper until they completely fill the dotted area. Try to fold the paper into the right shape without going over the fold limit. Use your Mouse to drag a paper corner to it's other side. Certain levels only allow you to perform a limited number of actions. At any time you can click on a fold number on the bottom of the screen to undo to that fold, or click reset to reset the level entirely. To proceed further, try to meet the required percentage for completing the level.

Size: 2682510 Bytes

20. Frantic 3 - shoot - 960 plays
Frantic 3
Link: Play
Vertical flight based space shooter game where you blast alien war ships as they attempt to destroy your lone wing fighter. 15 levels + 15 much harder bonus levels, lots and lots of Bosses & Mini-bosses, massive combinations of upgrades, deep scoring system, tons of intense bullet patterns. A modifier system and 5 ships to customise your destruction. Use your Mouse or Arrow keys to manoeuvre your battle plane and left Mouse button to fire a volley of laser beams at your target. Shift to slow down your ship. Collect coins to purchase upgrades at the space station to bolster your defences or improve your onboard weapon systems. Watch out for boss motherships, they can pack quite a punch.

Size: 13516826 Bytes

21. Fae - skill - 2314 plays
Link: Play
Platform based jumping game where you have to use your acrobatic skills to propel yourself over various obstacles to get the little man towards the exit portal. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move and C key to jump. You can also perform wall jumps by tapping C repeatedly. Avoid deadly red obstacles, watch out for red lava pit areas and shooting lasers.

Size: 5729469 Bytes

22. Fort Blaster - Puzzle - skill - 1496 plays
Fort Blaster - Puzzle
Link: Play
What if you are a pirate? What if you have a big ship and cannons? What if you see an enemy fort? Blast it! Ahoy there! Blast enemy soldiers within their forts! Destroy everything on your way to the booty. Help the captain of the pirate ship raid fortress guarded by royal soldiers with the aid of his trusty cannon. Earn achievements and collect the entire collection of trophies. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot the cannon at each soldier to end his service to the Queen and loot the treasure he's guarding. You only get a limited amount of cannonballs with each level so try to aim as best as you can. Move Mouse cursor over game borders to scroll game screen.

Size: 5790471 Bytes

23. Flying Cookie Quest - shoot - 1015 plays
Flying Cookie Quest
Link: Play
Launch Rocket Panda into the land of Cookies. With the help of low-flying sharks, hang-gliding sheep and Rocket Badger, can you defeat the all powerful Biscuit Head? Defeat all enemies of cookies in this launcher game and help the black and white panda escape from an oppressive cruel ruler in biscuit land so he can taste freedom by living in the united states of biscuits. Use your Mouse to launch the panda bear from the cannon once the power bar reaches its maximum and then bounce on cows, rabbits, sheep and other animals to reach as far as you can. Earn gold coins by reaching a maximum distance so you can buy special upgrades in the shop.

Size: 6950570 Bytes

24. Feed With Brains - logic - 590 plays
Feed With Brains
Link: Play
In this game you will meet Mr. Choper. He is a cute little zombie with an unusual appetite. Funny physic-based puzzle based on zombies and played by scissors. Use the scissors to deliver Mr. Choper's favorite and only meal; brains. Cut ropes with a handy pair of scissors to knock the pink human grey matter into the hungry zombie's mouth. The game has 30 levels packed with a few baloons, bombs, star, ropes, increasing difficulty and more. Use your Mouse to perform a cutting action on chains, ropes or balloons to make them go pop. Try to collect three or more stars per level to earn an excellence award by making the brain pass through them.

Size: 3291794 Bytes

25. Frozy And Fred - skill - 1251 plays
Frozy And Fred
Link: Play
Frozy and Fred is a sweet physics-based platform game. Help the hero to return the stolen candy! Nice storyline, boss battles, secrets, achievements, intuitive controls, and a great challenge and two friends. Arrow keys or WASD to move, Esc for menu. Collect candies, ballons and lives and try to clear all stages, then reach the door exit to reach the next level.

Size: 4546140 Bytes

26. Fluffy Steel - logic - 1140 plays
Fluffy Steel
Link: Play
Help the sword wielding squirrel get rid of all the hungry zombies that have invaded his woodland home. Contains 40 levels, with each one increasing in difficulty. Use your Arrow keys to move the squirrel around screen as he hops from each tree trunk to the next. Try not to leave the area by flying off it. Watch out for spikes appearing later on. Find the way to kill all zombies by your blades.

Size: 2277807 Bytes

27. Farm Time - skill - 1180 plays
Farm Time
Link: Play
How much time will you spend to be a successful farmer? Your goal is to save $20.000 by growing crops and selling them with the help of your truck, buying new animals that will give you resources and make you earn money. Use your Mouse to grow, harvest and use of your van. Once you fill your truck with 4 baskets the truck will deliver the products and earn you money. Remember that you need to develop and make the most of the farm, which will bring not only joy, but also a good income. Follow the in-game tutorial to learn more.

Size: 962539 Bytes

28. Flash Bash - fight - 1614 plays
Flash Bash
Link: Play
A compilation of godlimations characters formed into streetfighter / tekken brawler. Literally 100’s of combos to learn, challenge a local friend in 2 player mode, familiarize the character combos and moves in challenge mode. WASD or Arrow keys (Swappable) to fight, Punch: J (Default) Can be customized, Kick: K (Default) Can be customized. Up: Jump, Down: Crouch, Left/Right to walk. Double Left/Double Right: Dash left/right, Back: Block, Enter to Pause/Menu. Player 2 controls are adjustable through button config menu.

Size: 13093355 Bytes

29. Fat Slice 2 - skill - 1847 plays
Fat Slice 2
Link: Play
Slice up shapes while avoiding the balls bouncing around inside of them. Get the shapes down to a certain size in the minimum number of slices. Slice up shapes by dragging the Mouse through them. Slice shapes down to a certain size to beat the level. Avoid white balls and white border lines. Cut as much shape away as you can, using as few slices as you can.

Size: 1353114 Bytes

30. Flooded Village - logic - 1036 plays
Flooded Village
Link: Play
Dig rivers and flip switches to guide water through the village. The goal is to redirect water to plants to grow them into trees, pirates so they can float, and to avoid drowning villagers. A grid like board is what you have to work with and you click sand to delete it making conduits for the river or can create sand to also redirect the river's water. Innovative game play, challenging puzzles, cute characters, animations and special effects. High quality stereo sound and custom soundtrack, 24 levels plus 6 unlockable bonus levels. Click on sand tiles to dig a hole, or click a switch to flip it. Press M to toggle audio. Press R to restart a level. Press ESC or P for the Pause menu.

Size: 3761765 Bytes

31. Flick Headers – Euro 2012 - sport - 1594 plays
Flick Headers – Euro 2012
Link: Play
Choose your favourite football team from the European championship line up to take part in the match of the year. Use funny items like a bucket of goo and trampolines to get the winning edge and plough down the competition. Use your Mouse or Arrow keys to headbutt the soccer ball over and across the net to score a goal for your team. If you keep the ball up in the air for more than 3 times then the referee will call it a foul.

Size: 4003554 Bytes

32. Fort Blaster Ahoy There - shoot - 2465 plays
Fort Blaster Ahoy There
Link: Play
What if you are a pirate? What if you have a big ship and cannons? What if you see an enemy fort? That’s right! Blast enemy soldiers within their forts! Destroy everything on your way to the booty! Your mission is to help your pirate to eliminate all soldiers from the building. Earn achievements and collect the entire collection of trophies! Use your Mouse to aim and click to shoot. Move Mouse cursor over game borders or use Arrow keys to scroll game screen. R key to restart current level. Use minimal number of cannon for a better score.

Size: 5527403 Bytes

33. Freegear - race - 905 plays
Link: Play
Some old school racing similar to the Top Gear and Lotus Challenge games. The player must compete in five tournaments against seven other drivers to ultimately win the world championship. In total, 20 races can be played in various weather conditions and environments. Use your Arrow keys to drive. Z, X to gear up / down when you have manual transmission. Use C for nitro and you can pause the game by pressing on your P key.

Size: 2572720 Bytes

34. Fancy Wizard - logic - 802 plays
Fancy Wizard
Link: Play
Help the wizard reach the exit door in each level by creating and controlling dummies which mimic your movement. Many challenging tasks and tricky stages will test your logical skills for today. Complete them all by creating and fully using the brainless dummies that will loyally follow your every step. Try to complete all 18 stages with less dummies as possible. Arrow keys or WASD to move. Mouse lift click (within your magical white aura) to create dummy doll. Mouse click on characters to freeze them and lock its position.

Size: 4295390 Bytes

35. Feed Us 3 - skill - 1933 plays
Feed Us 3
Link: Play
The deadly big bad piranha is back and hungrier than ever! This time you must complete objectives such as eating certain targets or more challenging combinations. Complete all objectives to get to the top of the food chain. The more you eat and accumulate blood the more you can upgrade your piranha and your piranha army! Use the blood of your victims to increase the skills of the piranha and make it even more sadistic. Get sharper teeth, bigger fins and stronger scales to create even more havoc. It is going to be a bloody mess. Use the Mouse to move your fish around. Ram boats as they appear above you on the surface, then eat your poor victims by moving the Mouse really quick!

Size: 4867884 Bytes

36. Formula Racer 2012 - race - 4022 plays
Formula Racer 2012
Link: Play
More fast paced arcade Formula racing from TurboNuke. Battle through twelve tracks from around the world, over three different race classes, upgrading to faster cars as you go. More achievements and improved visuals. Can you win all 12 races to become the formula racing champion? Drive, win, and use your prize money to get into new races. Use the Arrow keys to steer and X/N/Space to boost. P to pause.

Size: 6607812 Bytes

37. Fracuum - skill - 981 plays
Link: Play
Fracuum does a good job with the theme "Tiny World", it's basically a very simple puzzle maze type game where you are constantly getting smaller (or larger) as you go deeper and deeper into the maze. Along the way you can collect various tokens to help your score and even a gun to allow you to shoot the obstacles. It's a pretty quick game but that doesn't make it any less fun and well... it was made in 48 hours which is impressive in itself. Use Arrow keys to go deeper and deeper within the pixel maze as you grab money & shoot baddies with Space bar. Trippy and unique.

Size: 3285057 Bytes

FireBoy and WaterGirl 3 - In The Ice Temple
Link: Play
Help FireBoy and WaterGirl in this new adventure. Control both characters at the same time to solve platformed puzzles. Direct light beams to freeze and melt water, activate buttons and levers to move platforms, push boxes and roll balls, collect all the diamonds and get each character to his door. As always, this duo is presented with another huge task. Help them reach the top of the pyramid to proceed. Use the keyboard to move Fireboy and Watergirl through the maze and collect all the diamonds on their way to the exits. The WAD keys move Watergirl and the Arrow keys move Fireboy. Use the WASD or Arrow keys to switch between each character and to move boxes or activate switches. Since fire and water don't mix, be sure to not let Fireboy go in the water lakes and don't let Watergirl go in the fires. And keep them both out of the black lakes. Fireboy slides on snow and ice, while Watergirl slows down. Shine the light on the detectors to activate platforms.

Size: 3864065 Bytes

Fox N Roll – Players Pack
Link: Play
Funny physics-based puzzle where you have to help the smiley to reach the happy fox so they can be together. Remove shapes and avoid the angry shapes touching the happy figures. Use the mouse, remove the obstacles in order to reach the fox and the smiley. Be careful, don't touch the evil smileys.

Size: 930769 Bytes

40. Fixation - logic - 748 plays
Link: Play
This is an ultimately rewarding, platform based meander through attitudes to psychology, attitudes to women and attitudes to oneself. You are confused at first and continue to be confused throughout. Your ability in this game is smoking. You can use smoke to trigger switches, to allay lazers and use smoke rings to trigger ring switchers. Get through lasers blocking them with smoke. Make smoke alarms trigger to open doorways to progress. Some doors are time limited. WASD or Arrow keys to move, jump, and double jump. Hold left mouse button to trigger a smoke in the direction of mouse cursor.

Size: 11076414 Bytes

41. Frost - logic - 1094 plays
Link: Play
Create and melt ice blocks as you push and drop them to put out all the fires. Push Ice cubes into patches of fire to put them out. Put out all the flames to win. Left and Right keys to move your hero, push ice to a new position and climb up on a block. Space to create ice beside hero, in the direction which he is facing. If ice alreadey exist there, it will be removed. R - restart, 5 - save level state, 9 to load level state, F1 - video walkthrough.

Size: 3061712 Bytes

42. Friction Physics 2 - logic - 1057 plays
Friction Physics 2
Link: Play
Sequel to Friction Physics - a unique physics based puzzle game where manupulating forces in physics. You simply utilize two fundamental forces - friction and gravity. Turn them on an off whenever you please in order to move around and advance to the next level. Goal of the game is to make the box reach the exist. Mouse over the box and click on the arrow to give it some force. The number on the arrow indicates the number of times it can be used. Click on the brick wall to turn friction on/off, click anywhere on screen background to turn gravity on/off. Green objects are removeable, yellow objects disappear when they collide with each other.

Size: 3610174 Bytes

43. Frozen Candy - skill - 1474 plays
Frozen Candy
Link: Play
Connect three or more candies of the same colour to knock them down. Help the elf control the temperature before all the sweets start to melt. The number of shots is limited but you can get additional ones for knocking down bigger groups of candies. To earn a gold star you must save a quarter of your ammo. Each five gold stars open a new bonus level. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Shooting to wall edges is possible.

Size: 7097962 Bytes

44. Fancy Constructor - logic - 670 plays
Fancy Constructor
Link: Play
The task of this game is to move the colored blocks to the right places. Fit the blocks into the right spot to construct the shape provided. Your score depends on the time you spend in finishing the task. Use mouse to drag and place the blocks.

Size: 2750607 Bytes

45. Freeway Fury 2 - race - 3943 plays
Freeway Fury 2
Link: Play
Freeway Fury is back! Jump from vehicle to vehicle and speed down each stretch of highway before time runs out. Gain nitro boost by performing crazy stunts, such as car jumping or driving on the wrong side of the road. Get an extra bonus by chaining jump together! Reach all 7 different endings for the final BOSS battle! Or try FREE RIDE mode with lots of fun modifications to the game! Release your fury and cause as much damage as you can without dying. Press Left and Right arrow keys to drive. Hold Z, M or Spacebar down to prepare to jump, then press an arrow key in the desired direction. Release to enter vehicle. Press UP, X or N to use nitro boost or special action like shooting from a tank.

Size: 9999424 Bytes

46. Feed Us 2 - skill - 2651 plays
Feed Us 2
Link: Play
The deadly piranha is back and hungrier than ever! This time you must complete objectives such as eating certain targets or more challenging combinations. Complete all objectives to get to the top of the food chain. The more you eat and accumulate blood the more you can upgrade your piranha and your piranha army! Use the blood of your victims to increase the skills of the piranha and make it even more sadistic. Get sharper teeth, bigger fins and stronger scales to create even more havoc. It is going to be a bloody mess. Use the mouse to move your fish around. Ram boats as they appear above you on the surface, then eat your poor victims by moving the mouse really quick!

Size: 3366855 Bytes

47. Flaming Zombooka 3: Carnival - logic - 1851 plays
Flaming Zombooka 3: Carnival
Link: Play
Barry Zooka is back, this time with all the fun of blown up zombie clowns, while rescuing the circus performers to help him in his massacre. Oh and there’s a bloke, a man, with a rail gun called the major. Shoot using your mouse. Fire your rocket launcher and cannonballs to solve the puzzles and kill all the zombies.

Size: 5519977 Bytes

48. Fast Trax - strategy - 1204 plays
Fast Trax
Link: Play
The goal is to create a track from the start point to the end point for the ball to roll on. The start point can appear anywhere on the left and the end can appear anywhere on the right. Place track pieces by clicking on the field. Rotate the current piece with Space. When the timer runs out, the ball will start rolling. If you want to destroy a piece click the construction icon or press S and click on the piece to remove. Once you ave completed your track you can click the finish flag or press F to make the ball roll fast. When the ball roll fast it can bowl over roaming animals for bonus points. Avoid gopher holes, they cannot be built over or destroyed. The green circle represents where the closes break in the track is from the start position. You'll want make sure that is fixed before the ball reaches that point. See how many levels you can make it past.

Size: 2760955 Bytes

49. Furfur & Nublo 2 - action - 2120 plays
Furfur & Nublo 2
Link: Play
Furfur and Nublo are back again in another 25 levels of furry platform action. Furfur is a big bouncy furry ball and Nublo his friend is an eyeball who can turn into a platform. Using their abilities you have to get both pals to the end of the level. Friends have to help each other to reach magical interdimensional door. Use arrows to move and the Space bar to change the character.

Size: 3391571 Bytes

Fluffy Rescue - Levels Pack
Link: Play
Save the cute little fluffy animals. Help fluffies to get into nests of the same color. Click left mouse button on a hidden white web thread to cut it. Flower will help you and will shoots everything that falls into it. Use also other objects to get fluffies to their home. To restart level, press R.

Size: 3462721 Bytes

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