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1. Ark of Treasure - logic - 1857 plays
Ark of Treasure
Link: Play
Use your Match-3 powers to discover priceless relics from ancient civilizations. Play ark of treasure puzzle game and go on a treasure hunt to uncover lost artefacts and relics from ancient civilisations. To play ark of treasure use the Mouse to match 3 or more lotus flowers to gently nudge the treasure chest to the bottom. To complete a level, get the treasure chest to the bottom of the game board by clearing items underneath it. To clear items, click and drag over groups of 3 or more adjacent matching items. As you play, you’ll earn special powers, which you can use to improve your score. Scroll down the treasures at the bottom of the grid to earn them.

Size: 6432596 Bytes

2. Adam and Eve 2 - logic - 2712 plays
Adam and Eve 2
Link: Play
Adam and Eve 2 is a sequel of addictive puzzle game in which you need to overcome all the difficulties to help Adam to get to his beloved Eve. Adam and Eve 2 is a funny point and click adventure game. Your adventures will be in the antiquity. Use your Mouse and help Adam to explore the environment and interact with objects in the right order to clear the path for true love. The main goal is to help Adam save his Eve. Follow the tips and you will reach your aim.

Size: 2696167 Bytes

3. Apple Shooter - shoot - 2893 plays
Apple Shooter
Link: Play
This game was inspired by Wilhelm Tell. Grab bow and arrow and try to hit the apple on the head of your friend. Don't hit the buddy of your friend or the Apple Shooter game will end immediately. Each level positions you further away from the target. Use the bow and the arrows to hit the apple on your friends head. Use your Mouse to Aim and Shoot. Try not to kill your friend.

Size: 517340 Bytes

4. Alcohol and Ammo - fun - 1327 plays
Alcohol and Ammo
Link: Play
We all know that alcohol can affect your aim, so take care when shooting the apple on his head with different weapons. Try to shoot into apple. Use your Mouse and when the target next to it, press Fire.

Size: 300453 Bytes

5. Age of War 2 - strategy - 3920 plays
Age of War 2
Link: Play
Age of War 2 is a mix between a defense game and a strategy game. The goal is to lead your cavemen into futuristic era and destroy the enemy rival base while defending yours. You can build turrets to defend your base and units to attack the enemy’s. The twist of the game is that you can evolve as well as unlock new units and defense means. The more you evolve, the more you will become powerful. Use the Mouse to build turrets and hire units to defeat your opponent. Pick a fight, and start upgrading. Spawn your cavemen to start, and progress to tanks, bots and lasers in the future - do you have the guts to fight to the finish?

Size: 11413675 Bytes

6. Alice In Clumsy Land - logic - 1487 plays
Alice In Clumsy Land
Link: Play
Girl Alice appeared in the Wonderland. Alice returns to Wonderland to find the Queen is at it again, and the citizens are missing some valuable items. In this gorgeous physics puzzle, with a ton of levels and challenging design, this is a familiar but formidable little game fans of the genre will love. Alice must help her new citizen friends in wonderland to collect precious items for them so they can pay taxes. In each stage, the goal is to deliver an important object to each area's Wonderland citizen by using your Mouse and clicking pieces of scenery to remove them. The watch will follow the natural path that physics and gravity dictate, and it's up to you to use other objects, like bouncy cushions, to get it into the character's hands. Each stage also has three optional stars to collect that may take a bit of extra thought and planning to nab, you may need help of other characters like mad hatter or posh caterpillar.

Size: 10391336 Bytes

7. Animals Home Free - logic - 1092 plays
Animals Home Free
Link: Play
The animals have been kidnapped by an evil Doctor Wolf, and the brave friends – a bee and a puppy – went to rescue them. Solve the puzzles, release the poor prisoners and try to collect as much honey as you can destroying as many different-coloured figures as possible. Match 4 and 5 blocks to craft keys, free your friends and stand-up for your land. Use your Mouse to click and drag blocks to move or swap them freely. No need to make matches to move blocks. To save animals, line up 4 and 5 blocks of the same colour to craft Silver and Gold Keys. Match 3 keys to open a lock. Open all lock on the chest to save the animal. Every level has a honey pot. If you fill it, a bee will be able to join you to help you in your quest. Bees are very useful. They can open locks, clean some pollution and attack bosses. Every match gives you a honey drop, but if you perform combos (double, triple match one after another), you can get more honey drops. The longer the chain of matches, the more honey drops you receive for every match. When a level is polluted, you can’t craft keys or gather honey. When matching 4 and 5 coloured blocks, green leaves are created instead of keys. Match the leaves together to clean pollution.

Size: 7750578 Bytes

8. Ancient Odyssey - logic - 1271 plays
Ancient Odyssey
Link: Play
A brave tomb raider came to look for some treasures in the Great Pyramids of Egypt. He must solve a lot of difficult puzzles before he will reach them. Find the answers and open doors in each level. Ancient Odyssey is a point-and-click puzzle game which contain total of 30 unique levels. Each level is an individual puzzle designed to make your brain think hard. Using your Mouse, find items and manipulate objects to solve puzzles. Beat each level by unlocking the door and escaping the room. Certain objects can be dragged by Mouse, others just clicked. Can you survive the journey to the underworld by plundering all levels.

Size: 389318 Bytes

9. Acid Bunny 2 - action - 1153 plays
Acid Bunny 2
Link: Play
Acid Bunny is back! This time all the action takes place on the beach, the ocean and in the jungle as well as another Down Below level. The game has a whole range of new mini games with new cut scenes, narration and a lot of other new fun stuff. Free the acid bunny from his life of psychedelic hallucinatory madness as he faces his fears head on in his sea of scary images and vicious second worlds. Press Arrow keys to move or jump your bunny around the map. A key to throw carrots, P key to pause and S key to get down and let go. Collect needle and thread spindles to stitch up bear but watch out for your drug induced siblings (you can pounce on their heads or throw carrots at them).

Size: 7545779 Bytes

Airport Mania 2 – Wild Trips
Link: Play
Play as a Air traffic controller as you instruct air planes and jumbo jets landing or take off the runway. Visit destinations all over the world and sometimes out of it in this amazing sequel to Airport Mania. Use your Mouse to get the passengers to where they need to go. Click on a plane to control it, then on a runway to send it there, then on the gate to have the plane unload at the gate. After the passengers are unloaded, the plane will load new passengers. Click on the plane to control it, then on the runway to send it off. Try to complete missons with no delays and get the best score.

Size: 9466588 Bytes

11. Awesome Zombie Exterminators - skill - 1400 plays
Awesome Zombie Exterminators
Link: Play
Zombies do not wait for the light at the crosswalk. You have to kill all the zombies you see on the road, but you have to avoid the obstacles and traps before the time's up. Help Jake become a successful businessman in these dire times. Make a little cash by beefing up their car, taking to the road, and collecting the bounties. Upgrade your car and weapons, hire more exterminators and finish those zombies off! Help the town exterminate all the infected zombies roaming the streets. Move the Mouse to steer and control the car in the streets as you drive through the city. Firing automatically on monsters and obstacles in your path, earning cash for each killed. Avoid crashing into car wrecks littered along the city. Collect the money to upgrade your car, weapons, armour or extended gas tank. Purchase upgrades for you humvee and use the cash in-between levels also for another fellow Exterminators who will ride with more shotguns. Kill all of the walking dead, and retire a successful post-apocalyptic businessman.

Size: 5327787 Bytes

12. Age Of Wonder - logic - 1723 plays
Age Of Wonder
Link: Play
A long, long time ago the Great Library of Alexandria was the biggest library of the Mediterranean. Take the role of Eratosthenes as you travel Ptolemaic Egypt and educate the peasants by lobbing scrolls at them. You have to give all the papers to the egyptian you see. Use your Mouse to aim and throw the ancient Egyptian scrolls at the people in each level through various obstacles. Press Space bar and you can temporarily transform scrolls into stones if you want to throw them through an obstacle. Use stones to break the doors and don't let the papers touch the spikes. You only have a few scrolls and stones per level so do not waste them by hitting spikes.

Size: 3379885 Bytes

13. Awesome Cars - race - 2003 plays
Awesome Cars
Link: Play
Select your car and try to conquer the world one setting at a time. Upgrade to 8 new, faster and better cars as you progress. Select for 12 different types of upgrades that will give you an awesome chance at beating each world. Fill the sky with collectible nitros and other cool things like planes and helicopters. Use Arrow or A/D keys to control your tilt. Use Space bar to jump. Make flip stunts in the air to earn Nitro. Try and drive through all the worlds. Go to mechanics shop and upgrade to different cars and install modifications including nitro turbo boost, stronger engine or better tires.

Size: 5849979 Bytes

Attack Of The Evil Bunny Empire
Link: Play
Oh no! It appears the evil bunny empire is attacking! You’re the last hope for salvation. Battle your way through 20 waves of bunny mayhem using 6 different weapons against 5 different bunny types. Set various turret defences to stop crazy rabbits from taking over the world. Use your Mouse to buy and place cannons with arrows, machine gun turrets, spike traps or air balloon bombs in the kill zone to repel the threat. The little rabbits get tougher in later levels.

Size: 814432 Bytes

15. Airborne Wars 2 - strategy - 1512 plays
Airborne Wars 2
Link: Play
After years the war is still going on. The ally forces need your support. Implement the best strategy to take over all enemy forces and all bunkers on each level until the war is won. Some of your soldiers have abilities and other time you must take over common areas before you even think about taking over the enemy bunkers. Use your Mouse to drag a line from your buildings towards the opposing structures. While holding the mouse, press Ctrl key to send 3 or 6 units. Don't forget to play it smart. Infiltrate neighbouring enemy buildings before they counter attack. Try to capture special bases where you can train particular forces like rocket men. Use your WASD or Arrow keys for map scrolling and 1-4 Number keys for special commands.

Size: 2777456 Bytes

16. Acid Bunny - action - 1089 plays
Acid Bunny
Link: Play
Help Acid Bunny put his friend back together after a rather horrific consequence of his latest flashback in this funny platform game. Free the acid bunny from his life of psychedelic hallucinatory madness as he faces his fears head on in his sea of scary images and vicious second worlds. Press Arrow keys to move or jump your bunny around the map. A key to throw carrots, P key to pause and S key to get down and let go. Collect needle and thread spindles to stitch up bear but watch out for your drug induced siblings (you can pounce on their heads or throw carrots at them).

Size: 10556737 Bytes

17. Alchemystery - logic - 1656 plays
Link: Play
Guide your marbles through different mazes with the power of alchemy. Guide balls through maze-like levels, collect all the coins, and then find your way through a door to the next stage. Transform into stone, wood, glass and various other elements to overcome a variety of obstacles. Use your Mouse to drag the ball around the wooden board. You'll have to pay attention to the size of the balls, since some sneaky coins might be hidden in narrow passage. Be careful your ball will sink in water or become shredded if it is too close to a rotating fan. You'll need to change the stones elemental state to make it overcome various hazards on each level. Wood ball can float but will burn, iron is attracted by magnets, but sinks, and so on.

Size: 8009043 Bytes

18. Alien Attack Team - action - 1441 plays
Alien Attack Team
Link: Play
Join up with the rest of your team to destroy the alien forces that have attacked earth. Personalize your character and upgrade your wide array of weaponry with add ons including laser sight or shield. Fight against the hordes of invading alien enemies and turn the tide of this war with your marines team. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot. Press WASD to move your soldier, Q key to change weapons and R key to reload your gun. Provide your soldier with better equipment and clear the area from enemies. Try to collect bonuses like better weapons and bullet proof vests.

Size: 8959880 Bytes

19. Agent Smith - shoot - 1015 plays
Agent Smith
Link: Play
The bad guys captured skyscraper. Help the lone FBI man rescue dozens of office workers made hostage by a ruthless gang of thieves. Only agent Smith can help them. Way through the crowd of enemies and save all hostages. Press WAD, or Arrow keys to move or enter elevators/ladders, C or L key to avoid bullets by remaining in the shadows and X or K to fire your Glock hand gun. Watch out for the sword wielding nut cases, they'll rush you as soon as they see you.

Size: 4064845 Bytes

Airport Madness 5 – Time Machine
Link: Play
This is the fifth edition of Airport Madness. You are an air traffic controller in the year 1925. As time progresses, your small grass airfield grows up into a major international airport in 1970. Witness WW2, the flying mail service in the 1920’s, the breaking of the sound barrier, and birth of the passenger jet. Click on the airplanes to access their control panels. Keep airport delays to a minimum, and avoid midair collisions.

Size: 6506376 Bytes

21. Accurate Boy - logic - 1660 plays
Accurate Boy
Link: Play
Use a plunger-gun to help a boy recover a pirate ship toy from a series of sewers in this unique physics-based puzzle. Help the young lad retrieve his toy pirate ship from the clutches of the sewer monsters with his trusty toilet plunger. Move your Mouse on the left or right side to position the loo cleaner and left button to fire. Try to remove the creatures supporting the ship so that it falls into the top of the dirty waste pipe.

Size: 6396038 Bytes

22. Assembots - logic - 694 plays
Link: Play
Play Assembots, a classical lemming based logic game where you have to figure out ingenious ways to get the robots to the production factories as fast as you can. You must use the robots skills in engineering to bash through wall, blast through rock, dig down through earth, bridge over ravines an swim through oceans in order to save them. Use your Mouse to select a bot and then choose one of various actions (such as digging through sold dirt). Get them to push buttons to activate doors, dynamites or ride elevators to reach their goal. Istruct each robot of their job. Be sure to use pause if you need a little more time to assess and plan your route to safety. You can also scroll through the challenge by moving your Mouse to the sides of the screen.

Size: 2767068 Bytes

23. Aqua Boy - action - 1314 plays
Aqua Boy
Link: Play
Ably assisted by a monkey sidekick and a labradoodle professor, Aqua Boy is an intrepid underwater adventurer – scouring the uncharted depths for mysterious, long-forgotten artifacts. Unfortunately, his latest mission has gone drastically wrong! Take control of Aqua Boy as he emerges from the wreckage of his submarine, embarking on an epic adventure through the ruins of a sunken city. Meet a host of eccentric characters, from fussy bureaucrats to mercenary bees; upgrade your weapons and defences, acquiring new abilities that open up previously inaccessible areas; do battle with all kinds of strange creatures, including five bosses. Use WASD keys to swim, your Mouse to shoot, Space bar key to use an item or open a door, Q or E to switch between items, M to view the map and C to change your controls. You have unlimited bullets in your pistol, so there is no need to worry about ammunition. Your diver's suit is the latest technological marvel that provides a constant supply of oxygen without refilling.

Size: 8246249 Bytes

24. Angry Birds Lover - skill - 1650 plays
Angry Birds Lover
Link: Play
Male bird has hurted the heart of his lover. To win back her, he starts a journey. Use your brain to help the two angry birds find true love. Press X key to slide, Z key to fly and C key to stick on the platform.

Size: 1998914 Bytes

25. Agent James Box - logic - 971 plays
Agent James Box
Link: Play
Point-n-click based logic game where you help agent James Box the government spy recover a stolen diamond. Use your Mouse to interact with objects or items within the surrounding area and then click on the door to leave the level. Watch out for enemy personnel guarding entry points such as exits and bridges.

Size: 308462 Bytes

26. Ambidextrous 2 - logic - 799 plays
Ambidextrous 2
Link: Play
Show your skills and try to use both hands to be an ambidextrous. Your right and left hands are the characters in this puzzle game, test your skills and prove to be an ambidextrous at 20 levels with 3 medals on your way. Use both Hands at same time. Do not rush with one hand, it must wait for the other hand. Camera follow the left hand. Use Arrows keys for your right hand, WASD keys for your left hand. Escape to select level in menu, P for Pause and R to restart the level.

Size: 7242288 Bytes

27. Amigo Pancho 3 - logic - 2595 plays
Amigo Pancho 3
Link: Play
Who steals the children a small town? Brave sheriff Sancho must climb to the top of the cliff and save them. He has only two balloons and your intelligence. Help the newly elected constable save kids by bringing wanted criminals to justice. To make him fly, use your Mouse to click on him to make his balloons fill up with helium gas. Activate switches to use hot air dryers, fans or move sliders to protect him from cactus firing bandits. Try to get him safely to the top of the screen without getting a burst balloon.

Size: 8036341 Bytes

28. Avalanche Stunts - sport - 1750 plays
Avalanche Stunts
Link: Play
Engage in extreme snowboarding action out on the frozen Alps as you frantically ski down the mountain in hopes of avoiding the landslide. Press your Arrow keys to move the rider or make him jump and X or C to grab either side of your board to perform aerial acrobatics. Collect the coins dropped by tourists lying around and get to the helicopter without falling flat on your face.

Size: 10279715 Bytes

29. Artillery Rush - shoot - 1577 plays
Artillery Rush
Link: Play
Discover the World War 2. Choose a side to align your allegiance to as you fight alongside world war 2 soldiers. Destroy as many enemy soldiers as you can. Blow up bridges, buldings, towers to complete each level. Try to earn as many stars as possible. Use Mouse to aim and shoot. Try to destroy all soldies with minimum count of bombs. Use your Mouse to fire explosive shells from your cannon at enemy troops garrisoned in outposts to send them to their final resting place. Keep an eye out on your ammo, if you run out you'll lose the war.

Size: 4626292 Bytes

Arkandian Legends – Chapter III: Explorer
Link: Play
Arkandian Legends Chapter III: Explorer is an RPG adventure fighting game. Head back to Arkandia and conquer the Archmage’s Challenge using the all new Enchanting skill. There are tons of new dungeons and battles await along with all new loot and spells, explore the deepest darkest dungeons yet while searching for new furniture to swipe to decorate your own house. Create your own custom made magical items using the enchanting skill or seek out legendary artifacts. Chapter III includes numerous player requested features such as drastically improved performance, Auto-combat, Storehouse sorting, in-dungeon spell casting, shop buy-back and many, many additions designed to improve your playing experience. Use your clicking device to navigate menus and your arrow keys to explore the depths.

Size: 5709487 Bytes

31. Apocalipseed - strategy - 1176 plays
Link: Play
Upon crashing to earth you must eat, grow, and spawn and army of alien plant creatures. Grow and evolve your army of mutant plants to destroy all humankind. How does mother plant get her energy? By eating the humans! This is the unique part, to eat humans you click with your Mouse on the mother plant and then drag a line somewhere where upon a root with a mouth bursts out of the ground and eats the person who happened to be standing there.

Size: 4012090 Bytes

Accurate Slapshot – Level Pack
Link: Play
A bit of sport, a bit of puzzle, a bit of skill and a bit of luck. Try to shoot as accurately as you can, avoiding and taking advantages of the obstacles to score a goal. Physics-oriented game with new 30 levels to beat. Hold on Mouse button on the puck then move to aim and release for shooting. Use objects protruding from the ice. Round objects are useful too. The faster you score the more points you get.

Size: 1737996 Bytes

33. A Pig In A Poke - skill - 841 plays
A Pig In A Poke
Link: Play
Launch the balls using your cannon and send the cats into the bags of fish! Avoid touching the dogs, they’ll hurt the cats! Your cannon can shot with balls, cats and dogs! Rotate the cannon with your Mouse cursor. You have put each cat to the sack. Try to evade dogs.

Size: 860188 Bytes

34. Airborne Wars - strategy - 1376 plays
Airborne Wars
Link: Play
War means a tough time during which you have to survive. In order to do that conquer the enemy’s bases by sending troops on assignment to take them over! Use the Mouse to direct your warriors to their target - send your american soldiers out to capture enemy territory before they swarm in and destroy your base. Use Mouse to issue military command instructions where they should attack. Battle ground forces to capture airports so you can perform aerial raids and parachute your men in on the enemies bunker.

Size: 2506646 Bytes

35. Arcana’s Defender - shoot - 992 plays
Arcana’s Defender
Link: Play
In the beautiful mysterious foggy forest, magic pet Arcana was awaiting for his master to come back. Yet 3 days later when her own was back, she was chased by a gang of monsters. The loyal magic pet immediately shielded his master and fight against those monsters using his 5 magic skills. Help the ghostly wizard protect the young princess from zombies, pig head men, giant bugs and other henchmen sent forth by the evil lich king. Remember the princess only has six bullets left in her gun, if one more creep breaches your defences they'll haul her to the lich lord. A crucial dangerous fighting full of strategy and intelligence begins... Use your Mouse to summon magical defense tower turrets to beat back the demonic hordes before they reach her highness and 1-4 number keys as hot keys to release your magical powers. Keep an eye on your dwindling mana reserves, to replenish it pick up vials from the battlefield.

Size: 10202560 Bytes

36. Awesome Tanks 2 - action - 1741 plays
Awesome Tanks 2
Link: Play
Second sequel with more, bigger and longer lasting upgrades. Shoot down and destroy the enemy tanks in order to buy upgrades for your tanks. This challenging and fast paced game will tickle your pickle for harsh running and gunning games. Collect the coins to buy tank upgrades and cause maximum destruction. Goodluck and don't die. Use WASD or the Arrow keys to move, Mouse to aim, Left click to shoot, SHIFT to lay mines, SPACEBAR or 1-9 number keys to switch weapons.

Size: 6411786 Bytes

37. Accurate Slapshot - sport - 1846 plays
Accurate Slapshot
Link: Play
A bit of sport, a bit of puzzle, a bit of skill and a bit of luck. Try to shoot as accurately as you can, avoiding and taking advantages of the obstacles to score a goal. Physics-oriented game with 24 levels to beat. Hold on Mouse button on the puck then move to aim and release for shooting. Use objects protruding from the ice. Round objects are useful too.

Size: 1677575 Bytes

38. Amateur Action Super Fishing - skill - 4006 plays
Amateur Action Super Fishing
Link: Play
Pick out your favorite fishing cap and get ready to learn how to become a professional fisherman! Use your rod to capture tasty freshwater fish swimming in the stream under the bridge. Cast your line and reel in fish to earn money and complete your mission objectives. Completeing missions will open new fishing locations. Each location has its own store, which will allow you to purchase lures ad other items with your hard earned money. Use your Mouse to cast a line with your rod into the water and then wait patiently for a fish to bite the lure, once caught reel it in before it gets away. Complete each set of tutorial objectives on learning how to become a fisherman so you can sell each catch and upgrade your bait or tackle.

Size: 6917354 Bytes

39. Agent Bean - skill - 759 plays
Agent Bean
Link: Play
Use your stealth skills to complete this challenging game! Agent Bean is here, with one simple mission objective: Don't get caught! Your task is to guide your little Agent Bean. Collect secret materials and reach the exit point. You have to avoid security guys and dozens of traps to be successful. Use Arrow or WASD keys to move around while reaching exit point. Make it to the end of every level by collecting objects and sneaking by guards.

Size: 9940 Bytes

40. Aarhg - shoot - 1827 plays
Link: Play
Become a captain and defeat your enemies in this physics based game. Sneaky thief, find who stole your gold. Catch and teach the scum. Big choice of weapons and epic boss fights! Set the angle and power of your shot, choose your ammo and fire. Sink your enemy's ship before they sink yours in this physics based pirate shooting adventure.

Size: 6839527 Bytes

41. Amigo Pancho 2 - logic - 1627 plays
Amigo Pancho 2
Link: Play
Amigo Pancho is back with more balloon popping action! Float around on your balloons, avoiding sharp objects and evil aliens on your way to the top of each level. Use your physics skills and various objects to protect amigo and kill his enemies. You can even drive forklifts, taxi cars, and more in this physics popping game! Click to remove wooden boxes and planks, get rid of aliens without letting the deadly spikes make contact with Pancho or his helium. Use your Mouse to find objects, left click to remove them.

Size: 5147516 Bytes

Achilles 2 – Origin Of A Legend
Link: Play
Violent side view fighting game, battle 5 different armies, cutting enemies in half, decapitating them, impaling them on spears, kicking heads at them… At the end of each level, there is a skilled boss to beat, with their own fighting moves, appearance, voice and death animation. WAD keys to move, S key to block. K key to attack swibe or stab and L to kick. Use shield to get close to swordsman then break a knee of one, then back away and then kill the other. Use a running shield bash to knock over one, then kill the other. You can use a jumping attack to kill them or you can throw a spear at them. Kick a head at them to knock one swordsman over.

Size: 7554939 Bytes

43. Agent Turnright - skill - 1700 plays
Agent Turnright
Link: Play
Agent Turnright needs your help! Help him get past the Binga in minigames using only your mouse. Shoot down enemies, sneak past guards, run across trains and rooftops. Use your mouse button to control the character. Complete 16 missions in this action packed retro one button game.

Size: 1525308 Bytes

44. Awaken – Front Line - strategy - 669 plays
Awaken – Front Line
Link: Play
Your squad was sent into the infected zone as a recon mission. However, things went haywire and your transport vehicle was damaged. Can you survive long enough to repair your car or will you perish under the constant assualt of the infected? Try to fix your car while maintaining a perimeter in the city. Get out of there as quickly as possible, time is of the essence. Control the game with the mouse (primary). Keyboard (secondary) - number keys 1,2,3,4,5,6 for soldier selection. Up & down arrow keys for map scrolling, Spacebar for active pause.

Size: 7484459 Bytes

45. Atomic Puzzle 2 - logic - 1311 plays
Atomic Puzzle 2
Link: Play
Clear each level by removing the atoms in the correct order. Can you predict the merging of the molecules so that there’s none left at the end of each level? Use mouse to select combination of atoms and click on various atoms and watch the others crash into each other. The colour of the atom you click on does not matter. Each combination must contain the same coloured atoms. Only one atom can be left unpaired in each combination.

Size: 3800101 Bytes

46. Angry Chubby - fun - 1237 plays
Angry Chubby
Link: Play
Angry Chubby is a funny game of skill where you toss fat people! Are you sick and tired of the fast food Industry? Then why not throw some fat people at them with a catapult or a cannon and see how they like getting fat in their faces! Throw fat guys in fast food buildings to get them down. It's sounds funny but this is serious, you must make your own team of fat guys ready to destroy all unhealthy restaurants in the world and conquer the world of bad food with them. Throw them at the various evil food chains, upgrade your chubbies and do more damage! Destroy all the fast food chains by tossing fat people, use your Mouse to aim, Left mouse button to toss.

Size: 3894308 Bytes

47. AdDIGted - skill - 777 plays
Link: Play
In this game you have to dig for points in areas with a black sand. In each area, there are hidden points inside the sand. Your mission is to get as many points as possible within 45 days. You will share turn with your computer partner, and you have a limited time for each area. However, you can unlock new area, upgrade your partner level, extend time duration on each stage and so on to reach your points more quickly. Use these feature wisely to get better points. Click and hold left mouse button to start sucking sand. Release it to drop the sand that has been sucked.

Size: 2624945 Bytes

48. Apple Cannon - shoot - 1284 plays
Apple Cannon
Link: Play
In your garden there is a voracious bucket who adores apples, as food of course. Use your cannon to shoot apples into the bucket, solve simple puzzles and satisfy the greedy-guts! Fire the required amount of apples into the barrels. Mind swinging barrels as trajectory changes. Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

Size: 2066402 Bytes

49. Alien’s Quest - logic - 1288 plays
Alien’s Quest
Link: Play
Those wondering what goes on behind the locked gates at Area 51 are about to get their answers. Join in an Alien's Quest as a squishy green extraterrestrial outsmarts a gangly crew of FBI agents, travels through town and blasts off into space in this funny point-and-click story. Help the green extraterrestrial and his little bug buddy find a way out of top-secret facility Area 51, before the scientists begin experimenting on him. Look for different items on your way that can come handy. Enjoy the variety of means of transport that will bring you to the shuttle and do not forget to thank your faithful friend for help. Click on objects in the correct order to cause certain events that will allow the alien to progress from one scene to the next.

Size: 4796532 Bytes

50. Aliens Defense - strategy - 663 plays
Aliens Defense
Link: Play
Aliens defense is a very tactical defense/strategy game. Monsters are intelligent and will attack your defenses. The placement and orientation of the turrets is critical to win. Use the left mouse button for placing defensive towers to attack the enemy. Defend your base, generator earns money needed for placing turrets. Basic turret has a low damage, but 360 degrees rotation. Build walls or strong walls which are more resistant. Flame thrower ignite enemies. Gartling has very high damage and range to enemies, but fires in a row. It's placement is critical.

Size: 1768574 Bytes

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