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1. Cakes Tough Break 2 - logic - 1251 plays
Cakes Tough Break 2
Link: Play
Oh no, everything wrong has happened to the cat. You have to sort it out yourself. Tear your limbs, belly and head in this crazy adventure of pursuing the magical yellow hat. Pull off cake’s arms, legs, and body to figure out all 25 twisted levels. Find magic woman’s hat and do whatever it takes to help cake get it together. While solving each puzzle you need to find the magic cap. Use all your skills and abilities and help the cat.

Size: 3602216 Bytes

2. Curse Village 4 - skill - 1547 plays
Curse Village 4
Link: Play
The zombies have returned and once again you’re put behind the barricades the fight off the undead. You must head deep into the zombie filled streets of Curse Village where you will have to battle your way through hundreds of the undead if you want to find all the answers. Use the 1-6 number keys to quickly select a weapon. Use your Mouse and click to use the selected weapon. Kill multiple zombies at once with the verticle melee weapons (axe, light-saber), handy when they crowd before the barricades. Range weapons are best used against small zombies, large zombies can be easily killed by melee weapons. Use the laser gun only in critical conditions. The maximum barricade (wire barricade) is vital for surviving in later levels.

Size: 13385500 Bytes

3. Climbo - logic - 1806 plays
Link: Play
Are you ready for some amazing adventures? You mission is to help the hero of the game to reach exit. You'll meet a lot of dangers on the way. If you are brave and strong enough, it will not be a big problem for you to complete the game - however, it just depends on your skills. Climbo, is a set of 24 levels that must be overcome. Turn the world to find solution. Use your Arrows or WASD keys to move, R to restart the level.

Size: 5187487 Bytes

4. Cargo Bridge 2 - logic - 3531 plays
Cargo Bridge 2
Link: Play
The Cargo Bridge is back. Build a bridge and test your construction skills. Now, there are more levels, more bridge connections, more cargo and more fun. There is 60 levels across 3 colorful themes, with more to come, 3 level packs: Green Hills, The Moon, Construction Site. Use your Mouse to design a bridge on a blueprint and test it when you are done. Your workers will use the construction to get cargo located at the other side of the valley, and bring it back. Your goal is to collect all items in each level. You can use 6 tools for bridge building: walks, wood, steel, rope, springs and TNT. Learn new gameplay elements like bee swarms, space portals, crane hooks, new cargo types. Level editor and community levels included, so you can play on maps created by others. You can sign up and keep you game progress safe on the servers.

Size: 2367345 Bytes

5. Coral Cup 2 - skill - 927 plays
Coral Cup 2
Link: Play
Blast away the briny deep in search of sunken treasure… Shoot to make matching clusters of 3 or more runes and clear them from the board. Clear them before they reach the bottom to pass each level. Collect treasure, but watch out for bombs… Use the Mouse to shoot blocks. Space bar to change colour. Try to clear all the corals and avoid exploding the bombs.

Size: 95820 Bytes

6. Cannon Basketball Fun - logic - 2005 plays
Cannon Basketball Fun
Link: Play
Shoot basketballs using your cannon while trying to put one in the basket. The game combines classic cannon play with competitive puzzles to give you the challenge you’ve never faced thus far. You will have to find unlocking mechanism for clearing your way to the basket first before you should put a ball into it. Use your Mouse to shoot basketballs using your cannon while trying to put one in the basket. On some stages, you will have to use a teleporter to reach the basket. The game becomes more addictive as you climb up the level ladder and open new puzzles and new ways of reaching the basket.

Size: 4131405 Bytes

7. Con Fuse Box - logic - 1869 plays
Con Fuse Box
Link: Play
The object of this puzzle flash game is simple, you must connect up all the wires on the entire board lighting up all the light bulbs with as few moves as possible. The power source is the space with the lighting bolt. Pieces that are connected to it turn yellow. To rotate pieces, hover the Mouse over the left or right side of a cell and click to turn it in either direction. Work on the edges first, as there are fewer ways pieces can be oriented there. There is always a solution to every puzzle, so do not give up.

Size: 73299 Bytes

8. Candy Ride - skill - 983 plays
Candy Ride
Link: Play
This boy likes candies very much. He just can't live without these sweet round dainties. Fascinating candy puzzles throughout 20 levels. Get all or most of the candy into to the hungry chubby kids mouth in each level. The more confection will be eaten, the more points you will get. Press the Right and Left Arrow or A/D key to roll the big pink sweet around. You cannot jump, so you'll have to use the various ramps, conveyor belts, teleporters, windmills, and elevators to guide the tinier candies with your momentum towards the mouth of that hungry little boy in the lower right. The bare minimum for victory is to get Big Pink to the mouth, but the higher percentage of candies consumed, the higher your score for the level will be. Use R key to restart the level, Space bar key to proceed to the next level.

Size: 3774510 Bytes

9. Club Nitro - race - 1361 plays
Club Nitro
Link: Play
Step up and see if you have the racing skills to join the club. This club is super fast and in the Club Nitro racing game you need to prove that you are the best street racer around. Try to win each race as you speed through the street, docks and airports. If your car isn't moving fast enough for you to win the race make sure you use your nitro boost for some extra speed that will help you beat the other racers around the track. Your task is to beat all the opponents and come to the finish as quickly as possible. Race round the streets, city, docks and airport to become the champion street racer. Win races to upgrade your car and purchase new cars. Use Arrow keys to steer and X or B key for activating turbo boost. Use C or N key if you need emergency brakes. Increase overall speed and handling by byuing upgrades in the shop.

Size: 8291241 Bytes

Conquer The Evil Bunny Empire
Link: Play
The evil bunnies of the Evil Bunny Empire want to conquer your land. After all these years, you finally have your chance to get the revenge. Take vengeance on these invaders, use mines, turrets, ice cannons and try to destory them all. Use your Mouse to place turrets, traps and unlock new weapons as you fight your way through new worlds. Make sure you plan a good strategy to conquer the empire. Buy turrets in the shop, choose the right weapon and place it on the battlefield. Price increases exponentially after each purchase.

Size: 876986 Bytes

11. Catchy Orbit - skill - 5071 plays
Catchy Orbit
Link: Play
Space themed chain reaction game. Everything in the Universe is obeying the gravity laws. You have 3 shots in every level. Goal is to get enough blue balls or blow up the rocks. 2 special balls in the game. Levels generated randomly every time by an algorithms. Break the obstacles, collect power balls from which the new stars will be created. It's never very hard to finish a level, but getting all three stars requires some skill. Your task is to aim and launch a star as it rotates around the central planet. Press the Space bar key or click anywhere on the screen to launch one or more balls into other balls (planets). Try to get a chain reaction going. The number of destroyed balls determines how many stars you'll get, and you'll need at least one to pass a level. At the beginning, you can only launch normal balls, and later you'll get three other types, which means you'll have to adjust your tactics for maximum impact. You can use restart button to catch better combination or if you want to get 3 stars.

Size: 4991357 Bytes

12. Cheese Hunt 2 - logic - 1193 plays
Cheese Hunt 2
Link: Play
Little mouse is back. The only thing he wants is cheese. This mouse is a genius – she found a way to get some cheese without leaving its hole. It is a thinking game where you will need to send the cheese to the mouse's home. Push the cheese to the mouse's home in 30 levels. Use portals, balloons, magnets, buttons, books and many other things to help the mouse steal the piece of cheese. Use your Mouse to thieve the piece of cheese with your intellect.

Size: 4031104 Bytes

13. Champions of Chaos 2 - strategy - 1659 plays
Champions of Chaos 2
Link: Play
Join the rebel army and improve your reputation enough that neighbouring kingdoms pledge to your cause. With a heavy focus on grinding and strategy, Champions of Chaos 2 is a simple yet surprisingly engaging RPG. It is arena turn based game where the player can combine up to 10 different classes in a two man party to fight waves of enemies and gain reputation and allies. In each kingdom, you'll have to battle your enemies to prove your worth to the area's ruler. The battle system combine elements of “Grandia" and final fantasy with "Marvel vs Capcom" special moves. You lead a two character party of ambassadors, warriors of the rebel forces, looking to make an alliance with the free nations of the west in order to have the military power to fight back the advancing dark emperor forces. To win the trust of the leaders of the nations of the west you must show your people strength in the different arenas of their nations. Use your Mouse to choose the action you want to execute from the menu that appears. Then left mouse button click on whoever you want to perform this action. Train brave warriors and you have to watch your hit points, magic points and Chaos bar that fills with every action, and will allow you to summon your character class Totemic Beast when it's full. Play with huge assortment of warriors, wizards, mages, paladins. Learn many skills, buy upgrades, regenerate your mana and health. Build your reputation and don’t forget to buy a pair of skimpy cheerleaders who confer various bonuses on you during battle. Fight zombies in the graveyard to earn more experience points.

Size: 19559105 Bytes

14. Cyber Chaser - skill - 1227 plays
Cyber Chaser
Link: Play
Your hero will run, jump, duck and shoot in this super addictive runner. Help him to fight colourful cyborgs while collecting power-ups and coins. Complete missions, unlock weapons and purchase various upgrades. There are three main stages, each ending with a main boss. The game combines the exciting gameplay of Joyride Jetpack and insane old-school action. Use the Mouse, Arrow or WASD keys to duck or jump and run and shoot on your own. Press Up arrow key or mouse click to jump and click in the air to double jump. Press Down arrow key or Space to slide or Space in mid air to stomp the attack. Make use of the versatile upgrades system. The money you collect can be spent on weapons, medical kits for health or power up drops support and to upgrade your abilities. You can collect fuel cans and gems, which you can exchange for bonuses before each stage. Avoid spikes and soldiers with lasers and do not fall down from the rooftops. Use keys which unlock boxes for a random bonus and the cyborgs will drop shiny stuff including overstuffed pinatas. If you need more money, you can always revisit a stage.

Size: 10921112 Bytes

15. Crazy connection - logic - 1100 plays
Crazy connection
Link: Play
Just connect the matching color without crossing the grids. Hold down the mouse to connect colors from the starting point to the end colour point. Try to put all colors together.

Size: 233071 Bytes

16. Car Eats Car 2 – Deluxe - race - 1623 plays
Car Eats Car 2 – Deluxe
Link: Play
Continuation of the Car Eats Car with even more challenges. Drive your red car on the highway to reach the petrol station. Do not capitulate to other dangerous vehicles. And who could ever think that little cars can fight with monsters. Press WASD or Arrow keys to steer and drive. Z key for turbo boost. Space Bar to drop bombs. X to activate super bonus. Get to the exit as fast as possible. Collect coins and don't get killed. Collect sapphires to purchase things in the mechanics shop - turbo chargers, magnets, force shields, titanium bumpers, and other improvements.

Size: 6930966 Bytes

17. Ceasar’s Day Off - fun - 1276 plays
Ceasar’s Day Off
Link: Play
Caesar has some free time and he’s gonna use it for wicked fun times. He sure knows how to do them bread and circuses. Watch as the roman emperor communicates with only his thumbs. Use your Up or Down arrow key and decide to please or displease the ruler. Watch what happen if Emperor will like it or someone will be sent to a lion.

Size: 3299340 Bytes

18. Complete The Circuit - logic - 1783 plays
Complete The Circuit
Link: Play
Redirect electricity to complete the circuit with added challenges such as voltage, insulators, and transistors. Use your Mouse to complete the circuit by allowing the electricity to flow from the negative to the positive end. To rotate a gate (blue tile) click on it. If two separate flow of electricity collide, they will cancel each other out, so you must redirect them. Every time the path is split, the amperage is cut in half. View amperage by placing your cursor over a path.

Size: 2746255 Bytes

19. Comic Book Cody - action - 1449 plays
Comic Book Cody
Link: Play
Run, jump, and fight as Cody’s favorite super heroes across 36 levels, and 3 unique regions. A challenging super villain awaits you at the end of each area. Run with Arrow or WASD keys, Up or W to jump. Use your super powers with Space bar key or by clicking your Mouse. Collecting all of the comics in a given level will transform you into one of three super heroes, allowing you to then eliminate all enemies.

Size: 5108043 Bytes

20. Cursed Treasure 2 - action - 3419 plays
Cursed Treasure 2
Link: Play
The hordes of good heroes come again. And they are hungry for gems more than ever because The King himself wants the stones for his private needs. Gather the evil forces, build towers, upgrade, drink soda, cast the mighty spells, do whatever you can but don't let them touch your gems. Stop thieving bandits from nicking your treasure trove of priceless gems by erecting powerful towers to ward them off. To play use the Mouse to select either a den, crypt or a fire temple to place along the thieves route. Use 1 number key for building a Den, 2 number key for a Crypt, 3 number key for a Temple. Q key to cast Cut Out spell, W key to cast Terror spell, E key to cast Meteor spell. Hold Space bar key for 2x speed and Enter for the next wave.

Size: 18001307 Bytes

21. Control Craft: Modern War - strategy - 2148 plays
Control Craft: Modern War
Link: Play
Lead your troops to victory in the fast action-strategy driven flash game with highly polished graphics. Send helicopters and troops, capture turrets, bunkers and anti-air guns to defend your land and take over all hostile bases to win the game. Capture the enemy forces bases before their ranks outnumber yours. Use the Mouse to select any friendly base. Once a selection has been made you can send half of the troops by clicking on a hostile base or all the troops by holding Shift key down as well. In later stages you can acquire apache attack helicopters to aid you on the battlefield.

Size: 6741547 Bytes

22. Callidus - logic - 1101 plays
Link: Play
As a wizard, enter the darkest dungeon where not everything is as it seems. Pass through a Magic Dungeon in a fun and unique combination of a platformer and a logic game. Physics system was specially designed for this game to enable smooth direct interaction with objects. Progress through 26 interesting levels to reveal the story and character comments. Use your Mouse to click on a character and drag to move him. You should be able to move weak magic objects as well, just drag the block to help your wizard hero. If you are having trouble you can press R to restart level anytime.

Size: 4054433 Bytes

23. Coaster Racer 3 - race - 1516 plays
Coaster Racer 3
Link: Play
Race your buggy, bike, and F3 car over crazy floating coaster tracks. Racing game where you get up to more shenanigans as you speed along roller tracks in your fast buggy. Beat the other drivers to reach the chequered point to claim your cash prize so you can upgrade your motor. Press WASD or Arrow keys to steer, brake or accelerate, X or N keys to activate turbo nitro boost and Z or M keys to enter freestyle mode (helps to build up nitro). You can unlock more vehicles such as a motorbike or a formula F3 car once you have completed certain levels.

Size: 6101552 Bytes

24. Car Eats Car 2 – Mad Dreams - race - 1823 plays
Car Eats Car 2 – Mad Dreams
Link: Play
Who could ever think that little cars can fight with monsters? Help the little red vehicle reach the farthest distance possible without incurring any injury. It’s a continuation of the Car Eats Car with even more challenges! Press Arrow keys to steer or balance the automotive, Z or X keys to activate nitro turbo boost and Space bar key to launch a bomb once you gain the ability. Visit the mechanics shop after completing each level to upgrade your sports car with more acceleration, better wheels, more health or more ammunition. You can also use the currency converter to exchange cogs into sapphire diamonds.

Size: 6641150 Bytes

25. Caribbean Admiral - strategy - 6993 plays
Caribbean Admiral
Link: Play
Revenge on the ghostly dutchman ship that destroyed your fleet and took your little sisters life to the bottom of the ocean. Rebuild a powerful fleet and destroy a strange ghost ship, which appeared from thin air out of the fog! Enjoy 12 different ships each with lots of upgrades. Loot pirates and slay their bosses. Visit 10 towns on your caribbean journey! Use the Mouse cursor to route the ship on the free-roam map. Use the Mouse during battles to operate the cannons and perform various attacks. You can drag the ship tree down to access the bigger ships. Sail to different ports in the pacific, buy and sell fruit, rice, flour and other commodities to upgrade your ship or buy a new one with more cargo space. Tip; pick off individual enemy vessels until you have a more powerful ship to command.

Size: 8283279 Bytes

26. Colorus - skill - 1307 plays
Link: Play
Reaction game where you help the stickman run as far as he can by matching the colours to the objects on screen to make them disappear. You simply have to choose the right colors in oder to avoid hitting approaching obstacles. Some obstacles are made of more colours. Press A, S, D or F keys to switch between yellow, green, blue, red, white or orange colours. Be careful, if you press the wrong key the game will end but your score will be saved.

Size: 689876 Bytes

27. Cygnus - skill - 920 plays
Link: Play
Guide your ship past the obstacles. Survive as long as possible to prove your worth to the Cygnus flight school. Reaction based avoidance game where you prove to the military flight school that you have what it takes to pilot the billion dollar fighter jet through a series of obstacles. Press your WASD or Arrow keys to fly and Space bar key to activate menu items. Watch out for towering steel girders and crushing machines that can destroy your plane. Try to reach as far as you can without crashing into a wall.

Size: 3126431 Bytes

28. Cloud Wars – Sunny Day - strategy - 1821 plays
Cloud Wars – Sunny Day
Link: Play
Such a beautiful day.. for warfare! Conquer and reclaim your throne as the Cloud King. Real time strategy game where you become the king of the sky as you send your fluffy balls of clouds to capture enemies and convert them to your side. Upgrades for thunder with 3x faster warriors, rain with 3x maximum capacity and sun with 3x faster growth. Use your Mouse to drag a path to one of your bases or the nearest target to attack it. Collect stars to increase your cloud generating speed. Click or drag to select one or more clouds. Click another cloud to send half your warriors for attack. Hold Ctrl key to send all warriors from the selected cloud(s) and press space to select all clouds.

Size: 6357685 Bytes

29. Cosmo Gravity - skill - 1342 plays
Cosmo Gravity
Link: Play
In this difficult game you should lead a brave astronaut through a dangerous space labyrinth full of deadly traps. Sharp saws, high voltage chains and hungry aliens won’t leave you alone! But you can do it, we know. Arrow keys to steer the man drive. In order to achieve the laboratory may need to push the red button to turn the level. Collect keys for doors, use fans to reach platforms, beware of enemy aliens and dangerous spikes and saws. Use Space bar key to go to proceed to the next level.

Size: 3540810 Bytes

30. Cargo Shipment Chicago - strategy - 1205 plays
Cargo Shipment Chicago
Link: Play
Real time strategy based management game where you build up your own transport company by hiring workers to load trucks with precious cargo. You become a cargo transport company manager. Build houses for the workers who will load your truck with goods and deliver them from point A to point B. Use your Mouse to place an upgradeable warehouse building down on a shaded green patch of ground to intercept vehicles as they travel along the road. Cars are driving from A to B and your aim is it to load the cars with your workers. Pick up a warehouse on the top and place it in one of the orange fields. Find the best field to place them to get all cars filled up with people. Tip, construct roadwork's near supply depots to slow heavy goods trailers down so your employees can fill them up quicker. You can also build fast food restaurants along the path to make drivers stop for a minute.

Size: 1314064 Bytes

31. Control Craft 2 - strategy - 1681 plays
Control Craft 2
Link: Play
A fast thinking real time strategy game, with tactic capabilities and graphics in unique style. Take over the enemy colonies to battle your way through challenging levels that call for your skill and wit. Capture key strategic areas on the planet by sending your soldiers to storm nearby colonies. Upgrade your troop, pimp up your super weapons and smash enemies to save your Planet. Use your Mouse to select one of your spawn points and then select the direction you want the troops to travel to. Complete each skirmish and spend points on upgrades that will strengthen your army. Warning, if you reset your skill points you will lose cash, so choose wisely.

Size: 6847768 Bytes

32. Cyclop Physics Players Pack - logic - 1022 plays
Cyclop Physics Players Pack
Link: Play
Platform based skill game where you try to make the red or green shapes to land snugly on respective coloured zones by turning them into rolling balls. To change figure’s shape just click on it. You have to move one-eyed figures to the platforms of the correspong colors. Use your Mouse to click on a shape to turn it into a circle, click again to turn it back into a square. Try not to let the shape fall off the ledge into the abyss.

Size: 948417 Bytes

33. Cubles - logic - 1615 plays
Link: Play
Classic arcade based action game where you clear the tiles by dragging or selecting a range where each corner is the same colour. The basics of the game are simple: find and select rectangles or squares with corners of the same color. 6 stages containing over 90 challenging and fun missions, 12 different cubles to drive you to the edge of insanity, 288 bonus stars to be earned during the missions. Challenge yourself with 9 arcade modes, try gain as much points as possible and compete with players from all over the world. Do really well in the arcade mode and you might make it to the weekly or even the all-time high-scores. Use your Mouse to drag or select a range. Find rectangles or squares with corners of the same color and select them by clicking two opposing corners. Be careful in later levels the native creatures have resorted to becoming a nuisance by creating water splashes, explosive bombs and locking of tiles so you can't use them.

Size: 4661037 Bytes

34. Click The Bolt - logic - 1195 plays
Click The Bolt
Link: Play
Skill based collecting game where you help the bubble alien gather as much candy as he can as he falls through the mine shaft. Use your Mouse to remove bolts attached to wooden planks to allow the space man to fall through the sweets. Watch out, later levels can get quite complicated.

Size: 6844300 Bytes

35. Cowboys vs Pirates - shoot - 919 plays
Cowboys vs Pirates
Link: Play
Play a western based shooter game and stop hungry zombies from raiding the saloon of all the booze and eating everyone's brains. Press your WASD keys to move your gunslinger, F key to pickup items or drop them, Space bar key to perform a special attack and your Mouse to aim or fire your weapon. Collect diamonds, coins and dollar bills to spend on upgrades in Harry Hotdogs store. Once you have finished the single player campaign, have a go at the multiplayer mode to challenge up to 5 friends.

Size: 9804792 Bytes

36. Cloud Wars - strategy - 1331 plays
Cloud Wars
Link: Play
In this addictive strategy game, the clouds are at war. Clouds have different power, based on their weather conditions. Your goal is to insurrect the other clouds and claim control of the skies! Click or drag to select one or more clouds. Click another cloud to send half your warriors for attack. Hold Ctrl key to send all warriors from the selected cloud(s). Press Space bar key to select all clouds. Capture all the clouds in each level by sending out warriors to take them over. Collect stars that randomly appear to upgrade your clouds with 1 of 3 different abilities.

Size: 4030542 Bytes

37. Cardmania Golf Solitaire - casino - 1675 plays
Cardmania Golf Solitaire
Link: Play
Enjoy 30 levels of golf solitaire, in this stunningly simple, addictive card game with a fun theme. There are also three difficulty levels to pit yourself against. This card game is similar with Tripeaks Solitaire. Select cards that are either one higher or one lower than your current card. You must clear all the cards off the board to advance to the next level. Cards can be moved from tableau to the waste pile only. Then can be discarded if they are in sequence. Discards may go up and then down again. Find examples and instructions in the game. There are three difficulty modes for extended challenge.

Size: 1350551 Bytes

38. Castle Tales - logic - 1519 plays
Castle Tales
Link: Play
Castle Tales is a unique physics game with great graphics. The Knight, his Lady, and assorted royalty need to get back to the castle. They need your help to make it home. Eliminate logical obstacles and solve puzzles in 54 levels of medieval gravity. Use your Mouse to remove blocks in correct order.

Size: 4040255 Bytes

39. Commit .5 - shoot - 1092 plays
Commit .5
Link: Play
Hold your nerve to complete Bonus Rings whilst hordes of enemies descend upon you in this frantic Arena Shooter. Upgrade your weapons to defeat the powerful enemy variations, and boost your speed to successfully traverse the moving minefields. Surviving all 25 levels will not be enough to top the leader boards, a constantly decreasing multiplier will mean speed is key to a massive score. Guide the blue circle around the arena, defending yourself against all other colours. Progress to the next wave by completing Bonus Rings. Look out for Points Rings for a points boost, and Unlock Rings which need to be collected in order to progress. Beware of the orange Mine Rings, which will destroy you on contact. WASD to move, Mouse to aim, Left Click to shoot. You can also use Arrows/Numpad to aim and shoot.

Size: 5359523 Bytes

40. ClickPlay Quickfire 3 - skill - 1263 plays
ClickPlay Quickfire 3
Link: Play
Prepare to solve even more unusual puzzles to find the hidden play buttons in the latest addition to the popular click play series. Use your Mouse to find hidden objects, rearrange story board cartoons, spot the differences between two sets of similar looking pictures or just click as fast as your little digits will allow. Try to complete each level as fast as you can to earn a bonus score.

Size: 6411815 Bytes

41. Crazy Archers - shoot - 1411 plays
Crazy Archers
Link: Play
You accepted the crazy archers challenge and now try to defeat the endless crowds of enemies. Smite your enemies by single accurate shot or hail of arrows. You have to resist the waves of enemies. Opponents improves their skills after each wave. There is a boss after every five levels. The game has no logical end and goal is to gain greatest possible score. WASD keys to move, Click left Mouse button to shoot. To make a power shot hold the left Mouse button. There are three attributes to upgrade: Strenght which increases health and damage; Agility which improves power shot and increases health; Speed which improves arrows and movement speed.

Size: 860284 Bytes

42. Candy Conveyor - logic - 2504 plays
Candy Conveyor
Link: Play
Building a candy factory isn’t easy, but maybe you can do it better than others. You have a conveyor belt with candy and you need to connect the beginning of the conveyor belt to the end box of packaged candy with other conveyor belts. As the levels move up in difficulty you have access to other equipment like robotic arms. The goal is to not only get the candy to the end and in the right boxes but in the most cost effective way, how many stars you get and the cost you use to accomplish the task. First levels are in-game tutorial. Use Mouse or 1, 2, 3 number keys for selecting tools. You can toggle tools with keys or hold the key and construct more than one conveyor or arm at once.

Size: 1175413 Bytes

43. ClickPlay Quickfire 2 - skill - 1046 plays
ClickPlay Quickfire 2
Link: Play
Prepare to solve even more unusual puzzles to find the hidden play buttons in the latest addition to the popular click play series. Use your Mouse to find hidden objects, rearrange story board cartoons, spot the differences between two sets of similar looking pictures or just click as fast as your little digits will allow. Try to complete each level as fast as you can to earn a bonus score.

Size: 4958268 Bytes

44. Chain Master - logic - 1824 plays
Chain Master
Link: Play
This game is all about chain reaction, in the true sense of the word! Connect the gearwheels with a single chain, in the directions which are displayed. You will find out it is not that easy as it sounds. Prove that you are the one and only Chain Master! Mouse click to set the starting point for the chain. Then move the Mouse to design chains and rotate them in correct direction.

Size: 1629742 Bytes

45. ClickPlay Quickfire 1 - skill - 1255 plays
ClickPlay Quickfire 1
Link: Play
You must find the PLAY button in each stage as fast as possible. Sometimes you have to solve a puzzle, differences, or just react as fast as you can. Point, click, drag or anything else you can think of to slove the puzzles and find the play button. Are you quick enough to take on quickfire?

Size: 4957608 Bytes

46. Crush Thine Enemies - shoot - 2011 plays
Crush Thine Enemies
Link: Play
Your kingdom is under siege and armies vastly outnumbered now is the time to launch your secret weapon, the Crushing Sphere, and even the odds! Protect the kings throne from rebel medieval soldiers eager to challenge his rule over the kingdom. With each launch earn more money, buy upgrades, earn achievements, beat your records and get a higher score. Use your Mouse to control the last working cannon bolted onto the castle ramparts to launch giant spike balls at the approaching army. Try to get the power levels at a high enough peak to cause devastating damage to the knights and pikemen running towards the keep. W select previous item, S select next item, A move the Sphere Left, D move the Sphere Right. Don't forget to upgrade your weapons and ammunition at the blacksmiths shop.

Size: 1792496 Bytes

47. Crazy Penguin Catapult - shoot - 1485 plays
Crazy Penguin Catapult
Link: Play
Funny little game with penguins where you must catapult as many penguins as you can and then when its time to land, hit as many polar bears as possible. Launch your flightless friends into action; steer for the bad bears and free your comrades! Use the Mouse to shoot the penguins. Mouse click/Spacebar = Launch catapult and Dive. Send a lot of penguins flying and use them to take out the bears.

Size: 4023320 Bytes

Cheese Hero - Sniper Edition
Link: Play
You’ve received a letter from your elder asking for your help to save the mice clan. They are starving but their house is full of traps! As a professional sniper only you can spot the cheese and make it fly towards the mice. Therefore, if you want to help them, use your Mouse and grab your sniper and hit all the cheese into slices in order to feed that poor and hungry mice family! Hit the wax, or other environment to earn more bullets, but avoid shooting poisoned blue cheese.

Size: 1588487 Bytes

49. Chance a Lot - logic - 1325 plays
Chance a Lot
Link: Play
Do you want to be King? There is a free kingdom to conquer! Destroy all the evil towers and save the queen. Use only your Mouse to solve all the puzzles that are waiting for you. Bring down the evil castles in this fun point and click game.

Size: 5832406 Bytes

50. Cube Mayhem - logic - 982 plays
Cube Mayhem
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Cube Mayhem is a puzzle game where the objective is to guide a cube to the exit by placing a variety of command tiles at the right locations. Mouse is used for everything. Remove tiles by clicking on them. Strategically place arrows onto the maze to direct the cube to the exit door.

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