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1. Zombie Assault - action - 1684 plays
Zombie Assault
Link: Play
Zombies are back, wave after wave. You are a member of the elite fighting unit, the SAS. You have training, weapons, speed and cunning. They are an army of the undead. How long can you hold off the horde with NO turrets, NO continues, NO barricades? Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move. Want those zombies to taste the deadly balls from your super cool gun? Just click your Mouse to aim and shoot. The more zombies you kill, the more money you get. Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons spending some of your hard-earned money. The R key is for reloading and if you want to change weapons just press the key Q or E key. You need to barricade windows with F key or unlock the rooms. Walk over supply crates to pick them up. Press the G key to throw the grenades. Kill enough zombies before they finish you off and if you think this is not crazy enough, just try the apocalypse mode.

Size: 3952745 Bytes

2. Zombie Trapper 2 - shoot - 1468 plays
Zombie Trapper 2
Link: Play
As the sheriff of Oakwood, its your job to protect the village from an impending swarm of egyptian mummies and zombies which are unbelievably rude. They are after your air-purifier so stop them before they get it. Trap, shoot, beat and blow up zombies in this survival game. Use cunning trap placement advantage and increasingly powerful guns to stop the walking brainless savages. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move your police man officer. Use your Mouse to aim your gun, switch weapons with Q or E key, R key when you need to reload. Press Space bar key to throw grenades and 1 to 7 Number keys to set traps so you can avoid dangerous quick dogs on the cemetery graveyard.

Size: 15041103 Bytes

3. Zombie Mart - strategy - 1995 plays
Zombie Mart
Link: Play
In the near future an unstopable zombie outbreak changed planet Earth forever. After 99% of the population was infected, the zombies turned into... shopping customers! Fill your store with delicious brains, finger chips, and other human organs and products while unlocking new items and expanding your business. Control and manage the zombie market and earn as much zollars as you can. Run your own pixel market for zombies. Use your Mouse, WASD or Arrow keys to scroll the map. Expand your store and assortment, hire more employees, order stock, expand your empire and keep the zombies calm. Don’t forget to research new things.

Size: 4617928 Bytes

4. Zombotron 2 – Time Machine - rpg - 4704 plays
Zombotron 2 – Time Machine
Link: Play
Don’t let the name fool you, zombies in Zombotron are ruthless and clever as ever, they will keep coming at you until they are completely disabled. Escape from undead-ridden planet is foiled by your ship's lack of fuel, so you have no other choice but to pick up your gun. Kill horde of zombies and roam the mysterious planet to search for fuel to your ship. Press WASD to move and jump while the Mouse aims and shoots. Hitting R key reloads your current weapon while E key is for actions, accessing terminal, interacts with doors and switches. Q key switch weapons and H key is used for first aidkit. Push Space bar key to respawn, B key to switch blood mode, M key to turn on/off sounds/music and P key to pause. Deal with the zombies that come after you. Crush them by luring them beneath crates. Push trolleys of explosives around to leave deadly traps you can trigger with a bullet. Blast the wooden platforms beneath them away to drop them down onto their own kind. Don't forget to buy or upgrade weapons, ammo and equipment at the terminal.

Size: 13134150 Bytes

5. Zombies Fight Club - strategy - 1258 plays
Zombies Fight Club
Link: Play
What do you do when an unknown disease takes control of people and mutates them into brain hungry zombies? You put them in an arena and make them fight the cage match to the end when they are finally dead. Upgrade your zombies in order to survive and win the leagues to to become the Zombie Fight Club Champion in this turn based fighting adventure. Play with your Mouse and select different strategies to win the fight. Try to attack, defend, or stun and punch your enemies. Don't forget to upgrade your dead zombie corpses step by step. Put various modules to their body slots to increase their strength, defence, attack, health or agility.

Size: 6647984 Bytes

6. Zombo Buster - strategy - 1134 plays
Zombo Buster
Link: Play
Lead the anti-zombie squad and protect Medan City from the awful zombification. Help SWAT police members eliminate infected zombies and defend key locations in all buildings. Use your Mouse to select walkie talkie radio, then pick agent, gunner or bomber squad member. S key to choose your formations and to swap elevators. Spend red crystals at the end of each wave and upgrade your officers by increasing their fire power. Space bar key for the next wave.

Size: 8625417 Bytes

7. Zombie World - strategy - 1711 plays
Zombie World
Link: Play
Zombie invade started. Defend survivors against hordes of zombies. Build towers, call reinforcements, create mine fields or bomb them. Choose your own play style. Mount barricades across town to block undead hordes and eliminate them. Use your Mouse to place automatic gun turrets. Improve your military, use snipers, rangers and riot police to derail advancing hordes. Press WASD or Arrow keys to scroll the map. Complete each wave to spend points on your towers.

Size: 11250472 Bytes

8. Zombie Crypt 3 - logic - 1070 plays
Zombie Crypt 3
Link: Play
Navigate Gerald and Ronald through various crypts in the 3rd part of this bloody puzzle platformer. Help two brothers through various situations and survive against army in the underground dungeons. Press WASD and Arrow keys to control each Gerald and Ronald. Press Down arrow key to activate switches and Space bar key to continue. Try to reach the exit, beware of monsters with green acid. Try to dodge, jump and avoid many different traps in the dungeon.

Size: 1560596 Bytes

9. Zombie TD - strategy - 2450 plays
Zombie TD
Link: Play
Close the gates, zombies are rising from the graveyard. Select and place your turrets to attack the zombies. Upgrade your turrets after every level. Use your strategy to select turret otherwise you may loose. Use your Mouse and the left click to interact with the game. 10 different attack turrets at your disposal to create a solid defense against waves of zombies. Earn skill points from your victories and use them to purchase helpful upgrades for the next battle. Upgrade to earn extra money, increase weapon or tower power, capacity or damage with every fire.

Size: 9147245 Bytes

10. Zombie Dozen - shoot - 1583 plays
Zombie Dozen
Link: Play
The Zombie Dozen shooting game. Holding and defend the zombie with your gun, kill all zombies with many type of weapons, get money by killing and shopping the new guns. Zombies eat everything. Use your Mouse to stop them. Shot them in the head. Do not let them through behind.

Size: 848928 Bytes

Zombies vs Penguins 2 – Arctic Armaggedon
Link: Play
The Penguins are back to get rid of Mayan Zombies and prevent the foretold Arctic Armageddon! Help the Penguins prevent the Arctic Armageddon by shooting all the Mayan zombies. Mouse to aim click to shoot. You have limited ammo, so use them wisely.

Size: 4032253 Bytes

12. Zombie Head Moon - skill - 1161 plays
Zombie Head Moon
Link: Play
Zombie bored in his grave, he had the idea to go to the moon, can you help him to achieve in the shortest possible time? Set the catapult to its fullest power so you will be able to send the bored but playful zombie towards the moon. Press Up arrow to launch, Right or Left arrow to move, Space bar key to use booster or to proceed. Avoid onions and aliens, grab brains for boost and money for upgrades.

Size: 2212716 Bytes

13. Zombie Shooter - skill - 1911 plays
Zombie Shooter
Link: Play
Shoot those zombies into hell with your lethal ricocheting bullets. Make sure you don’t blast any object into yourself. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot. Think before the shot, otherwise you may lose the level.

Size: 5056822 Bytes

14. Zomball 2 - shoot - 546 plays
Zomball 2
Link: Play
This is a trip through the stars for the zombie. With your canon, the goal is to send it as far as possible, on the moon, why not. Between each shot, you can improve your abilities. Use your cannon to shoot the zombie. Move the cannon with mouse. Press the Mouse button to fire it. Collect money and buy upgrades and equipment.

Size: 2276072 Bytes

15. Zombies In Central Park - skill - 2731 plays
Zombies In Central Park
Link: Play
Once a year, when the corpses become really bored in their cramped one-room underground apartments, they go out to have fun. This time the party place is the central park. The well-known guests from all over the world are expected to arrive. Do not miss this unforgettable evening and use your Mouse to identify all the celebrities in their new zombie wonderful appearance. Can you recognize all of them?

Size: 6004343 Bytes

16. Zombie Situation - shoot - 2941 plays
Zombie Situation
Link: Play
Fight your way through a zombie infested town, using many weapons and the assistance of survivors! You have your typical zombies, fast zombies, slow zombies, flying zombies, digging zombies, etc. This game features three difficulty settings, a survival mode, leaderboard, and boss fight! Beat the game to unlock survival mode! ↑↓ arrows to move; Space bar key to shoot, Left Mouse click to pick up gold; 1,2,3 - 9 number keys and ←→ arrows to change weapons. Ammo is restucked after each level.

Size: 4778669 Bytes

17. Zombie Resurrection - logic - 889 plays
Zombie Resurrection
Link: Play
Help the Zombies reach the safe house to infect the humans! Help spread the virulent infection in the run down town by getting the walking dead to traipse into homes occupied by the living. Use your Mouse to pickup bouncy springs from the tool bar menu to place in front of each dead man walking to get him to the destination. Hit the fast forward button to speed things up a notch and press the resurrect button when your ready. Some items only work when the zombies are moving.

Size: 6254309 Bytes

18. Zombotron 2 - action - 2561 plays
Zombotron 2
Link: Play
Zombotron is a new platformer adventure zombie shooting game set on a planet called Zombotron where mutants and zombies live. Rid the planet off these zombies and other hosts of unpleasant creatures. A good zombie – it’s a dead zombie. You will have a chance to test it in practice. Destroy all zombies. Destroy all other enemies. And save the planet. Mouse key to aim, AD to move. W to jump, R to reload. E is for action and to open case/ trigger / purchase equipment, H to use firstaid and enrich blood, Q to switch weapons, Space to relive.

Size: 12100052 Bytes

19. Zombie Defense - strategy - 1725 plays
Zombie Defense
Link: Play
Defense the city from zombies in this Tower Defense game. You're cornered by thousands of zombies. Try to defend yourself and save the world by killing them all! Click a Tower button or press the numbers 1-4 to select a Tower. Once selected place a Tower by clicking on a building. Earn points by: Killing enemies, Skipping waves, and by not letting Zombies make it through the city. If you get enough points you could earn a medal. Earning medals will unlock special abilities: Bronze – Combat Stim – Combat Stim a Tower to double its rate of fire. Silver – Razor Wire – Place wire that will slow and damage enemies. Gold – Air Strike – Call in an Air Strike to carpet bomb the streets.

Size: 4579790 Bytes

20. Zombie Crypt 2 - retro - 751 plays
Zombie Crypt 2
Link: Play
Zombie Crypt is back, and better than ever! Test your platform skills in this bloody puzzle platformer, and find out if you can clear all 16 stages. The game also contains 20 medals for your pleasure. In the last game there seemed to be some confusing about whether the game should be played by either 1 or 2 players. The game is meant to be played by just 1 player to add an extra dimension of difficulty. However you’re obviously free to play the game with two players. Use Arrow keys and WASD keys to reach the exit with your pixel dudes Geralnd and Ronald.

Size: 1423224 Bytes

21. Zomboz - logic - 812 plays
Link: Play
Use the planet's gravity to kill all zombies! Use the gravitational pull of the planets to wrap bullets around the level and hit zombies that aren't in your line of site. Solve puzzles and try to complete all 30 levels of this fun physics-based shooting puzzle game. Game is quite similar to the fairly newly released Angry Birds Space in which you must use gravity fields to take out your enemies, but the original Zomboz came out before Angry Birds. Refresh the game if play button is hidden. Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Press R to restart level.

Size: 4289531 Bytes

22. Zombie Balloon Heads 2 - action - 1308 plays
Zombie Balloon Heads 2
Link: Play
In this funny hand-drawn action game you have to kill all Zombie Balloon Heads with ink guns. Johnny's animated stick world waiting for you during a boring school class. Use WASD keys to move your ink shooting stick man and Q or E to switch weapons, Mouse to aim and fire. Target the enemies by firing pen ink at their heads to make them explode, and watch out for the giant octopus.

Size: 4406330 Bytes

23. Zipzip: Secret Dimension - logic - 725 plays
Zipzip: Secret Dimension
Link: Play
You're a circular little character in this platform game. What is the cost of being special? Forgotten and deemed a witch and prophet, survive and save your followers from the enemy. Modify the extra dimension and solve puzzles. Discover your magic ability and see how it changes your world. Music by: Talha Kaya. Arrow keys or WASD to move and mouse click and drag on green shapes to rotate them to be used as platforms or to otherwise influence your surroundings. Try to make your way to the door at the end of each level, and press R if you get stuck, Right click to mute music.

Size: 4586374 Bytes

24. Zombies Ate My Phone - action - 1868 plays
Zombies Ate My Phone
Link: Play
It's the zombie apocalypse and you love killing zombies, but your phone won't stop ringing. Decide which friends you want to save. You are armed with a fire extinguisher, or other weapons available in the mall like records or a guitar. Each zombie or monster will drop a coin after you kill them, the more you collect, the more you can upgrade between levels. As levels advance you face increasingly fearsome monsters. The character dies by getting swarmed, the character will fade and the screen will boarder with blood the closer you get to death, and you only get three lives. Try to kill all the zombies and monsters in each level to save your friends, if you want. Control movements with the WASD keys and shoot with arrow keys, or move with arrow keys ad shoot with mouse.

Size: 7514983 Bytes

25. Zombie Pinball - skill - 8314 plays
Zombie Pinball
Link: Play
Zombie Pinball is those two great things put together. This isn't just zombie themed like in graphics, it actually features zombies. Use the graveyard pinball machine to score points and smash zombies. Zombies come out of the ground from tombstones and you get points for squishing them with the ball. Zombie Pinball does try and make a very detailed pinball game. There isn't one "layer" of pinball but rather three. Each with a separate, but still with zombies. Not only this but there does seem to be goals. Break apart all the tombstones, complete the Satanic ritual, etc. There is also dungeon levels that you can get to if you hit certain spots. Left and Right arrow to move paddles, Down arrow to control the plunger. Hold Down arrow to charge the plunger. You can also set your own keys to control the game.

Size: 4862600 Bytes

26. Zombie Boom - logic - 1139 plays
Zombie Boom
Link: Play
Blast the zombies and save the innocent people in Zombie Boom. Click and place the bomb and try to kill all zombies in the level. Each level has specific amount of bombs to destroy all zombies. Bomb cannot be set on the grate. Try not to kill wonderful man or a lady. Try to complete all 25 levels of zombie carnage in this physics based puzzle game.

Size: 6944787 Bytes

27. Zombie Rider - skill - 1394 plays
Zombie Rider
Link: Play
For the first time a zombie feel so calm and fearless, it must has been a stunt racer in a previous life. Ride through the zombie apocalypse on your bike or ATV! Collect decomposed heads for extra points but avoid the holy hand grenades, which explode under your wheels. Try to survive and reach the finish line! Use Arrow keys to move and tilt forwards/backward.

Size: 1837991 Bytes

28. Zombie Canyon - shoot - 1323 plays
Zombie Canyon
Link: Play
Hordes of bloodthirsty zombies rising from the deep canyon of the earth's surface. The zombies are rebelling and they are hungry for human brains. Try to stop them from escaping from the canyon prison and killing the norms at the tops of the cliffs. You have a combat helicopter and you are the only hope for the inhabitants in village. Your task is to kill them before they reach the top of the canyon and wreak havoc on the citizens of Zombville. Kill them well, make money, upgrade your weapon and buy other power ups like Fire, Throns, Spread and Rocket. Mouse to aim and shoot, WASD keys to move, 1-5 numbers are hot keys to buy a weapon.

Size: 1887284 Bytes

29. Zombies Delivery - skill - 813 plays
Zombies Delivery
Link: Play
There are too many zombies around the world. You need to delivery the zombies quickly without dropping them down. At night, the zombies are active, and in the day they are completely harmless. Took them from one laboratory to another and try not to lose them on the road. Press Space to load zombies and Arrow keys to move your truck to the finish.

Size: 2010098 Bytes

30. Zombie Task Force - logic - 1338 plays
Zombie Task Force
Link: Play
You are used to kill zombies at every opportunity? But this time you should bring them to teleport in one piece. Get the Zombies to the transporter. Drag the play area to have a look around. Click the Arrow keys and then click the Zombies to change their directions. Click the Rocket button and then click the Zombies to use Rocket Jetpacks. Use the Stop hand button to freeze a Zombie for 5 seconds. Avoid the Spikey blocks. Click the Bomb button to attach a bomb to a Zombie. Crates can be destroyed by bombs!

Size: 3634678 Bytes

31. Zomgies 2 - shoot - 846 plays
Zomgies 2
Link: Play
Quiet calm night, you woke up and went outside to walk. Suddenly an army of bloodthirsty zombies attack you. The only way to survive is to escape, firing back with your weapon. Use mouse to shoot, Arrow keys or WASD to move, Space to reload.

Size: 7059322 Bytes

32. Zombie Truck - shoot - 1336 plays
Zombie Truck
Link: Play
Two friends stopped once in a roadside bar to relax. But the whole bar and the district were filled with zombies. And now, instead of relaxing, friends has to clear evil spirits in their pickup truck. One drives the car, the other is shooting them. Between the levels armor and truck can be repaired.

Size: 2475565 Bytes

33. Zombie Safari - shoot - 2284 plays
Zombie Safari
Link: Play
You are on a trip through the jungle, teeming with zombies. Kill zombies while you drive. To shot a zombie aim it and click. to kill it you have to shot several times depending on weapon damage and enemy health. Use arrow keys or WASD keys to control the truck. Use mouse to aim monsters and left mouse button to shoot them. Use escape key to pause game or to enter ingame menu.

Size: 5357155 Bytes

34. Zombie Physics - logic - 1264 plays
Zombie Physics
Link: Play
Game where you have to use a bombs and destroy the zombies. You have to kill all zombies on the level. Click on the box and choose direction of power. If needed set the box or bomb timer on. To push the block click the start button.

Size: 3003047 Bytes

35. Zombie Korps - shoot - 2109 plays
Zombie Korps
Link: Play
Here is the most colorful first-person shooter with great graphics. In addition to upgrade and purchase new weapons you can recruit soldiers of various levels. Your main goal is to kill the zombies - the more levels you go, more zombies arrive. Use mouse to aim and fire. Use command points to create troops by clickin on icon or by pressing SPACE. Select current unit or choose creation line with arrows. Press Z to toggle sight mode. Press 1-7 to select weapons. Q/E to switch weapons. M to change fire mode, R to reload.

Size: 7705828 Bytes

36. Zombie, Go home 2 - logic - 1166 plays
Zombie, Go home 2
Link: Play
Your goal is to guide the hero to the exit without leaving the screen. Collect as many brains as possible to gain the best score! When you move your hero with arrows or WSAD he will keep moving until hits an obstacle. Also, you need to avoid the pits. Later you will meet the ghosts, so analyze the field before moving. Teleports may help you a lot!

Size: 2766300 Bytes

37. Zombie Waster - shoot - 842 plays
Zombie Waster
Link: Play
Use Up/Down arrow to move between lines and use SPACE to shoot the zombies. Be careful not to shoot your own friend.

Size: 1265789 Bytes

38. Zombie baseball - shoot - 1155 plays
Zombie baseball
Link: Play
Stop the zombies with your best baseball hits. A for the primary Bat. S for the secondary bat. Wait for the ball while it bounce from the floor. After each successful day you can improve your sporting tools.

Size: 4873516 Bytes

39. Zombieman - action - 1986 plays
Link: Play
Zombieman is a unique survival game, where you play both human and zombie. Run around the dark city streets and try not to die! Convert zombies into humans or vice versa.

Size: 3106311 Bytes

40. Zoyaz Attack - shoot - 666 plays
Zoyaz Attack
Link: Play
Shoot at the alien spaceships to thwart their invasion attempts. Space to shoot and left right keys to move. If you hit the red spaceship, you get bonus points. Do not let the aliens get too close to earth.

Size: 282156 Bytes

41. Zombie Survival Outbreak - fight - 2634 plays
Zombie Survival Outbreak
Link: Play
Endless hordes of zombies attacking you, but you must resist. Use bonuses to upgrade weapons. To start the game, find buttons in noise.

Size: 4634625 Bytes

42. Zombie vs Hamster - fight - 1160 plays
Zombie vs Hamster
Link: Play
The war between the plump hamster and zombies with brain. Fight in 3 rounds, use arrows and X,Z keys.

Size: 6521401 Bytes

43. Zombie Taxi 2 - race - 1260 plays
Zombie Taxi 2
Link: Play
The city is currently captured by zombies! You're the last hope to save the remaining people. Take your taxi and kill zombies, pick up people and bring them to safety.

Size: 3894570 Bytes

44. Zen Blaster - skill - 831 plays
Zen Blaster
Link: Play
Group all chains of three or more balls of the same color until everything is gone. Do not let the chain fall into the pit.

Size: 570228 Bytes

45. Zombie invaders - shoot - 1060 plays
Zombie invaders
Link: Play
You must destroy tombs and collect skulls. Earn weapons and other bonuses!

Size: 1880069 Bytes

46. Zeitenwende - skill - 1275 plays
Link: Play
Try to balance your body on the rope. Use your mouse.

Size: 376158 Bytes

47. Zombie Shooter - shoot - 960 plays
Zombie Shooter
Link: Play
Mission is to kill as many zombies as you can in 30 seconds. 1 point for each limb, 1 point for head or torso.

Size: 218417 Bytes

48. Zenon Mega Blast - skill - 848 plays
Zenon Mega Blast
Link: Play
Thrilling Space Battle with dynamic music. At the controls of a heavy space destroyer you are fighting an alien invasion. You must get to the end of the round, destroying as many enemy units as possible along the way. Pick up the bonuses they will assist you in your mission. Control the heavy space destroyer using the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button.

Size: 1411485 Bytes

49. Zoo Keeper - logic - 727 plays
Zoo Keeper
Link: Play
Like Bejeweled with timer. Can get hard.

Size: 219341 Bytes

50. Znax - logic - 674 plays
Link: Play
Click four tiles of the same color in a rectangle shape to remove them for points.

Size: 145459 Bytes

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